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Ultimately “existence” boils down to thoughts. The original meaning of the word exist, which is derived from Latin, is to “step out” or stand out. The way life-energy comes into existence is through the means of a thought, or an imagination, that it holds focus on. This “focus” on the imagination, or thought of creation, is what condenses this thought into a physical creation, which seems to “stand out” in the space of non-physical life – this is what existence means. But in truth there is no real separation, because the thought (condensed as physical creation) is made of the same life-energy that thought this thought. It’s like when you put ice in water, it may look as if ice is separate from water, but essentially there is no difference, they are both the same thing, and the ice always melts back into water. The point of understanding this simple truth of existence is so you understand the power of thoughts, and the power of your focus. You are basically this same life energy and your focus has the power to condense thoughts into “existence”.

You learnt how to work with your body as a child, your learnt to use your hands and feet, and got proficient at voluntary use of your body, and this gives you a sense of control and thus a sense of stability; imagine if you had no control over what your body did. However, most of us never brought this sense of stability to our mind, mostly because we never consciously learnt to how to work with the mind. In fact, we were never taught about how to manage thoughts, and how to work with thoughts to ensure a resistance free life. But since thoughts are the fundamental blocks of creation, it’s quintessential to have an understanding of how to work with them. The deal is that you’ve already lived quite a bit of life (in many cases quite a lot of life) so there is always the past baggage of negative momentum to take care of, but it’s never too late to bring your mind back to alignment through the understanding of how to work with thoughts.

The power of a belief

Belief is basically a thought that you take to be true. The problem is that since you take it to be true, you wouldn’t even want to question it, or you would feel a sense of fear about questioning it. The power of a belief is that it directly affects the reality that you attract, this is because a belief is a thought you believe to be true and hence it gets your undivided focus, consciously or unconsciously. This is one reason a lot of beliefs are said to be “sub conscious” in that they abide in our mind as a habit of thought, mostly conditioned and unquestioned. Beliefs are so powerful that you cannot experience a personal reality that is against your inherent beliefs, this is because your mind can only look at reality through the lens of its beliefs. So if your belief is that “I am a loser”, that’s exactly the evidence that you will keep seeing everywhere – it can’t be otherwise because that’s the lens through which your brain will filter all its perceptions.

The problem with having a strong negative belief is that it inevitably attracts a reality onto itself, because your focus has the power to create, and a belief is the strongest focus you will ever give to a thought. Over the several years that you’ve existed, you’ve naturally picked up a lot of beliefs, and your present reality will be a reflection of your beliefs. Also, your beliefs constantly influence your experience of life, for example, when you have a belief that “God is judging me and will punish me”, you live a life of constant fear/guilt, and due to this low-vibrational state of being you end up attracting negativity in your reality which your mind now uses as an evidence of that belief.

The only way to change a belief is to grow in understanding. To try to change a belief through “affirmations” just doesn’t work because you can’t bluff your own mind. If you want to change a belief you need to allow for a growth in your understanding of life. Anyone who has a wholistic understanding of life, will not be holding on to limiting beliefs. For example, the understanding that who you are is not separate from life, and that life is not judging you, causes a lot of your guilt-oriented beliefs to drop away. The understanding of the principle of creation in life causes you to drop a lot of lack-based beliefs, and causes you to align with your true desires. The understanding of the “oneness” of all life forms causes you to drop prejudice based beliefs. In my own personal experience, the more I understood the mind, and the more I understood the physics of life-energy, the easier it was to let go of many limiting beliefs. This “letting go” caused these beliefs to run out of momentum on their own, because they were no longer fueled by my focus.

A lot of people who just focus on “techniques”, or practices, to be free of their negativity, may try to suppress the mind, but that’s just a temporary sense of freedom. The mind, in many cases, needs a logical understanding before it can let go of a negativity. To grow in awareness of a negativity is the first step, but the next step is to “see through” it – and to see through it is not a technique, it requires an insight/understanding. This insight becomes more easily available to you when you have a connection with your space of being, instead of being totally lost in the mind movement – that’s why the practice of relaxed awareness is of a huge benefit, because it causes you to connect with your space of being which directly means that you are more receptive to the intelligence of your life-stream, which allows the understanding needed to see through the negativity – this understanding can arise directly within you, or you attract it from an outside source.

Understanding is what liberates you

Every question, that your mind has, has an answer that can bring clarity to your specific mind, the only deal is if you really want an answer or if you are hung up on the question. A lot of people derive their whole sense of identity from their questions, so no amount of answers give them any relief because they inherently don’t want an answer – they are so strongly connected with their questions, that the idea of clearing them seems like a loss of identity. It doesn’t matter what question comes up in the mind, there is an answer available for it, and you will receive it the moment you are willing to receive it. Each mind is unique in the type of understanding that it desires, and you cannot be satisfied by someone else’s understanding unless you realize it within yourself. You can read what others have written, you can listen to others, but ultimately you need to make sure that you feel satisfied with the understanding within yourself, see if it really resonates deeply enough to break through your old perspectives.

Albert Einstein gave a very accurate pointer to this regard – “Small is the number of people who see with their (own) eyes, and think with their minds”. It just points to the fact that most people are just not willing to gain an understanding within themselves, rather they just blindly follow some techniques or practices meted out by someone they revere. A mind that’s blindly following a practice can never reach any form of liberation from its negativity, because a practice by itself solves nothing if there is no understanding of why it’s being done, and what you seek to achieve from it. This is one reason some people just sit for 20-30 years doing some practice, trying to reach enlightenment, without getting anywhere because they don’t have any understanding of what enlightenment is – they just have some vague imagination of some extra-ordinary state. Simply put, if you remove all the theatrics, enlightenment is a process of constant understanding, and learning, in the direction of personal growth, it’s that simple – it’s not a static state.

Enlightenment is not some end point to reach – your whole life is about getting enlightened about new aspects, new questions, new growth potential, that you will eternally come across, there is always something to learn, to explore, to get enlightened about. I can say I am enlightened about xyz, but I can’t say I am enlightened and done, it’s like saying “I understand everything and I am done” – it doesn’t make sense because there is always something more to learn and understand. Life is a constant growth, it’s never-ending, and if you just stay receptive, you will lead a dynamic life of constant growth, but the moment you become closed you will start stagnating – it’s not about reaching “perfection”, because there is no such thing, it’s about being open/allowing of constant growth that your life naturally instigates in you, by staying resistance-free in your being.

Relief from mind momentum

If you were conscious of the understanding that your attention fuels the negativity in the mind, you would have let go of focusing on negative thoughts and thus not have created a strong momentum of negativity in the brain. But you did not have this understanding in the past, so you unconsciously kept fueling the negativity in the brain through your focus on it, so basically your mind has gathered a momentum out of your past attention to its negativity. A mind with high momentum has the capacity to create intense feelings, and thus overwhelm you from all its dimensions, be it love, joy, fear, hatred, boredom or sexuality – a high momentum mind brings an imbalance in any/all of these dimensions. So your first job towards having a positive experience of life, is to reduce your mind momentum, in fact to bring it back to its natural state where its intensity does not impact the body.

You cannot even begin to work with thoughts when your mind has a high momentum because you will just be bogged down by its intensity. The practice of relaxed awareness is easily the fastest way to let the mind’s momentum die down – as you can see, this practice is being done for a reason, and you understand the reason before you do this practice, so you are not just doing it blindly. The reason relaxed awareness brings down the mind momentum is because when you stay in this state your focus is open, like space, and hence it’s not “contracted” on any thought, which means that the thoughts are not getting the fuel of your focused attention and thus they die down with time (the time it takes will depend on how much past momentum it has and how completely you’ve let go of identifying with it). A reduction in mind momentum is a huge relief, and a lot of spiritual teachings call this the state of “enlightenment” because of the permanent space of peace that you feel when the mind momentum is no longer there – but the way I see it, this state is just the “ground”, or pre-requisite, for living a life oriented towards resistance-free movement of constant learning and growth.

What really helps is to have an understanding, in you, that allows you to see through certain negative thoughts, instead of being pulled in by it. Some thoughts do need understanding before they can be dissolved, because when you lack an understanding you will continue to believe in those thoughts, or fuel them in some way through your fear of them. Staying as relaxed awareness actually opens you up to the possibility of such an understanding arising in you, either from within or from outside, this is because when you relax, your awareness gets in touch with the space of life in you, outside the thought space of your mind, allowing for inspirations/insights to come in to dissolve the negativity. Understanding negativity, finding connection with your space of being, and allowing the mind momentum to reduce, are the steps that are involved in coming to a place of stability in your mind, which creates the ground where you can deliberately work with thoughts (like focusing on your desires) for the purpose of creation and positive experience.

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  1. Ehsan M.

    Hi sen,

    Can you describe what is meant by exploring when one doesnt use their mind? And how one can explore without using the mind?

    Thank you

    1. Sen Post author

      Ehsan, in physicality, you need to use your brain/mind to explore life, but what brings a balance to the mind is your connection with your space of being, as explained in this post – the space of being

    2. Ehsan M.

      Thank you sen

  2. abet

    Every single word resonates deeply. Such simplicity and yet so much wisdom.

    thank for this


  3. Treeter

    Thank you thankyou thankyou!

  4. alchemista

    Also for me understanding the function of mind caused the expectations and attack on the mind to drop.

    Thank you Sen. Much love and appreciation to you 🙂

  5. gary guthrie


    Thanks!!! great thoughts you have shared….Perfect

  6. Ritu

    Sen, does ‘allowing’ and being aware of a negative belief help in dissolving it?

    1. Sen Post author

      Ritu, that’s right, if you simply stay as a space of awareness and allow the negativity to run its course in the mind, it not only causes the momentum of the mind to reduce but also connects you with the space of life’s intelligence which brings forth the understanding needed to “solve” the conflict created by the negativity.

  7. Stella

    Sorry to keep bombarding you with questions- I`m sure this will pass… can you just throw some light on the subject of negative thoughts and emotions please?

    I was reading your March 5th posting where you say that over analysis of thoughts feelings that come up in the mind is pointless. But in this post you say it is important to have an understanding of some negative thoughts before they can be dissolved. The trouble with me is if I start trying to understand negative thoughts, I get lost in the mind(totally) and go down the obsessive path, thinking and thinking ,getting more and more drawn into gloom … and on and on it goes.

    Would the simplest thing be to just let the thoughts arise and let them be- without trying to fathom them out, in the space of relaxed awareness?
    Also does the inherent intelligence- of which I am not yet fully aware( V. High Mind Momentum ?) dissolve all the negativities , when it is allowed in, during relaxed awareness? Do you see the thoughts and mind for what they are? To use your earlier analogy, in answer to a previous question of mine – does the sun (inner being) melt the dark clouds (ocd thoughts) and you realise that they were not as dark as you thought/ they are not even real?

    It is hard when you are in the grip of the mind`s fears, and it is easier for me just to try and observe without trying to understand thoughts, but do I need to gain an understanding- of what these thoughts are trying to tell me?
    Thank-you, so much.

    1. Sen Post author

      Stella, if you can just allow the thoughts to arise in the space of your awareness you will soon gain a understanding of them without you “trying” to understand them. If you try to understand them, you are using your mind (old thinking patterns). If you just allow the thoughts to arise, without shying away from them, you can start seeing through their influence without trying to do so. Basically, if you just stay in relaxed awareness, you will gain understanding from a deeper place (from your space of being), and it’s not something you need to struggle to come to, it just arises automatically.

  8. Anne

    Dear Sen-

    The more I read your blogs, the more everything makes sense to me. I always wondered how others could follow a religion without having any real proof that their god exists. However, when I read your teachings, I understand how this is possible because your words resonate within my being. I have been looking for something to believe in all my life.. looking for some kind of principles to help guide me through life. To my surprise, all I had to do was google “how to get rid of negative thoughts” and I stumbled upon you. I’ve thanked you before, but I’m thanking you again for your guidance. You are the little bit of sunlight shining through the dark stormy clouds of my life. Will you let me know when you have your first book published? I’d like a signed copy please. 🙂

  9. Vybe

    Sen, after relieving yourself of the negative thoughts through relaxed awareness and thinking positively, I feel that now my mind is saturated with positive thoughts that detract from my presence or take away from living in the “now”. I find this very counter-productive for me. For example, if I am studying for a test, I will have an over-abundance of thoughts that portray me scoring high marks, finding the test to be easy, getting questions that I have thoroughly studied….just pure positive thoughts that take away from the present moment (like STUDYING). Can you shed some light as to whether I should watch these positive thoughts through relaxed awareness to get rid of them or should I let them be, after all, they are positive thoughts. Your insights are much appreciated. Thank you in advance, Sen.

    1. Sen Post author

      Vybe, a large part of coming to an inner balance is to no longer feel helpless to the mind. Being “over excited” is a sign of imbalance, and your mind is presently exhibiting that state. Obviously this imbalance got created because of your “forced” technique of thinking positive and avoiding the negative thoughts from a place of fear – to avoid negative thoughts, through forcing positive thinking, is just a fear-based movement and having done this for long your mind has developed this habit mechanically. To come to a balance, you need to let go of force, and rest in your space of being, what I call a “state of allowing” – this state of allowing is what causes the mind momentum to reduce and bring a harmony towards the energy in your body. You can read this post for more insight – coming to a place of total allowing and positive thinking vs fearless awareness

  10. stonez

    Hi sen.if im to become aware of the negative thoughts in my mind, dont turn away am i not giving them my attention. When i relax my attention to it it fades away. I have a kind of hindsight awareness of it. If i really look for a pattern of such i get drawn in or i feel tense for hours afterward. Also in regards to my ex again. Ive been doing quite well lately but saw her with someone the other day and it got me really angry. I tried not to supress it and allow it, but found myself verbalising it to my friends once again to get them on side. It took me till the next day again to feel alligned of sorts again.Is moving to another town to have more time to discover who i am and what i want a sensible thing to do until i have inner stability or am i running away from fears. I realize its thoughts in my head which i have to allow, which will follow me, im accepting of that. Its my outside reality in particular her thats causing me alot of stress. I feel like i go backwards when i see her. What u think.

    1. Sen Post author

      Stonez, “attention” requires “identification” or “belief”. The state of allowing is about letting the emotions/thoughts arise without “identification”. Identification is what fuels the momentum due to your belief in it, “allowing without identification” causes the momentum of these thoughts/emotions to be released.

      For now, you just need to work on reducing your emotional/mind momentum. If it helps, you can take a break and just find some “alone space” for yourself by moving to another town as you specify, just follow your inspiration on this. However, I would say that it’s not really needed, it’s enough if you continue to find time to be with yourself and practice the state of allowing even for 30 mins a day until you start sensing your inner stability. Remember, that it takes time for all your past momentum to find a release, so don’t get disheartened looking for immediate results – give yourself atleast a few months of allowing before you start sensing your progress in stability.

  11. kenny

    man 4 months of “allowing”. feel like i’m stuck in sand over my head.

  12. stonez

    thx sen, i think i knew you were going to say something like that, haha. guess its working. the last week has been more relaxed and less panic in my decision making.
    One qeuestion. When on my own i am getting better at allowing. I dont feel as helpless as i used to when the mind momentum is high, its getting easier to observe and when i get pulled in from time to time its ok. Its in social situations that get me. At home when my mind momentum starts i take some time and close my eyes and allow, i dont expect to feel better. A social situation triggers mind activity. For example in the middle of a party, im feeling great then all of a sudden i become self concious for no aparent reason, i dont recall a thought triggering it. My fight flight is still high. Its difficult to do alowing in the presence of others. I apretiate its going to take time for the momentum to slow down, i can do alowing as a practice throughout the day or 30 mins but what about the rest of the day. What do i do with them then in social situations. As you know once you start this process there is no going back, so i cant put my mind on hold until i get home for my alowing sessions. Im also finding that when im at home, which is someones couch at the moment, my mind activity is less when im in the state of allowing. Its like it runs away when im relaxed and comes to life when im socializing. I guess what im asking is alowing is fine in private but in social its difficult at this stage. I feel it sets me back. I either, try to ignore, replace it with a positive or allow which makes me look like that self concious guy sitting in the corner.

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