The Value of Negativity

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A lot of people who get some understanding on law of attraction seem to get even more rooted in fear because now they are afraid of their negative thoughts, because they feel they are going to “attract” negative realities every time they have a negative thought in their mind. This fear causes severe paranoia towards “negative thoughts” in many people.

I got an email sometime back where a person mentioned that he was living in stark fear of his mind because he was constantly worried if it would pop up a new negative thought – he was staying in fearful anticipation of the thoughts that his mind was going to come up with. This behavior started in him after he read about law of attraction on how negative attracts negative and positive attracts positive. He was rooted in fear of the “negative attracts negative” part of the deal. There are many people who become paranoid of “negative thinking” when they start realizing that their thoughts have the power to create realities. The truth however is that negativity has a value in the whole scheme of things, it’s not as potent as you believe it to be, and it’s not something you need to run away from, it’s just something you need to consciously “reduce” focus from.

The value of negativity from an absolute perspective

From the perspective of source energy that you are, which is a pure positive energy, there is a huge value for negativity because it’s only through the contrast of “negative” that the “positive” can know itself. Without the dark, light cannot ever recognize its nature as light. Without experiencing hate, love cannot recognize what love really is. Without experiencing fear, joy cannot recognize what joy really is. So in order for this pure positive energy to recognize aspects of itself, it’s important for it to experience the other end of the spectrum, the “contrast”.

If you were living in paradise all your life, you would not know what paradise really is. It’s only when you step out of paradise for a while can you come back and recognize the bliss of the paradise. It’s only when you stand out in the sun for a while can you appreciate the bliss of the shade. For paradise to know itself as paradise it has to experience the other side of it, it has to step out of its vibration of bliss to finally recognize itself as bliss. If you can follow the pointer given in these statements you will be able to find a resonance in your heart, a remembrance, of what this play of life is all about – it’s all about life recognizing itself. All the creations are just mirrors through which life can reflect upon itself and know itself.

Source energy does not fear negativity

The energy that you are is already, permanently, pure positive and this will always be its natural vibration. So it has no fear of ever being harmed or altered. This “invincibility” allows it the freedom to come forth into the manifestation of physicality to “play” in this realm and experience the “contrast” and appreciate its true nature. Everytime you appreciate a beautiful sunrise, life (as you) recognizes its vibration of joy, also everytime you recognize that hatred does not feel right to you, life recognizes itself as love.

Another benefit of contrasting experiences is that it becomes the platform for new desires to come forth and thus new creations can come forth in the non-physical energy that you are and take forms in the physical. This allows for a continuation in the movement of life stream and most importantly it allows for new experiences in your energy space. When you see something negative, you automatically desire something positive. This desire becomes the clay for new creations and new experiences. Also the experience of the negative enables you to appreciate the “positive” energy that you are – when you’ve experienced fear you relish the joy of relief from it.

One doesn’t have to go to extremes (though from the absolute perspective it’s not an issue) and it’s much more enjoyable when you are no far down in negativity. Once you become conscious and start dis-identifying from the negativity, you will reach a point where you are mostly in vicinity of your natural vibration, most of the time. This is a good place to be and it allows for a smooth life. You appreciate this place more because you’ve seen the lower end of the spectrum and experienced its disconnection.

The mind helps life know itself

The energy of life is “pure positive” so it basically has no way of ever producing negative thoughts. So it comes up with the manifestation of this machine we call our “brain”. This brain is a creation of “pure positive energy”, that you essentially are, but its make-up allows it to have the capacity to think “negatively” also, because it’s basically designed as a survival machine that “primitively” looks to interpret reality from the perspective of survival. So the mind can think positively or negatively, in other words the mind has the capacity to go to the other end of the spectrum (the negative) and thus allow the pure positive part of you to get an “experience” of the contrast and thus through this experience recognize itself. Just imagine the intelligence, and innocence, of this energy that you are that it created the mind purely for the purpose of giving it the experience of “contrast” so it could appreciate itself as what is it.

So the negativity of the mind serves a greater purpose in the sense that it allows for a contrast to be available which allows the invitation to align back with the natural vibration. Without this contrast there would be no way to really recognize the bliss of your natural vibration. Can you sense that there is a part of you that is totally fearless even in the midst of intensely negative situations? Something in you already knows your invincibility and hence is enjoying the raw experience of life.

Don’t worry so much about manifesting negativity

The good news is that the essential energy that you are, in your wholeness, is pure positive in nature. So it does not have the capacity to “focus” on negative thoughts. It can only take up the vibration of your desires (or positive thoughts of creation) and it gives focus to these positive thoughts. So as a whole, life is always in a movement towards well-being.

The only source that gives attention to negative thoughts of the mind is the mind itself. It’s true that the mind’s focus has the capacity to create realities (because mind is made up of the same creative energy that created it), but fortunately the “mind” does not have the capacity to focus for long. You will notice that your mind is very fickle in its power of focus and is mostly like a monkey jumping from one thought to another in span of few seconds. This ensures that enough focus is not given to any negative thought enough to really manifest it.

However, some humans are so chronically negative in their thinking that close to 95% of their thoughts are negative, which means that their mind is always focusing on something negative during the waking hours – this causes huge resistance to the positive movement of your life stream, and also causes the attraction of a generally negative reality owing to this constant focus. But even in the midst of such chronic negativity, well-being is always dominant in some way or the other because the larger part of you is focused positively all the time. Just imagine how much positivity can flow into your reality if you would just relax some of your focus on negativity.

Even if you do end up manifesting some negative realities, it’s not a big deal from the perspective of the energy that you are. All you need to do is let go of focus on negative thinking, slowly and steadily, and your reality will automatically start shifting back into the positive. Some of the best adventures in life are had when a person moves from a negative reality into a positive reality through conscious alignment – I’ve personally been privy to such an experience as I moved from a chronically negative vibration to a positive vibration.

Ultimately its good to realize the everything has a place in this play of life, even stark negativity. You don’t have to feel bad about the negative realities you created unconsciously, they are a good platform for you to now relish the well-being of the positive realities that will unfold once you start aligning with your natural vibration. From the absolute perspective, it’s all good.

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  1. Chetana

    Wow thanks Sen. Your insights are so deep, so relevant and so easy to understand.

  2. Anu

    Dear Sen,

    What a beautiful article. It helps people with high negative momentum (OCD) like me. It helps immensly to know what is the value of negativity in grand scheme of things and how, as you have put it, not as “potent” as we were made to believe.


  3. promise

    hi sen, i ve read most of ur post they re wonderful and helpful to me.i realy want to understand wht nt paying attention to a negative thought is.for years i ve bning harbouring belief dat i am metaly ill but after reading one of ur article i realised that it was just a thought that i ve being harbouring and i ve being paying serious attention to it and it is affecting my what do nw is when ever the thought make comes up..i embrace it, exergerate it allow it to be and i feel i kind of relaxed but later on the mind became frantic dat am paying attention to my thought so much but to me it was working well 4 me.

    1. Sen Post author

      promise, the fact that you’ve gained a understanding about thoughts and about “unconscious attention” means that you are already “aware” and hence no longer totally unconscious in the way you give credence to thoughts. This awareness is all that it takes to let go of identifying with thoughts that are not aligned with your being – you can let the mind churn out these thoughts, without buying into them (but also not “trying” to contradict them), just let them be, and that’s what “allowing” means – you can just observe the thoughts, and sense if there are some insights happening your being, sense if some understanding is coming through, and allow these understandings also (it’s not about trying to not think, rather its about the freedom to allow thinking from your mind and your being), the point is to be “fearless” and free of “struggle”, free of being a hostage/prisoner to a thought.

  4. Promise

    Hi sen thanks so much,i nw feel a bit better than b4 after reading your article.i belive i ve gained a little understanding of how a negative mind set hates positive affirmations i feel unease when ever i think positively about myself but am always relaxed and happy within me when i think negatively about nw i always want to think negatively about myself bc i feel at ease than whn i think positively knowing dat those negative thoughts are nt real so am nt bordered about it though sometimes the mind reacts dat why wil i think negatively about myself but i ve understood dat my mind is nt my friend so some times i force my self to think negatively even when the mind is against it later on i sense a kind of peace within me.the mind is a liar and i dnt trust the mind ,i prefer my heart,i allow the mind to think all the rubbish it wants i even help the mind to exergerate those negative thought but within me i kn they are unreal.some times when there is a flash of past event in the mind what i do accept it and think about it negatively i ve realise dat the mind is at peace when i accept negative thoughts about thing again i realise the mind hate is interpreating things in its reality like whn i see a bucket i dnt interpreat it as a bucket in my mind i will interpreat it as a fowl but within me i knw what it is and i feel at ease with dat. After all these am begining to feel a sense of self.when ever the mind comes up with a thought like u re crazy, all i do is accept it like “yes i am crazy and very foolish ,yes am the most foolish person on earth” i make it worse and i feel at peace but currently the mind keep presenting the question is this right ,is wht am doing right but within me i knw it is better than my condition before.thks sen

    1. Sen Post author

      Promise, it’s possible that this becomes a strategy in you to keep “combating” the mind, and at the root you still have fear of the mind and hence are not in a place of inner freedom. The mind is not an “enemy”, it’s just an aspect that helps you find a conscious freedom/wholeness and once you do find this conscious freedom you will see that the mind is no longer a problem. Though what you are doing is definitely better than the struggle of trying to change the mind, there is still a presence of fear in you towards your mind and a lack of a sense of inner freedom, and that’s the reason why the question of – “is what I am doing right?” disturbs you, because somewhere within you there is a definite knowing that you are totally free in your being when you follow this form of “strategy” based approach. What does bring you to a place of inner freedom is when you don’t feel the need to react to the mind, in a state of total allowing – you can read this post from more insight on this – Reaching a state of total allowing and the 5 part post on the art of letting-go.

  5. Promise

    Hi sen your posts are wonderful thanks so much.yes is true dat i stil ve a little fear in me and this fear is “am i doing it right and how am i going to end up” but i ve read ur post on faq on the state of allowing dat i should be comfortable with such question so what i do is dat when such thought comes up i wil just accept it like yes am not doing it right and at that moment i may nt feel ok but after smtime i wil be at thing i always try to do nw is to make peace with the mind ,i dnt struggle to change the mind by thinking positively, whn the mind is negative i follow it up in its negativity and am always at peace with dat.the mind like negative thinking so i allow it to think negatively.all i want is to be free of the mind.for many years i have bn giving attention to every issue the mind present and tring to make the mind think possitively but what was the result then i was feeling dat am insane and stupid but after going through ur posts i realise that the best thing is to let the mind i knw that those thing are just mere thoughts and i dnt need to identify with those far more better than hw i was last year and i kn dat by next year i wil be more better.thks sen

  6. Promise

    Hi sen, i read ur article -the power of allowing and am so interested on it,i want to knw if it is actualy wht i am practicings.the summary of the whole thing is to be free of the the power of allowing there are no fixed rules on how this is going to work out, you simply work with what your inspiration seems to be and coming to terms with the dark nature component of life -energy can be a very big challenge and the usual motivation is just reach out for a light natured state through some distraction or in this case i work with my inspiration and the end point is to be at peace with the mind.there are some thoughts dat comes up and wil nt go .my inspiration wil be to distract it or suppress it through negative affirmations hence positive affirmations are opposed to a natural state of is either i embrace the negative thoughts dat arise or i distract it or suppress it through negative affirmations like “oh am such a fool ,am the most foolish person on earth etc” and gradually the thought i dnt want to think of slows down and i will be relief.all this is to withdraw attention from the mind and distraction is the opposite of attention.pls do u think this is part of allowing .

    1. Sen Post author

      Promise, the only issue is that this kind of seeking relief through negative affirmation becomes a technique of its own, and ultimately the only reason we cling to a technique to combat the mind is out of fear of its thoughts, or because we do feel the power to let go of it. You can unearth these inner fears when you don’t use this technique, and simply allow the reaction that happens in you to these thoughts – when these fears arise don’t try to seek relief through negative affirmations, rather just allow these feeling to be there in a state of “conscious allowing”; in this state of conscious allowing, these feelings will run out of momentum as they are no longer getting the fuel of your suppression.

  7. Promise

    Hi sen i ve being practising this for some months now and it has being working well for me.i no longer give serious attention to the mind and am seing a great change in me though stil feel some fear within me but i was thinking that is a gradual process dats reaching the state of total allowing or balance were i dnt nd to do anything like negative affirmation.

    1. Sen Post author

      Promise, that’s right, it does take time, but you need start consciously letting go of a limiting pattern or strategy when you can see the fear-based motivation behind it. You can stay true to your comfort and allow it to be gradual, but you also need to keep developing the conscious freedom to move beyond fear-based motivation.

  8. Promise

    Hi sen i feel a kind of light nature or wholeness or harmony in me when i use this strategy and i feel relaxed .my fear is that i dnt want to struggle with thoughts so allowing it totally i might unconsciously giue in my attentioñ to it, so i distract the thoughts with negative affirmations though stimes i embrace thoughts that are negative .all i want is for the mind to lose it power over me. even without any effort on my side my mind is gradually becoming possitive automaticaly am seing a great change .i knw that gradually i wil come to a state of total allowing.and u wrote in one of your articles that coming to terms with the dark nature component of life energy can be a big challenge and the usual motivation is to just reach out for a light natured state through some distraction or suppression.sen am happy with this.thks

  9. Promise

    Hi sen thanks so much .am seing a great change in me.

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