What is Negativity?

Posted on by Sen.

The whole deal of coming to an inner balance is to be free of the hold of negativity. It’s important that I give a clear definition of what I mean by “negativity”, so that a reader’s mind does not run into a misinterpretation of it. The challenge of using words to convey a knowing is to ensure that as a clear a picture is presented to the mind so that there is as little a misinterpretation, or none, possible. A word like “negativity” can create different imaginations, ideas and contexts in different minds depending upon their level of understanding, and since freedom from negativity is the central focus of a conscious living it’s important to be very clear about what negativity really means. In this post, I will try to explain what I really mean by negativity – it’s a perspective that comes from my knowing, but you need to exercise your own guidance to see if it resonates with you.

None of what I write is to make you believe in something, I am just putting out a perspective that comes from my knowing, and then it’s up to see if it resonates for you, in your heart; if it doesn’t, just feel free to let go of it. Of course, the less resistance you have, the more likely you are to be connected with your inner-being and thus is the right place to sense the truth in any perspective.

Defining negativity

Before I even start defining negativity, I would like to be clear that I understand the “absolute perspective” that everything is fine, I understand that ultimately nothing matters, I understand “non-duality” (advaita) that everything is ultimately one and I understand that ultimately life-energy in its source nature is already whole. So having understood the absolute perspective, we have the right grounding to now work with this “relative” reality of Earth and, obviously, we have to live from this relative perspective to be human – we can’t just say “everything is fine” and try to laugh/deny/ignore everything away, deep down we know that this type of spiritual talk can become a means of escaping physical reality and can cause you to be a less authentic human being. So it’s important to have a cognition of the absolute perspective, but it’s even more important to find balance in this relative reality that we are living in – it’s true that life-energy in its source nature is already balanced, but you cannot just find solace in that truth, “you” have to find your balance here in this domain of Earth, in this relative reality, for you to feel whole within, else everything just becomes a “concept”.

So from here on, in this post, I am going to keep my explanation specific to this relative reality we live in – the domain of this physical universe, solar system or star system. This star system was created in an intention; it obviously did not get created randomly without any thought behind it. So there is a mind behind the creation of this physical reality – you can call this mind as God or Source creator (though it’s very likely a collaboration of several streams of consciousness, not just one stream, that worked on creating this reality, so it’s more logical to use the term “source creators”). This mind(s) obviously understands how to create a physical reality, logically one can also assume that it has worked on creating star systems in the past also, prior to creating this star system – work experience.

If you are asking, who was before these streams, where do these streams come from, that there must be something before these creators, the ultimate creator – that’s true, it’s all a hierarchical development, so obviously there was once just one source/consciousness and streams of consciousness got created as various intentions came from this source. It’s not too boggling to understand this. Each human expression is ultimately now an individual stream of consciousness, it branched out from a source stream through the phenomenon of birth – branched out through an intention. Of course, ultimately there is no separation, it’s just one space of energy, but each individual stream has its individuality, some streams are older, some streams are new, each stream has it own knowing, its own journey, its own experience while also being conscious of the whole. To get a sense of the non-physical is extremely difficult using a physical brain, because physical brain is made for a physical focus – you will know your non-physical presence when you die. Right now, to have a general idea is good enough.

(And if you are asking where did the source of everything come from? What is the source of source? It’s like asking where did “silence” come from, silence just is, it’s doesn’t take birth, it’s always been – the concept of birth and death is the way a human mind looks at reality, but the source is just an eternity)

Coming back to the creator(s) of this star system, of which Earth is a part, the basic requirement to create a reality is to set some ground rules – it’s similar to how an environment is created in a role-playing video-game. The environment has a set of rules, it defines the boundaries and the perspectives that are true to this reality. There also has to be a central purpose in creating a reality, without this central purpose there is no foundation to come up with the ground rules. The central purpose behind the creation of this star system, of Earth, is to create an environment that allows the opportunity for the experience of a conscious balance of dark and light nature of life-energy. As you know, energy can get polarized – take electricity for example, it can get polarized into + or -, that’s why you have those terminals on a battery, electrons(-) and protons(+) can be segregated. However, electrons on their own are unstable, and protons on their own are just as unstable, there has to be a merging of protons and electrons for a stable atom, for wholeness. This merging is an “experience” in itself, an experience of stability. The segregation is also a phenomenon, the experience of imbalance/instability. This environment, of Earth, was created with a central purpose of creating a situation that allows an experience of a conscious balance, for this to happen it’s absolutely required that there be an imbalance present first.

This “imbalance” is what I call negativity – though I don’t even mean that in a negative way, simply because I understand that it’s a necessary requirement for the purpose of having a conscious experience of balance, and it’s all part of the same purpose. That’s why I understand the absolute perspective that ultimately everything has a purpose, including stark negativity and none of this is an “error” or mistake on the part of the creators, but a highly intentional orchestration. You need to have a deeper awareness to realize that “imbalance” was created purposefully in order to have an experience of balance – so in that sense imbalance has a very important purpose to serve, and though I call it negativity I also understand its place in reality.

The concept of Good and Evil

To simulate imbalance one has to simulate the concept of Good and Evil, Right and Wrong. The definitions of Good and Evil comes from the minds of the creator(s) of this reality. This is the reason why we have an inner sense of what Good is and what Evil is – we never question how we got this sense, even a baby has a sense of good and evil, where does this sense come from? It’s naturally present in all consciousnesses that participate in this reality because of our connection to the mind of the creators – we call it conscience, sometimes, but in reality it’s just the definition within us of good and evil that comes from the minds of the creator(s) of this reality. In any situation, you always have a sense of good and evil, right or wrong, this comes from within and you will notice that as a humanity we all agree with certain standards of good and evil, this is how law comes into place – very few of us ever contemplate how is it that billions of humans can agree on a certain standard of good and evil, can see a good action for what it is and see an evil action for what it is. The reason is simple, humanity as whole, though each is an individual stream, is connected to the mind of the creator of this reality, this is the reason why we see a common reality, we are connected to a common mind that created this reality.

If you see our history, it has always been about a fight between good and evil. All movies have this concept of good vs evil as an undercurrent or obvious theme – this is how the human mind thinks, because this is an important requirement for the simulation of imbalance and is aligned with the intention of the creator. In fact, many humans are born with the tendency towards evil (imbalance in dark nature) and many are born with a tendency towards good (imbalance in light nature). If you can see this as a “game” of a simulated reality, you can come much closer to seeing this reality as it is. The deal with a person who has a tendency towards evil is that this person does have an inner knowing that he/she is being evil, they know their negative presence, and yet they live it because they don’t feel the power within them to go against their mind’s imbalance in dark nature – until, their consciousness is evolved enough to consciously come to a balance. This same truth holds for people who have a tendency towards good, they feel noble for being good but they are also constantly at war against the evil, or they are afraid of the evil, and their hatred/fear towards the dark causes them to be imbalanced within and thus they don’t move from a place of wholeness, which creates suffering for them – humans imbalanced in evil suffer as much as humans imbalanced in good.

This reality of imbalance was highly necessary to create the foundation for a future where there can be an awakening towards a balance, and thus the experience of conscious wholeness – or the return to conscious stability. The electrons and protons have to be unified to create a stable atom, the dark nature and light nature in a human has to integrate in order for him/her to experience stability in their cells, in their body – until then there is an imbalanced vibration, it’s either too light natured or too dark natured. This conscious balance is reached through “understanding” this reality, what can be called “cracking its code” – seeing reality as it is, seeing the simulation, seeing the game for what it is. This human experience of cracking the code has been felt by many humans and it’s called “enlightenment”, and in a very modern, dramatic, vernacular as seeing through the Matrix of reality. Ideas for movies like Matrix come into a human mind as an inspiration, these ideas are not just happening randomly, they are sown for a reason. Star wars is another example of a movie that showed the imbalance created by a polarization towards light nature or a polarization towards dark nature. These movies can act as a strong awakening factor by planting the seed of this perspective of reality – they play a part in serving the purpose of creating a platform for humans (at least some) to come to a conscious balance.

You can read this post – Integrating your Dark and Light nature – for more insights on how to consciously allow this balance in; inner balance always starts with first gaining a aligned/balanced understanding. An initial understanding has to come first before a movement towards balance can take place, and as you balance out your understanding keeps deepening of itself.

Negativity is simply a requirement for conscious balance

An imbalance in light nature is as much a negativity as an imbalance in dark nature, this is a very important realization to have. “Self sacrificing benevolence” as well as “atrocity/exploitation” are both imbalances in their own right, and lead to suffering. For example, it’s important to kill in order to eat, it can’t be helped, that’s how energy can be transferred – we get energy by consuming energy, and to consume something it basically needs to get degenerated/killed. Be it a plant or an animal, they are both life forms of varying intelligence, and the act of termination is required to consume them – so isn’t killing evil, or dark nature? Yeah, it is but we have to do it in order to survive. A person who says that he/she is against dark nature, will have to stop eating and die. However, “brutality” is unnecessary, the ancients used to kill an animal and offer prayer for its sacrifice for feeding them, you can see a balance between the dark nature (of killing) and the light nature (of gratitude) in this act – this is how a balance plays out. Dark and light nature are both required in us for physical survival in this reality, it’s important to acknowledge that – this is how you become authentic, or grounded in reality.

I would like to reiterate that though I state that “brutality is unnecessary”, I also understand that such a behavior was/is a necessary part of the simulation of imbalance, of good and evil. But that does not mean that you defend brutality and say that it’s “okay”, because that defeats the very purpose of its presence which was to instigate a consciousness in you towards the imbalance. There are so many “philosopher” types who shell out this idea that “everything is necessary and fine” and hence “brutality and atrocity is fine” and get into a state of coldness towards life – this may be a step towards a deeper understanding, but by itself is a highly incomplete, and even dangerous, understanding. Imbalance was necessary to simulate a situation for bringing a conscious balance, but that does not make imbalance as “fine”, because imbalance does create suffering – a lot of suffering. To defend negativity may seem like a higher level of thinking, but it’s just a half-baked understanding of life, when you have a full realization you also see that ultimately suffering can only end (within/without) when you bring a balance, not by defending an imbalance.

A balanced human being is not “cold”, he/she has a very strong element of warmth, they are not “feelingless” or insensitive, there is a deep/heartfelt sensitivity towards life – the only difference is that there is also a stability within, which came in from the understanding of life, and this stability allows one to not be overwhelmed, or be enslaved, by the emotions rather have a space of wisdom to take the “right action” rather than just an emotional action. Also a balanced human being has a balance in his/her dark nature, it’s evident that you cannot make a doormat out of them – they are not the “self-sacrificing benevolent” zealots, they have a sense of self-respect and self-love which they stand true to in what can seem like a “selfish” stand to others who want them to comply. Dark nature lends power to light nature, and vice versa, an integration of two is quintessential to leading a balanced life on this relative reality of Earth – this experience, or state of being, is the central purpose around the creation of this reality. So, it’s important to understand the role of negativity, and thus use it as the means to come to a conscious balance – instead of asking the whole world to change and balance out, look at balancing yourself first, be the change you want to see on the outside.

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  1. rafael

    Sen so while we are on this earth we have to also balance our dark nature, but then once we die do we return to complete light nature? Aren’t we ultimately a completely positive vibration free of negativity? I don’t see where there can be a space for a “dark nature” in this purely positive state

    1. Sen Post author

      Rafael, life-energy, as a space, has both natures – dark and light, the yin and yang, in an natural/unconscious balance – you can call that “pure positive” if you want, I prefer calling that “wholeness” or balance. However a stream of life-energy, branching out of this space, is capable of being dark natured or light natured or balanced/whole depending on its thinking/perspective. As a human being you represent a stream of life-energy and your thinking decides if you are imbalanced in dark nature or light nature, or if you are balanced. Death does not automatically make you balanced unless there is a shift in perspective caused by the death, but what death does is that it releases you from the resistances of a physical body, aligns you with your life-stream (created through your desires) and you feel free in your movement, it also allows you to be conscious of the totality of existence, to know your non-physical nature, and hence gives you a complete picture, this shift in focus obviously will change your perspective from the one you held during your physical focus. It’s like the shift of perspective you have when you are asleep and dreaming, and when you wake up in the morning – the shift in perspective does not automatically make you balanced, it just gives you a different perspective. You come to a balance when you are able to integrate your dark nature and light nature by ensuring that your thinking is not imbalanced towards either.

  2. rafael

    so what happens once we reach a place of inner wholeness here on earth, does that mean we have reached the peak of our own evolution/personal journey, is the rest just an enjoyment and an effortless living here on earth?

    1. Sen Post author

      Rafael – I’ve explained this in the post – You are here for growth. Basically growth is eternal and your yearning for growth will never cease. Reaching inner wholeness/balance is just one growth you desired, once you reach it there is more – you will feel the growth towards new expression, creativity/creation, it’s unending. There is no such state where you just sit around in a blissed out state without any movement towards new growth, that’s like death.

  3. aubrey

    sen, im one who doesnt seem to have control of my mind. i have general anxiety disorder. and from what i can tell its from a resistance in my body creating a suffering. my last and longest trigger was due to a rushed into abusive marriage that last 18 months. finally i had enough and decided to divorce. but my husband turned his anger off has been a prince ever since. sometimes it takes something big to make you realize things and change. when i have anxiety all i can think of is divorce… leave, run..you will feel better. when i come out of anxiety (which is a very short amount of time) im thankful for my loving husband and dont want to leave. dark force= anxiety. light energy= love. what do i follow? what should i listen to? i have committment and co dependent issues as well. i have been to councelors. im on meds. nothing helps. i used to be very strong. i knew who i was. now im weak minded and unsure of everything. im in love with him. will this pass? should i leave? stay? whats logical? whats right? help.

  4. Maryanne

    Im in the same boat with you..I have 3 kids in the, mix of things, I also suffer from the same things. The mental pain he has caused me I can’t let go of, then I go into a.zone and im an angry person etc..and unfortunately I can’t help it I end up snapping at the boys.

    1. aubrey

      The same boat as me, Maryanne?

  5. Ahlan

    Dear Sen,
    This chapter took me a step further into realising the truth about mankind. Particularly the phrase that all humans agree with certain standards of good and evil. Some questions came to mind.

    1) When does a life stream decide to end its journey on earth?
    2) Why do we not have any memory of our past journey on earth?
    3) When a person reaches a state of total balance/wholeness/stability will he take rebirth as another form.

    I understand that since growth is eternal it may return. But since it already had come to a balance/wholeness before, wont it be able to live life from a place of wholeness. So then what will be the growth for this energy since its already experienced wholeness?(maybe my mind is limited in its thinking about this aspect)

    Thanks a million for involving us as part of your journey towards wholeness.

    1. Sen Post author

      Ahlan, inherent in the nature of life-energy is the desire for “growth” and desire for “enjoyment” – it’s not just about growth and it’s not just about enjoyment, it’s a mix of the two. The experience of physical living, on Earth, is just one platform of experience and a soul can engage in this experience as long as it desires – as long as it finds enjoyment and as long as it satisfies its growth requirements. Even from a place of wholeness there is plenty of opportunity for growth through physical living – for example one can grow in the expression of being a technical expert in the field of programming/maths, in the field of music or painting, or in the field of politics etc, and thus allow for growth in expression/contribution in these fields. Each field has infinite potential for growth, as long as you are interested. Just because you have found inner balance doesn’t mean that you would no longer be interested in aspects of physical living. And, even if you do lose interest in physical living (after several lifetimes of physical experience on Earth) there are other realms to explore, for example, there are souls who become non-physical guides for other souls – this is just one example of the possibilities that lie in a purely non-physical expression for a soul that’s not interested in incarnating into a physical life. The bottom-line is that the “experience” is eternal, we can never stop ourselves from the desire for experience and expression, because the desire for growth and enjoyment is inherent to our nature as life-energy.

      As for your second question, the “frequency” of physical realm is different from the frequency of non-physical realm, and hence we don’t have access to non-physical information (including our past life memories) while being focused on the physical realm. This is a good thing because your physical experience, and expression, may get “biased”, or get deeply affected, if you were privy to some non-physical memories of the past, creating unnecessary hassle to your current experience. Of course, one does need to have some connection with one’s non-physical aspect so as to have access to the intelligence of your life-stream, and guidance coming from the non-physical intelligence. When you develop the capacity to stop being lost to the movement of your brain-based thoughts/emotions, you can have better access to frequencies of the non-physical realm, and hence are more privy to the guidance/intelligence coming from your non-physical aspect. There are some “hypnosis” practices called “past life regression” where on can be put guided towards getting detached from their brain to access the deeper memories of their being. However, it’s not really important to access the past in order to live your present – all you need is an awareness of your current imbalances (you don’t really need to know the “cause”), using which you can release the imbalances through the state of conscious allowing/openness. The state of inner balance allows one to be involved in the physical living while also having the “inner stillness” to be have access to non-physical intelligence/guidance (in the form of intuitions, inspirations and wisdom per se).

  6. Ahlan

    Hey Sen,
    Have you read the book “MANY LIVES, MANY MASTERS” By BRIAN L. WEISS. is an American psychiatrist.

    His research includes reincarnation, past life regression, future-life progression, and survival of the human soul after death.
    What you say in this post about multiple creators and so on is exactly what he says.
    Weiss advocates hypnotic regression as therapy, claiming that many phobias and ailments are rooted in past-life experiences whose acknowledgment by the patient can have a curative effect.
    He also writes about messages received from the Ascended masters he claims to have communicated with through his subjects.

    1. Sen Post author

      Ahlan, I’ve not read his book. It’s my perspective that you don’t really need to “know” the past (like past lifetime experiences) in order to balance your present. Your current awareness, and openness to allow a release, is all you need to let go of the momentum of the past. Also, no matter what you come to know through “past life regression” that fact remains that you can’t really be certain about whether you really lived it (unless you want to believe it), there are so many thoughts/memories/interpretations that we can access without really knowing if it has a real relevance to our current lifetime. You don’t have to remember the exact reason why an emotional momentum got created, all you need to do is enter into a state of true openness and the momentum gets released on its own.

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