Clearing Up the Negative Vibrations

Posted on by Sen.

If there was no negativity in the thoughts of your mind/brain you would always feel the joy/peace in your being. A thought based in fear or hatred, created in your mind, creates a low-vibration in the energy space of your body as a whole, and your body’s vibration pulls away from the natural vibration of the “pure positive” energy that you are.

You can imagine a huge space of pure positive energy, and a small segment of that energy vibrating in a “negative” manner – this small segment is your body when it takes up the negative vibration created by the fear/hate based thoughts of the mind. There is a constant “pull back” to your natural vibration (just like a rubber band pulls back to its normal state when you stretch it), and this pull back creates a sensation of suffering in the body – it’s all pure physics if you look at it scientifically.

If you want to stay free of suffering, you will need to let go of identifying with all the negative thought patterns in the brain – all the fears, hate and lack based thoughts need to be “surrendered” completely through dis-identification. This cannot happen overnight, it takes time and it’s a “process” that one needs to undertake – think of it as a “detox” programme. Ridding your energy of all the negative vibrations, by clearing up your thought space of all the negative thought patterns, it can take a few months to a couple of years depending on how much negative momentum is present in your mind, but each day that you stay with this process you will see positive results and you will find more and more joy/peace coming into your reality.

Don’t judge yourself for the negativity in your mind

To feel guilty about the negativity in your mind is like adding more negativity to the mix. When people start becoming deeply “aware” of the negative thought patterns in their mind, there is a tendency to feel more fear, helplessness, guilt and anger about their present negativity which in turn just keep fueling the negative thought patterns. If you want to start becoming free of the “pull” of negative thoughts in the mind, you will have to let go of feeling guilty/angry about their presence in your mind in the first place. Stay as a “detached awareness” and let the negativity play out in your conscious observation. If you get lost in the negativity now and then, it’s ok – don’t be hard on yourself, just be committed to seeing through all the patterns of negativity in the mind.

You will notice that the more aware you become of the negative thought patterns, the less likely you are to get pulled in by it, as time progresses. For example, if you become aware of a negative thought pattern in your mind, continue to watch its “repetitions” for a week or two, and you will see that this thought pattern starts losing its grip on you. From my personal experience I can say that it usually only takes a month to be free of even the most intense or deeply rooted negative thought pattern, if you stay committed to staying “aware” of its movement whenever it comes up in the mind. Nothing else is really needed, the very practice of staying aware of a negative thought pattern is enough to weaken its power and cause it to ebb away in time.

A mind free of negativity becomes a channel of well-being

To be connected to your natural vibration of joy/peace is the most “intelligent” way of living your life because this connection ensures that well-being keeps flowing into your reality from the wholeness of who you are. It’s like being a channel that allows abundance and wellness to flow in all the time from your life stream which is always moving in the direction of manifesting your desired realities. It’s only the negative thought patterns in your mind that keep you from experiencing the abundance that is your birth-right for being who you are.

Every thought that comes up in the mind has a “vibration”, and you can sense the vibration of the thought by sensing the “feeling” that it creates in the body. If a thought creates a “bad” feeling you know that the thought is rooted in a low-vibration and is opposed to the natural vibration of Life (wholeness of who you are). Not matter what excuses, arguments and evidences the mind comes up with to defend a negative thought, it’s irrelevant, because life does not support a negative thought and if you continue focusing/believing in this thought you will stand in resistance to your life’s movement and thus not only feel suffering in your body but also end up attracting a negative external reality that reflects your low-vibration stand point.

When the mind comes up with a negative thought pattern, just stay as a space of detached awareness and let it pass away, don’t give it the fuel of your interest and attention, and soon enough (within a month) the momentum of the negative thought will slow down and ebb away. Don’t allow yourself to wallow in low-vibration thoughts of fear, doubt, cynicism or hatred for long – you may get pulled into these thought from time to time, but stay focused on returning to your true nature and bring a deeper awareness to these thought patterns, slowly but surely you will be able to dis-identify from all the negative thoughts in your mind and thus be free of their influence on your vibration.

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  1. Samir

    Sen, this sounds a lot like me. On a recent vacation, I had a few big decisions to make. They all stressed me out like crazy, and I got stressed out about being stressed out, thinking I would have wasted a vacation on being stressed out.

    I ended the vacation no farther along in my decision process, but I decided that if I did not know what to do, I would just do nothing until the answer would conclusively emerge.

  2. Abhyasi

    Hi Sen, thanks for very inspiring informative article. I have been staying at relaxed awareness whenever negative thought pops up. You have mentioned here that “Don’t allow yourself to wallow in low-vibration thoughts of fear, doubt, cynicism or hatred for long” – does it mean that we need to try to change our focus intentionally like pursuing any other positive thought or activity? Would not it be opposite to complete surrender of let rise whatever rises without any resistance? Please advice

    Thank you

    1. Sen Post author

      Abhyasi, there is a difference between “allowing” and wallowing – the former requires a stable awareness, while the latter is just unconscious identification. You can consciously allow the negativity to be there in the mind, and not be identified with it. Or you can unconsciously wallow in the negativity and be totally identified with, acting it out in your mind and outside. The more aware you become the less you wallow in negativity, and you just allow it in your awareness without giving it belief or identification.

  3. Wynone

    Sen, I don’t know how to describe it exactly, but isn’t it kinda an illusion to believe only high-vibrational thoughts? I mean, it’s easy for me to feel great about thinking of achieving ‘whatever’ or imagining ‘whatever’, but I guess the fear of probable disappointment or someone proving me wrong, makes me think some negative thoughts just for balancing the positive ones.
    What you’re saying is, whenever a negative thought arises, it’s only part of the balance of the mind, but it’s not true to the life-stream?

  4. Mark

    Dear Sen,

    When I am reading this article, I just remember a question. Why does it difficult for me relaxed my awareness when I am sleepy? And sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I couldnt get to sleep, because the mind is too noisy. Does drowsiness or sleepy can affect one’s awareness?

    Thank you Sen.

    1. Sen Post author

      Mark, the body is your vehicle through which you are experiencing the physical reality, and the state of your body’s energy/health will directly affect your capacity for awareness – consider, that you are in a good health but you are driving an old car, so, even if you are good at driving, the car isn’t going to respond to your skills. The same way, if the body is tired it can’t respond to your requirement as a being, in that moment – so it’s important to understand your body, understand its limitations, and work with it, instead of having unrealistic expectations from it, for ex, if the mind is noisy, and your body doesn’t really need sleep in that moment, then you can’t go to sleep (unless you drug the body), you need to simply allow the mind’s noise (allow its momentum, without fighting it, and it will continue releasing its imbalanced intensity), and allow the fact that your body is not in a position to sleep. No-one can have a 100% control over their body’s functions, if that was the case we would never die – we can’t control when the heart decides to stop beating, when the kidneys become too tired to filter blood anymore, or the lungs become too exhausted to breath anymore, we can just do the best we can to keep the body healthy, beyond that you need to have the space to allow what’s not in your control.

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