Healing Physical Ailments through Alignment

Posted on by Sen.

When the mind/brain becomes aware of a certain dysfunction in the body it immediately creates a desire for well-being. This desire becomes the “clay” that starts taking the shape of a reality where the body is healed of the dysfunction. What happens scientifically is that this desire becomes “energetically” present in the space of your consciousness and starts attracting onto itself the intelligence and resources required to manifest this reality where the body is free of the disorder/dysfunction.

The only force that resists this healing from taking place is the resistive energy of negative thinking which stands as a “block” towards allowing the movement of wellness, created originally by the mind’s desire for good health. A disturbance in the harmony of the body is a direct manifestation of some “resistance” present in body’s energy space created by negativity. Thus a harmony/wellness can be brought back to your body’s functioning, at a faster pace, by dissolving this resistance (or resistances) as much as possible. Some people develop very strong patterns of resistance/negativity in them which causes them to strongly block the movement of wellness so much so that it becomes fatal to the health of the body.

Negativity can take the form of a bodily disorder

The dysfunctions in your health create sensations of pain, irritation, uneasiness, weakness and discomfort. When you look at it from the perspective of “creation”, an illness is a creation, or a physical manifestation, of a chronic though pattern of hurt, uneasiness, helplessness or irritation in the mind. In fact, the energy of these thoughts is what fuels, and retains, the presence of the physical reality of the illness. Without the energy of these thoughts the illness cannot sustain itself.

You can easily make the correlation between a bodily disorder and the thought pattern that created it. Some simple examples would be – hyper tension (high blood pressure) is created through chronic inclination to “pressurizing”/stressing yourself through fearful thinking while acid reflux or chronic heart burn is mostly found in people who are holding onto several “acidic” thoughts or irritable thoughts in their mind. When you are willing to bring an awareness into your thought patterns, you can easily make a correlation between a disorder and the thought pattern that’s causing it.

It’s important to realize that everything that stays manifested requires a “fuel” for its presence. And negative realities are always fueled through the human mind’s attention/focus on negative thoughts. Your biggest immunity against health problems is your orientation towards positive thinking and your alignment/orientation with the vibration of love/joy/peace (which is the natural vibration of the energy that you are).

How to be positive during illness?

The mind perceives illness as a negative and hence produces several negative thoughts when the body is riddled with some ailment or disorder. These negative thoughts actually end up creating resistance to the movement of wellness, created by the mind’s desire for well-being, and this is how the mind sabotages its own wellness unconsciously. An illness, by itself, is of course a negative reality as far as the perceiving human mind is concerned, so it’s not possible to find a positive in the illness. What’s required is to shift the focus from the illness, and place it on the thought of wellness (if possible) or else just stay in a relaxed space of “non focus”/surrender. When you do this you remove resistance to the movement of your life force and thus allow healing to take place rapidly.

If your mind is unable to focus on any positive thought because of the intensity of the illness, just allow yourself to relax physically and stay in a space of being “surrendered” in a state of a total let go. It’s very relaxing to just surrender the force in you that wants to keep thinking and just allow your body to ease into a state of “no effort”. This puts you in a highly “available” state to the movement of well-being that’s taking place in your life stream towards healing the dysfunction.

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  1. Gairmac

    This post seems most timely for me. Right now I am confronted with, maybe not an illness per se, but a deep dis-ease – that I think is a deep resistence in the body to a deeper Leting Go. I could get thru today with a veneer of distraction in my work place, but going subtly in, my body is screaming with a raw inflammation of some sort. Pointing out that there is a natural movement towards healing in the field of awareness, and as you posted earlier, that every problem has its own resolution – i am now feeling more trust in Life – but wow, right now it’s all I can do to stick with it, remain stable in awareness, and keep on surrendering … thanks for your encouragement!

  2. sr

    Hi sen, I have been wearing thick glasses ever since childhood, I am considerd nearsighted. you said that you can make a correlation to your illness and your pattern of thinking. What pointers do you suggest that I can apply to gain better vision without the use of glasses. This really appeals to me, that the body has the capability to heal itself through awareness

    1. Sen Post author

      Sr, certain disabilities are part of the natural conditioning of the body, certain diseases can arise from negativity/resistance, certain ailments/degradation can happen as natural course of aging/wear of the body – out of the three, the diseases arising from resistance/negativity are the ones that get healed as one lets go of the negativity/resistance that caused it. The other two are just part of the natural makeup of the body. Your nearsightedness may have nothing to do with negativity, and could just be a part of your eye’s biological makeup. Since you say you’ve been nearsighted since birth, your cells may not have a memory of what a normal vision feels like and hence cannot go to that state on their own. However, certain biological makeups can be changed through technology that alters the makeup through external rectification – for example, a lot technology today makes it viable to make away with glasses, and you may be able to access such a technology when you aligned with yourself about your desire to be free of glasses.

  3. HO

    Hi Sen
    Not sure if this is still active, but it is interesting that I was drawn to it at a time when I need to heal myself. I ‘feel’ that my root chakra is blocked and experiencing an extremely painful / bleeding prolapse. I do believe I can heal myself, but am not quite sure where to start. Any tips would be gratefully appreciated.

    with love HO

    1. Sen Post author

      HO, healing starts with the release of past momentum of imbalanced accumulation. You can read the post – the phase of release – where I talk about how the state of “conscious allowing” is the means to release this past accumulation in your current state of awareness, and thus bring forth a conscious balance in your being.

  4. Heather

    Thank you Sen

    I have read the article and can see I need to read it a few more times to fully understand the words, but it feels right, if that makes sense. I suspect that because I am experiencing considerable pain and thus seek a quick solution, I am not in a state of balance and compounding the problem. I am not sure what thoughts or focus’s have led to this, so the process may well be a long one.

    Your articles are inspiring and I thank you for taking the time to respond.
    with gratitude

  5. HO

    I have taken a month to ‘balance’ and align myself in what I consider to be a very rudimentary way – I have to read your articles very carefully in order to understand them – but I am healed. The prolapse has gone, the bleeding has stopped. I cannot even say when it stopped, but it did. Thank you Sen – you are an inspiration.


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