Getting Used To the Vibration of Joy

Posted on by Sen.

Joy is a high vibrational state of being. If your body has been used to being mostly in the lower vibrational states, it’s bound to feel uncomfortable staying in joy for long – ironical as it might seem. Even your mind would find it uneasy to stay in a state of higher vibration when it has been used to lower vibrations for so many years – it can produce feelings of guilt, discomfort, insecurity and general uneasiness about orienting with the vibration of joy on consistent basis, and would want to cling to lower vibrational states as the more familiar ground. The mind can also justify its need to stay in lower vibrational states by claiming that it’s not prudent to be oriented with joy all the time, and that it’s not spiritual enough or practical enough or some other reason. Even though joy is the natural vibration of your being, the mind has gotten so used to being in lower vibrational states, all the time, that it finds it “unnatural” to be joyful for most part of your waking hours.

Joy is just a label I am using to define the feeling of a cool “aliveness” within yourself. It’s like being refrigerated from inside. Aliveness is inherent to life energy, and if you don’t experience it in your being it’s because of the cloud of negative energy that’s inhibiting your natural vibration. However, it takes time for the body (both physiologically and mentally) to adapt to this natural vibration, which feels like a much higher vibration, when it has been used to thriving on lower vibrational states of being. The pure vibration of joy can feel quite unpleasant suddenly to a body/mind that’s not used to such a high vibration and thus it uses some negative thoughts to bring down the vibration to a level that’s comfortable to it. You will need to get used to the vibration of joy, and allow your body/mind to slowly adapt to it (on daily basis), just like astronauts are trained in labs to get their bodies used to low gravity.

Understanding the dynamics of higher vibration

It’s not possible to shift, immediately, to a state of consistent higher vibration when you’ve been oriented with lower vibrations for a good part of your life. Higher vibrational state of being puts you in the full flow of your life-stream and hence creates a very fast-paced energy movement in your body. So it’s a good thing that you gradually reach this higher vibration by slowly shedding your inner resistances on a day to day basis, adapting to the faster movement of life-stream through you. As you keep letting go of resistance, you get more into the pull of life and there comes a point where you just can’t hold on to resistances anymore because the pull becomes too strong to resist – this place is free of requiring any personal “will power” on your part, and you are basically just moving in the flow of life. To some people it may feel, initially, like “losing control” but actually it’s a place where your being is in full control instead of being controlled by the negativity of the mind.

A consistent positive reality (a reality rooted in higher vibration) is only possible when your vibration is consistently positive. If your vibration is fluctuating between higher and lower vibration erratically, it’s not possible to attract a steady reality of positivity. So if you’ve been letting go of negativity for a quite sometime now, and are wondering why some major shifts of positivity have not taken place in your reality yet, you just need to make an honest assessment of your vibrational state of being through out your waking hours and find out if you are in a steady place of positivity or if you are still vacillating between lower and higher states of being. Don’t be too concerned about the external reality (no matter what it looks like), it’s just a mirror of your inner space and it will sort itself automatically when you sort out your inner state of being. Most people get so focused on the present negatives in their external reality that they never allow themselves to do the inner work of alignment.

Stop feeling guilty about being joy oriented

It’s mostly because of dysfunctional upbringing that we feel guilty about our joy orientation. It’s like there is a parent/teacher/society sitting in our head making us feel guilty about pursuing our joy on a moment to moment basis. When we were kids, most of us were indirectly taught that it was more important to please others than to please ourselves, we were taught that sacrifice is a nobler than orienting with your personal joy, we were taught that orienting with our joy was selfish (in a negative way), we were taught to focus on the suffering present on the outside (and thus feel sorry all the time and feel guilty about being joyful). Some minds are even taught that it’s sinful to be joyful, which is purely a fear based conditioning used to control people’s freedom.

This type of negative conditioning causes the mind to feel uneasy about being joyful, and about orienting with its joy on a moment to moment basis. It’s very common to see people arguing their right to be negative and even calling a joy-oriented state of being as a state of “denial”. Of course, it’s possible for an immature mind to cling to outside distractions to run away from inner fears and that’s obviously a state of fear/denial of self. But being joy-oriented through conscious inner alignment is a very powerful state of being, which is not rooted denial but a conscious choice of alignment. You are fully aware of your reality, and yet make a choice to align with the higher vibration of joy – this is a fearless and free state of being where you are no longer a prisoner to the mind’s negativity or outside influences. It takes time to get used to this choice of life, and it takes time to get used to the higher vibration, but each day is a progress in this direction as your body/mind gets adapted to your natural vibration – it’s a return back home to your birth-right to live a joyful life.

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  1. vinod arora

    Wonderful .I fully agree with you. It is difficult but not impossible. It is because of fears of others that we do not tend to get joy. It is possible when we are able to see clearly our state of mind. It is the choice to be joyful which makes us get out of non joyful state

  2. soul

    This article has given me the answers to exactly the questions which were pestering my mind..thank you so much sen!

  3. Treeter

    Yes, thank you for helping with the transition into joyousness! Absolutely amazing this is so true!” Funny” it acts up when you are confronting a fear …… only to provide more confidence for the next one! On my way!

  4. krismas

    Hi Sen, On the topic of slipping in and out of the vibration of joy. I personally find that resentment of others is a particular block to maintaining my state of joy. How does one overcome the feeling of anger and frustration toward others who seem completly lost in the human condition- it appears that awakening will not happen for most of them in this life time. It is especially apparent during this time of year when people seem so lost in doing what is expected without any search for meaning or any real reflection. I find other people’s fear- very fear inducing and hence I loose my connection to joy. How do I get past this?


    1. Sen Post author

      When you deeply understand that you attract your “experiences” through the inner vibration that you hold, you will know that your “personal” external reality will change towards positive when you bring an inner alignment towards wholeness/joy within yourself. Your personal reality is always a precise mirror of your inner space, and by reality I don’t just mean the things that are happening or possessions you have, but rather your “experience” of them. It’s your inner experience the defines your reality. If you are constantly going through strong negative experiences, it’s an indication that you have a strong negative vibration going on within you that attract these experiences. Like wise, when you have mild negative experiences, it’s an indication that your have some subtle negative vibrations going on within you, and when you have consistent positive experiences it’s an indication that you are aligned with a positive vibration within you on a consistent basis (in other words, you’ve become stable in your natural vibration, the vibration of wholeness/joy). Your journey should be towards coming to a place of consistent alignment with a vibration of wholeness/joy/positivity within you, and it’s only possible when you are focused on aligning your inner space rather than allow your present external reality to dictate how you feel.

      As I mentioned in the post, if your focus is always going to be on the outside and trying to “fix” the outside, you will never be able to bring enough inner awareness to do the “inner work” of alignment. Without doing the inner work of alignment, it’s not possible to experience an aligned reality on the outside. Whether you like it or not, the people you are attracting in your experience, and their behavior towards you, is purely a reflection of your own inner space – in other words if they are behaving negatively towards you in your personal reality, you’ve basically attracted this personal experience through your own inner negativity, they are only reflecting it back to you. It’s hard for most people to take full responsibility for their experiences, and it’s much more convenient to simply “blame” the outside – but if you truly want to align with attracting a positive reality, you need to let go of the attitude of blame and take full responsibility for each of your “experience” on a moment to moment basis. Rest assured, that when you align with your the vibration of wholeness/joy within you on a consistent basis, you will not be attracting negative behaviors from people in your personal reality, on the other hand you will be privy to attracting positive behaviors and positive circumstance that reflect well-being, love and abundance back at you.

  5. Alex

    I’m not sure what it is, I feel like there’s too much energy now and its overwhelming. It doesn’t feel negative exactly but I feel over excited inside still, too turned on or something. I’m still allowing but its frightening. Is this normal?

  6. Alex

    i thought of my anxiety & that energy inside spiking to where i couldn’t handle it and its was like there was no buildup, it was a full on adrenaline dump….how do I not fearfully think about that continously if it can do that to my body? I feel so crazy, I was really starting to relax

    1. Sen Post author

      Alex, the deal is to not get identified with the mind’s thinking about “this is too overwhelming, I can’t handle it” – once you get hooked into this thought you lose your attitude of openness, and actually become more resistant, which causes the release to feel more overwhelming than it actually is. The deal is that it’s just a cycle of energy movement, it can be a low-energy (like depression) or a high-energy (like over-excitement) that comes up as a part of the release process, which is just the process of your energy getting balanced – and your body is well capable, in its intelligence, to deal with these releases, if you simply stay in a state of openness instead of creating resistance by getting identified with your mind’s anxiety (and fear-based interpretations) about it. No matter how overwhelming a cycle of release can feel, eventually it’s just temporary, and it keeps ebbing away in intensity, more so as you keep staying totally open to the release. This release also serves the purpose of grounding you in your sense of inner power, as you develop the attitude of no longer hiding from any emotion or mind momentum that arises. You can read the post – the phase of release – for more insight on this.

  7. Sasha

    I am not sure how one can differentiate whether he/she experiences energy built-up to be released (over-excitement) from higher vibration which is natural to the state of alignment with life-stream energy.

    1. Tyler


      The term “higher vibration” can cause some misunderstandings. This higher vibration is actually pretty normal (once adjusted too) and you aren’t on a high/thrill all the time. I remember what I used to think this was before hand. It’s a different feeling than what the mind thinks it will be (in fact its not really experienced in the mind like thrills are). Like Sen says in this post, joy is a term he is using for “aliveness”, which is pretty accurate.

      What Sen also discusses here is that awareness and joy is indeed a higher vibration than what we are used to, but it can be exhausting on the mind and body. Once you adjust though it does feel like a normal sense of liveliness in you.

  8. Sasha

    Thank you Tyler,
    The reason I posted the question was that at that time I experienced a state of energy influx (I am not sure how to describe it better) which felt like over excitement but at the same time was not followed by a low mood to compensate for it. When you say that this state is better described by a word ‘aliveness’, I am not quite sure that what I was experiencing. Does it mean that one feels more engaged in life experience in comparison with the state of allowing when one feels to focus on the process which is exhausting to say the least?

    1. Tyler


      Don’t turn all the positive feelings into your focus for releasing the energy. That’s one of the reasons that people can be stuck in spiritual seeking for a long time. In spirituality words like bliss are so constantly used (as Sen says they make a good selling point to buy into spirituality), and its so evident in people who are stuck in spirituality that they are looking for some place where they can just feel blissed out all the time. Rather, it is more important to go through this process and release the negativity in you in order to live a free and balanced life.

      It is natural to one going through this state to imagine some blissful or high energetic state that will stay forever (I spent a long time doing this). Of course the mind loves hearing this and will go searching for it, and when it gets a hint of feeling like “I’ve finished, I’ve reached the end of my search” only disappointment follows and then the loop continues. Would you still want to go through this process (all the exhaustion, pain of change, old realities falling away, etc.) without the promise of joy (etc.) at the end? Or are you just looking for something that sounds good. You can take some time and think about these things to really unearth how your mind works. In truth the more you drop away the desire to always be happy (as we commonly see it), the better off you will be. The irony is the more you stop craving happiness/joy/etc. the more you get it. Again you can only understand a certain description by going through the process and experiencing it for yourself.

      This article can give you a good sense of how the feelings of joy (and the motivation of joy) changes as you go through this process more and more.

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