When You Are Happy You Are Secure

Posted on by Sen.

A lot of people have it the other way round, they say – “I will be happy when I feel secure”, when this is your mindset you will constantly be chasing security and thus feeling insecure all the time. In truth, if you are aligned with happiness, security will follow automatically owing to the well-being inherent to your life-stream. Follow your happiness and you will be secured (taken care of abundantly) by your life-stream. It’s not a “risk” to follow your happiness, it’s the most scientific way to attract security, well-being and stability in your life. A lot of people feel insecure about following their joy/happiness, and cling to situations that give them a false sense of security at the cost of their joy. Follow your joy and fortune will follow you – it’s the scientific truth of life (fortune or luck is just another term for the well-being present in your life stream). But to follow your joy you first need to be yourself, you need to be in love with who you are.

Stop chasing security

The fear-based mind, or your unawakened being, is constantly seeking security from the outside – it thinks that it needs to control the outside for it to be secure. In truth, you don’t need to control the outside, you just need to align with joy within you and the outside takes care of itself. Of course, aligning with your joy feels like the toughest thing to do when you’ve been brought up in the mindset of struggle and fear. It’s challenging to make the transition towards living a life aligned with joy because of the various doubts in the mind about “security”. But you will notice that as soon as you prioritize your joy over everything else, your life-stream will amply take care of you. When you are aligned with your joy you don’t need to worry about security because well-being is inherent to your life-stream (which can flow freely when you are not resisting it with your negativity).

Aligning with your joy, on a moment to moment basis, is the same as aligning with your life stream – this is what “being in the Now” really means, be aligned with your joy in the Now. Joy does not mean rip roaring exhilaration all the time, sometimes joy is just about being at peace, being relaxed, being less agitated. To move to a less resistant state of being is what following your joy is, eventually you will find yourself consistently in a place of joy because it’s your natural vibration – but initially you need to make small choices, moment by moment, to align with a less resistant state of being.

If you totally identify with the fears (and fear/lack based arguments) of your mind you will never stop chasing security on the outside. You need to make a choice to not identify with the fears of the mind and allow yourself to “trust” your life-stream, to just take a leap in the direction of your joy. It’s a tough/challenging choice to make, initially, because you would be breaking out of the habitual inclination to follow the fear-based movement of the mind. The pointer is to not jump into actions too soon but rather just allow yourself to be more relaxed and joyful within, letting go of identification with negativity as an inner work. This would allow you access to the intelligence of your life-stream which can then guide/inspire the right actions in you.

Letting go of negativity is a movement towards joy

All you really need to do is to make a choice to not “identify” with negativity of any form, at-least for a while until the intensity of negative momentum ebbs away in you. Once there is no longer a strong momentum of negativity in your being, you can focus on some contrasts or negativities on the outside without it influencing your vibration. In this state of being you can truly bring a positive solution or healing to any negative situation that you bring focus to. First it’s important to be free of negativity within, before you can even think about alleviating negativity in your surroundings (in the world).

If you are waiting for the outside to change before you can be free of your negative thoughts, it will be an eternal wait. You have to let go of the negativity within irrespective of the situation on the outside, by letting go of your belief and identification with it. Your inner state of being is what gets reflected on the outside, so stop trying to fix the outside and allow yourself to harmonize internally by letting of identification with negativity within yourself. The security that you seek comes automatically when you stop identifying with the insecurities of the mind and allow yourself to follow your joy, on a moment to moment basis (to move to a less resistant state is what moving towards joy really is).

Security is evident when you are surrounded by positive realities. The only way to truly attract positive realities is to allow your life-stream to manifest them for you. The only way to allow your life-stream to move without resistance is to keep following your joy on a moment to moment basis. It’s totally scientific. Initially, following your joy is just about letting go of identification with the negative thoughts of the mind – this is the first step. Joyful/effortless actions (or what I call “right” actions) follow automatically, fueled by the energy/pull of your life-stream, when you’ve gained enough freedom from the negativity of the mind. If you try to cling to some pseudo-security by aligning with doing things that you don’t really like, or by trying to be around situations that bring suffering to you, it just delays the manifestation of truly positive realities that are bound to give you a feeling of true security. When you let go of the fear of security, and follow your joy, security manifests itself automatically.

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  1. Lee


    Again, God bless you.

  2. Sanjay

    Dear Sen

    Wanted to know about one specific aspect of aligning with one’s joy. Many people follow the profession of their choice. Their passion and profession seems to be aligned. Popular examples could be creative artists like singers, actors, painters, etc. But, we sometimes see that their personal life for instance is not that harmonious. They have had not very good experiences in that respect. My question to you is – Is it possible to be aligned with only one aspect of what your true expression is or rather what gives you joy? You also see examples where such people who have their profession aligned with their true expression not being as successful in monetary terms. With regard to this last point however, I understand that you have mentioned in one of your previous posts something to the effect that defining success or failure whether in monetary terms or otherwise according to the standards of the world are not important and that when one is aligned with one’s joy there is always a feeling of abudance/happiness/peace irrespective of any external situation we find ourselves in.


    1. Sen Post author

      It’s possible to follow a profession that suits your aptitude, and is aligned with the natural make-up of your brain, and be completely lost in negativity at the same time. Just because you followed your aptitude does not mean that you are free of negativity. Aligning with your joy is about letting go of negativity (as I’ve mentioned in the post) as the first step – it’s not possible to come to your wholeness in any other way. You cannot come to this place of being aligned with your permanent wholeness unless you let go of “identification” with the negativity – it’s an inner work. From this place of alignment you will automatically be inspired towards the right career, relationship etc. But just because you are in the right career does not ensure that you are free of negativity, because the mind can attach to all kinds of negative thoughts in an unconscious way for example a person who is aligned with the right profession may have fears about his health, he/she may be obsessed about fears regarding their relationship etc To let go of negativity, in your inner space, is the movement towards joy and this movement will manifest externally as a positive reality in all aspects of your life.

  3. Treeter

    I have occasionally experienced this energy/pull you speak of. So mystified why it comes and goes. My belief was that I must still be doing something wrong? Now I understand the gradual process and ebbing away much clearer of why it comes and goes.
    My partner often tells me I need to be in love with myself as you state above. It really probably doesn’t matter but how is it that you can understand and explain with such detail the pathway to joy/peace/love for those of us stuck in a spiral of negativity while those who seem to have been on the automatic route there entire lives can’t even give the slightest bit of understanding from a “how to” perspective? Yet they do it all without realizing it? You no doubt have this wonderful gift of sharing with such generosity by nature? Yes, I’m jealous! I would we a lot better off if I’d learned this before half my life was over! : / Yeah I see: getting over it soon: but come on its really not fair. I just need to get this off my chest! (hopefully for the last time). And yet still others who…………….don’t get anything at all and keep living in denial/unconsciousness…….. Or so I think? I’m too busy judging haw….. It doesn’t really matter…

    I’m so hoping to loose all these negative thoughts, but they have been so real to me for so long and I’m not sure how I’m really ever going to loose it without remembering how it was for me. ( oh how I wish some things didn’t really happen) I guess my concern coming across some one in the future who will be as desperate as I am/was and giving the the dear in the headlights stare!? I know you say don’t fear the future and or resist but (or but) however there has always been in me this care and concern for other people. Be it wrong as it may….still learning : ) still working on my new habits, you know the come and go stuff……
    In a nut shell I feel selfish when I can’t/won’t help someone else. Let alone thinking I need to become mean as I felt people were to me in my crisis. So my partners explanation: I only do things for the returned favor and that’s selfish. (?)
    So lay it on me! What the heck! ……Gosh I’m glad you understand!

    P.S. I was also the positive one (so I thought) saying kind words, shifting to the brighter side, caring for elderly ones in need, at every family members hospital bedside, etc. And have lost all of that for now?


    1. Sen Post author

      The pull of life does not come and go (it’s a steady force of attraction which is constantly active). It’s the resistance in your being, owing to the momentum of negativity, that comes and goes. There are moments when you are free of being embroiled in negative thoughts (especially when the mind takes a break from it) during this time you are in the flow of your life-stream and hardly sense the pull because you are so aligned with it, but then there are times when resistance is active in you and at that time you can sense the pull as you are opposed to it. When you are totally in the flow of your life’s pull, you cannot sense the pull because you are one with it – this does not mean that the pull has stopped it just means you are not resisting it and hence you can’t feel its force. When there is too much resistance in you, the opposition is so strong, that you hardly sense the pull at all – you only sense your resistance. When resistance starts ebbing away, the pull of life becomes very vivid and you can sense it clearly. When the resistance dies away to a huge extent, you become one with the pull of life and hence you can’t sense it anymore. This is basically the physics of the movement of life force and your resistance to it.

      The being that you are is sensitive by its very nature, so it’s very normal to very sensitive towards the outside, but once this sensitivity is embroiled in fear it takes the shape of suffering. You can be sensitive to the outside while being rooted in your wholeness, this allows for true solutions and positivity to flow from you towards the outside. That’s the pointer is to reach wholeness “within” yourself first before you can be a force that can bring positivity for others, or in your external reality. When you are suffering within yourself, you cannot be a force that can alleviate suffering on the outside – you cannot give what you don’t have yourself. Align with your wholeness by letting go of the momentum of negativity within you, and from this place of wholeness you will be inspired to the right actions on the outside – these actions will come from a place of wisdom, rather than from a place of being identified with suffering.

      The reason I can understand, and relate to, this whole path of becoming free of the momentum of negativity within is because I’ve been on this path myself and everything I write comes from a personal experience. I understand the various dynamics of identification with negativity and the various ways in which the mind, and your being, can hold on to negativity, because I’ve seen all this in myself as I started waking out of it. I don’t write for any other reason than because I feel inspired to write in that moment, it’s like an effortless action where an inspiration to write on a particular insight arises and the words just flow through.

  4. Treeter

    Ohhhhh kay! ! Marvelously explained! For some reason I can tell it just flows from you and your are inspired. It feels so right and lovely! May you continue in your absolute beneficial ways to connect with people! I hope I can express my gratitude to you in a way that you feel is meaningful. Thank you again soooo much for your time and sharing your experience. I will continue to read and learn.

  5. M

    Hi Sen
    You mention in your article about clinging to some pseudo-security by aligning with doing things you don’t really want and being around situations that cause you suffering.
    I have relatively recently gone on the path to enlightenment and although sometimes it seems like baby steps I am ‘moving forward’ and going to that place of peace within me more and more.
    At the moment there are things happening in my outer world which mean that I have no choice but to do things that I don’t really want and be around situations which cause others suffering.
    I have decided that at the moment this is what is happening in my outer world and all I can do is continue on the path and accept that there are things that I have to do, at the same time trying not to give fuel to my thoughts regarding these situations.
    I also tell myself that what happens now is no indication of what will happen in the future.
    So I try to deal with situations as they arise and in the meantime do as much inner work as I can without forcing it.
    Would really appreciate your advice as to whether these are the right ‘actions’ to take.
    Many thanks

    1. Sen Post author

      What I mean by clinging to pseudo-security is when you keep on doing a certain activity in which you neither find joy/congruence/acceptance/growth, out of the fear that if you leave it your well-being will not be taken care. This activity could be your job, your food habits, your lifestyle in general or a relationship that’s draining you. When you bring awareness to your “reasons” for doing it, and sense that your reasons are based in lack/fear rather than based in joy/love then you know you are doing it for some “pseudo-security” – you need to be authentic with yourself to see through the fear based arguments of the mind. Once you identify such patterns in you, it’s not about jumping into actions and running away from all the situations that you don’t find aligned, but rather to just let go of believing in the patterns that make you do it – allow your life-stream to guide you on what’s the next step you instead of trying to figure out a next step from a feeling of desperation. The activity that you are involved in is not half as problematic as the mindset of negativity that lead you into such an activity, without dissolving that mind pattern it’s of no use quitting on the activity alone because your mindset will cause you to attract another activity of a similar nature. Dissolve the negativity within first and see the guidance that comes when the resistance created by that negativity ebbs away. A lot of people who are in dysfunctional relationships just quit on it (as soon as they understand that they are not finding joy in it) and try to attract another one without ever taking the time to first let go of the negative patterns (or insecurities) within them that caused the attraction of such a reality in the first place – these people mostly likely than not would just end up in another relationship that reflects that same insecurities again. Letting go of pseudo-security, and finding security in yourself in your knowing of who you are, is an inner work, the external action comes as an inspiration automatically through the force of your life stream when this negative pattern is relinquished.

      What you are doing right now is very aligned with what I’ve explained above – with the right way of being. Just allow the inner harmony to keep coming in place and your external reality will keep shifting to reflect this harmony. You don’t have to fight outside at any point, and you don’t need to force control the outside. Inner work is all that’s required.

  6. kristina

    Hi Sen,

    In the process of letting go of negativity how do you distinguish negative thoughts from thoughts of fear that could be warning you of danger. For instance, if a stranger comes to my door and I begin having thoughts that they are up to no good, how do I tell the difference between my instinct warning me of danger and my negative thinking based on past conditioning? Is it a matter of simply being aware of thoughts- dis-identifying from them -leaving you clear to recieve the communication of instinct when it is needed. Did I just answer my question?

    Many Thanks

    1. Sen Post author

      You did answer you own question, and quite accurately. As you stay as open awareness, you are directly connected to the wisdom of your wholeness which guides your physical being on a moment to moment basis through insights, guidance, instinct and intuition. To stay as open awareness is a very intelligent state of being, and is highly powerful in keeping you guided towards your well-being. I talk about this in more detail in my latest post – unlock your brain’s full potential

  7. Wynone

    Sen, I’ve been actively reading your blog for some time now, because I’m in a place of intense anxiety for upcoming tests. I’m in my 4th year of the Bachelor studies and I need to take the TOEFL exam, so that I can continue my education abroad.
    The thing is, there are so many things to take care of- it’s not only the TOEFL preparation. It’s the other exams at Uni, numerous projects at Uni, writing of the motivational letter, finding professors to write recommendation letters, studying for the national exam and so on. All of this needs to happen in less than 5 months and I’m being constantly worried.
    Because of this, I usually don’t feel like doing my studies and I procrastinate. It’s like the flow of my life-stream is not aligned with my responsibilities.
    I know I’d rather do something much more joyful than studying constantly, but in order to be accepted abroad (which is what I really want and my boyfriend is there as well), I need to do them.
    When I try to stay open and just accept every negativity, I feel so overwhelmed and embraced in it! It feels like it won’t ever go away, as if I’m delving deeper and deeper in negativity.
    That;’s why I wanted to ask you, how can I be open and accepting, without focusing too much on the negative process as such? Right now it’s as if there’s only negativity, because I’m totally surrendered to every little negative thing my mind comes up with, and every sensation in my body that’s uncomfortable.
    It doesn’t motivate me for my studies; it actually makes me feel more miserable.
    Will that go away if I continue staying open? I’m kinda worried it will become a permanent state of being…

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