An Unwavering Peace

Posted on by Sen.

If you are presently experiencing a barrage of negativity from your mind, with a constant flux of emotions, it may seem unrealistic to even imagine that one can actually come to a place of unwavering peace – but eventually, as you move through the process of releasing the mind momentum, you inevitably end up in this space of permanent inner peace which is totally unwavering irrespective of the circumstances. This peace is not a “forced” one, it does not require you to be on the alert, it does not require you to stay focused on silencing the mind, it does not need any recollection of understandings or pointers, it needs no effort to maintain – it just is, it feels like home, like your natural state of being, a real wholeness where nothing seems lacking within. In some teachings this natural state has been called the “the peace beyond understanding”, and that’s exactly what it is, a causeless peace. It’s not a dull, or numb, kind of a calm, it’s an alive space of peace – it’s a very living peace, it’s not dead, it’s not bland. It’s far deeper than any joy that you might have experienced through your mind states, far deeper than any form of exuberance or enjoyment.

If it was not for the mind momentum, and the accumulation of emotional energy, you would know that this unwavering peace is your natural state of being. It’s like the smoky clouds covering the blueness of the sky, the clouds can mask your view of the clear sky, but it’s always there behind the clouds. The same way, the peace of being is always present below the clouds created by the emotions, flux of feelings, created by your mind’s intensity. When the mind loses its intensity, it loses its capacity to create resistance in your body, which is what unpleasant feelings actually are. Without the flux of these negative feelings, running through your body, you are constantly privy to the peace of your being. A lot of these negative feelings are stored up as accumulated energy, in your body space, over the years, owing to the fact that you suppressed them because they felt too unpleasant to face – this accumulation creates layers of suppressed energy, which become like thick blankets preventing access to the natural space of peace in your being. Your mind’s momentum further creates these negative feelings anew, while also being fueled by your past accumulation, when you are lost in being unconsciously identified with it. Entering a state of open allowing is the direct way to break out of this loop of negativity.

Deepening in your being

For a while, you have to be committed to the process of staying in a space of allowing, which inherently feels like just drowning deeply into your being. All the understanding eventually is so that you can keep letting go into your being, without being taken in by the countless fear-based arguments thrown by the mind to keep you anchored in its bevy of thoughts. It can feel scary to let go of being anchored in “thinking” actively, and to just rest in a space of allowing the mind to think passively, and to allow emotions to happen without trying to sort them out – but the very reason for gaining understanding of this process is so that you are not too scared, so that you don’t get too worried or concerned about this step of letting go into your being. The mind can create some dramatic imaginations about this process, for example, it may tell you that you will “dissolve”, or that you will lose your senses, or that you will become a recluse for life, but all these are just deluded thoughts – if you buy into these arguments of the mind you will stay anchored in its pull, without ever coming to your inner freedom.

The very reason for finding inner wholeness, or this space of inner peace, is so that you can live an aligned physical life where you are not at the mercy of your mind’s wavering thoughts and the flux of strong emotions. This process is not about disconnecting you from physicality, rather it’s about bringing you to place of inner stability so that you can live your full potential as a physical being. This is not about becoming a recluse, but about being free to engage with life without fear. Of course, it’s true that there will be a phase during this process where you feel a desire for “isolation”, to be in your space, for a while, but it’s just a temporary phase – this desire for isolation is just a way to connect deeply with your being without distraction, and when you establish a clear connection you feel undisturbed even in the presence of the noisiest crowds. Life will provide you with opportunities where you can have some “alone” time, during this process – use this opportunity to deepen in this space of allowing, instead of worrying/cribbing about being alone; it’s only a temporary phase as part of grace from life to assist you in this process.

Detached from the mind states

To allow yourself to deepen in your being, it’s required that you are detached from the mind states – be it a mind state of joy or a mind state of fear, just don’t cling to either of them. If you cling to a mind state of joy, you are still not letting go into your being – that’s the reason why the pointer is to go beyond enjoyment and just stay committed to connecting with your space of being. When you come to inner wholeness you will be able to experience physicality from this place of stability and peace, which feels like a new type of joy (in fact joy is not an accurate label for this state) very different from a mind-based joy alone. So, don’t be too worried about letting go, of the mind-oriented states of joy, for a while – the bottom-line is to establish a deep connection with your space of being, and the only way to do that is to no longer be anchored in the mind states. Once you do get grounded in your being, you can effectively use your mind and enjoy your journey of physicality from a place of inner balance.

There is no getting away from the fact that it takes time for the mind momentum to reduce, as you stay in this space of total allowing. As the mind momentum reduces, you will also see the release of past feelings/emotions – this is because with the reduction of mind momentum there is a reduction in resistance, and hence all the suppressed emotions can now get released. Of course, the release of these emotions will cause them to become visible in your awareness, and it may feel unpleasant to become conscious of these past emotions, but it’s just a “fleeting” deal and it will get released quite quickly if you simply stay open to allowing them. A lot of people, when they sense this sudden influx of emotional energy (created by the release), start wondering if they are doing something wrong, because they imagine that the progress is measured by how good you feel and hence they feel staggered by the low states created by the release of suppressed emotions. Just be fully allowing of these low states as they arise, don’t sit wondering if you are doing it “right” – the progress is not measured by how good you feel, rather it’s about how open you are becoming towards allowing these low states.

(the state of total allowing, connecting with your space of being, staying open to what arises, deepening in your being, are all eventually just pointers towards letting go of being lost in the mind and staying allowing, “consciously”, of what arises within you (thoughts and emotions), being totally open to them; the more allowing you are the more you deepen in your space of being)

Transformation caused by this process

There will be a sense that your mind is being “rewired” back into a state of balance. You will sense a transformation in your mind’s maturity and would be guided towards gaining deeper understanding of life. It’s very normal, during this process of connecting with your being, that you feel inspired to understand life more deeply. You will also sense negative self images dissolving, and a balanced mind personality coming into being. A seamless mental transformation can take place if you simply stay in the space of allowing, in total trust of your life-stream’s intelligence. Follow up on your inspirations to learn, or understand, or introspect about various aspects of life – you may see your mind beginning to come across deeper insights about life, guided from within and from outside sources; all of this is a part of this process of coming to an inner balance. Basically, all these inspirations happen naturally, and effortlessly, as you simply stay in a space of allowing.

To summarize, as a part of this process, you will notice the following

– A release of past emotions/negative-feelings (emotional clearing) until your inner space is free of any old accumulation

– A gradual reduction in your mind’s intensity (reduction in its power to grip your being/body with its thoughts) until it reaches close to zero intensity

– A disintegration of neural pathways (thought patterns) related to negative self-images or limiting beliefs, either through gaining new understanding (by being guided towards it) or simply an inner dissolution

– The emergence of a stable mind state which does not have an imbalanced swing towards highs or lows, thus a balanced personality

– A growing sense of lightness in your body as the dense store up of suppressed emotions are released

– A permanent presence of an unwavering space of peace (towards the end of the process) which feels like an effortless sense of wholeness

– A movement towards life lived from a place of inner inspiration rather than from a place of struggle-based thinking, and the emergence of a reality that’s aligned with your sense of wholeness

Though I’ve mentioned all the “positive” outcomes that come through towards the end of the transition, it’s important to realize that the process of release by itself will have its challenges as the old realities/patterns are brought down from within and outside, including a sense of losing old identities, interests, relationships, outlook and attitude. The very reason for gaining this understanding is so that you can ride through this transition in a relative ease without having to feel too “challenged” by it, because usually it’s an ignorance of what this process entails that causes confusion and concern. When you know what to expect you are far more relaxed towards allowing this process of transition towards wholeness.

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  1. John

    Hi, I would first like to thank you for these blogs, your insights resonate deeply with mine. I have now been (painfully) consciously aware of my ego based flaws for quite some time, and previously I had been trying to solve those flaws with my mind, which only created a different shaped, equally flawed “ego.” Your blogs have helped me find that place of allowing to release the stored energy and dysfunctional thought patterns. I have reached temporary states of unwavering peace as you speak of it (or so it seems to me) and I have felt so comfortable in this state with a fearless and exceptionally clear mind. But this peace seems to be rooted in a darker energy, where I am capable of feeling happiness but it is nowhere near unbridled joy, and my deepest insights about this world seem to come from a darker place. I would like to stress how fearless and insightful I am in this state, but my question is, is it possible to raise this peaceful vibration that is home for me to a lighter place where I am able to see and feel joy more freely? When I see people out and having a good time, it is hard for me to fathom where such happiness comes from, because were they even half conscious, surely they would see the circus this world is for all it’s inhabitants; maybe I’m just missing the simpler things?

    1. Sen Post author

      John, the perspective that comes in from a state of wholeness is balanced in terms of its light and dark component, that’s why I don’t label this state as one of “joy” alone, rather it’s a very different experience, it’s much deeper than joy. You can see light natured behavior in many humans, like unbridled joy and frolic, and this is fine, each of us has our own individual journey, and what you need to see is where you are at – be true to what you feel, be true to your understanding of life, instead of thinking that you might be wrong and the others are right. Only by staying true to yourself can you grow along your path. A true adult behaves differently from kids, but some adults wish to go back to infancy rather than try to find out more deeply about adulthood – so don’t try to become an infant when your growth is towards being an adult. Just stay allowing of your present experienced of what you call a “dark” laced peace, this may feel like a new domain which makes your mind wonder if its the right place to be, but if you continue allowing it you will soon start feeling a wholeness in this peace, it’s not overly-excited and it’s not depressed, it’s a very balanced place.

  2. Vin

    This article came at the right time. Thank you.

  3. Chantri Imzaia

    Dearest Sen,

    You are sharing my deepest feelings here on your website, as if it is all pouring out of me………..
    It is so heart opening to read your magnificent work that I share it on my Face Book page:
    Heart Openers:

    If you are on Face Book please send me a friend request, my name is Chantri Imzaia!

    Sending you Galaxies of Unwavering Peace!!!!!!


    1. Manola

      Chantri, Lovely images on your face book page! I see you have something from Lao Tzu,here`s one of his quotes I try to live by,

      “I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.”

  4. Onkar

    Dear Sen;
    You are contributing to deep desire, a hunger (need) in me; which is to know and understand myself as throughly as posible. Someday, I will love to meet you if possible. I can’t thank you enough. With Warmest Regards.

  5. Jak

    Hi Sen,

    I’ve read most of your articles and i can say that they really help me understand the patterns of my negative thoughts! they tend to creep up on me a lot of the time and i become indulged in a false reality of negativity, and then i finally realise ‘wow, my thoughts have me over again!’

    I also suffer with anxiety attacks sometimes, mainly when i’m low in my self, i know it’s just a negative pattern of thoughts and i’m slowly overcoming them. but sometimes even though i know i have nothing to worry about they still come. can you please give me some advise on how to handle them when they come. do i circum to them and except them as just a negative emotion or do i try to pay no attention at all to them? i’m trying to apply the ‘allowing’ method to my life but i jut wanted to know whether this method would also apply to anxiety attacks?

    I understand that you have to reply to many questions on this website so a reply would be much appreciated 🙂



    1. Sen Post author

      Jak, anxiety attacks are just a symptom of high momentum in your mind and emotional energy. An anxiety attack is basically a condition where you feel mental and physically “arrested” by the grip of fear, your body feels strong sensations of fear due the intensity/momentum of your mind churning out the fear-based thoughts, or because of your suppressed “past” emotional fears coming up, which activates the “fight or flight” response causing an adrenaline pump which adds to the momentum of sensations. Basically, the only solution is to reduce the mind and emotional momentum, so that they lose their “power” and intensity. Of course, this takes time, because this momentum, and accumulation, has gather over years. Basically, you need to start connecting with your space of being, and not be totally lost in the mind during your waking hours; you can do this as a practice for a while where you simple sit and allow your mind/emotions to play out, while you just stay as a space of being – basically just rest in the silence outside the mind, and let your mind have its noise. You can read the below posts for more insight

  6. Casey


    You have described my last two months so beautifully. After losing my father and having a health scare myself, I’ve overcome anxiety attacks COMPLETELY and an now working on smaller, less intense negative waves.

    Jak, my tips for helping you over come panic attacks is the following:

    1. Be aware of negativity
    2. Allow (don’t struggle/resist or feel like something is wrong)
    3. Develop a breathing practice (for me, 2 second belly inhale with chest still followed by 4 second exhale)
    4. Create realistic and true mantras that can calm yourself (ie thoughts only thoughts, it’s just anxiety and it’s no big deal because it will pass, let it be because I’ve done this before and I have room in my spacious being for ALL emotions)
    5. Negative mind momentum loses its intesity when we start to lose interest with it.
    6. Meditation practiced as Sen teaches it 3-4 times a day, even if you’re feeling balanced.
    7. There are no breakdowns, only breakthrough and the sun is always shinging behind those clouds.

    1. Jak

      Cheers Casey 🙂

      Do you find that it’s hard to become balanced through the method of allowing?

      Because i’m struggling at the moment, i’m trying it but it feels like my body becomes more negative through it and i feel like going into my old ways of forcing positive thoughts,

      Is this a usual phase and shall i persist?

      And once i become balanced will i stop constantly anaylsing and asking questions like (What am i here for, when will i start to enjoy things a bit more etc..)

      I feel like i’m on a treadmill sometimes not actually getting anywhere!

      Cheers 🙂

    2. Casey

      I can only share my experience but I know a lot of people who have overcome anxiety attacks and the only way to overcome them is to allow and be patient. My only advise would be to realize that anxiety turns into panic attacks because you do it to yourself. You add your own judgment, negative self-dialogue, and over-reaction to imbalance and the result is a surge of adrenalin that sends you into panic. Allow yourself to feel anxious and know its temporary and can’t hurt you.
      Don’t force positive thoughts. It will only increase negative momentum. Instead, be aware, allow, practice patience, and trust that your life-stream will always balance as you slow your mind momentum. In the meantime, realize that any thought that overwhelms you, scares you, saddens you, or makes you feel bad is negative. But realize, you are not your thoughts. Your brain is just a computer sending you energy. As you allow, rephrase negative self-talk into true statements, breathe, and go about your business, the panic will diminish.
      Best of wishes to you. Talk to yourself as you would your best friend. Be patient. Balance will come.

  7. abet


    I have a question about channeling sexual energy, does this energy keep on building and building constantly as long as we don’t expend it through sexual acts, etc.. or is there a limit to the point where it builds and can’t continue anymore after which channeling is no longer purposeful

    1. Sen Post author

      Abet, I hope you realize that the bottom-line is always about “balance” not about extremes. You can bring awareness to the sexual dimension in your mind (in your physicality) to bring an balance to this dimension where you are neither “suppressing” or “over-indulging” (both of which are imbalances). Bringing awareness to your sexual energy allows you to no longer be unconsciously driven by it and it also removes any hang-ups/suppression you may have towards it. When you are not imbalanced in your sexual dimension, where you are not mindlessly driven by the sexual energy, it’s called “channeling sexual energy” but it doesn’t mean that you try to just hold the energy within all the time, that just becomes a “suppression” mechanism and mind control discipline, which is never the point. In the place of awareness you need to follow your inspiration on working with your sexual energy, the point is always to just bring more consciousness to this dimension in you so that you are not unconsciously suppressing or over-indulging, and there is no “universal” standard for what over-indulgence is or what suppression is, it’s a personal thing, depending on your body/mind makeup, so you have to bring awareness to yourself to learn about this dimension in you and bring a balance to it. Basically, don’t make it into a mind game and just connect more with your space of being to allow a release of resistances and imbalances.

  8. Alex

    Hi Sen,

    I have practiced awareness through meditation and the state of allowing that you talk about, but I still suffer from sometimes very bad anxiety. I am gripped with fear, it is like I am possessed with it. Every morning I wake up, there is a negative momentum already built up in my mind. There are times when I feel at peace, but it doesn’t last for very long. How can I get rid of anxiety and negative mind momentum that just keeps coming and coming and never stopping?

    Thank you

    1. Sen Post author

      Alex, the time it takes for the mind/emotional momentum to ebb away depends on your past accumulation/load. You will just have to ride out this time, there is no short cut to it. I mention about this in this post –

  9. george


    I have but one lingering question to aid my journey. When thoughts arise throught the day, in the state of awareness does one simply notice oh there is a thought, or does one follow the thought wherever it goes while trying to be continually aware?

    1. Sen Post author

      George, basically just be aware of your sense of being, and sense the movement of your mind (mind states) and emotional states – there is no need to be too strained about this, trying to follow thoughts or trying to see the start or end of thoughts. That’s why I call it “relaxed awareness” or a state of simple allowing, it’s not strained (out of a fear-based need to get it right) but just a relaxed observation.

  10. Eternus

    abet, I was wondering the same thing. As I have no “love life”, I have nowhere to channel my sexual energy. Exercise is a good way but can only go so far, and doesn’t really completely cover this energy, as the energy sometimes seems limitless and very strong. How does one channel sexual energy without having sex? It’s very difficult for me also, and I find that my lack of a sex life gives my mind an excuse to make it into a “hang up” and feel down about myself.

    I’m also worried that as long as I feel that I “need” to have sex, then I won’t meet anyone, because nothing good ever comes from a place of need. It’s a puzzle, and hopefully Sen can advise us here.

    1. Sen Post author

      Eternus, the only point of using a pointer like “channel your sexual energy” is to bring an awareness to the sexual dimension in the mind/body where one is not unconsciously resisting/suppressing it, or unconsciously driven by it – to bring a balance. The point is not to “suppress” it, rather it’s about bringing awareness to this dimension in you and no longer be unconsciously imbalanced towards it. This whole deal of “channeling” can easily become a suppression mechanism when it’s taken up as a “discipline” by the mind, and then it just becomes another imbalance – that’s the problem with making something into a rigid practice instead of just using the pointer as a guidance towards bringing a balance. In a state of balance, there is as much as movement to expend the sexual energy as there is to not “over expend” it to the point of being imbalanced, and you don’t need a love life to expend your sexual energy, there is always self-pleasure as an option available.

      Basically, the need/desire for sex is a natural desire, it’s not the desire by itself that creates a sense of lack, rather when you think negatively about it where you get worried about it, or feel bad about it, that it creates resistance. A need by itself does not make you needy, it’s when you start feeling like a prisoner to the need that you become needy, you can allow a need while also not being pulled around by it or being a prisoner to it. You will always have desires, it’s never about becoming free of desires, it’s about finding an inner balance where you are not living from a place of being “desperate” about your desires, rather you allow them, allow expression of them to unfold, while being connected with your inner wholeness. The state of “conscious allowing” brings a wisdom/balance to all the expressions including the expression of sexuality.

  11. soul

    Dear Sen,
    Could you please explain exactly what is the purpose of life? This is one question for which i seem to have no answer.
    Is the purpose finding peace? If so, then why the monotony of our daily lives like education, children, jobs, earning ambitiously, etc? All these things seem pointless at times.
    Why do we come on earth, live, and just disappear into nowhere after some years? Is it a journey, a dream, or an adventure?….

    1. Sen Post author

      Soul, there is a flaw in the very perspective of looking at life with a sense of “purpose” – the mind automatically assumes that existence needs to have a goal for existing. However, if you look deeply at the nature of life-energy (by looking at yourself deeply, after all you are the same life-energy) you will realize that it’s your very “nature” to desire experience for the sake of self-awareness – without experience there is no self-awareness, you need something to “sense” to know that you exist. And life desires to live, to know itself, to be self-aware, to be self-conscious – why? Because that’s the nature of life. Basically, life is self-obsessed, it’s in love with itself after all it’s all there is and hence it comes into various forms only to experience itself in various ways (your ego might look at things as negative and positive, but from an absolute perspective everything is an experience). Even when I talk about coming to a place of wholeness, I also mention that it’s not a “higher state” rather it’s just another form of growth, it’s not superior to a state of imbalance – it’s like saying adulthood is superior to infancy, which is not true because infancy is needed for adulthood, and they are both different experience in their own right, each having its own pros and cons. The purpose of life is not about coming to a state of “dead peace”, there is just no purpose other than for life to live for the sake of self-experience/self-awareness – the other option is to not exist, to just not be aware of its existence, like a dead nothing, and basically life does not have the nature to be dead. So for life “existence” is the only option, it’s the only choice it has by its own nature for wanting to be conscious of itself – without an existence/experience it can’t be conscious of itself – for example, every thought is an experience that makes you aware of yourself as the thinker, without thoughts you won’t know yourself as the thinker.

      Everything is ordinary in the end, basically because life has a limitation when it works with manifestations and experiences because all experiences are by their very nature “fleeting” and impermanent – the very nature of experience is that it’s short-lived, if it was permanent it wouldn’t be an experience, it would be felt as nothing. You call something an experience just because you have something to compare it with, because it’s short-lived and it transitions into another experience. Monotony is an experience, thrill is an experience, but you need monotony to know what thrill is, it’s not possible to just have a permanent state of thrills – basically, the state of inner wholeness allows you to stay in touch with your natural state of wholeness (your sense of being) while also allowing the experiences, instead of chasing experiences as a means to define yourself. “feeling pointless” is an experience, defining a purpose for yourself is also an experience, it’s all just a experience in the end – instead of attaching your identity with experiences, just connect with your inner sense of just being, and allow these experiences. You can be sure that if you were given an option to have “zero experience” you will not take it, even the “experience” of meaninglessness is better than being “non existant” as far as life is concerned. If you see it from a deeper perspective, you will realize how inevitable existence is and how ordinary it all is, existence is about the best that life can do with itself. If it feels pointless it’s because it is pointless, existence doesn’t have a point, it’s just the nature of life to exist that’s all. If I have to ask myself why do I do anything at all, the answer would be “because I feel like doing it”, that’s the only reason – even when you come to inner wholeness it doesn’t mean that you stop doing anything or stop wanting experience at all, it’s just that your perspective is no longer rooted in some deluded thinking about some extra-ordinariness or higher purpose to what you are doing, neither are you clinging to what you are doing/being as a means to define yourself or your self-worth.

  12. Melissa

    I stumbled onto this site…yay! Very interesting. I wonder what your take is. Why do so many folks suffer from crippling anxiety; chemical imballances, belief systems, traumas?

    1. Sen Post author

      Melissa, imbalances are created when one is not fully aware of the choice of balance. This awareness is a form of “maturity” in a soul/being, and it takes time, and life experience, to gain this maturity and conscious understanding. In a state of low awareness, and in a state of misguided/deluded understanding of life, one is bound to connect with imbalances of light nature or dark nature – light nature imbalances include strong sense of guilt, over-sensitivity, anxiety, meekness, while dark natured imbalances include over-aggression, greed, irritation and restlessness. The imbalances in our thinking eventually manifest as imbalances in our “physicality”, our emotional energy is translated into cellular memory, and hence negativity is translated into cellular resistance, which leads to the cells resisting balance, leading to chemical imbalances. The permanent solution is to develop our awareness, develop understanding our truth, of the science of life and thus letting go of unconscious patterns of negativity, delusion and imbalance.

  13. Anonymous

    Sen, I have a question. I have been putting this focused awareness into practice for about three weeks now. I can certainly feel it working in small ways, such as beginning to see the full picture and how narrow my mind has been as of late. But an odd side effect has occured. I have OCD, and whilst trying (maybe trying isn’t the word, I guess there isn’t a word for it) to let go and allow my mind to flow naturally, I will sometimes pick up on that and everything around me strongly. Amongst what I pick up on is my breathing. Now I find myself unable to unconciously breath normally most of the time, and am constantly alert of my breathing patterns. I suppose when I began picking up on it, I became aware and tried to push it away unconciously. I’m wondering if this sort of thing is natural to the process, namely having new, unfamiliar thoughts stick in your head, and how exactly I should go about dealing with the breathing problem? I know I should allow it, but should I let it reach the point where I stop before I inhale, or continue to breathe conciously?

  14. Vidya

    I had a bad medical experience several months ago that lead to me developing anxiety and fear. I stumbled upon your website as I have been searching for ways to calm down my mind. Your ideas really resonate with me and I have been trying for the past few days to practice “allowing”. What I noticed was that I felt like this strange sensation of warmth and pressure developing in my chest and forehead area just a few minutes into the practice. It wasn’t a particularly pleasant sensation, but by no means painful. I tried to just stay with it and not fight it too much. It did subside slowly and I felt like like something had cleared up in that process. Just wanted to ask you if in your experience such sensations during this process are normal? Thank you for all the insights you share. It is really quite incredible.

    1. Sen Post author

      Vidya, the sensations you experienced are normal and are usually felt as a part of emotional clearing in the body (as the body moves out of the dense state of suppressed/accumulated emotions to the light state of inner wholeness).

  15. Anu

    Dear Sen,

    I have interacted with you various times over last 9 or so months. My undertanding about life has improved. But the rumonations/momentum has not decreased by much. Time and again fear of ruminations, negativity & confusion become very powerful. I feel my mind just keeps it continous chatter and starts looking for “techniques” to get relief. This stress manifests itself into IBS/Nervous stomach which cause intense suffering.

    I have been suffering from this for years & years. I continue to suffer. I have been very honest & open. I do understand that it will take time. I just get hijacked by momentum of my mind again and again. It is quite frustrating and debilitating.

    I hope to turn the chapter in my life at some point. It is very frustrating.

    Anything to see that I am doing incorrect or should be doing different, please let me know.


    1. Sen Post author

      Anu, if you notice the vibe that comes from your words is one of “weakness” rather than an inner power. You can be in a state of frustration or even depression, and yet you can have a sense of inner power – this is what I mean by the attitude of being fearless (it’s not the absence of fear but the true openness to fear). I think I had mentioned, in reply to one of your past questions, that you would have to work on connecting with inner power, which is a dark nature and this connection is what will balance your light-natured imbalance (which cause this sense of weakness). For that, you will have to let go of buying into the thoughts of weakness that arise in the mind and just connect with your inner space of openness – this openness is like “fearless-ness” and hence it connects you with the attitude of power. You will have to get a sense of this inner power which is a natural dimension in your being (the dimension of dark nature). It would have to be a choice towards this attitude, because your present habit would be to succumb to the pull of “weakness-based” thoughts.

    2. Anu

      Hello Sen,

      You are right on. You did tell me to connect with “Dark Nature” of fearlessness.

      The gist of what you are asking me to do is to let go and let the my “open-ness” allow me to connect with “fearless-ness”. But I believe I am very open to “fear”. I have accepted fear to be a natural dimension of my mind.

      I do agree with your assessment though. I would agree that being *strong* is definately not part of my personality and I would like to connect with my *inner power*. I tend to side towards meekness.

      Question: What do you mean by choice toward the attitude? Do I have to chose an attitude or would it happen naturally for me because I am in state of allowing?

    3. Anu

      Dear Sen,

      I want to follow up on the question I posted to you on Dec 11th. The gist of discussion was that you asked to connect with my *inner power*. Your words were:

      “You will have to get a sense of this inner power which is a natural dimension in your being (the dimension of dark nature). It would have to be a choice towards this attitude, because your present habit would be to succumb to the pull of “weakness-based” thoughts.”

      Sen: My question is would the connection not happen automatically based on my understaing and desire to connect with it? I tried to chose the attitude but, as always, it became something for my mind to “work” on resulting in distress. All this while I know that any “technique” are just crutches to hold on to.

      What you suggest makes a lot of sense, but applying it in real life has been very challenging for me. Please let me know your thoughts.


    4. Sen Post author

      Anu, may be you are not at a place where you can really “apply” an understanding because there is still a lot of momentum within created by your past accumulation of fear in which case you would have to continue going through a phase of release. The “phase of release” requires you to be in a state of surrender, or just pure openness, to allow what arises to arise – be it anxiety, anger, depression, sadness, joy/ excitement, sexuality or boredom, basically allowing the light and dark elements to arise in thought and emotions. Don’t worry about timelines, it’s your personal journey and it will take as long as it really takes for you. If you don’t sense any real power in you, and feel dominated by the emotions/thoughts which arise, then it shows that they still have a strong force/momentum in you, and you would have to continue releasing their momentum through the state of allowing. You can also read the recent post on “eliminating anxiety” for more insight.

  16. Nick


    Do you think that the process of allowing supressed energy should happen before any huge life decisions are made ? Or is it best to act now so a change in attitude can be developed ?

    What are your thoughts about staying in the “now” and being present in the moment ? Would this effect the process of allowing in any way ?

    1. Sen Post author

      Nick, it depends on where you are in terms of awareness and inner freedom, if you feel like you are totally in the grip of emotional/mental momentum, it would be best to first work on finding some space of inner freedom through the phase of release (through the practice of being in the state of allowing). Once you sense some space of inner freedom, you are in a better position to work on important decisions since you will have a real access to your inner wisdom (the intelligence of your life-stream, or inner being). Staying the present moment is basically just a pointer towards being more aware instead of being lost to the past momentum of emotion/mind – the more aware you become of your unconscious patterns that more you can let go of being under their influence, I call this the state of “relaxed awareness” – whatever your awareness touches can be released in the state of allowing.

  17. Iw

    Dear sen

    I just read through your article because I was looking on the Internet for some info on people not understanding or believing when I tell them that something has transformed within me that is like what you described in your article .
    Im not too sure exactly what to call it but I relate to your article , I used to suffer so much under the lash of my mind , and have struggled with addictions and always felt a feeling of tension all my life . So I started listening to a lot of Buddhist dharma talks and what these people talked about touched me . Still I struggled with my mind for a while and continued to listen to spiritual teachings and then one day I had an experience where I felt so at peace . It happened while I was listening to a Buddhist talk . I guess something he said must have opened up something in me . Anyways I have gone in and out of that experience like you described in your article , but when I get back on track that feeling comes back and it seems to be be easier to experience it as time goes by day to day . My mind still gets me sometimes but that feeling of inner peace is there still , it feels that as I drop my mind more and more I experience this inner peace more and more . It feels like a complete shift from the fearful , insecure , worried , less than type person I used to think I was to a new person who finds life a lot more happy and just amazing . Some friends and I were having a conversation about people who have addictions being different from average people and I said I don’t thing that’s true , and told them that I don’t think I am different because of this experience and that I believe this is within all of us , anyways they didn’t seem to like it and there was a little bit of an argument and I felt the mind coming in and it got me , this was about and hour ago and as I’ve calmed down I can still feel that feeling of connectedness to that feeling , anyways that was really the first time I told people about this and I understand there reaction , any feedback ?

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