The Practice of Relaxed Awareness

Posted on by Sen.

The terms “awareness” and “attention” seem to have the same meaning and hence can be a cause of confusion when used in the context of thoughts.

I’ve mentioned in many posts, and in comments, about staying as a space of awareness and allowing the mind to have a free movement – what I call “conscious allowing” of the mind. I sometimes use the term “relaxed awareness” to describe this state of being.

In this post I will clarify some of the common questions people have about the terms “awareness”, attention and “letting go”.

Why practice relaxed awareness?

The practice of relaxed awareness is the starting point to not only letting go of the “fear-based” grip that you have on your mind, but to also allow the mind to release all its pent up negative momentum and come to a state of balance. In addition, this causes a release of “resistance” in your being which ensures that you become aligned with the pull of your life-stream.

If you simply follow the practice of relaxed awareness, you will soon reach a state of balance in your mind and would be aligned with your life-stream, there is nothing further you need to understand – the only reason for giving all the various understandings is to allow the mind/being to become comfortable with this state of “allowing” or “letting go”, to understand it “logically” and scientifically as to how it allows positivity to come through and how it dissolve the negative momentum.

Difference between space of awareness and attention of mind

First let me clarify the difference between “awareness” and “attention”.

Some of you may not have realized, or recognized, that as soon as you wake up, and till the time you sleep, there is a field of “awareness” that’s operating all the time in the background. Even when you are lost in thought, or when you are lost in an activity, this awareness is present in the background.

That’s why you can recollect the thoughts that you were lost in, because there was awareness even when your mind was lost in thoughts. This awareness comes from the stream of consciousness in whose space your body/mind is functioning – this stream of consciousness is who you are, in essence.

This stream of consciousness is also the energy space which I call your “life stream” which is moving towards the manifestation of desired realities, moving towards your well-being.

So in one sense, you as the body/mind is swimming in this space of awareness, and your true body is this wholeness/totality which combines your physical body and this space of awareness (or stream of consciousness, whatever term you prefer) which is directly a part of universal consciousness.

If you want to get a picturistic view of this, just imagine your body being connected to a stream of conscious energy, which in turn is connected a bigger stream (the stream of human consciousness), which connects to a bigger stream (the stream of earth consciousness), and so on, and at the base is the ocean of consciousness which connects to all streams which I call universal consciousness. Essentially, your true body includes this entirety of space of consciousness, and this “physical body” is just one creation in it – so you are this physical body, but you are also the wholeness of life. Most of us are only aware of ourselves as this body, and have no awareness of how we are actually the wholeness of life, the “one being”. It usually takes a few months for this perspective of wholeness to really sink into the mind, once you become aware of it.

Your mind also has the capacity to be “aware”, what we call – attention, or concentration or focus. The mind has a “narrow awareness”, that’s why it’s called “focus” or concentration. The mind can only, specifically, become aware of one thing at time.

For example, if you are aware of your “sight” your “hearing” becomes passive, if you are aware of your hearing your sight is on passive, if you are aware of your thoughts your sight and hearing are on passive etc (by “you”, I mean the mind here). The mind can only focus, or be aware, of one thing at a time.

The terms “attention”, focus, concentration are all terms I used to refer to the mind’s capacity to be aware of something.

I hope you can differentiate now between the awareness produced by the mind (attention), and the awareness which is present in the background all the time (coming from the stream of your consciousness). It’s very easy to realize these two aspects of awareness once you “identify” it using these pointers, it’s not complicated at all.

The term “Relaxed Awareness” is a pointer

When I talk about staying as “relaxed awareness”, the pointer is for the mind to let go of trying to “focus” or be attentive, rather to just let go, so that it can simply rest in the background awareness that’s present all the time.

If you would just let go of trying to “focus” through your mind, you will easily understand what the state of relaxed awareness is – it’s basically when the mind lets go of its constant preoccupation with “attention”.

The mind in its “fearful state” is constantly trying to give attention to every negative thought that pops in, it focuses intensely on fears because of its nature as a survival machine, and this causes patterns of “obsession” with negative thoughts (referred to in medical terms as OCD, when there is a chronic obsession with certain thoughts).

The reason why a thought becomes obsessive, is because your mind has been giving it “attention”/focus all the time out of its fear, and this happens when the mind is totally unconscious of its freedom to just let go of its focus and rest in the background of wholeness (space of consciousness).

Whenever I use the terms – space of awareness, stream of consciousness, life energy, wholeness of life, your life-stream or space of consciousness, it’s all referring to the same thing – the wholeness of life (which is conscious energy) in which your physical body/mind is operating.

If you have never recognized this background awareness/consciousness, which is always present, then it would feel like a huge revelation for you to know that you (as the body/mind) are always connected it. You are always connected to the wholeness of life, non-physical conscious energy, which basically created the “physical” you. You, as the mind, has the choice to rest in this wholeness, and let go of its chronic habit of giving “attention” to negative thoughts and thus allow the momentum of negativity to ebb away.

When your mind lets go of its “focus” and rests in this open space of awareness, the momentum of negativity, running in it, starts ebbing away, and it also allows the wisdom/intelligence inherent to your life-stream to start dissolving inner conflicts, confusions and brings forth required solutions/ideas/inspiration/right-actions that move you towards the creation of a positive reality.

Hopefully the above explanation was clear enough to drive home the meaning of letting go of attention and resting in the open space of awareness.

If you do this as a “practice”, even for 30 minutes a day, it has the power to start dissolving the inner conflicts and negative momentum in the mind, which starts a shift towards the construction of a positive external reality.

Soon (in a few months) you start feeling a sense of spaciousness in your body, as the momentum of negativity starts clearing away – you basically become an open channel to allowing the well-being inherent to your life-stream to flood into your physical reality.

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  1. angel

    ive had some serious moments, were i felt like my ocd was getting the best of me . after months of trying to as you best describe fighting mind with mind has left me restless ,ive notice that i had moments of total relaxation when i decide to move foward to let go even if its for an hour or two and this comes about when im distracted . only when i become conscious of what i ve done that it leaves me to fall back at this pattern of negativity and i become frustrated for looking back , its like i have to start all over again, with the exeption that i just gain knowledge of what i have to do in order to feel good again.

    1. Sen Post author

      If you practice staying as a space of open/relaxed awareness of your mind, for just 30 minutes everyday, for a few weeks, you will start finding a stability in your being. From this place of stability you can truly start understand your mind’s natural make-up, and it allows you to stop being afraid of its fears, and its dark nature, it also allow you to bring in a wisdom/maturity to dimensions of love and joy in the mind. The first step is to gain some stability in the power of your awareness. The practice of staying as relaxed awareness of the mind allows this stability to come in.



  3. Alliswell

    One of the things I enjoy is research and looking for information. I would love to make this a career in some way.

    In the past I have not been successful at trying to figure out how I can do that. What is your suggestion on how to handle this? I know you say not to focus and try to figure things out, just let your lifestream guide you. When do you know whether to give up on an idea and go a different direction?

    1. Sen Post author

      To “let go” of trying to figure out things is basically just a “phase” that allows you to stabilize in your awareness, get in touch with your inner wholeness, get an understanding of your mind and what it truly wants, make you receptive to the wisdom, inspiration and intelligence that comes from your life-stream. At some point, you naturally feel a movement towards becoming “focused” in a clear minded way. When this happens just allow yourself to get engaged in the mind again, you will sense that now you can engage in your mind without being lost in it. The way I sense it, you’ve gained a good amount of stability in your awareness, and are well in a place to get involved in your mind. You don’t have to struggle to figure things out, but just come to a clear minded focus on what it is that you want to explore/experience in your life. Life takes care of the figuring out part, and you just have to stay tuned to the inspirations/ideas that come from within.

      As you can see, your mind naturally enjoys the idea of doing research, which involves reading, analyzing information, structuring information and coming up with ideas/conclusions with respect to a subject – you have a scientific/technical mind, rather than a “fictional” mind. I think you would rather enjoy reading a newspaper than reading a fictional novel. However, your mind prefers being given a structure to work with rather than being the “visionary” – so you might not prefer doing your own business (or being an entrepreneur), rather you might enjoying working as a research assistant under someone. The more you understand your mind, the easier it is for you to be clear-minded about the type of role you would fit into – the more clear-minded you become the easier it is for you to attract it into your life.

  4. Samrat

    Do you mean to say that one needs to relax ones body and mind whenever an obsessive thought crops up? I will describe my own experience. Whenever I experience obsessive negative, angry thoughts, I start relaxing my body first and mind thereafter, however sometimes the said thoughts disappear and sometimes they persist. When they persist I again and try and relax myself till these thoughts do not disappear. I try to be as relaxed as possible in this exercise, however sometimes I feel very nauseated and uneasy, whic, according to me, I am somewhere wrong.
    Can u guide me in someway?



    1. Sen Post author

      You are trying to use the pointer of “relaxed awareness” as a technique to get rid of some certain thought patterns in your mind – if you are authentic with yourself you will sense that you are doing this out of fear of the mind. The point of relaxed awareness is not to before a “defense” mechanism against the mind, rather it is to bring an open awareness into the mind, so that you are fully involved with the mind without being lost in it. It’s your approach that matters – ask yourself, if you are using relaxed awareness as a technique to “escape” from some fearful thoughts, or uneasy thoughts in the mind, or if you are using it as means to understand your mind’s domain. If you are using it as a technique to escape the mind you are bound to feel uneasy and nauseated, because you are being totally unnatural. If you allow awareness to just be natural, and fearlessly allow what arises in the mind, you will have sense of being “engaged” with the mind without being lost in it – this feels like an “enjoyment” of the mind, irrespective of the thoughts its producing. It’s like watching a movie, you are not trying to escape it, neither are you totally lost in it, you are just enjoying the movement in an involved way.

  5. Alliswell

    I have read through this entire blog,,, and I continue to re read material, if I need to.
    The most important point Sen made that helped me, is that we are not our thoughts. The internal voice that is constantly chattering negativity and self-doubt is the ego and not your true self. This is how I was able to dis identify with all of those false beliefs I had continued to feed for so long. I believed all of the negative thoughts as truth. Once I was able to let them go, as just “mind chatter” is when things turned around for me.

  6. Chetana

    Hi Sen,

    I read and re-read your posting on the practice of relaxed awareness. And i am not getting it. My mind is irritated and agitated and i do not have a clear idea of what is causing it to be that way, though i have a general idea. I so want to get my mind to the place of awareness you speak off but how to i start. I am aware of my agitation and irritation, i donot try to avoid feeling it. I do acknowledge the presence of these feeling to myself but beyond that what is it i need to do to reach the state of awareness. Are there any steps, a beginner like me can follow/practice to help my mind reach that state naturally? Please help.

    Thanks a lot

    1. Sen Post author

      Chetana, consciously allowing the mind its movement and allowing the feelings that arise in the body, causes you to deepen in the space of awareness. Initially it’s difficult to observe any stability because of the high momentum of the mind, and the torrent of energy in the body (which is basically releasing a lot of suppressed energy). But as you continue to stay in relaxed awareness you will start observing a sense of space within you, as this spaciousness increases you will sense that you are not so taken in by the pull of the mind’s negativity. You must understand that the momentum of negativity has taken years to build up, through unconscious identification and hence it take time for it to start dying down. You will need give yourself the time to start seeing a stability in your being – it can take anywhere between a few weeks to a few months depending on the momentum present in your mind.

  7. Chetana

    Thank you Sen. I am now consciously making efforts to explore my reactions to stimuli in my life instead of reacting to people and situations. Your guidance came at a very right time and i feel like I have found a guide.

  8. D

    Hello Sen!

    For one year now, I’ve been struggling, trying to integrate the glimpses of connectedness and love and communion I’ve experienced into my day to day life. But my mind is such that I’ve been feeling really confused, jumping from teaching to teaching and between techniques and that has left me exhausted and I feel I can’t quite deal with the shift in emotions that have accompanied this period. For instance, when I just let my mind be without really trying to focus awareness on anything, I find I become too vulnerable to my emotions, and in my interactions and relationships, I can sorta sense that my limiting beliefs are very much active. Alternatively, there were periods where I focused on the all-encompassing awareness – as if it were a field, so to speak – and I think those might have been the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life in terms of my relationships with people and with existence – it was as if I was operating in a realm beyond the mind, very loving and compassionate. The problem is that you eventually I “fell” from it, and sometimes I try to go into it again, I can’t sustain it for long because my heart starts getting upset and I feel weird and when that happens and I let go of it, my mind takes over again and I start getting miserable again. This teetering between one and the other has been going on for some time now, and I don’t know which one to stick too.
    I also wanna relate an experience that I’ve had just last week, I was reading this book on ecopsychology and at some point it said that human beings, like the rest of nature, work by natural attractions (there are 53 of them) and that most of us suppress them due to the heavy conditioning imposed by our culture, thus our way to healing is through rediscovering our natural attractions. I’ve had wonderful experiences in natural environments but as I read that passage something clicked in me and it’s hard to explain, but I recognised myself as a “child of nature”, and as such, there’s nothing inherently wrong with me or any other human being, so that spiritual practices are mostly socially created superimpositions on something that is already the case – I felt my being glowing and humming along with the rest of nature (I live above a beautiful setting of ocean and pine trees) and it was as if my heart was pouring enormous amounts of energy and love. But then again, that realisation seemed to be gone the next day. So I guess my other question is, when people refer to living from the heart, is that possible? If you progressively shift your attention to the heart, would that gradually “appease” the mind and eventually do away with its negativity? Or the opening of the heart is more like a natural unfolding as the negativity in the mind dies down?
    Thanks, I really appreciate the enlightening work you’re doing through this blog!

    1. Sen Post author

      All experiences are fleeting in nature, even the most spiritual or mystical ones. Enlightenment is not about reaching an experience, it’s about understanding who you are in all aspect – as the non-physical and the physical. If you are clinging to “experiences”, it could well mean that you are shying away from your natural “expression” in some way. By your natural expression I mean your creative expression and your desires. Experiencing is one part of physical life, the second part is expressing – a balance is needed between the two. What is the desired reality you see to express into your external world? And what is your heart’s calling towards your creative expression? These are questions you need to ask yourself and allow the answers to come from your being. Following your heart is about following your mind’s natural makeup, it’s natural capacity/aptitude towards a creative expression, and it’s also about focusing on your desired realities to allow their manifestation.

  9. gary guthrie


    So perfectly said. I’m happy I ran across this comment. You’re a blessing. We will have same great news soon, I certainly feel things are lining up. Trust

    Gary B

    Carpe Diem

  10. Nisha

    Your writings are truly unfolding the teachings of great Saints like Ramana Maharshi which are so deep and difficult to understand.
    While being Conscious of my thoughts, I get so afraid of my thoughts that i immediately tend to distract. I distract my attention because I very well know that these thoughts are harmful for me and for others as well. It is really terrible experience to face our negativity.How can reach to that place of mind where i can stay fearless and relaxed so that i can stay atleast 30min in that relaxed awareness?

    1. Sen Post author

      Nisha, whatever you resist starts persisting in your mind because your resistance is indirectly fueling it. You are fearful of the negativity of the mind, which causes you to keep trying to escape it through distraction – this is not freedom but pure bondage, where you are a prisoner to your mind. The only way to come to a place of freedom is when you allow yourself to face the negativity in the mind without shying away from it. A negative thought can only influence your reality when you are unconsciously lost in identification with it. When you are conscious, you can allow the mind to have its negative thoughts, and they won’t have any influence on your reality, since you are not fueling it with your belief/identification. So feel free to allow your mind its negative movement while staying in a place of relaxed awareness, just watching the mind without fear (even when the mind produces fear).

      It is unpleasant, initially, to allow the negativity of the mind, and the suppressed negative energy in the body, in the space of your awareness. But this is required so that you can release this momentum of negativity. If you keep running away from it, you are basically just suppressing it, which means that it keeps staying in your energy space and thus keeps getting amplified. Just look at this as a “detox” process, to clear your being of the negative momentum – it can take a few weeks for the momentum of negativity in the mind to slow down in force as you stay allowing of it in your awareness.

      A few posts which you can refer are

  11. Jim


    If I let go of the thoughts and feelings i.e., beliefs of my mind, I also let go my sense of self. In other words, I throw the baby out with the bath water. Talk about fear. How do you get around that?

    1. Sen Post author

      Jim, the mind has a penchant for the “dramatic”. It likes to create all kinds of dramatic thoughts about what will happen, and if you keep buying into it you will stay a prisoner to your mind’s tricks. This thought that “if i let go i will lose my sense of self” is a pretty common thought in most minds, and it’s just a fear-based dramatic thought. Nothing like that happens. When you let go all that happens, scientifically, is that the momentum of your brain activity starts coming down and hence you become more “free” in your being and more receptive to life’s guidance, you don’t lose your sense of self, you won’t wake up one morning not knowing who you are. Don’t buy into these dramatic thoughts, and use your awareness to see through their false assumptions more deeply.

  12. Jim

    Sen, you said, “Don’t buy into these dramatic thoughts, and use your awareness to see through their false assumptions more deeply.” That’s seems easy enough, however, awareness seems to be no match against these fear-based thoughts. I seem to make inroads in some areas, but they either eventually come back or morph into other areas of my life.

    1. Sen Post author

      Jim, having been lost in the mind for so many years, it obviously have a strong pull. It takes time for your awareness to grow in strength so that you are not pulled into the mind so easily. The best practice right now for you would be to simply watch the mind, in a detached manner, as much as you can. Don’t be too hard on yourself, it takes time for awareness to grow in stability – it’s not something that will happen in a few weeks, it can usually take a few months. Just think about it as letting go of an addiction, where you were addicted to the mind and now you are weaning out of it, so that you can have freedom and balance. From this place of freedom, you can enjoy the mind and use the mind creatively. Right now you are just a puppet to your own mind, where it pulls you around.

  13. ben

    thanks for this inspiration.

  14. Susan


    I’ve just recently started to read your articles, and I do have many questions. One of your readers commented on not asking why, but just accepting or surrendering. My mind always asks why.
    How do our emotions relate to our mind? What is our natural makeup? I want to start the practice of relaxed awareness. Any suggestions?

    1. Sen Post author

      Susan, basically there are just two feelings – good feeling and bad feeling. The good feeling is labelled as good feeling emotions based on the thought associated with it, like a thought of joy or love. The bad feelings are labelled bad emotions, or negative emotions, based on the thought associated with it, like grief, sadness, hatred, fear. Thoughts create emotions in the body based on whether they are aligned with a vibration of wholeness or with a vibration of resistance.

      Natural make up is just the natural conditioning of your brain and physiology, including your IQ, talents, creative abilities, emotional makeup (based on what are the dominant dimensions in your mind).

      You can try sitting for 20-30 minutes a day, without distractions, just allowing your emotions and your mind movement, in a space of relaxed openness – this is what the pratice of relaxed awareness is. Slowly you will notice that this sense of being spacious keeps growing in you, and then there is no need for a “practice”, it’s just that you become stable in this space of allowing.

  15. Pete


    Is the practice of relaxed awareness synonymous with meditation where you let thoughts come and go without giving them attention
    and just focus on the breath?

    Thank you

    1. Sen Post author

      Pete, it’s not about ignoring the thoughts but about bringing an awareness to the thoughts, observing their movement, observing/sensing deeply the feelings created by these thoughts, without trying to escape from it, by staying as an open space of allowing. The meditation of focusing on the breath is mostly about ignoring the mind, and creating temporary sense of silence in it – relaxed awareness is about bringing an open awareness to the mind’s movement and the emotional energy in the body, staying in a state of allowing.

  16. Pete

    Thank you for the response. I have an issue with thoughts that have been stuck with me months. So the best practice to help reduce the frequency of these thoughts are to sit with these thoughts for as long as they are present. I guess this would be considered similar to exposure therapy. What can I do or practice each day to help alleviate this problem?


    1. Sen Post author

      Pete, it’s about consciously allowing the thoughts without being identified with them – it’s not about ignoring them or suppressing them, but about allowing them to happen in your awareness without shying away from it. This fearless awareness is a field of intelligence.

  17. Radiance


    If we are talking about trying Relaxed Awareness for 30 minutes, are we talking about meditation where we don’t try to quiet the mind?

    Or, is this something we do as we move about our day?

    1. Sen Post author

      That’s right, the practice of relaxed awareness can be performed as a sitting meditation initially (for a few weeks) to get some grounding in it, after that it’s not needed to do it as a practice rather it starts becoming an “interest”/desire to connect with our inner being – and this connection starts becoming evident as a space within even as we move about in our day.

  18. David

    Sen, what is the difference between being open and staying as awareness? If you are just observing without denying anything, are they the same thing?

    1. Sen Post author

      David, at one point you can even let go of trying to be aware of the mind and just be “free” in your being – this is a state of total allowing, what I also call “being open”. But initially you need to develop awareness of the mind to come to this place of total allowing, as discussed in this post – Reaching a place of total allowing

  19. One Love

    Hi Sen,

    I understand the relaxed awareness that you need to watch all your negative emotions old or new as they surface up but can you please tell me so when can you focus on positive feelings and about what you love to have in your life. Does it happen automatically, the positive thinking part I mean or I have to set aside some time during the day and do that as well. I still can see that there were some instances that I have had a negative thought in the past and later I released it by relaxed awareness but it still did happen in my reality. Thankfully it was sth small and insignificant but still I am worried what I need to do? but none of the positives ones has happened yet. Can you please let me know what I need to do and if I should try to think positive too or simply being in the state of relaxed awareness takes care of the positives and I only need to be open and embrace all my emotions.

    Thnaks a world for your help.


    One Love

    Thank you,

    1. Sen Post author

      Once the momentum of negativity ebbs away, you automatically sense yourself moving towards a positive cycle – there is no effort needed to force a positive state of being. I’ve explained this in the post – Coming to a passively positive mind. So for now, just stay in a space of relaxed allowing, letting the momentum of past negativity and mind intensity ebb away – also, stop judging your reality as “negative” rather look at it as a mirror that’s helping you identify/unearth your inner negativity and thus allowing an opportunity for release. A positive reality (or your desired reality) starts manifesting as the negativity/resistance ebbs away in force, it’s an automatic process. The only real deliberation needed from you is to let go of struggle, let go of trying to “force” anything.

  20. One Love

    Hi Sen,

    I wanted to know what about positive feelings and dreams and goals that we have, staying open to all negativity through relaxed awareness (RA) is for cleansing our minds from negativity, so if I want to reach my desire should I visualize as well and feel or allowing negativity out through RA is just enough and positivity and all my desires would manifest automatically as I let go of negatives by RA. I want to make sure should I also visualize my desires and feel good about them or just RA and letting out negativity is enough? What about self love? should I actively love my self as much as I can or just by doing RA my self love will happen automatically?

    Thank you,

    Thank you,

  21. Radiance

    Hi Sen,

    My main challenge here is when I try to do this during a moment of depression. I am mostly positive, vibrant, enthusiastic. However at times I go down in depression and sadness…I guess I become fearful.
    In trying to observe my mind when this happens becomes very painful. I want to fix it, I want to feel better.I cannot avoid but twist and at least reach out for a journal and write. Or reach out for your blog and read 🙂

    Perhaps I could try to connect with my wholeness at times when I’m more neutral. And leave this depression times for later when I’m more stable? Or I’m just creating excuses?

    30 min feels like a really long time….

    1. Sen Post author

      You may get some insights regarding your query in this post – Wholeness in physical life. Your fear of the “low state” causes you to keep clinging to the high state (out of fear) and this causes an imbalance in your energy because a balance requires an integration of the high and low, light and dark. This imbalance causes you to go through some intense low states, mostly because you’ve been suppressing its expression. When you come to a place of “allowing”, you will go through a phase of release where you may experience periods of low states in the form of anxiety, anger or depression, and it’s just a part of the release of past suppression of these states. Once the release is done with, you will sense a balance in your inner space, the highs and lows lose their intensity and they are felt as subtle movements that don’t disturb your being. Going through a phase of release is, however, critical to coming to a place of balance and this can only happen when you stop resisting the low states when they arise, and stay in a place of open allowing to what arises, the more you try to escape the more you suppress and delay the release.

      Don’t bother with any “time limits” like 30 mins and such, I am never a proponent of “practices”, it’s just that when people specifically ask for a practice that I suggest a time limit which can they use for a while. As long as you have an understanding of what the state of “relaxed awareness” points to it’s enough, it’s just a state of open allowing nothing else, you can do it whenever you sense that you are trying to escape a low state that’s arising.

  22. Pavlo

    Greetings Dear Sen,

    In this article you where you explain the
    mind’s awareness in terms of “attention”
    and “focus”, my sense of my mind’s
    awareness is a little different. I accept
    your understanding but my experience
    concerning my mind’s evolving awareness
    is a little different. Ever since I started letting
    Go and I started allowing all to surface,
    I am sensing my brain
    becoming more consciously aware of these
    changes on an existential level as well as on
    the intellectual level. I feel There is a sense
    of an evolving calmness and a deepening intelligence.

    I’m not sure if this is a result of my total commitment
    to trusting in the flow of life. I don’t resist anything
    that enters my field of awareness. I let go of every
    thought. I don’t make any thought my “truth” it’s
    more like I’m moving into an existential truth where
    many small “truths” come to me on a daily basis.
    So I feel this is all part of my continuing liberation
    from my mind, but in a sense it is also the evolving
    conscious awareness my mind is going through.

    You mention in your other articles how the light of
    awareness (who we essentially are) dissolves
    previous trauma only if we allow ourselves to
    be open to fully allowing these emotions to
    surface. This very practice has allowed my brain
    to become more aware and free of resistance so
    In a sense because the light of my being is
    touching all my suppressed thoughts/emotions
    The resulting experience is that my brain is sharing
    in the very awareness itself. Could it be that the
    dropping of all barriers allows the brain to become
    “one” with awareness itself thereby adding a physical
    dimension to wholeness itself?

    Kind Regards.

    1. Sen Post author

      Pavlo, that’s how it is, I mentioned this in the post – the space of being – which is basically the space you connect with as you rest in relaxed awareness. This space allows your brain to get in touch with your life-stream’s intelligence.

  23. stonez

    hi sen. What do you think of holosync and such, the binueral beat thing.

    1. Sen Post author

      stonez, basically binaural beats are like “white noise” of a certain frequency – it’s like music, just that the frequencies are tuned to match brain wavelengths. Some people feel very restless about just sitting and allowing even for 20 mins, such people can listen to this “white noise” or binuaral beats while doing this practice – however, binaural beats will act like a “distraction” on the brain, in the sense that it will impact the brain just like music – it can create temporary relaxation and that’s useful, but eventually you also want to just sit without any distraction so that you can totally allow your mind/emotions to have it free movement.

  24. Gunda


    Ive been on Holosync for 2 years and it works for me. Am interested in what Sen thinks though.

  25. shi

    Hello Sen,

    Ever since your email…I have been watching my thoughts, emotions come up without trying to push them away or distracting myself. There hangs a very heavy feeling in my chest; it is as though I really need to cry. I feel very gloomy, down and tired…but i am not trying to push anything and letting the feeling hang on. Do you recommend to let it hang on until it passes on its own? thanks…

    1. Sen Post author

      Shi, yeah, just continue staying in a space of allowing this present “feeling” and it will find a release of its own. It can happen in layers where you feel relief in between and the start of another cycle of release. This sensation of feeling down/tired, and gloomy, is natural during a phase of release, don’t be worried about it, just be allowing of it.

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