Awareness Is the Beginning of Freedom

Posted on by Sen.

When you start becoming deeply “aware” of yourself – your inner space, your mind patterns, the energy movements, the feelings, the ego structure and the conflicts, you are finally waking up from the trance of mind identification and are moving towards freedom. In the absence of this “awareness”, you are like a puppet which is moved around by the strings of fear-based conditioning, mind patterns/habits, addictions and limitations. You cannot gain access to the freedom, which is inherent to your being, unless you bring in awareness to your unconscious movements.

What does it mean to be “Aware”?

Awareness, being present, being conscious or staying as the “watcher”, are all pointers to get you to recognize the space in you that is always present as a field of awake awareness. The invitation is for you to rest as this space of awareness and allow yourself to “watch” the workings of your body/mind – the way you would watch a movie being played out in a theatre. Awareness is in its pure sense is to be aware without identification, you can call it a state of “impersonal” watching. As the light of awareness grows in you, it becomes easier for you to see through deeply embedded structures of conflict and negativity in you.

Awareness is silent intelligence; it’s unlike the noisy, argumentative, conditioned, mechanical intelligence of the human mind. Anything you bring awareness to, is touched by this silent intelligence, which creates the opening for a real, lasting, transformation in your state of being. As long as you are trying to solve/sort out your life using the conditioned intelligence of the mind, you will keep going in circles, without any real transformation taking place.

All the guidance you need arises out of awareness

Instead of chasing knowledge, techniques or solutions in the outer reality, if you work towards deepening your presence/awareness, you will see a deeper wisdom operating in your life. This wisdom can guide you towards external sources that give you the understanding or knowledge that you need at this moment, or it can create insights within you. It’s very common to feel guided every moment, when you are resting as this space of awareness; it’s a highly intelligent way of moving through life.

When you bring awareness to patterns of negativity in you, like neediness, jealousy, restlessness, anxiety, frustration, lack, powerlessness or depression, you will see these patterns lose their momentum. Real/creative solutions arise from this place of silent awareness, ones that your conditioned mind would never be able to come up with. It’s not possible to dissolve a negative pattern, in you, without bringing in the light of awareness to it – if you simply use your conditioned mind to address a negativity, it will only keep recurring in different faces.

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  1. Pun

    Beautiful. I am lucky to have found you. I thank the universe for guiding me to you. Thank you.

  2. Rose

    This is great information. It’s amazing how I am coming across info like this since I made a decision to stop getting answers from my human conditions.

  3. Aljoscha Laschgari

    Hi Sen,
    thank you very much for the information you provide here! Very help- and insightful!

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