Know Yourself In Your Wholeness

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“You” are everything and the more you understand yourself the more you understand everything and this is what enlightenment is. The starting point is always at a limited understanding of who you are, you see yourself through a very narrow perspective as a “body” that has a name and a gender, that has a race and a family, that has some educational qualifications, that has some roles etc, but at a certain point you may feel the need to have a deeper understanding of who you really are, the need to understand this world better, to know what’s really going on, to know how to live a better life, to know the purpose of this existence. This longing for a deeper knowing is what enables a human mind to become a mirror through which consciousness can know itself fully and thus experience this physicality, in a wholistic manner, through the lens of this knowing.

Waking up to the truth of who you are

Who you really are is the space of energy that is everything – there is no start or end to this energy, just like there is no start or end to silence. The forms that this energy takes condense into being and dissolve back to formlessness, we call it the birth and death of forms. But this energy essentially is unharmed or unaltered, it’s invincible and eternal, in a sense it just keeps recycling into new forms. The moment I refer to this energy as “it”, the human mind looks at this energy as being separate from itself, but the truth is that there is no separation, everything is this energy. To really wake up to this truth is the start of enlightenment in a human being.

Once you know yourself as this energy (you can call it anything you want – spirit, consciousness, being, God, Brahman), there needs to be a curiosity to really know the characteristics of this energy. It’s one thing to read spiritual literature that praise and deify this energy and it’s a totally different knowing to really sense the characteristics of this energy in yourself in a very scientific manner. I keep inferring that this energy is “pure positive”, but you will need to experience what that really means for yourself or else it would just be a concept or a belief, and I wouldn’t want you to live through beliefs when you can live through real knowing.

One way to experience, and know, the pure positive nature of this energy is to use thoughts to verify which vibration matches it – you will notice that a thought of fear or hate causes a bad feeling which is simply a physical sensation of disconnection with your wholeness, whereas a thought of love or well-being causes a good feeling which basically means that you are aligned with your wholeness in that moment. The fact that thoughts of love, joy, well-being, abundance and peace create a good feeling in the body, shows that this energy is aligned with such thoughts, implying that this energy is “pure positive”. Such a scientific verification ensures that the mind has no doubt about it anymore, beliefs can be doubted but a knowing is concrete.

Get enlightened about the process of creation

Another aspect you need to know about who you are is your potential as a creator. It’s only natural to want to know how creation really works, to know how this world came into being and what’s really keep this creation in place. This where you start understanding that this energy that you are is not just a “dumb” energy, but a thinking energy and its thoughts of creation are the base of the physical creation that you call the universe.

A deeper question would then be – how does thought manifest as physical creation? Understanding the law of attraction starts giving you a perspective on how a thought attracts onto itself (when given attention) to form a physical reality. You also understand how positive thoughts align with your wholeness and thus receive the undivided attention of the wholeness of you causing a swift manifestation, while negative thoughts misalign with the vibration of your wholeness and require chronic attention from the “human mind” in order to manifest. You understand how easily you can align with well-being once you align with positive thinking, and realize that life is a stream of well-being with no negativity in it and all the negativity originates purely in the negative thinking of the mind.

Your understanding of your physicality, of your wholeness, of your creative potential, keeps growing deeper and deeper as your awareness touches all aspects within you. You realize that your external reality was just a reflection of the mind, of the thoughts in the mind – be it your human mind or the mind of the wholeness of who you are. The clearer you are in your understanding of this energy, that you essentially are, the less influenced you are by negativity and the easier it is for you to let go of limiting thoughts. Every time a negative thought arises in you, or a negative situation manifests in your reality, it’s an invitation to allow a deeper awareness, in the light of which a deeper enlightenment/understanding takes place. This deeper understanding, in turn, dissolves the negativity in the mind (and thus the aspect of negativity in your external reality).

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  1. Anonymus

    I always thought and feel, ‘body’ and ‘I’ are two seperate things. ‘I’ can be spirit, soul, or consciousness. Is there a dualism between body and .

    Thank you.

    1. Sen Post author

      This space of energy manifests as different forms through its vibrational nature. All forms are in essence just vibrating energy. The human body is one such form, in fact the term “body” refers to a conglomeration of billions of cells. If you break down the cells you will eventually see that there is just energy vibrating. This space of energy is all there is. This energy is “aware” and intelligent, and all forms come from the intention in this energy. The human form is also creation of this energy, in the space of this energy and is made up of this energy, there is no separation whatsoever, boundaries are just interpreted in the human mind. The human mind has the capacity to have thoughts of its own based on its physical nature and hence it acts as a co-creator in the space of this energy. You can call this energy as spirit, soul, consciousness, one being or simply “aware energy”.

      The idea of “I” arises in the human mind. The human mind uses “I” to reference itself and it creates a ego structure through this reference. This ego structure allows it to function in a meaningful way in this physical realm. Even when you use the statement “I thought body and ‘i” are seperate things”, it’s just an idea in the mind, a thought or a perception. All these questions arise in the human mind and all the pointers are for the mind to realize the truth of its creation, to see that in essence everything is just one space of energy.

  2. Durrat

    How do one empty their mind if they have so many thoughts together in it ? I mean how to sort those thoughts which is relevently for physical neeeds mental needs and spiritual needs thts make confusions

    1. Sen Post author

      Durrant, when the mind has a high momentum, everything feels overwhelming. The first step is to reduce the momentum of the mind. The mind keeps getting amplified when you are focused on it, even when you try to sort out thoughts you are directly focused on the mind and hence fueling its momentum. The deal is start “letting go” of the mind and just resting as a space of relaxed being for a while until your mind’s momentum can start coming down, you can read this post – ebbing away the mind’s momentum

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