A Constant Self-Growth

Posted on by Sen.

In order to experience the manifestation of certain desired realities, it becomes imperative that we grow from within and be a different/better, or a more mature, person as a whole. Some desired realities just cannot manifest unless there is a deep change/growth in the mindset of the person involved, and thus what manifests is not just a physical reality but also a more expanded or new version of the human being. Your desires are pathways for your growth, and if you allow yourself to be “transformed” from within to be a match to your desired realities, you will experience a constant influx of success/abundance into your life in every form possible. It’s the resistance to inner growth that keeps people stuck in undesired realities for too long – a person who is willing to be transformed constantly is in tune with the dynamic nature of his/her life stream.

Don’t be the same person you were the day before

Each day affords the opportunity for new insights, new knowing, new understanding and a deeper letting go of resistance patterns within us towards our desired reality. You will notice that you are becoming a new person everyday, when you get in tune with the flow of your life stream – when you allow yourself to be pulled along by the force of attraction created by your desires (thoughts of creation) which basically creates the movement of your life stream. When you allow yourself to go with this flow, you will automatically feel an inner transformation taking place in you each day because it’s part of the process of “creation”/manifestation to re-programme your mindset/human-consciousness to match the reality that is to unfold.

In one sense, you don’t have to make an “effort” at trying to change yourself – because this never works too well. Any effort that you make towards changing yourself always comes from a vibration of hatred towards your present self, and hence is counter-productive to bringing a real positive transformation. Moreover, all effort stems from the human mind – and a mind that is fixated on old patterns of thinking does not have the intelligence to create the new patterns of thinking that are needed for a true self-growth. The mind cannot transform the mind, because the creator the problem does not have the resource to bring the solution. Transformation happens automatically when you allow an intelligence deeper than the human mind to operate – the intelligence of the “wholeness” of who you are, your inner being or the non-physical consciousness part of you (the labels don’t matter, as long as you understand that they point to a realm deeper than the calculating human mind).

Life transforms you automatically when you let go

You literally just need to “let go” of holding onto the old strategies/beliefs of the mind, and you will be in a place of surrender to the movement of your life stream which actually starts transforming your mindset as a process towards manifestation of your desired reality. There is a strong force of life energy wanting to transform your human consciousness to meet the expanded version of you that has been created owing to your desires – let’s take a simple, real-life, example: you might desire to start a business of your own, and this desired reality requires a different mindset/maturity in you, so life (rather your “inner being” or non-physical consciousness part of you) creates a new version of you in its “thought”, gives attention to it and thus creates a force of “attraction” which in turn pulls you towards this new version of you. All you need to do is let go of resisting this “pull” of life and it will transform you automatically through its movement.

An inner transformation, a healing, a growth, an expansion, takes place within you automatically when you stay surrendered to this pull of life. It’s a very “physical” thing to do, and I sometimes refer to it as staying as a space of “relaxed awareness” – it’s a pointer to being in a state of open surrender to the movement of energy inside you, which is nothing but the movement of your life stream towards your desired reality. When you are surrendered to this movement of energy in you, there will be inspirations, ideas, insights and guidance coming to you from within and without, which will cause an inner transformation of your mindset as a whole. Right actions will flow through from this new mindset and will become the channel through which your desired reality becomes a physical manifestation.

You will be amazed at how the momentum of negativity in you keeps ebbing away when you stay in this space of open surrender to the movement of energy within you. It may feel unpleasant sometimes to be surrendered when the mind is spewing a lot of fear-based thoughts, but if you just trust in the power of your life-stream, and understand the scientific “mechanics” of what is taking place in you, it will be easy to continue to stay in a relaxed “let go” even in the midst of intense agitation of the mind. This letting go is the quickest way to allow a positive inner transformation to take place, and you will know how powerful this practice is when you start seeing positive changes/maturity in your mindset/personality without any effort on your part.

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