How to Connect With Your Inner Power?

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Love in the absence of power becomes dysfunctional as does power in the absence of love. It’s just that a person who is imbalanced towards the nature of love is usually seen as the “victim” while a person who is imbalanced towards power is seen as a cold-hearted jerk or something evil – they are […]

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  1. Waltz

    I have reasons to believe that what is required of me in this moment is a deeper connection with inner power.
    I guess I have been misunderstanding the pointer of allowing until now as some form of passivity, love, and inaction, and I am almost sure that that’s not what I need to do now. People often talk about thing like “surrender to the nothingness”, and these things that seems to lead to some sort of passive non-resistance to everything, but it doesn’t reasonate, at least now.
    What is been working for me is taking, well, a “powerful” instance, that has nothing to do with surrendering. For example, I have always been powerless towards the oposite sex; I have relatively no problem talking with ordinary girls, but when there is one I like I start obsessing about her and totally blow things out of proportions, making things unnecessary difficult. I begin having problems talking to her, can’t stop thinking about her, and the mere thought of seeing her talking to other guy makes me cringe. Basically, she gain power over me.
    Lately I’ve been working on letting these thoughts cross my mind while I maintain an attitude of not being totally helpless to their influence, like I did all my life. It’s not some sort of passive non resistance, it’s an attitude of letting the thought be knowing that it won’t kill me by it’s mere presence. It’s not so bad when I allow a thought maintaining this attitude, but I more often than not still give up and start obsessing and cringing.

    I remember some guy saying that allowing has two sides, one is the “feminine”, where you can simple let things pass without any resistance, like a form of passive surrendering. And there’s also the masculine side, where you have to take action to not be influenced by the thoughts. Like, I often have to consciously think about the thought so I can work on developing a freedom from it, if I simply sit and let the mind wander, things don’t work.

    As someone who has been powerless his entire life and just now is beggining to realize it, I think I’m on the right path, but can I be wrong?

  2. James


    I wish you gave more examples of how the allowing is done by specific examples. For example, I feel very attracted to this girl, and as I constantly think about her. I have become imprisoned to this idea of her and daydream about her very much. I also relate to your examples of being powerless in social interactions and financial issues. However, regarding my attraction to this girl, whenever I am reading, driving, etc I am thinking about her, but in terms of allowing, if I allow it, I am just going to get caught up in my daydreaming and my allowing leads to more daydreaming. If I try watching my thoughts, I realize what is happening and kind of snap out of it for a few seconds but then within a few seconds I am back at my daydreaming. Now, this is driving me nuts. I am really going crazy. I do not get what you mean by allowing. How do you let a thought come in your mind and you just allow it? For me when I allow it, I end up feeding it either by creating depressing stories about my lack, anxiety, attraction or by daydreaming about it more. Secondly, these thoughts come into my mind whenever want them the least, like when I need to focus or study but whenever I sit down just you like you say to allow these thoughts come put, nothing comes up in my mind. My brain becomes a thoughtless, but as soon as I try to do something, every is back on stage. This is really frustrating bc as I am studying there is always that internal negative voice or the story of my daydreaming that keeps running in the background distracting me of what I need to do. HOURS go by and I am just staring at my paper not getting anything done, and that brings me down a lot bc I am just throwing my life in trashcan. While I can be doing so much with my time, but I am instead lost in my own mind. This has been happening for a long time, a few years, or a few years that I have noticed this, and looking back, how this habit is eating my life away. I could have done so much with my life if I had used that time doing some positive and productive. At this point, I have really hit a brick wall. I have been trying to this for the past 2-3 years, but I have been unsuccessful, and my pattern of thinking has become so vicious, song and routine that I feel like I can never change it. Any advice that can shed some light into my mind is appreciated beyond measure. Plz.

    Thank you in advance.

  3. Seeker

    The more I read this , I realise how profound this article is. In this space you have described how to come to power wrt to love. It might be a good idea to expand on other areas as well, as mentioned by you, work, mind relationships, life in general etc.

  4. Hi

    Hi, this help me restore my faith. I am feeling better now. Thank you very much 🙂

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