What Is The Truth Of Who I Am

Posted on by Sen.

When you know who you really are, you will have the answers to all the questions because ultimately your “truth” is what reflects through everything. So who are you? In simple words you are the “one thing” which is everything. I call this “one thing” as “consciousness” because its very nature is to be conscious, or aware, all the time.

One consciousness manifesting as many forms

This one consciousness is like a infinite space and it’s eternally present. This consciousness takes various physical and non-physical forms in order to “know” itself, through these forms. Everything is this consciousness, so everything is “one”, so we are all the same thing – this is “oneness”. This body, other bodies, animate and inanimate things, are all different forms that this “one” consciousness has taken.

Who you are is a “vibrational” being

This consciousness that you are has a “vibrational” nature. In its natural state it vibrates as pure “positive”. When we talk about love, joy or peace – these are just feelings that represent the natural vibration of consciousness. So who you are is naturally joyful, loving and at peace. However, the mind has the capacity to produce “negative” thoughts through “interpretations” of reality. These “negative” thoughts are also consciousness, but they are vibrating a lower frequency, experienced as fear, hatred and unrest. So fear is just consciousness vibrating at a lower frequency, or an unnatural frequency. When you release fear, you come back to your natural frequency of love.

What is karma in relation to consciousness?

Karma is simply “creation”, what you are creating. Negative vibration attracts more negative vibration, positive vibration attracts more positive vibration. So if you are carrying a lot of negative vibrations within you, you are creating a negative external reality for yourself. And until you release these negative vibrations, you will not be able to change the negativity of your reality. It’s possible to live this whole life without negativity, by staying true to your natural vibration of love, joy and peace. When you align with joy, you align with the movement of universal consciousness.

Who is guiding me from within? Are there angels around?

Since consciousness is all that exists, everything is just different forms it takes. You can use different terms to talk about different forms that this consciousness takes, but ultimately you must understand that it’s all you. What you call “angel” is just non-physical consciousness which is always in aid to the physical consciousness (like your body). You are the physical and the non-physical at the same time.

The one who gives you answers during meditation is also you, it’s also consciousness, the non-physical part of you. Consciousness has the capacity to think, and the brain translates these thoughts into language and interprets it. The brain also has the capacity to create thoughts based on its programming, memories and conditioning. The brain is wired for “humanness” and all qualities of humanness comes from this part of you – emotions, drives, desires and “human” thoughts arise from the mind (which is basically brain intelligence).

What’s a soulmate?

Everyone is your soulmate, but your body-mind will find a deeper connection with another body-mind which matches your “physical” conditioning and preferences – so he/she will feel like a soulmate to you for a time being. Ultimately you must realize your deeper connectedness with everything, because it’s all you, and also respect your preferences as a “human” being with unique conditioning. Your “Somethingness” and “Everythingness” is ultimately the dance of existence.

What is time with respect to consciousness?

Time was created by human beings to make its practical and convenient to deal with reality. The usage of time has many practical applications. We base time on the rising and setting of the sun, and revolutions of this planet around sun. Time is measured in terms of “ticks” of a clock nowadays, in olden days it was the sundial or some other contraption. The point is that time is just a man made “practical” value metric.

Life, or pure consciousness, is eternal, it’s timeless and it stays the same in nature. Consciousness takes forms, like your body, that takes birth and ultimately dissolves, or dies, one can measure the existence of that form in terms of a metric called “time”. Even while taking forms, most part of consciousness remains formless, in its pure vibration, and ultimately all forms return back to formless pure vibration (only to go into new forms again). This is the cycle of life, it’s eternal, its a play of consciousness to know itself and to express itself.

Your physical mind co-creates realities

Consciousness loves taking form, it loves creating and expressing itself through its creations. The human mind is a unique vehicle through which consciousness creates unique realities. Every thought in your mind has the potential to get created into a physical reality. Positive thoughts create a positive reality, negative thoughts create a negative reality. The good news is that positive thoughts are supported by life (pure consciousness part of you) because its vibration is pure positive. Negative thoughts are not supported by life, but can be created into realities, if you give constant attention to it. Life nevers supports you in a negative thoughts, that’s why negative thoughts feel like a pull away from your nature.

All this is scientific, it’s all physics, its all explanation about who you are ultimately. You are the only reality.

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  1. Orlando

    Sen, do you still live from this perspective these days?

    1. Sen Post author

      Orlando, I feel that my understanding of life is more well-rounded now than it was during the older posts (the ones of 2011), for example I have a deeper perspective on karma and soul-mates than what I mentioned in this post. However, as I always mention, the base of inner freedom is not about understanding aspects of life but about understanding the state of allowing/openness.

  2. Nicholas

    Hi Sen,
    You mentioned in the above comment you now have a deeper perspective on “soul mates,” would you mind sharing this?
    I read somewhere that once you find your soul mate you are with he/she for eternity. This freaked me out. I can’t imagine being with anyone for eternity, in fact, just the word eternity scares me.
    Any insight would be great.

  3. I

    I do understand that our attachment with identity is at the very source of all the human suffering.. We need to dwell in our being and be with I am and our identity is a structure that was assisting for our overall development of mind, body and spirit.. as we are growing up.. as a child to adult.. because it was formed only to make us familiar with thing that we were not aware of when we came into this world

    And when identity matures completely it starts to dissolve .The dissolution part is quite challenging, as here completely evolved mind, ego & body fights the dissolution..

    My identity has been suffering, fighting hard to survive..and there is no way out.. but to let go.. and it feels terrible..

    It’s important to restore identity back in its original (innocent) form, is it? ( after the whole baggage of egoistic sense is removed)

    Without essence of identity, life feels plane .. like food without salt.

    1. Align

      Check this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNbgW4y3Mj8

      Much resonates with this post here, yet mind is the only one that fights the residual’s of what is reaming. sometimes it blames, judges, hurts and creates lots of fear. I am scared it would destroy the beauty of life. Yet I have strong faith that, there is something more powerful that operates beyond what our mind can see.

      I realize one thing, when we say ‘allow’ ( it feels like, let me allow it so that I can be free of it ) but life is not free of any of this emotions (or) Feeling .. etc.. Instead its important to “ALIGN” with what you feel… and things will start falling in its right place.

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