Reducing Mind Momentum is the Key

Posted on by Sen.

The problem is that anything can be used by the mind to hike its activity even more, for example, when there are teachings about “ego” in spiritual circles, the mind hooks on to the teachings and goes about trying to get rid of the ego, making this into a new obsession. When there is a teaching about bringing awareness, the mind can start obsessing about awareness. When there is a pointer given to let go of negativity, the mind can make that into another way of beating itself up for being negative. It doesn’t matter what solution/pointer/guidance is presented to the mind, it finds a way of convoluting it. This is the reason why the pre-requisite for alignment is to first reduce your mind momentum. And to reduce mind momentum takes time, which you need to invest, if you want results. It also takes a commitment, and a scientific understanding of what you are doing, so that you don’t end up falling for your mind’s tricks to get you hooked back into it.

Always remember, that in the midst of all the pointers, the key pointer is – reduce your mind momentum first, everything else is next. In fact, if you reduce your mind momentum, you become resistance-free enough to allowing the well-being of your life-stream, hence everything falls into a harmony on its own. If you have a hundred questions about life, if you are confused about where you are heading, if you feel meaningless, if you are depressed by global suffering, if you are dealing with obsessive thoughts or dealing with panic attacks and anxiety – all of these find a solution after your mind momentum is reduced. Without a high momentum in the mind, you would not be tormented by its movement – this allows you the space to be open to solutions for a better life, while also causing the dissolution of symptoms like obsessive thinking, panic attacks and anxiety.

One solution for all problems

It’s easy to see that all the problematic life situations, and psychological suffering, find their root in one problem – “high mind momentum”. Of course, the mind momentum is fueled by the accumulated negative energy in the body, and a big part of reducing the mind momentum is to release the negative energy store-up in your body. Each of us is different in the load of negative energy that we inherited, and the load that we accumulated through our unconscious living – and the time it takes for the release would depend on the load you are presently carrying. There is no use “complaining” about what were the reasons for you to accumulate negativity – may be you had a bad childhood, possibly you had a negative environment, may be you inherited a good amount of negativity from your gene pool and may be you had all the wrong influences in your life, it really doesn’t matter – the question is are you willing to release the negativity now? Are you willing to commit to it 100%, because a lot of us gain our identities from our negativity and are not really willing to let go of it – pathetic as it may sound.

To reduce your mind momentum is the solution to all your psychological suffering, and the solution to you aligning with a congruent reality. It’s only your mind momentum that creates resistance to allowing the free flow of well-being into your reality. It’s not about making the mind fully positive (because that’s never going to happen), but about reducing the mind momentum to the point that it has no intensity to influence your being. People who go on the futile journey to make their mind fully positive, live a life of constant struggle against the inevitable.

Then there are people who go on an endless journey to “kill” their ego, which again is another futile effort where the mind tries new tricks to become more noble, which is just a new form of ego. Once your mind momentum is reduced, you don’t even have to bother with the ego because it’s no longer a strong force in your life. The ego force is directly proportional to the mind force, because ego is the mind’s “me” thought. So once mind momentum is reduced (when it comes to it normal state or natural state), you are not pulled around by the negativity of the ego force, plus you don’t have to pretend to be some “spiritual personality”, you can just be yourself fully and fearlessly. You just come to your natural way of being without being influenced by the grip of fear/negativity in the mind, leading a life of expressing your true potential and attracting a reality congruent with you.

Understanding the process of reducing mind momentum

It took me a while to figure out that the root cause of all psychological suffering was a high mind momentum. I was inundated by a lot of teachings on killing the ego, realizing oneness, using law of attraction, balancing the chakras, various meditations, various philosophies, which can overload the mind with a lot of “spiritual stuffing” and metaphysical bent. It’s easy to get lost in this maze of teachings, while using the mind to execute them. The mind obviously stays entertained and busy in its pursuit, and there is nothing more engrossing than spiritual studies, mystical/spiritual experiences (through the various meditations or drugs, whatever floats your boat) and metaphysical philosophies – it’s endless, and it all just becomes a new form of entertainment without solving the problem, which is to be free of psychological suffering and come to a balance/alignment. Most of it can just end up giving you a spiritual ego, making you into a hermit, a recluse or a drop out, who uses “escapism” as a way of dealing with life.

When nothing really works is when you figure out the futility of trying to solve the mind with the mind. Now you become receptive to the idea of letting go of the mind, and of course the mind can take up this idea also and make a hash of it. So it’s important to have a clearer understanding of this process, so you don’t end up getting stuck in the limbo for long. Below I’ve listed a few pointers that can assist you in gaining a clearer perspective on reducing your mind momentum, and also clarify some questions that are frequently asked in the comments.

It takes time – You need to get this very clearly – “it will take time”. We live in a world of instant coffee, and have grown into the attitude of instant gratification, and hence we bring the same attitude to everything including this process of reducing mind momentum. But it’s important to realize that it has taken years of unconscious attention for your mind to have gathered the present amount of momentum, plus a huge load of accumulated negativity, and to release it is going to take time. When you really start opening up to the release, it can take a few months to have a sense of some inner stability, and you then need to use this inner stability to move through the rest of the release. It’s a journey, it takes time to come to the other end of moving through the layers of negativity that get released, and of course it’s going to be really challenging, sometimes, to ride through an intense release – but there is no bypass or shortcut to this.

Once you become allowing, the process goes on auto-mode – Once you consciously start allowing the negativity to arise, by staying as an open/relaxed awareness (which just means staying allowing of what arises), it will just a take a couple of cycles of conscious release before this process goes on auto-mode, and the release starts happening very freely, and of course more intensely. It’s like initially you just create an opening in the dam, and once the water starts gushing out, it breaks through the barriers on its own. After that you don’t have to “do” anything, it just takes you in its flow. If you are asking – “is it okay if I get pulled in by the mind momentum and negativity, when its intense”, of course it’s okay, and it’s natural, stop worrying about it. Once you’ve started the release going, it finishes out on its own, nothing you do is going to stop it until its empties out – so don’t worry about “regressing”, and don’t worry about if you are doing it right.

Growing in awareness, and then letting go – It’s a straight forward deal – “wake up from the mind, and then let go of its pull”, but execution takes time because of the high mind momentum you may have. Waking up from the mind is accomplished when you start becoming aware of your own mind. Awareness practices like watching the mind (as a detached observer) or even some meditative practices are ways through which you grow in awareness. When you start growing in awareness you are bound to feel the negativity more strongly, it’s like bringing a light into a dark store room, which makes all the objects, hidden there, visible. Don’t get too flabbergasted by all the negativity that you see in your mind, within you and outside you, it’s just that your awareness is now strong, and hence everything is seen very clearly. Once you sense your awareness is strong enough, where you feel that you have some freedom from your mind’s pull, it’s time to just let go into a total allowing – like just letting be, that’s the best way I can explain this state.

This total allowing is what really causes the release, of your accumulated negative energy, to start. And once you go through a couple of releases it totally goes into an “auto mode”, and it will only stop when it empties out completely. You just feel like there is no control, the release just keeps happening on its own, in layers, in phases – like a detox cycle. Over-analysing this release is of no use, but you can enjoy this release, in a way, if you don’t keep worrying about, if you just stay open to it. If you keep getting impatient and frustrated, it just makes your experience bad, that’s all, it doesn’t stop the release. There will be periods of real bliss when each cycle of release gets over, but soon a new cycle will start, and this goes on until the release is done with. If you don’t cling to the bliss you will not be too upset when the next cycle starts. Eventually when the release is done with, you come to a stable, unchanging, inner wholeness.

The reduction in mind momentum happens in sync with the release, because it’s basically your accumulated negative energy that gives the fuel for mind momentum. As the accumulated energy gets released the mind momentum also ebbs away.

You won’t be fully efficient during this phase – To reduce the mind momentum requires an investment in time, a small space where you would just need to give priority to yourself and to this process. A lot of people try to force themselves to be overly functional during this release, which just exhausts them even more and leaves them feeling depressed. Remember that this is a “detox phase”, and if you’ve ever gone through a detox to be free of some addiction (like smoking) you will understand that it’s not a phase when you are at your peak functionality. However once the detox is done with, you have a high energy and you are at a high vibrational stand point. So, during the detox, be allowing of the fact that you will not be at the highest of your efficiency or functionality. This doesn’t mean that nothing will get done, whatever is needed will get done – it’s just that you should avoid over-straining yourself, and spend more time in rest, allowing the body to recuperate from the intense release that happens.

This why it’s important to make a commitment towards this process, where you give it a priority above everything else. If the mind says “but what about my bills?”, know that whatever is needed will be taken care of, anyone going through this process would attest that they feel taken care of by life, even if the mind feels uncertain. In a way, when you go through this process you are in the lap of life, and it will ensure that you find the least disturbance towards fully engaging with this process.

You may feel the desire to be alone – It’s very natural during this phase to desire to spend time with yourself. In this society where spending time alone is looked upon in horror, it can be difficult to convince your friends, family or spouse to allow you some space to yourself. But eventually it’s a choice you need to make, especially when there is a strong urge in you to just be with yourself.

Old realities can come crumbling down – Depending on how disconnected your reality was, the elements of your reality that are not congruent with your true nature will all start moving away from your presence. It takes a lot of trust in the process to see through this dissolution in your external reality, but once you understand that what’s dissolving are elements that were never congruent with you, you know that it’s not a loss rather it’s a “clearing up”. Elements in your reality that are congruent with you, will stay back. So in that sense this process is a test of how disconnected your reality really was, and which elements are congruent with you and which ones were just toxic or misaligned.

You may feel alone, weathering this dissolution, and it’s again a part of this process, to help unearth all your hidden fears (mostly about being on your own) so that they can be released. Actually everything you fear comes up in you, if you avoid it, things just happen in a manner that cause these fears to come up – it’s all part of the detox, there is no hiding. All your negativity comes up, there is nothing that you can avoid, if there is negativity in you it will come up to be released, there is no getting away from it. Adyashanti, an American teacher, put it accurately when he said something like this (though using poetic terms) – “At the start you are chasing the divine, but at one point the divine starts chasing you, and that’s when you feel like the hunted”. You may see events getting orchestrated that seem to bring up all your suppressed negativity, and all your fears. This is necessary so that you can empty out of the negativity, and transcend the fear. I am being very “literal” when I say that you will become 100% fearless towards the end of this process – for this to happen, you will end up facing all your fears, and the ones you avoid, life will orchestrate events in a manner that cause you to face it – but rest assured none of these orchestrations defect/harm your well-being in any real sense, it’s all done very intelligently.

It can feel a little disorienting to know that there would be no escape from facing all your negativity – it’s no longer just an “casual” pre-occupation, it becomes a real deal. At one point, I started looking forward to seeing what situations will come up to make me face the fears or negativity within, because I could see it was just a process of “growth” and no real harm was intended in any way – there is even a term for this in spirituality called “fierce grace” where it’s no longer about tenderness, but about putting you through a situation that makes you face up to all the fears you were avoiding. That’s why the pointer is to not cling to bliss while this process is on, it’s much easier when you are prepared for the release of negativity than hoping for the periods of bliss. Permanent wholeness comes towards the end of this process, where you feel totally free of the grip of negativity/fear of the mind.

You will be well taken care of – If there is one thing I noticed clearly during this process is the amazing intelligence of life to take care of arranging for whatever it is that needs to get done. You just feel like you are in the presence of a strong force of intelligence, which knows what it’s doing – even though the mind has a hard time facing all the uncertainty. Some solutions can come at the last minute, but they do come, and the fear that the mind feels while waiting for the solution is part of the detox, to transcend the fear. It’s a transition process where realities that were supported by the negativity in your mind, and body, start coming down and new realities aligned with your natural expression start taking shape – transition is never a comfortable deal, because the mind has a hard time dealing with change, but all along you will sense a grace being present, even when you are not trusting of it.

Look to enjoy the process – There are two ways in which you can make this journey of releasing your negativity, you can either enjoy the process or hate it. Either ways, once the release starts happening, it only rests when its fully done with. You have the choice of enjoying this process or complaining about it. When I say enjoy, I don’t mean you will be blissed out all the time, it just means to enjoy the release as it happens even when it’s intensely negative – we do enjoy roller coasters even if it creates stark fear in our body, right? When you start enjoying this process the release happens much faster, and more intensely, because now you are more open to it – the benefit is that the process gets done with more quickly. Allow all the fears that come up, allow all the negativity that arises, don’t try to suppress it, don’t avoid it, don’t over-analyse it, and this process will get done in the shortest time possible for you (depending on the load) – it’s all about allowing, this allowing is what makes you spacious within.

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  1. Deniz

    This post open a little window in me again. Thank you.

  2. rossana

    Sen thank you so so much for all of this i am truly appreciative

  3. Sasha

    Hi Sen,

    I feel like this. When I first started reading your posts, I felt a great deal of fear over one thing, and it probably wasn’t that one thing I was scared of; it was perhaps all the underlying problems that I have accumulated over the years. Also, when I actually started to watch my thoughts, I was hard at first, but I did get to a state where I had stability inside and slowed down my minds momentum; I was no longer looking for the thoughts because I watched them without being attached. However, I do think I have now got to a place again where I have been forced to deal with my negetivity/fears and I did think it was me regressing, but it isn’t, I just see it’s another phase of allowing the suppressed negvity to be released. It even feels so, because even though I have the negativity of the mind, I do not feel it in my body as I did before.

    I just really wanted to say thank you.

  4. abet

    Sen once all this negativity is emptied then what< is it possible for us to again accumulate negative energy? or does this process only happen one time?

    1. Sen Post author

      Abet, it doesn’t because there is awareness now. The only time negativity gets created is when one is unconsciously (or ignorantly) identified with it. Also as you keep releasing the resistance/negativity in your energy space, you become more and more aligned with the pull of your life-force (which is pure positive, or rooted in wholeness), which ultimately means that you are no longer a match to negative energy.

  5. Arpit

    Hi Sen,

    Would like to thank you for the wonderful insights in your post. Around 6-7 months back, i came across your blog site and have been a regular reader since then. At that time, my had completely overtaken me, due to a few career and relationship failures, and too much mind momentum, i was just getting more frustrated and going nowhere.

    But your blogs have helped me recover and after allowing my mind momentum to reduce considerably and letting go of things not under my control, things have improved in most areas.

    But during this period, i became more and more solitary both at work and personal level. Now, i feel am ready to be back, but somehow i feel insecure in social circles. How others are faring in their professional life, personal life, brings thought that i have kind of lost it during the period when i preferred to self focus, though i realize that its actually not that bad. Any thoughts on how to let go of such feelings which are inhibiting me from becoming socially active again?

    1. Sen Post author

      Arpit, you will naturally sense an inspiration towards a more active engagement with the outside, and you will also sense a deeper inspiration towards your natural expression. You don’t have to force anything on yourself, if you stay allowing the inspiration will come through. Also, if you sense fears coming up regarding social interaction, just stay allowing of them so that they can arise in your awareness, they will slowly lose their hold on you as you bring awareness to them.

  6. Sugar

    Hi Sen!

    I really loved reading this because right now I’m in a struggle with my fears. I’ve been running away from them. The problem is, I’m trying manifest something right now, and my fears are directly related to them NOT manifesting.

    When you say you have to face your fears, does that mean I have to face what I want not manifesting? Or I have to experience all these unwanted events? Or do you just mean I need to watch my thoughts?

    I’m a bit confused!

    1. Sen Post author

      Anything you fear, you fuel it through your fear of it – and you can’t bluff the mind. So if you fear something, it will continue to come up in your mind as an influence on you. The deal is see what it is that you fear (like the fear of not having the object/relationship that you want to manifest), and allow yourself to experience that fear fully. For example, if you fear loneliness and you want to manifest a relationship to be free of the loneliness, you will need to be free of the fear of loneliness because you become resistance free to allowing the relationship more smoothly. You can do this by allowing this fear of loneliness to come up in you, and experience its presence in your being – till you are no longer afraid of it, when you are not afraid of loneliness, this fear will lose its hold and momentum, and thus you will be free of its resistance.

  7. Ehsan Mehrabi

    Hi Sen,

    thank you for this great article. At the point where i didnt know what was going on, you cleared it up for me. I still have a story to tell you of what happened and is happening to me and maybe you can give suggestions.

    After reading your series of article – the one that was several parts- i decided to “let go” and allow life flow to take control. I was lying on my bed, and i completly let go allowing everything (thoughts, feelings, emotions, energies etc) to just happen without resistance. As i witnessed it in silence, I felt that there was a “battle” going on inside me. One force bringing negativity to me and another that was “fighting” it or taming it; kind of what you described above. The next day, i felt like the mind had gained momentum, and even more today. And the “side” that was “protecting” me the other night or was taming the mind is showing me negative perceptions. Is it possible that the force (life flow) is created by the mind; just not in the method of thought? Because im kind of stuck, believing that the mind and that force is the same, and whatever my being is; it lyes in between. Should I let go of both, meaning allowing both to happen and i just stay silent, forget, move on, and be in the present moment? Am i suppressing it by doing this or am i on the right path? Am i to pick a side, meaning desire one side over the other? Its like the more intense it becomes the more i find myself in a sense that i am everything, but nothing.

    Thanks Sen

    1. Sen Post author

      Ehsan, if you just stay in a space of allowing without struggling to figure out how to react, you will sense a clarity coming on its own. Staying in this space of allowing, causes a harmony to start coming in. But it does take some time before you can sense this harmony setting in, for a while you will just need to allow this inner conflict without trying to figure it out. In this space of allowing, you become open to your life-stream’s intelligence to touch the conflicts in you and bring a resolution to it.

  8. sudheer

    This is a nice post gives me lot of wisom. In the whole scenario of what you are saying, can you let me know what is positive thoughts and what is negative thoughts. How can I know what I think is negative or positive

    1. Sen Post author

      Sudheer, basically any thought that creates a resistance in you is a negative thought, the deal however is not to avoid the negative thoughts rather to let go of identification with them, so that they dont get the fuel of your belief/identification and hence can ebb away in their force.

  9. elizadoalot

    Your blog is really helpful. I am at the stage where I need to release negative energy. I have sone a lot of work and thought I had mad some great progress…now all this negativity is coming up. I am seeing more and more reality of myself…and when you see those things you don’t like it feels quite groundless. As far as releasing the I just sit and listen but not judge, not act. I have complex ptsd from abuse so sometimes it is quite powerful when I get triggered..I see how slowing my mind will help me be less reactive..any more tips on how to release it

  10. renz

    hi sen..first of all i want to thank you in your writings it really help me to awaken myself..i also suffer anxiety/stress after i give birth to my only 22 years old..i really dont know whats going on with myself then i search here in the internet until i saw your blog it really enlighten me..but i have some questions..after i read your post my whole body got intense that im going to have a panic attack..theres a pain at the back of my neck like i have a hypertension,i feel that my heart beat faster when im in intense worry or fear.. i want to know if its come due to awakening? is it a good sign that im starting to give awareness to my negativity and starting to let go of it? im willing to let go of my negativity and following your saying that i should allow all the negativity to arise and dont fuel it stay in relaxed awareness.. i do it in first its hard but when the time past its getting this past few weeks myself got improve a little and i want it to fully achieve until i got to im working and im worry about my health when my back neck gets in pain can you help me about this:(

    1. Sen Post author

      renz, when there is a release of the suppressed negative there can be a few physical symptoms like some aches or pain in certain areas of the body, mostly as the cells adjust to the energy release. You will see these pains getting healed as you continue to stay allowing of the release.

  11. alchemist

    Hello Sen, this is my first time here and I am so thankful to have found your site and this article particularly. I started out at your outofstress blog and found my way here. I really needed to read this today.

    I came to the full realization that I can’t solve my mind with my mind a while ago and have since been going through what seems like constant stream of episodes releasing negativity. Its become quite intense lately and with only a short period of rest between episodes before another starts. It’s been challenging finding my way in all this, not to mention tiring to dedicate all this time and energy for this work especially when I’ve no idea really what I’m doing or what’s actually going on – just knowing that this is what I need to go through at this time. Today, I was praying for a teacher to guide me as I was facing thoughts about my sanity going through all this alone. Your article helped put things into perspective for me and gave me reassurance that I am not alone. Thank you.

  12. Anu

    Dear Sen ji,

    Thanks for beautiful posts. I do follow your posts religiously and want to ensure I thank you for wonderful posts. I am on a journey and my suffering from label “OCD” has already reduced.

    Also, these posts are a reflection that you write from your heart as I do not think it is possible to write something like this from your mind.

    Thanks a lot !!!

  13. ben

    thank u sen
    Sometimes , a negative thought arises in your awareness. U recognize this thought and u would like to allow it but u can get so convinced that a little bit of analysing it can make u feel better. And u get into this cycle of analysis that seems to last forever. What is that. Is it normal to feel this when u are gaining grounds in your awareness? Please reply.

    1. Sen Post author

      Ben, don’t “try” to not analyse, because that’s just another force. If your mind is analyzing a thought, let it do so, and if you feel inclined to be pulled in towards analyzing its thinking allow yourself to do so. The bottom line is your “vibration”, if your vibration is rooted in being fearless, it doesn’t matter if you analyse thoughts or let go of thoughts, and if your vibration is rooted in fear, even if you try to let go of thoughts you are basically fueling it with your fear. In truth the pointer of “relaxed awareness”, just means be relaxed in your being, and to not be fearful of the mind, it’s not a technique it’s just a realization and a recognition of your power, that the mind is not a big deal, its just mind, and you don’t have to live in fear of it.

    2. Ritu

      Sen, your thoughts are wholesome, selfless and life-altering. So many thanks for sharing with us

  14. Moss

    dear sen,

    i want to thank you for your posts, they have been very helpful in my time of need.
    i just had a few questions. im in university and the stress level is very high for me and the thought of failure clouds my mind almost 24/7 to the point where i cant even function or study. when i let the negative thoughts come into my mind and try to let go, i just end up saying to myself that its not a big deal. i know this is a suppressant but i would like further guidance in to truly letting go of fear, stress, worry and anxiety.

    thank you

    1. Sen Post author

      Moss, you may need see more deeply if the course you are doing feels aligned with you, or if you are doing it to meet some external expectation. If something feels like our natural expression, we don’t fear failure at it because we are constantly enjoying the experience of learning. It’s mostly when we are already disconnected with our reality that we fear failure because we find it difficult to sustain such a reality.

  15. MB

    I feel like I’m in a “mid” phase. I have been reading your articles for almost 4 months. I have been allowing negative emotions to come up and I have experienced them through my whole body. Sometimes for weeks and somtimes for just 30 minutes. It’s been though. I feel like I’m in a place where I can let go now more easily. The negative emotions and feelings just come up and I feel like I can allow them more in. And I also let go. Even my PMS that I have been struggling since I was 14 was very mild this time. I’m not scared of being alone as I used to be and I’m more calm and content. I have been meditation for 8 years and been in therapy for 2 1/2 because I needed to change a relationship pattern. I stopped meditating after I started reading your articles and I have been watching my emotions instead and letting them go.

    I do have some days when I feel depressed, but it’s very mild. And it dissapears easily. And I am more content. Will those days I feel depressed go away eventually since I am allowing them in and letting go?Or will I always have days where my mood will be bad?

    Lately I have been having a desire to exercise a lot. I feel really good afterwards.When I was younger I used to love run around and be active. For the last 10 years I haven’t been exercising so much. I hope I’m not supressing any emotions by exercising? I really want to allow all my negative emotions and feelings to be released. Even if I have to wait awhile before I can exercise.

    1. Sen Post author

      MB, a sense of depression, or a sense of heaviness, are no longer present eventually, it mostly a sense of an alive space within which does not have any heaviness to it – actually this is the natural state of our being, or life-energy.

      One of the evidences of alignment is the vitality in the body, the body just feels more inclined to be active, and its natural to want to feel more “healthy” including doing exercises and feeling naturally inclined to eating right (while also enjoying the experience). These are just mounting evidences of the positive cycle building up.

  16. chow

    You can’t imagine how this text put a healing touch on me today. After some months of intense roller coaster, severe ups (extasy) and downs (something, I believe, in Christianity is called “Hell”), and, last couple of days I thought I was getting crazy or something, and physical contractions of the stomach are sometimes so intense, that they give me most fear… I realized, one needs to release totally. Not 50%, not 99%… Sooo, I don’t really know how I stumbled here, I just know that these friendly words really helped me – I know (deep down) that everything is OK anyhow below all the heaps of accumulated mind crap, but the arrow of doubt keeps striking. I think that this whole process is really aloneness, and meant to be dealt in inner solitude, but this kind of texts, blogs and some nice books, can be a helping hand, just for a bit, on this road. Probably, many years ago, one needed to travel many miles to go and see some teacher, to be in some ashram, etc. But, I believe now, internet maybe became some kind of guru, as it let you stumble to right kind of information if you just allow it 🙂
    Blah blah blah… Just wanted to say: thank you.

  17. jan

    “staying allowing of what arises” Sen – does staying allowing include the allowing of crying, yelling, or any other outward signs of emotional upheaval as well as allowing the thoughts and emotions? So to be fully allowing might encompass being a space for thoughts, the emotions those thoughts cause, and any physical response? There have been times I have just broken down sobbing for what seems to be minor events, but I just let myself cry it out until there are no more tears. Wanted to run this by you for your thoughts.

    1. jan

      Sen – I used the search functionality and found you already answered a very similar question on April 15. You said: “you don’t need to suppress the natural impulse/drive that comes up, sometimes you can experience a causeless emotional sadness during a release causing you to cry for no reason, it’s just a part of the release.” Not sure how I missed that but thank you for providing the ability to search previous posts 🙂

  18. j

    Dear sen,
    lately i have been encountering situations where intense fear arises. I guess the biggest fear i have been suppressing was that somehow i will be alone and find no one to love me and feel empty without. During those high momentum, my point of fear reaches panic level. Ofcourse i start obsessing over every inch of detail – as in what happened/what i should do. And at the end point idk if i’ve reached stability (reduced momentum) because i had found a solution/answer through my obsessive thinking or if i had released negativity.
    Because all the while i was trying to be aware of my thoughts my body is so tense, fearful, rigid, and my stomach would twist and turn/churn. And at those intense moments, i am not able to observe thoughts in ‘detached way”. So im confused if that was even reducing negativity. I couldnt get to a point where i was able to observe in ‘detached’ manner. But instead observe with full identified mind and constant constricted anxious feeling.
    Was this a negativity release? Or did i just temporarily find a mind-based ‘solution’ to ease my mind?

  19. AllisOK

    Any suggestions on how to help a child with OCD if they are too immature to understand these teachings? As a parent, how do I help my child with the negativity?

  20. Anu

    Dear Sen,

    I recently had an episode where I got pulled by minds momentum. The gist is that I got interested in stopping some thoughts and my interest acted as a fuel and I ruminated.

    I do have to ask for one clarification. It seemed that even though myself (being) was not interested in stopping mind anymore, the mind itself seemed quite interested in ‘figuring out’ on how to stop the mind itself.

    Hence, the question is, when you say ‘your’ mind needs fuel of ‘your’ interested to keep the momentum going, here the “your” referes to interest of our consciousness (being), correct?


    1. Sen Post author

      Anu, that’s correct

  21. Heather

    You say “If you are asking – “is it okay if I get pulled in by the mind momentum and negativity, when its intense”, of course it’s okay, and it’s natural, stop worrying about it”. But if I get pulled in by my anxieties/depression I become so fearful and then wouldn’t my vibration be rooted in fear as opposed to fearlessness? It’s just so hard for me not to fear my mind because it’s so good at making me miserable.

    1. Sen Post author

      Heather, you can find some insights in this post – why do we fear the mind and don’t fear fear. It will take time for the mind momentum to reduce as you start consciously connecting with your space of being, and thus allowing your mind to have its movement without buying into its negativity – but for a while, as the mind momentum is reducing, its normal to be taken in by its pull now and then, and it’s important to not be hard on yourself for being lost in the mind.

  22. cris

    i have been going through a smoking detox as well as staying allowing of what arises to reduce my negative mind momemtum for a couple months now and the process has been very intense at times. does dealing with addiction and reducting mind momentum at the same time cause the releases to be more intense since i am no longer smoking to deal with issues thus facing them?

    1. Sen Post author

      Cris, actually they are both forms of detox – when you quit smoking your body goes through a detox phase where it starts adapting to no nicotine in your blood stream, when you quit being rooted in mind’s negativity your body goes through a detox phase where it starts adapting to a stay of low resistance created by the release of negative momentum. The “adapting” phase is uncomfortable because of the physical sensations created by energy movement entailed in the process. So, yeah, since you are doing a double-detox, the unpleasantness can feel quite challenging – if you can manage it, it’s for the best, however, just follow your inspiration and don’t try too hard to force yourself into a discipline, be easy on yourself. If one follows one’s inner inspiration/guidance of being easy on oneself, the detox can happen in a regulated and harmonious manner, without too much too soon.

  23. bill krien

    I am new to this site. I love all of your comments which have changed my life towards great health and mind freedom. Sen i am a good golfer and wonder if there is a way to get rid of negative thoughts that pop up when pressure shots have to be made? This might be silly bringing sports into your busy life. thank you for every thing. Bill.

    1. Sen Post author

      Bill, the problem is not with the negative thought that pop up, rather it’s about the physical feeling created by them in your body which makes you tense up and creates a resistance in your being. If the mind has low intensity, its thoughts don’t have the capacity to create a strong feeling and hence you can feel free of their influence – that’s the point of this post about reducing mind momentum being the key to finding inner freedom.

  24. bill krien

    thank you for your time to answer my question,and i now understand what you are saying.

  25. Pavlo

    Greetings again Dear Sen,

    This may sound like a silly question but while
    I am being open to energy release, do I simply
    “BE” with it during the release while in a state
    of allowing and non-resistance or can I also
    deny attention and interest to the emotion being
    released as I do when negative thoughts/OCD
    thought patterns pop into my head Depending
    on the intensity of course. Just two days ago I had
    two very intense releases of very depressed,
    low vibration energy which lasts around 45 minutes
    each, and I simply was unable to divert ANY attention
    elsewhere, I had no choice, I had to ride it out. My question
    is directed more toward less intense bouts of anxiety which
    seem to be with me quite often still.

    Am I able to be fully allowing of the energy coming
    to the surface while sultaneously denying it the fuel
    of my attention or will this simply prolong the time
    needed for full purge of past negative energy momentum?

    Or am I just complicating things Sen?

    Best Regards,

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