Positive Thinking Vs Fearless Awareness

Posted on by Sen.

A thought is basically “energy vibrating”. Also, an energy vibration can only produce/attract thoughts of similar frequency. When your underlying vibration has patterns of fear/hatred, it’s not really possible to be authentically positive in your thoughts – of course these underlying vibrations of fear/hatred are originally created by some “core thoughts” of confusion or misalignment with reality or truth of oneself.

People who try to practice positive thinking without bringing an authentic, fearless, awareness to their underlying vibration of misalignment, usually end up struggling with their mind in an constant effort to enforce positivity on top of a deeper conflict/denial/confusion/negativity. We’ve all come across people whom we can sense are “superficially” positive because we can identify some underlying conflicts in them which they may be in denial of – of course it’s easier to see it in others than in oneself. Anything which is “superficial”, or surface level, is easily brought to ground in the movement of life because it’s always your underlying vibration that attracts your larger reality not your surface-level or imposed vibration.

Only a deep awareness exposes your underlying vibrations

At any point, the only question you need to ask yourself is if you are trying to escape facing the vibration within or if you are truly moving through an inspiration. Only your own honesty and authenticity can help you answer this question, at every moment. Almost anything can become a “cloak”, or distraction, that you use to avoid having to face your underlying vibrations, even your forced positive thinking or spiritual make-over can become these cloaks that prevent a fearless awareness to penetrate your being.

When your whole focus is on creating a positive external reality, to experience fulfillment, the tendency is to forget that it’s the inside that creates the outside – and by the inside I mean your core vibrations. If you are trying to seek “happiness” through the accomplishment of some external reality it’s a fair indication of the disconnection you feel within that you hope will be restored by some external accomplishment or achievement or possession – this is a form of denial since you are focusing on the outside because you don’t want to face the inside. On the other hand, if you are trying to deny the external world/physicality in a bid to be “safe” in your cave of spirituality, it usually turns into another form of denial.

Physicality is here to be enjoyed (the word en-joy itself means add to your joy or add to your inner happiness or be a celebration of your inner happiness), but if you are seeking to find this “inner happiness” through an external manifestation, you are looking in the wrong place for it. As I’ve mentioned in the post “A deeper perspective on joy”, happiness comes from an authentic security that you feel within yourself when you are grounded in your inner truth – joy is a celebration of this happiness through the savoring of the physical experience in every form.

Positive thinking (or rather “forced” positive thinking) should not become a means through which you try to ignore or deny an underlying conflict or confusion. Your conflicts, and confusions, can reach an easy dissolution when you bring a fearless awareness to it without seeking to “cloak” it with the hypnosis of positive affirmations. Be honest enough to recognize the actual responses that are coming from within you, to the reality, if you sense that your responses have a flavor of fear, hatred or confusion, you need to be accept your present level of awareness and allow it to go deeper.

If you are in denial, your reality will call you on it

The beauty about life is that if you are not able to see an incongruent pattern within you (owning to lack of depth in your awareness), your external reality will show it for you in some form of external manifestation. If you chose to deny the external reality (and use convenient approaches of complaining against the outside, or blaming others), your reality will continue to keep reflecting these manifestations in different faces until you are finally ready to want to see the negative pattern “within” you. Take “full responsibility” for the negative realities that happen to you, stop blaming the outside, and you will always be able to see authentically, within yourself, the patterns that are causing the attraction of these realities.

Sometimes you need to allow negativity to come up to really observe the underlying patterns. If you keep running away from facing your inner negative vibrations, by using the cloak of positive thinking practices, you will never be able to bring an authentic awareness to these patterns and hence would never allow true wisdom to operate in you in a manner that dissolves these vibrations. The approach of “fake it till you make it” always fails (in time) simply because its very foundation is to be inauthentic with yourself.

When you are truly secure in the truth of your being you will no longer be running away from negativity, either within or outside. A person who is truly free is not afraid of the dark, you won’t see him/her in a pattern of denial, trying to look for a hiding place. When you are fearless of facing the negativity within, you are truly free because then nothing can keep you from a constant inner growth and positive transformation. Positive thoughts automatically emanate when your “core” is in alignment, and it’s only the intelligence of fearless awareness that allows for such an alignment; you don’t have to make any “effort” to think positive, all that’s really needed is to be willing to allow awareness to encompass all aspects within you without putting up a “guard” or cloak to prevent it from touching certain vibrations/patterns.

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  1. pun

    so true..thanks for this wonderful insight..

  2. Treeter

    Sen, this is so true to my being presently…….while I definitely have more awareness, I have been a bit concerned with my negative reactions of late, but now… it’s a good thing? This is where I thought I was losing consciousness?. I’m still a bit confused in how my deeper awareness will change my reality. Example; I had to deal with getting thru a rat race of computerized telephone communications to report a problem with my home phone line which also interrupts my Internet service. I had to call a number that refused not only a quick reporting time but gave me erroneous information and departmental help along with the catch 22 of a service charge. I took a deep breath a got over it but I just have been wondering why I attract suchness and in the future when I’m more balanced how/why will this actually go differently? Will my balance actually Have the control to attract a smoother trans action literally or will I just be able to handle it in a calmer fashion? I would have loved to spent my time elsewhere and not been so frustrated with what I see as incompetent customer service that I would love to change but definatly out of my hands now and don’t desire to go to work for AT&T! lol

    1. Sen Post author

      Treeter, external chaos in your reality is just a simple feedback/reflection of the chaos in your mind. The inside is what manifests as the outside. Once you feel a sense of inner peace, you will also sense peace in your external reality – circumstances will move in a manner that allow for a peaceful and stable existence for you. For example, if you were aligned within and you had a problem with the phone-line, first of all you wouldn’t feel very flustered within (in your being) because your mind will not have a strong intensity, secondly you would see to get connected to an agent who is able to understand your problem and provides quick solution, thirdly you end up learning something or have more growth through the experience allow for more improvement in your reality. When you are aligned within, in a place of inner wholeness, life just feels smooth without any harsh bumps and crannies. Simply because, your inner wholeness manifests as external wholeness in your reality, ensuring that things feel harmonious and smooth in your personal life.

  3. Treeter

    Awesome! Thanks more and more 😉

  4. Jai

    Dear Sen,

    Reading your material resonated within me like nothing else. Could I ask you something? I am a talented and a trained singer in India and my first two songs were very big hits. But after that I have not been able to make it really. There have been patches of mild success but nothing much.
    I am at my wits end. I am not able to understand why I am not having recordings for weeks on end. I have used the EFT technique to release negative emotions. I dont wish to do anything else in life at this point. My passion and the love that i have got from singing is matchless.
    What am i supposed to do? Most likely there is an energetic block somewhere but where? I say its there becoz despite my doing EFT things dont seem to have changed really.
    I am a very accomodative and a talented artist who believes in giving whatever the music director wants and more. then why this lack of success?
    Could u suggest what i do?
    with affection to you,

    1. Sen Post author

      Jai, somewhere along the line you became too brain oriented, and lost touch with your heart which might be causing your singing to lose its soul and depth. When you sing from the heart it comes a totally different quality than when you are singing purely from your talent alone, talent needs to be mixed with your depth, and depth comes from your connection with your heart. As you can the immediate deal was for you to employ certain techniques (which again are brain oriented) like EFT instead of spending time connecting with yourself. EFT is fine but you cannot rectify an imbalance of attitude with a technique. What’s needed now is for you spend time with yourself, getting back in touch with your “being” and letting go of this restless need to achieve greatness. It’s so easy to become too competitive to the point where your singing loses its soul, its depth and its heart. You have also become too highly strung and tense, instead of being more relaxed and at ease, this is again owing to you being rooted in the anxieties of the brain owing to its competitive nature. If something in you resonates with these words you can already see the imbalance I am talking about, and the only way to rectify is to connect with your heart again by letting go of being so brain oriented. You can read this post – moving towards a heart centric life

  5. ben

    thanx for this Sen, initially when i started reading your articles, i got some sense of calmness that made me feel all was ok and that i can do this. After a while now of reading your articles, i am begining to feel more anxious now than ever. Just that now the negative thoughts doesn’t hang on me all day, but it keeps coming more rapidly than ever. I am getting worried as to wether i am getting any better. This almost ruined my realtionship with my fiancee. Sen, do u think i am getting any better? Do u think i am becoming more awake? Please help. how can i deal with the increasing anxiety now? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Sen Post author

      Ben, you can read this post – releasing suppressed energy – where I talk about how as you start opening up, and relaxing, the suppressed energies move up to be released. This is a positive thing, which means that they can clear up from your inner space soon.

  6. Wynone

    I’m currently on an article reading spree :D, in order to get acquainted with everything you’ve written in its wholeness.
    I have some basic question that keep popping up.
    One is regarding the awareness of thoughts- the way I experience it, the relaxed awareness is the state I tap in when I calm my breathing in the midst of anything which causes a contraction or uneasiness in my body/mind. When I do so, I immediately get an abstract sense that I’m bothered by a certain thing, sometimes it’s a definite thing, other times- a vague feeling, and as soon as I bring in this relaxed state of being, my thoughts fall apart. I can’t keep any logical sense of them, unless I deliberately continue this struggle with them. Is that a relaxed awareness? Being aware of the sensation of uneasiness, but not necessarily focusing on what it is, unless the thoughts flow effortlessly.
    I’m asking in an attempt to clarify whether I’m letting go or suppressing in a strategical mental way of deluding myself 🙂
    Other question is regarding my open mindedness. I soak up info like a sponge, and I can very easily perceive the truth in many teachings. So far, you site is the best one in terms of resonance I find with the writings. In spite of this, sometimes I fear gaining so much information, because I don’t want to fall in delusions. At the same time, I know I need pointers to help me towards my journey, but I can’t help it and already stick to some truths.
    Basically, what I’m doing is, I’m practicing this conscious relaxed awareness, and I try not to figure out stuff through my mind.
    In time, will it be enough to wash out and leave only the truths which feel true to my being?

    1. Sen Post author

      Wynone, as you mentioned, the state of relaxed allowing causes the thoughts to lose their hold on your being (they fall apart, as you put it). This is reason why the state of relaxed awareness causes the mind momentum (which is just the pull of thoughts) to start ebbing away in force. This is not suppression or denial, this is just break down of thought momentum which serves no purpose other than to waste your energy and create unnecessary resistance in your being. When the thought momentum breaks down, you will sense a balance between “being” and “thinking”, and this is a wisdom based movement – in an imbalanced state there is very little “being” and a lot of unnecessary thinking. The practice of relaxed awareness (which is what the state of allowing is) allows you to find a grounding in your being, which is also the ground of wisdom. The more you connect with this ground of wisdom the easier it is for you to see the “truth” of life without it being obscured by deluded-thinking or fear-based thinking – you don’t have to figure out stuff in your mind as an “effort”, you will see that things get figured out in you from this balance between “being” and “thinking” in a very effortless manner.

  7. Wynone

    Okay, what I’ve noticed is, when I am too lost in thoughts, no matter negative or positive- just too much thinking, and I allow it to play out in awareness, it just dissipates completely and this makes me anxious, because I feel like I may miss reaching a valid point or seeing through a thought pattern. It just rarely happens, because the moment I am aware and I allow the thoughts, they no longer sustain structure.
    I guess I expect to observe a logical structure, but the thing is, when I know something is making me anxious and I sit and try to allow the mind’s movement, my mind literally doesn’t know where to start. I feel like I’m just making stuff up, in order to find a reason for the anxiousness, for example.
    In a way, I want to find a reason, so that I can observe it and bring awareness to it.
    There’s no need to search for reasons, right? If the mind is chaotic and vague, just let it be that way and be mindful of the reaction/emotion?

    1. Wynone

      A better question is, if my thoughts are all over the place and there can be many potential reasons for the way I’m feeling, do I need to be aware in my mind what is the true cause, or can I just observe various scenarios and they will sort out in awareness eventually?

  8. Wynone

    On a mental level I believe that my subconsciousness is burdened with negativity which I’m not aware of, that’s why I bring awareness to the thought movement.
    At the same time, something in me is looking at the perspective that maybe I’m not at all burdened and I’m making this up. In other words- unnecessary drama, just to be ‘sure’ that I’m working on improving, while in reality there may be less negativity than I believe it to be.

    1. Wynone

      When I want to get clarity on a certain aspect, is it okay to ask myself a question and then observe the response with awareness?

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