Going Through the Layers of Release

Posted on by Sen.

Becoming grounded in the state of stability requires a release of the imbalanced force of all the “influences” that are present in our being. If I have to categorize the primary influences, it would be – love, hatred, joy, fear, boredom and sexuality, basically the six modes/flavors of thought and emotion. An influence becomes an […]

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  1. Stranger

    How about people who are classified as Bi-Polar, do they still have the ability to become this fully functional being you’re referring to? From my experiences it would appear that someone like that, in a state of balance or being functional as you describe, would have extremely intense thoughts, leaping back and forth from “negative to positive” and find it much more challenging to reach such a state of balance

    1. Tyler


      You can look at bi-polar disorder in this manner as a start (I am no expert on Bi-polar disorder, nor have I been classified as bi-polar before, however I did move back and forth between extremes for a period of time). Basically bi-polar disorder involves the movement of going from depression to hyperactive mania and vise versa as you already know. You can see the two extremes acting here, the dance, the play of the two natures but in an imbalanced way. With the process of allowing these two natures causes each to loose their extremeness, so the highs are no longer very high, and the lows are no longer very low. However, where most people would feel trapped in bi-polar disorder is they would cling to the high, manic states of being while trying to avoid the lower states of being (like intense depression). In order to stop experiencing the lower states and their pull, you have to consciously allow yourself to no longer cling to the high states (it is like giving up the need for a thrill). In addition to no longer cling to the higher states you have to be allowing and accepting of the lower states and ride them out without trying to get rid of them. Both are both tied to each other and one cannot be without the other.

      Once the process of consciously allowing is over with and the momentum of the two natures has been released they will still exist but in a balanced way, and thus will be expressed in a balanced way. There would no longer be a sense of extremeness, extra ordinariness, or intensiveness to them for a previously bi-polar person. Similarly as they consciously allow the two natures to come back to a balanced state their awareness would also increase, thus leaving no way for the imbalanced bi-polar way of being to come back. The only way for the imbalanced way for the bi-polar disorder to come back would be through unawareness, because with awareness you no longer can cling to thrills or be pulled around by the low states and thus no longer fall into the extremes of the highs and lows.

      As far as challenging goes, the initial challenge to go into this process may be tough for such a person, but if they did not consciously jump into the process they would be forced through some wake up call (Sen has a post about having a wake-up call) which would force them to go through this process. It wouldn’t matter how challenging it would be for them if the wake-up call really got through to them because there would be nothing they could do but go through the process. Also, when you have a lot of of intensity and imbalance in the states of being you see a significant amount of increase initially through the state of allowing, which is an encouraging factor to keep going through it no matter the challenge.

    2. Sen Post author

      Stranger, it’s not possible to judge the experience of someone else, you can only know your own experience, simply because you can’t know what’s the awareness level of a person (or their capacity to be aware). The way I see it, if someone has the capacity to be aware of their mind (their thoughts and emotions) they also have the capacity to transcend its imbalanced influence and find balance – the state of allowing requires a certain awareness, and an ability to consciously stop being identified with the pull of the past momentum. Anyone who can exercise this capacity can find a freedom from any imbalanced momentum (including aspects like maniac depression or bi-polar tendencies).

  2. Jayson Zahidul

    Dear Sen,

    Don’t stop writing. Your writing would at least reinforce the being into wholeness. Or might be another carrot before the donkey kind of stuff but that doesn’t count because you would be doing your dance and from the level of our awareness we’ll get our perception. From the absolute perspective all is well.

    Jayson Zahidul

  3. faisal

    Hello sen I would like to tell you a little bit about myself since 4 months I was suffering from generalized anxiety disorder that’s what my psychiatrist told me and he gave me some antidepressant which I am taking even now I search on the internet and read your article that clearly explain that we are not our mind this thing change my life completely I am so much thankful to you that you help me in giving me a beautiful life now I am more happy energetic calm cool productive now I left my mind whatever fear full thoughts are coming i don’t care I am not my mind I don’t want to ask anything to you sen just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart I am more connected to god now thank you again

  4. Marcello

    When you say be open to the ” contraction of fear”; does that mean not trying to expand and express and being with this feeling of contraction and defensiveness?It can be a bit confusing, because one can suppress it all with a wrong knowing that openness may mean expand and therefore suppress the fear trying to be open. Openness towards the contraction = allowing the feeling of closeness without trying to suppress it through a solution coming from an obsessive behavior. Correct?

    1. Tyler


      That is the correct understanding.

  5. Stranger j

    Hello sen…I just wanted to ask you what state of allowance feels like? I have a anxiety order or at-least a hanging feeling of fear or confusion…when surfacing, it asks me ‘What am I feeling? or what am I supposed to feel?’. Now when I allow that fear I usually become emotional and get identified with it and cry not outta that fear but because I have that fear and other train of thoughts that follows.. In another episode of allowing I allow that fear to grip me and will feel jolt of spasms around my head or stomach..I will be nervous but not fearful..so what does allowing that fear means?? Being afraid coz of that fear or listening to its contents of that fear…or allowing it to grip it and sustain it?

    1. Tyler

      Stranger j,

      If you are looking for the state of allowing to get rid of fear, you will never experience freedom from the fear. Acting to get rid of a fear, is a fear itself. Its a fear of never having your fear go away. In truth, the state of allowing is not a feeling, its more of a way of being. Feelings will still arise in a state of allowing, but you won’t resist or cling to them. At first it seems ironic that if you just completely allow the fear without trying to get rid of it, making a meaning out of it, judging it, analyzing it, that the fear will go away. But those things are what keeps the fear going and feeds it. The state of allowing does not give your fears the feeding it needs to hold a grip on you.

      Also, once the state of allowing has allowed the mind momentum to die down, you will feel a certain silence (what Sen also refers to as unwavering peace) and contentment with life. This feeling is what a constant happiness is (even if your feelings are bad you will still keep the happiness). Again, it’s not “I feel the feeling of happiness” all the time, but rather I am non resistant to what arises, and thus internally I remain in peace. You don’t really create this peace or happiness, its already in the background. Again, you will notice it more and more as the mind momentum dies down.

      In any case don’t really look for the description of what I am saying, but rather gain it yourself by using a state of allowing to go through the layers of release. There are no shortcuts to the process and you can’t just jump to attaining peace and happiness. For now continue with the phase of release. Whatever is experienced through the state of allowing, just openly experience it, remember you are releasing the energy (including what causes jolt spasms, etc.) you are not trying to be happy or make anything go away, but simply letting the feelings be as they are.

    2. stranger j

      Gotcha Tyler. I just know what state of allowance is and what it’s supposed to make us ‘feel’. For me state of allowance has made me ‘feel’ stable about not knowing what state of allowance is or the confusion of what it’s supposed to bring. I am not even happy, I am sad, I hate the way I am living. But I am stable. I just learned one thing. I am not my mind.

  6. jayaraj


    Thanks. Your articles have changed my life totally.

    Going through the phase of release now. Not really worried about when it will end. Let it go on till everything is emptied out. Also, enjoying this process. Can notice, Sudden flux of energy movement in my body from time to time. I’m totally open to both the energy – be it light or dark.

    As the process happens, can see my external reality changing slowly.

    After going through several articles in your website, its the “attitude required for inner freedom” article gave me the true picture of what this state is and what life is in general.

    Be fearless/Open to anything happening !

    Thanks for everything 🙂

  7. PM

    Thanks sen. your point about “stop wondering what the cause of your imbalance” really helped me. I just stopped questioning and started allowing. Powerful stuff.

  8. MJ

    Sen when you say, “The process of release is simply a transition from imbalance to balance, and like any transition process it’s bound to feel disorienting as it happens. The fact that you can understand what’s happening allows you to be more comfortable with the process but that does not mean that you won’t feel the discomfort of transition – in a sense, it’s like being open to the discomfort without going into the mode of added resistance or misinterpretations.” – During transition, when we feel discomfort in our being, is it also true that is reflected in our reality? Will the reality would be corrected without any intervention once we reach the balance state?

  9. David Thompson

    Hi Jayaraz,

    You sound very sincere and astute in your understanding of how you are adapting to another way of living, being, understanding.

    I believe I am still within the earlier stages of this transition, and with every new experience, with every newpiece of information, especially a site as astounding as this, I feel more conscious and satisfied with where I am at.

    The reason I give you this information is because I have a question for you. Before you read Sen’s words how far into this process do you feel you were? How much further have these writings, these interactions with others taken you, and yet again aside from this site and Sen’s insights do you have any advice of your own or other good sources of information?

    Please feel free to answer as and when it feels appropriate.

    Thanks in advance


  10. ellep

    Grateful for a friend who introduced me to this website. Very helpful to learn to allow feelings of fear instead of exploring them and infinitum. There’s no point thinking about their source because there are potentionally infinite sources, some with contradictory pseudo solutions. Result confusion, unease and even more fear. Truthful affirmations are helpful. eg. God never gives me more than I can handle, I am an able bodied intelligent adult not a helpless vulnerable child, and faith 🙂

  11. Carl

    Lack of attention to resistant or allowing vibrations results in a slowing down of momentum. Logically understood. Negative ego is hates this. My question now is as i grow in distance and clarity through the practice of detached awareness, arent i fueling momentum by being aware? Or does fueling only happen by becoming it.

    1. Tyler


      You are right that fueling only happens by becoming it. Basically, the attention/focus is the fuel for the momentum. If attention/focus is kept on a thought long enough it can fuel itself for a while (like running on auto-pilot), but eventually it uses up its fuel on its own because you haven’t put any fuel (attention/focus) back into it. Remember focus and attention on the momentum is the fuel for it. When you are open as awareness you don’t have such a heavy need to focus on what the past momentum beings up, and thus thoughts (etc) just appear and disappear on their own in your awareness. But if you were to focus on the thoughts and get pulled into them you longer have that awareness and start fueling them again.

      You can also check these posts for some more information on the mechanics:

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