Becoming Fearless Within

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One of the most deluded ways of living life is to live it for the “pursuit” of happiness. I don’t mean “deluded” in a derogatory way, but just as a factual way of saying that it’s not the most prudent way to live. Happiness is the basic necessity for a harmonious functioning of the body […]

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  1. Stella

    Hi Sue,
    How kind to reply to my post.
    Actually I post (too often) on here when I am feeling down- which happens to everyone. Really, I should wait until the low mood has passed before posting so I can write something a little more positive for all the readers- to show it is possible to overcome real sadness, in my particular case due to grief. And after all not to have felt loss would have been odd, its natural.

    I have a good family, and friends- but have rather felt like being alone in the past months- a chance to allow my emotions and feelings to settle- to find the space of being. I find it easier to have spoken to strangers about my “spiritual journey”, and to express all the angst, but we`re all different.
    I had a death of somebody really close, and it is, I think entirely natural that I should have felt so low. I have unfortunately come into contact with some very “difficult ” people- in a sort of business sense, ( bureaucrats and so on) and when you feel stressed/low it is very hard sometimes to deal with them.
    I am a resilient sort of person, and recently, even when I felt down have been able to find peace. I think in general people are kind, and because of having had to deal with some very difficult people and situations- I forgot this- and then I got to feeling very hopeless.
    I still don`t have much inspiration to get out and do much work wise, and feel fearful of new situations- but that will come, it just takes time.
    I am a trusting sort of person -a good quality I think, and I am now able to see the good in everybody- even those who have hurt me. I have learned not to judge others- which is not always easy, but its liberating. This attitude came, all of a sudden.

    Yes, I am very familiar with Eckhart Tolle and know a little bit about Byron Katie, thanks for the information on her worksheet. I read quite abroad range on all matters Spiritual- I love to read. Another favourite is Rumi, a poet ,I recommend his poetry.

    So Sue, feeling kinder to myself- and others- and thanks again for the reply.
    C xx

  2. Mark

    Dear Sen,

    Thank you again for your article Sen. You gave another clarity. Now I know what is happening with my mind, it seems that my awareness has grown stronger that makes me aware of much more negativity in me, and the mind interpret it as I am going back to square one. Lately, I can laugh while allowing, I observe how funny is the mind, and when I am laugh because of something or when I am happy, I can feel this subtle fear or anxiety in me. Sometimes the mind saying that I have gone crazy for laughing by myself, but i dont care about it. It feels like my senses is heightened. I was scared the last few days/week, because of this, until I read some of your articles.

    You mentioned in one of your article, that when we have enough awareness we can work with the mind, we can analyze, introspect and even ignore it. Is it possible to ignore a thought when we dont know the truth bcause of tired of thinking it, it’s like i am done with it, i dont want to think about it, i dont care about it, is it possible? Because sometimes I do this, and the mind is generating this i-might-be-scared-of-this-thought thought, i dont buy it, i just ignore it because i feel tired of it. Maybe this question is another tricky part of the mind, or it might looking for assurance from you, I dont know which one is, but I just feel that I want to ask you. What is your insight on this Sen?


  3. Ahlan

    Hi Sen,

    As I move into deeper allowing and reducing mind momentum I have this feeling that I am eagerly looking forward to some specific fear inducing situations that will unearth my resistances and help me become fearless of the mind.

    Though a part of me feels afraid of facing these specific situations, a larger part wants these situations to come about. Its like I am waiting for them to arise….

    Is this a type of suppression or am I truly becoming fearless of the fears of the mind?

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