An Individual Journey

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You can sense that in spite of being surrounded by billions of living beings you are still inherently alone. This sense of aloneness cannot be helped because you are an individual stream of consciousness; your individual-ness cannot be erased and hence will always create this sense of separateness and thus the feeling of being alone. Of course, life is one space, but this space constantly births into individual streams – just like we don’t call a river an ocean, though it stems from an oceanic body and is inherently connected to it, a river is seen as something “individual” and it’s not an illusion, it’s a reality that there is a separation between various rives though they may all meet at in the same ocean. The concept of “oneness” is true, but so is the truth of separation – people who simply strive for the feeling of oneness are usually the ones who are scared of facing the aloneness of their individuality, of their separation. This fear of an inner aloneness is mostly at the root of dysfunctional neediness, and it’s amazing how deep this fear runs – just when you feel you’ve overcome it you are made to see that you haven’t, until you do.

One of the inherent natures of life-energy is the drive towards new experience. You can see this in yourself, no matter where you reach you inherently have an inclination for something new – of course the other option is “stagnation” which is contrary to your true nature. So, you may first want to let go of this feeling/delusion that you will reach an “end point” one day, there is no such end point. The moment you make peace with the idea of constant growth your perspective towards life is a lot more open. If you have the same understanding that you had a month back, it’s an indication that you’ve closed down in some way. Nothing is seen as a negative when your perspective is rooted in learning or growth, and no-one can learn things for you, it has to be an individual journey.

Living the reality on Earth

Some streams of consciousness have been focused on a journey, in the reality of Earth, for a long time, whereas some streams of consciousness are relatively new, or completely new, to this reality (they either come from a different star system to experience the reality on Earth or they are just newly created streams of consciousness from an older stream of consciousness). You can know this in your own experience, for example, some people feel totally out of place in this reality of Earth – they have a feeling that they just don’t belong here and they find it extremely difficult to fit in (they are usually called the “introverts”). While there are others who fit in with ease, as if they have been doing this for a while now, they just seem to find their way around comfortably and engage effortlessly with the surroundings/society (they are usually called the “extroverts”). The only difference between an extrovert and an introvert is that the former is at ease with this reality while the latter is finding it hard to fit in – the introvert is like the new kid in the class, who has come from a different country.

Basically, the reason you choose to come into a physical reality (as a human) is for new experiences. What’s the point of new experience? Because there is nothing else to do, the other option is “nothingness” which is death and is contrary to life, life is never dead. So instead asking “what’s the point”, start garnering the perspective of your nature, which is to always move towards a new experience. The reality of Earth affords a ton load of experience – for one it has a plethora of species and several elements of nature, which make for a lot of sensory experiences, but most importantly, it has the “human race” with the two sexes, the male and the female – one being way more complex to understand than the other (your guess is as good as mine as to which one is more complex). Whether you’ve taken on a male body or a female body, just to understand your own body is going to be a stupendous experience in itself, but that’s just the beginning, beyond that is to understand the play of emotions, the deal of the mind, to understand the outside including other bodies/humans, to understand how to function together, and basically, gain an understanding of how to create a positive experience of your journey here.

The deal is that you will be making your journey with the aid of this physical vehicle you call your body. Without an understanding of your own body, it can get pretty difficult to work with it. A lot of us just get embroiled into living the reality from the word go, pushed around by outside influence, and before you know it you are in mid-life, and you feel as if you’ve lived your life in a daze without ever coming to terms with yourself first. It’s also possible that you were clinging to a certain person, or family, as your support system, and suddenly this person/community is no longer around, and you are put in a position to deal with this reality on your own accord. Usually these moments instigate an sudden hike in your awareness, almost as a survival necessity. This awareness causes you to make a journey towards finding alignment in this reality. One of the most important alignment you would need to make is to align with your own body/mind/heart – for example, your mind/brain (of the body) is designed to operate in Earth’s reality, whereas “you” (being the consciousness focused in this body) may not have much experience of living on Earth, in which case a lot of syncing up needs to get done. It’s not about fighting the mind, or trying to get rid of it, it’s about syncing up with it, and understanding its necessity/role in your present journey on Earth. If you don’t develop an “understanding” relationship with your mind, you just end up having a hard time dealing with your own body let alone dealing with the outside.

Working with your mind

The start towards finding alignment in this physical reality is through the attitude of working “with” your mind – the keyword is “with” and not against. For that, you need to first understand that you are not the mind, you and the mind are two different entities, two different intelligences – the mind is a machine created for the reality of Earth, you are not a machine but a consciousness (who has had a past). What’s called a “moment of awakening” is simply this one moment when you suddenly realize that you are not the mind – it’s a very personal realization, you cannot just use this as a concept to live by, you need to sense this in yourself for yourself. The mind/brain is also made of “consciousness”, each cell in the body is made of life-energy and hence is conscious, but they are all physical constructs with a certain design/programming. For example, the brain is capable of being aware in the sense that it has the capacity to “interpret” and distinguish, there are different areas in the brain taking care of different forms of sensory perception – this perception can also be called “mind awareness”. On the other hand, you, as the consciousness focused in this body, is also capable of being “aware” – so your awareness and the mind’s awareness are both playing out in this body.

Since you are a stream of consciousness, who’s had a past, your awareness is colored by your past also. So, if for instance, your past journeys were on a different star system, your awareness is more adapted to those realms, and when you find yourself in this realm of Earth, you can feel “out of place”. Now you need to realize that your “mind” is your ally for your journey here, and the sooner you sync up with your mind the better it is for your own experience of well-being. To give a generic example, if your past was in a star system where the dark nature was fully suppressed and inhabitants where fully light-natured, you may have a very hard time dealing with the dark nature of the human mind – also, if your past got you acquainted mostly with the dark nature, you may have a hard time syncing with the light nature of the human mind. In fact, a good reason for you to be making this journey on Earth would be for bringing a balance for yourself.

What we call being “overly sensitive” is mostly an indication that you, as the consciousness, is not able to sync up with a certain aspect of humanness, especially in your own mind. Actually, there are two things at play, the mind could be in an imbalance and requires a balance, secondly you could be in imbalance and require a balance. The problem with a lot of conventional spirituality (and psychology) is that it only focuses on the imbalance of the mind, while taking for granted the consciousness (you) in this body is already balanced – which is usually never the case. In fact, this interplay between the mind’s imbalance and the imbalance of the consciousness focused in the body, is what makes it so difficult to just use “techniques”, or chemicals, to resolve the imbalance – an “understanding” is what really works towards bringing a balance, not a blind practice. The state of “allowing” (Read the post – Reaching a place of total allowing) is about letting go of resistance to what is, so that you can start “seeing” clearly, and so that you can be “receptive” to understandings coming from within and outside – if you are busy fighting within, you can never be open to an understanding.

You will notice that some people are naturally aligned with their mind, whereas some have a hard time dealing with it – this is basically because of the difference in the “consciousness”/being focused in the body, the former has had enough experience in this reality to be in sync with it, the latter is relatively new to this reality. I can also use the label “soul” to define the consciousness focused in the body, it’s just that the word “soul” has a hundred different misconceptions already present which can create a resistance to towards the understanding – “being” is a better label because it has much less resistance in the mind. We are called human beings because of the two aspects present in the body – the human body and the being. The being needs to find a separation from the mind, so that it can connect/sync with the space of life within, but it also needs to bring a sync with the mind to ensure a positive physical journey on Earth – so it’s a two way sync up that’s needed. There are posts where I talk about connecting with your inner space which is one part of the sync, and then there are posts where I talk about aligning with your mind which is another part of the sync – when both are in place, you become receptive to the necessary “movement”, and understanding, to reach a balance.

Dealing with relationships

We all feel a need for a support system, it’s very natural. Support system is needed for three reasons – for physical reasons, for “mental” reasons, for spirit/soul reasons. Physical intimacy, including sex, is a basic desire in the human mind and becomes the primary “physical” reason for a support system. A desire for mental compatibility, where you can discuss ideas/imaginations/insights of the same wavelength, is another basic desire in the mind and it becomes the driving force to find a matching support system. A desire for emotional connection comes from your soul/being, as well as your mind/heart, beings need to connect as much as the minds – in some people we find a “being” connection but don’t find a mind connection, and this can create a lot of heart-ache, in some others we find a mind connection but don’t find a “being” connection which again leads to a lot inner conflict, we don’t want to leave them and yet we see something lacking.

What’s called a highly compatible relationship is the one where you find a mind connection, physical connection (ex, matching sex drives) and being/soul connection – the more aligned your mind, body and soul are (within you), the more likely you are to find compatible support system(s). That’s why the primary relationship you need to build is with yourself, if you are in conflict within yourself, you can’t help but attract a conflicted relationship outside – the degree of conflict varies depending on the degree of conflict within. We are the happiest when we find a compatible support system, mostly because only through a compatible support system can the mind’s basic human desires be fulfilled, and the being’s need to appreciation be fulfilled (the very play of life is rooted in its desire for self-realization and self-appreciation). And such a compatible support system is brought into your reality as you find an inner sync – this is in tune with the principle of law of attraction that operates in life-energy.

Relationships are the most “intimate mirrors” of our inner conflict. This is one reason why relationships can be a huge cause of suffering, when there is a lack of inner balance and understanding; the degree of suffering varying with the degree of imbalance. For example, you may find a real compatibility with someone at a mental and emotional level, however he/she may not be physically compatible with you (may not match your sexual requirements), in which case there can be turmoil over how to proceed with the relationship especially if you, or your partner, or both, lack an understanding of dealing with your sexual nature. In this society, it’s considered totally normal to find “mind connection” (or even emotional connection) outside your committed relationship, but considered “immoral”, or unethical, to find sexual connection outside it – the definitions of “cheating” always hold more for our sexual overtures than our tendency to find emotional/mental connection outside our partner, which is basically nothing but a limited way of thinking, or a hang up. I agree, it’s not an easy hang up to overcome (due to severe conditioning), but any hang up is always a cause of suffering in some way. The ideal situation may be that you find all three connections with the same partner, but in many cases such a situation may not even be possible as per design.

The more you come to terms with your body, and your being nature, the more likely you are to respect/accept your preferences and thus find relationships that are compatible towards living them. You will notice that if you are aligned with a certain preference of yours, you will find someone who is also accepting of it – it’s all an inner work first. There is really no need, or necessity, to live a suppressed life with respect to any of the connections. You should be able to find, and enjoy, support system(s) that allow for the expression/experience of all three connections once you sync up within yourself on these three levels. Life is not lackful, it’s just that it can’t give you what you are not aligned with – it can’t give you abundance when you are aligned with lack. “Being yourself” is about syncing up with all three aspects of you in your present “avatar” – your body, your mind and you as the being. Remember that it’s always an individual journey for you, you can’t get away with just copying others; if you try to copy others you are bound to find severe conflicts with yourself – observe others, learn from others, but use this information to sync up with yourself, don’t just copy them blindly.

Another issue is the pain of loss. A physical connection can be strong, but not as strong as an emotional connection created through a mind/heart connection or soul connection. Separation, for whatever reason, is bound to create a lot of stress in the mind and heart, mostly because the mind/heart continues staying connected with the person (through heart and brain memory) you were close with and the physical absence can thus be painful – your “being” can meet with the being of this person (during sleep states in non-physical) but your mind feels the pain of not being able to see the physical presence of this person as the heart continues to stay connected. Dealing with intensity of such “human” feelings can be a very new experience for some beings, and there can be a lot of confusion as a result. It can take a while to come to terms with these feelings, also you will notice that “experienced beings” can handle these feelings much more easily than the ones who are relatively new to this realm. There is really no short-cut to finding relief from such feelings, the only deal is to bring awareness to them and slowly come to terms with them, until you are no longer stigmatized, or paralyzed, by it, and can have the space to allow the mind momentum to reduce.

Dealing with finances

The reason why some people have a hard time with finances is mostly because they may be resistant within to the concept of the monetary system on Earth. Here again, if you, as a being, are not experienced in dealing with such systems in your past, then you are bound to have some teething troubles adapting to this reality on Earth. You will notice some human beings are highly comfortable dealing with money, they seem to have a natural acumen for finances, working with banks, investments and other financial systems, while others are starkly scared, and resistant, to the scene of the monetary system here. If you notice that in your “being” you are somehow resistant to the idea of money, it would behoove you to bring yourself in sync with this reality on Earth so that you don’t end up facing a deficit through your own resistance. If you want to enjoy certain realities on Earth, you need to have money, or else you will feel highly limited in your movement. If you are internally opposed to money, you will naturally be hard on money most of the time, in sync with the law of attraction.

You may be aligned with many aspects of your mind and being, but you may still be disconnected with the idea of money and hence would see some form of deficit constantly playing out in your reality, even if you have an overall well-being going on. It’s not important that you try to engage in financial systems like stocks or other investments (if that’s not your liking), but you need to be open to allowing money in through the channels best suited for you – different people have different channels that are suited for allowing money in their reality, it’s not necessary for you to follow the channel chosen by someone else. You can also be open to attracting a support system who can work with you on the matters of finance. The basic deal is not be opposed to money, within you, and to not, constantly, be thinking negatively about it – for example, some people make it a habit to continually bicker about money, and this leads to an inner resistance towards allowing a free flow of it.

Attracting financial abundance is a journey of alignment on its own which includes dealing with the fear of success, the guilt of materialistic living, the thought-patterns of lack and attracting the right support systems. It’s not uncommon for money to be seen negatively by the “spiritual minded” which ends up becoming a limiting thought/belief. The simple fact is that money is an integral aspect of reality on Earth and as a being interested in “new experiences” you should be more than willing to experience attracting financial abundance – don’t use spirituality as a cop out. One of the main aspects of any journey is to enjoy the various attractions and experiences offered by it, and one of the experiences one can have on the reality of Earth is that of money making and the various attractions brought through it. The more open you are to this experience, the more you will attract it. It’s also important to let go of various beliefs created in the mind towards holding a struggle-based stance towards money making – using your awareness to let go of your limiting beliefs will allow you to be resistance-free towards a struggle-free inflow of money.

An individual journey with universal support

You are the same life-energy as everything, and hence you are in your home domain all the time. You have guides in your non-physical and you have the power to attract your reality in the physical. By your very nature you can allow a solution to any problem if you can simply be open to receiving a solution – focus on allowing a solution instead of focusing on the problem, your focus is what determines your receptivity. You have universal support if you are open to it, the more resistance-free you are in your being the more easily guidance can come through. It’s best to let go of feelings of bitterness, animosity, cynicism and anger towards life, irrespective of the reasons you may have for holding them – these feelings will only keep you from being fully available to the support from the universe, including your own guides. Guides are simply streams of consciousness, many of whom are highly experienced, who enjoy the prospect of guiding you in your growth path, orchestrating things for you when you are allowing of this assistance (by letting go of your resistance/negativity).

The more you adapt to a certain reality the more you enjoy that reality. As you gain more understanding of your mind, of your body, of your being nature, of law of attraction and of the specific realities on Earth (such as the monetary system and equation of human relationships) the more comfortable, and abundant, you find your experience to be. You have to learn at your pace, that’s all you can do, and so it’s important to learn to be easy on yourself. In any case, the journey is the destination, there is no “end point”. Once you develop the attitude of learning instead of holding the attitude of defending, or holding onto, negativity you are assured to have seamless growth and thus become receptive to positive experiences on a constant basis. This physical body is what you have, temporarily, for this present journey, you call your human existence on Earth, and you need to make the best of it as it is, for as long as it lasts – understanding the body/mind is a big aspect of experiencing physical life as is using it for your interaction and engagement with the outside.

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  1. rossana

    sen when you say different star systems, etc.. does this mean there are many different worlds and realities out there different from the ones on earth with different rules, etc?

    1. Sen Post author

      Rossana, yeah, however it’s not something you need to “believe” unless it resonates with you. This knowledge can create some understanding of the vastness of life and thus clear out some confusion for some people, if it doesn’t it’s not really important.

  2. Stella

    Hi Sen,

    I am asking this respectfully- where do you get the belief from that some consciousnesses come from a different star system – I`ve never heard anything like that in any spiritual teachings, or anywhere else for that matter. And I am not meaning to be rude. I feel the truth in much of what you say- but this seems an unusual perspective. Do these thoughts/ feelings/ideas just come to you ?

    The section on loss resonated. Thank-you.

    On a light hearted note, reading the section in your essay on relationships- and building a primary relationship with yourself I was reminded me of an article I read on-line :
    A woman in North Dakota has married herself -she said she was tired of waiting for a man to come along and make her happy, so she decided she`d marry herself… at the wedding ceremony she was pronounced “wife and inner groom”
    That made me smile.

    1. Sen Post author

      Stella, As I mentioned in the post about “conscious obsession”, one of my obsession is with understanding life, and this takes me into gaining knowledge and clarity through introspection as well as through outside sources. Whenever I have a question within me, I stay open to allowing an answer which can come as an insight within or from me being guided towards some outside source of writing or teaching – my only criteria is to sense what really resonates with me, in my being.

  3. Hrishi

    Hi Sen,
    The post is quite interesting. But while many of your posts have been quite objective so far, this and perhaps the previous post have a touch of your personal biases and opinions floating in them. Your posts have this far been like mirrors-allowing us to see ourselves in them. This is more like a frosted mirror, you can still almost see yourself but the mirror is also radiating an opague identity of its own.

    Please don’t get me wrong…I am not criticising your post. Its your blog after all. I just felt you might find such feedback interesting from a psychological perspective.

    1. Sen Post author

      Hrishi, the truth is that I’ve never written any of the posts from an “objective” point of view, they are all completely subjective to me, in that I only write what resonates with me – in that sense everything is a personal perspective, and you can also call it a personal opinion or even a bias if you want. In fact, the only reason I write is for a highly personal reason of allowing an outlet for my inspiration to write that comes through mostly to word my own realization and understanding, and never from the perspective of giving advice or to tell people how to live. I may try to explain an understanding if there is a question, or if I fell a need to clarify, beyond that I’ve no interest in debating any of the perspectives. If I start writing objectively, with the need to match a popular mindset, I would lose the inspiration to write.

  4. Hrishi

    I agree completely on your last point, that writing is inherently subjective. Even fiction is truly enjoyable when it comes from a subjective viewpoint of the author than if it is prepared for an audience. Objective writing only reduces the joy of writing and make the output “plain” fare (from personal experience). I had felt that you were writing for an audience and hence my comment. By the way, a similar opinion to yours was expressed by Steve Pavlina (a bit more forcefully) on his blog.

  5. Anu

    Dear Sen,

    I loved the way you put it “An ‘understanding’ is what really works towards bringing a balance, not a blind practice”. All that the popular literature dishes out is “technqiues”. In my opinion, this alone can reduce mental momentum and alleviate psychological suffering.

    I do have a question. I thought that our “being” was “whole” and not imbalanced. If our consciousness is unbalanced, which is connected to life stream (consciuosness), then what will bring balance to mind? Is our “being” in sync the intelligence of the infinite?

    Please advise.


    1. Sen Post author

      Anu, awareness and understanding is what eventually brings the required balance, be it towards your being or your mind. And the being, when it’s not anchored onto the negativity of the mind, can find connection with the life-stream, or space of life, and hence have access to its intelligence, and also bring this intelligence to the mind.

  6. Radiance


    I applaude you for maintaining your authenticity.
    It actually inspires me to listen to my own inner wisdom. After all I don’t want to star a “Sen church” and be called A Sennist 🙂 It is Radiance who I am trying to find.
    I really dont mind to resolve the issue on whether we can come from different star systems or not. Suffice it to say that at times I do feel like a stranger to “this planet” and I do feel it is because this is new to me.
    The rest of the post is very userful. I follow the slogan “Take what you need, leave the rest”

    1. Peter

      I do the same Radiance. There might be a piece of information that I cannot process at the moment, so I leave it there and grab the rest. I also noticed a different perspective on Sen’s last post, but keep myself open. This blog has helped me and others so far, so why start struggling with something that I don’t understand at the present moment.

      I liked the parts about relationships and finance. Very good writing! 🙂

      PS: BEWARE of creating “Sen followers” or even something “church-like”…I’ve had tremendously bad experiences with religion and good thoughts have been destroyed by the creation of “churches” and “followers”. Just relax and enjoy the information.

  7. Rebecca


    Thank you so much for writing this – it came at the perfect time for me. I’m going through a break-up with someone I was with for 5 1/2 years (and relied on for most things in my life). It’s painful, this growth and change, and realizing that it’s just me now, but mostly the breakup is extremely amicable and loving (which is a new experience for me!). I just know in my being that I’ll be just fine, despite my ego trying to convince me otherwise, and I’m really excited about spending more time coming into balance with myself.

  8. Stella

    Thank- you Sen, and also for the response to my other question- its good of you and its appreciated.

    I was reading a thing on consciousness the other day, and there was reference to a man called David Bohm- I took a look, most of it`s a bit science based for my understanding- but I wonder if you would find the ideas interesting – if you have not already heard of him?

    1. jan

      Your post referencing David Bohm sparked my interest. I found this quote regarding one of his books, ‘Wholeness and the Implicate Order.’

      “David Bohm was one of the foremost scientific thinkers and philosophers of our time. Although deeply influenced by Einstein, he was also, more unusually for a scientist, inspired by mysticism. Indeed, in the 1970s and 1980s he made contact with both J. Krishnamurti and the Dalai Lama whose teachings helped shape his work. In this classic work he develops a theory of quantum physics which treats the totality of existence as an unbroken whole.”

      Very interesting, indeed!

    2. Sen Post author

      Stella, I am not aware of his work.

  9. Jim

    Sen, you say, “my only criteria is to sense what really resonates with me, in my being.” is this what is meant by following your own truth?

    1. Sen Post author

      That’s right

  10. Geronimo


    Part of your post as you wrote below:-

    ” The problem with a lot of conventional spirituality (and psychology) is that it only focuses on the imbalance of the mind, while taking for granted the consciousness (you) in this body is already balanced – which is usually never the case. In fact, this interplay between the mind’s imbalance and the imbalance of the consciousness focused in the body, is what makes it so difficult to just use “techniques”, or chemicals, to resolve the imbalance – ”

    I don’t think you’ll find any spiritual teacher who will agree with the premise that our “Being” or consciousness can be unbalanced. The very core of who we are as Beings/Consciousness/Awareness is love, joy, peace, happiness. It is inherent to our true nature. We vibrate as pure positive energy, that’s who we are to our core. To say that our Being can be unbalanced implies that nature, and to that extent God himself is unbalanced. This simply cannot be, it is impossible. If that were the case, nature here on Earth and in the Universe itself and everything in it would be “unbalanced” which is simply not the case.

    Psychological imbalance, struggle and psychological suffering are all domains of the human mind. Self realization, understanding and the simple act of allowing the infinite intelligence of our Being
    to touch the imbalance of the human mind is what heals suffering. The dissolution of the Negative Ego is what finally brings harmony to us so we can truly enjoy this physical existence as Beings playing the role of humans on Earth.

    Implying that the Being can be “imbalanced” is just not supported by truth. All you need to do is look around at all the life/Beings here on Earth which live in pure harmony. It is human imbalance that is responsible for both human suffering and the suffering of our environment here on Earth.

    Or am I simply misinterpreting what you’re trying to say Sen?

    1. Sen Post author

      Geronimo, In the post – A natural patience – I talk about the hierarchy of consciousness as “non-physical wholeness”> streams of individual consciousness (soul/being) > mind. The soul/being is your non-physical presence that will exist after the mind/body dies off, and it has a journey of its own towards a “conscious” understanding of itself, and incarnations are the way through which this understanding is gained – you see, each physical body moves into an individual stream, its perspectives remain in the soul even after the body dies off, and the soul continues its journey towards balance through conscious understanding. The non-physical wholeness what you call “pure positive energy”, includes streams of consciousness that are consciously “knowing”. Of course, this type of understanding is not needed, as long as you understand that the state of allowing makes you receptive to the intelligence of non-physical wholeness, and brings the required balance, it’s enough.

  11. Justen

    The day you realized you weren’t what you thought to be the whole time, what were you doing? what did you do that day? What was the question that didn’t give you the answer, but showed it to you, let you hear it and let you smell it, do you remember?

    1. Sen Post author

      Justen, actually it’s not that dramatic, there are many such moments that can happen when you feel an earth-shattering realization, and they have a value in dispensing certain delusions one may have, but eventually they pass and a deeper realization happens. Growth is eternal, and realization/understanding keep getting deeper in many ways.

  12. Geronimo

    Hi Sen,

    Thank you for your answer although I can only relate what you said to my own experience
    of awakening where my being is concerned. Please let me know if I’m on the money here.
    The Being having been hostage to the mind and it’s movements for so long, took some
    time before it could trust the process of dis-identifying with ingrained negative thoughts along with allowing the energy to surface and dissolve. (Through Witnessing awareness initially) Resistance to negative emotions and thoughts was so ingrained that time was needed before
    I could trust that allowing them to be present with no resistance was the only way to freedom
    from the hold of mind. Second, I had a nasty habit of latching onto thoughts and the only
    way to free myself was to gently release attention to these thoughts so they could exit my
    field of awareness naturally without force. The way I did that was by allowing thinking to
    happen naturally rather than by force. This, over time allowed my natural expression to come through and now I’m slowly on the path to full resistance free living. Flow of thought and emotion is becoming more natural now.

    So, yes, in my experience, the essence of what you said is correct, the Being needs to build trust in the above processes over time. Is this an example of unbalanced Being brought into balance through allowing in your opinion Sen?

    1. Sen Post author

      Geronimo, that’s right

  13. aielioli

    Hi Sen,
    I have been a reader of your work for some time and it has been a great guidance for me through my experience of awakening. I have also been guided to many sources and done much research into the idea that many of us on earth during this time period are from different star sysystems. I am very interested in this information- it has answered many questions for me personally and highly resonates with me. Do you have anyfurther knowledge about lightworkers, starseeds or anything related?. I would be interested to hear any of your views on this or any advice for those of us who believe we are from other star systems and are here right now for a specific reason.

    1. Sen Post author

      Aielioli, mostly the term “lightworkers” is used to indicate a being who (as a non-physical stream of consciousness) has an advanced understanding of life having experienced physical journeys of transition before (in the past time) thus reaching a place of deep understanding/balance, and takes a physical form on Earth in order to assist in this transition phase by providing necessary guidance, insights or channeling intelligence (they may possess psychic abilities and just a natural connection with non-physical intelligence) – like some prophets/spiritual-teachers including teachers like Jesus in the past. Star seeds are mostly just streams of consciousness who were focused on other star-systems who choose to incarnate on Earth in order to grow in their understanding, for experience and for growth, or for learning some specific lessons in balance, during this eventful phase of transition on Earth – some star seeds can have a tough time adapting to the environment on Earth, depending on the past experience in their respective star systems, (also not helped by a subconscious longing to get back to their star system – like a home sickness) but this was a part of the reason to choose to incarnate here, so as to have a growth experience and learning to bring balance within by engaging in the diverse environment provided by Earth especially in this age of transformation of consciousness.

  14. aielioli

    Hi Sen, Thank you for this. Do you consider yourself an awakened lightworker? Do you have any advice for those who believe they may be lightworkers but are still in the process of awakening?
    Many Thanks.

  15. anca

    Hi, Sen

    it is so true that when you really want to change your life for the better, life finds the right ways for you to embrace and follow. As you said, you meet the right people, websites (as it is yours), books, experiences, music. And it is the beginning of something wonderfull! I have two issues: I am at the beginning of this new journey and working with my mind is not a easy process. A lot of negative and haotic thoughts came over (a doctor told me 2 years ago that I have an OCD problem and also dealded with some strong anxiety episodes in the past). I can manage to keep calm, relaxing myself and not give outside and inside any kind a negative energy. Every experience I have I try to see it as something useful and positive even if some experiences are inconfortable. Also some of these experiences are received as negative or injust by my mind at the begining but than I try to relax and not feel negative emotions toward that experiences and just say Thank you for it whatever it is. My problem is that concentrating not to react on my inconfortable and negative thoughts as an observer, sometimes I realize that I am loosing contact with exterior reality: I forget to do things, I am not very much in the prezent and it is like my senses are somewhere else. Maybe it is normal at the beginning till I will find some stability. What is your advice? The second issue refers to people who see this change in me. Some of them are very happy to see me calm , relaxed and optimistic but there is another group who thinks I am radical and exagerating, doing Whatever Works to improve the quality of my life, like I am forcing myself and doing something artificial and I feel that for some of those people this way of living is like an illusion (maybe it is enough to say that I know these people and they are mostly negative, questioning everything and full of doubts concerning the posibility for someone to change his life for the better). It is like they belive that somehow I am fooling myself. They also say that acting like that I will be weird and anacronic in society and for the rest of the people. The fact is that I am not trying to convince them, although my mind say so. It is true that I used to feel a strong influence from the people around me and now I feel that their doubt it is a negative attitude. I don’t want to say that I am fighting with my mind but sometimes I experience this because I did’ t found the stability yet. I am at the very beginning of all this. I read positive books and teachings and I feel good doing this, I listen positive music (I am a christian orthodox but I found joy also in indian chanting music), I try to spend time with positive people and avoid for now the negative ones (it is hard now to face their negativity because it affects me a little bit) and keep watching my mind. I know that I am not my mind but I have a strong conection with it as it still is: with a lot of negativity from the past. Thank you.

    1. Sen Post author

      Anca, it’s very natural as, one starts off in this journey of understanding the deal of “conscious living”, to become more biased towards “light nature” aspects – like being thankful, being grateful/appreciative, being optimistic, being calm, being nice etc And sooner than later it becomes a mind game, it becomes a “technique” to navigate life, and before long we become imbalanced in someway towards clinging to the light nature. This imbalance is shown clearly in our experience of external reality in that we attract a lot of dark energy/nature – this is just an external effect of your inner imbalance towards light nature. Life has light and dark nature components in it, and if you cling to the light and try to avoid the dark you will become imbalanced, in the same way when you cling to the dark and avoid the light, you become imbalanced again. In your case, presently, the imbalance is towards light nature in that you are trying to avoid the dark in some ways. If you are afraid of “negative” people, you will never come to an inner balance because you will have “resistance” to this aspect of life – I am not suggesting that you treat negative people “lovingly” or some forced compassion of any kind, what I am suggesting is that you develop the inner openness to not be fearful of negative people. Basically you fear of negative people is just a reflection of the fear of negativity you have within you, the reason why you constantly try to be optimistic and “positive” is because you are afraid of just allowing the negativity of the mind, the reason why you add an element of “light nature” (like trying to be thankful for an uncomfortable situation) is because you’ve some idea that you cannot allow your mind to have a dark mood or a dark perspective on something. In a lot of ways you are trying to make your mind become purely light natured, and this is the reason why you find people outside you trying to tell you that you are being “unnatural”. Conscious living is not about becoming light natured, it’s about integrating your dark and light nature, and allowing the “humanness” of your physical body/mind in a natural way rather than trying to project some idea of positive being upon yourself.

      Instead of blaming the outside as being “negative”, look at your outside as your feedback for your own inner imbalance – if the outside feels negative to you it means you have an imbalance within you, it could be towards your dark nature or your light nature (in your case you are imbalanced towards your light nature, and avoiding the dark component in you). You can get some insights in this post – a deeper understanding of wholeness and healing the imbalance

  16. anca

    Before you gave me this answer today I was thinking at the exactly same thing: that maybe I am oriented towards my light nature and this is an imbalance too. But I was not scared that I will end up in the same situation as before. I think that somehow this is the first step to recognize negativity outside of me not only inside. I was not able to do that before. I’ve always knew when I had negative emotions but I did’n see it like that in other people or events. It was like I was pulled over and over in the problems of life, arguing with people, judging people, NEEDING very much and have expectation from others and then I was feeling bad like it was not me and I did’t wanted to do all that. And I was suffering. This was the only way I knew to be. I did’t know there could be something else. I thought that all I am is my mind. The eliberating moment was when I understood that I am not. I tryied to found that quiet place inside and I had a glimpse of it. From that place I could recognize the thoughts. The thoughts that usually scared me. Before I used to allow only a part of them because the other part created negative emotions and fear. But now is like I found a secure place from where I can watch everything and say: OK, is not a nice thought but is fine, is mine also because my mind is a human mind and it is full of conditioning and past experiences related to social conventions, standards, norms and ethics. The problem before was that I’ ve belived my mind and I had strong emotions toward my feelings good or bad. Of course the bad ones were the disturbing kind.
    I’ve said that it is a normal step to be now oriented toward my light nature because I think it is a way to start finding the balance. From a life with a lot of negativity one could not find balance directly but is this the first step when he is finding inside a lot of good energy that can be expressed without forcing. I think that this positive energy gives you the ways and the context to understand better even this imbalance to light nature and not be scared of it. If you are disturbed by the negative things and thoughts, it is like you now had the power to accept it like it is. Allowing it. I have started this awareness a week ago, I know that I am oriented very much toward my light nature but that gave me the hope and strenght to allow negativity. If I do something good or I smile to someone or I enjoy myself with relaxing things, is not artificial and I am not forcing it. I did that all my life but I was not aware of it’s power. I was not aware of myself. I am just letting myself go in good vibes. When the scaring or negative situations or thought appear, I try to relax first and then allow it. I noticed that I have less and less negative emotions toward it. Now I can identify the thoughts, the fears and not make them bigger, not reacting on them. Just let them beeing there. I don’t want to detach from my mind. In the past it gave me such a hard time. I know that it is also mine but it is not all I am. I think that this process was very subtle and it’s real beginning was in time and step by step even I was not fully aware of it. When I started to be, this was what happened:

    1. First I was very disturbed beeing around negative people and in negative situations.
    2. When I calmed down, I could understood the idea of a quite place and the mind that it is not all that we are.
    3. I could see the benefits of a positive attitude and thinking.
    4. I understood the importance of being relaxed. Everything is more easy and natural when you stay relaxed.
    5. For the first time in my life I was aware and I could feel the negative energy of people, when I did that, of course the first thing was to avoid but this was in the beginning.
    6. Now it is more easy for me to deal and to allow negative situations and people because I feel strong somehow, like I know inside that it is ok and I can deal with it. I can understand their reactions without judging them or have resentments.This not mean that I am strugling to love them, just keep and open mind and understand their reactions: if they are insecure, agitated, sad, aggressive. I feel and I observe that. I’m not cold to them also. I am just relaxed and allowing the situation as it is. I notice also the good in people and situations around. It is true that it gives me pleasure. Of course that everybody can identify a negative attitude. But I think that is important not to react toward it. Just say what you think and if you don’t like a person you are free to leave and let it be without fear or remorse.
    7. I have observed that naturally I am slowing down my rhythm of everything. I am not agitated, I don’t rush very much. I don’t project my happiness on things or people so much so I have less neediness and psssesivity. I feel good. The relations with people improved. My relationship too.
    8. I am more aware of myself, of my happiness that it is only in me and I understood the importance to live in the present.

    P.S. I was talking about negative people that don’t believe you when you have a conversation and tell them that there is a way to find balance and happiness and to improve your life, I was talking about people who strongly don’t believe that this is possible. They don’t trust in their power as human beings to found that place of stillness in them. People who are unhappy all the time and don’t wanna try anything, but only gossip and express their permanent insatisfaction.
    A question: Do you think it is a sign of imbalance if you discover in this proces that you have less things in common with some of your friends when you don’t feel that you are connected anymore with them? I am not saying that I am thinking I am a better person or I see what they don’t see. It is just something else. Like the road is splitting. I am not talking about everyone, but a few of them. Their company and vibes are felt diferent and i just don’t want to relate so much. Even in the beginning was fear of negativity but even when I am calm it is a question of not wanting, not feel connected. I also think that this feelings did’t started suddenly. I think that even before was o poor connection, I could feel it but it was a matter of indulgence and formality keeping contact with them. If it was contact it was mostly about negative things: gossips, permannent discontent, rage, gelousy, envy. Maybe now, when I am on the path to find balance, some aspects of profound connections with people I considered friends are more obvious. I can allow their negativity, I can understand their reactions of the mind but I ask myself why I have to spend time with them? You can choose your friends or maybe you starting to attract people that are more connected to your new state of being and this is better for you. The rest of the negative people are just a part of your experiences and you allow them too. I think you don’t have to avoid this type of friends also. They are from your past experience. But you don’t have to stay in their presence if you don’t find a connection. The question is that is normal and ok for someone who is on the way of change to ballance, not to find connection with things in his life as it was: some profesional aspects, some friends, or habits? It is not so much a question of good or bad quality but just of Something Else.

    The idea is that I think that allowence, beeing a positive attitude, you can understand it and doing it being in the light nature. For someone who is in the dark nature and has a negative attitude maybe it is hard to be opened and relaxed for allowing his own negativity that’s why i’ve said this could be a first step. And than you can allow and reach the ballance in time beginning with an orientation towards your light nature and than realizing the acceptance of dark. It is a process.The light nature gives you the good vibes to accept it because you’re not rigid anymore and you have a better understanding. You are more open to your entire being: with good and bad.

    1. Sen Post author

      Anca, that’s the right understanding. Basically, it’s just about not fearing/suppressing the mind movement by allowing it the freedom to have its thoughts – the only way to do this is when you are “consciously” allowing, or else the tendency to suppress/fear or be over-identified with the mind to the point of taking imbalanced actions based on provocation of thoughts. Basically, as you continue staying the space of allowing what you come to is a state of inner balance/wholeness, which feels like “light nature” but is actually way more deeper than any light-natured feeling – I ve explained this in the post – a deeper understanding of wholeness.

      As for your question about finding less things in common with your current friends, well it’s quite natural for you to sense incompatibility with certain elements in your current reality as you start growing in consciousness (and thus in inner wholeness). You will see yourself attracting elements that are more compatible with your current vibration, not as a forced pushing away from anyone, rather as a very natural/effortless creation of a more aligned reality.

  17. anca

    Sen, thank you very much for your patience and answers.

  18. Andy128

    Hi Sen

    I have been reading many of your posts in recent days and have found them facinating and in tune with my struggles. With regards to relationship connections, can the connection change over time or is it always a fixed design which is to be relalised and adpated to. It seems that my inner state has more dysfunction than my partners and feel that it is my purpose to sync with them to grow.



    1. Sen Post author

      Andy, instead of trying to adapt to someone external to you, you would need to bring an inner connection/relationship with your own sense of self, with your being. The primary deal is always to find an inner connection, and then move from this place of inspiration/guidance. Also, your inner connection allows you to release all the imbalanced momentum created by the “disconnection” to start with, which would obviously change the way you relate to yourself and to thus with others – you can find more insights in this post –

  19. aielioli

    Hi Sen, when you speak here about dealing with finances you mention that it is necessary to ‘bring yourself in sync with this reality on Earth’. Would you elaborate on this point; how exactly do you ‘sync’ and what do you mean by being ‘hard on money’. are you referring simply to a negative attitude toward money? How does one begin to change this attitude that appears to have developed from the repeated experience of lack of finances and the feeling of being limited as a result of this lack. Can you give some more specific advice about dealing with this particular area of lack. Many Thanks.

    1. Sen Post author

      Aielioli, what I mean by “bringing yourself in sync with this reality on Earth” is to not resist the monetary system of functioning that we have going on Earth. There are a lot of people who unconsciously keep complaining about the very need for a monetary system, and keep looking at money as the root of all evil or some other limiting notion like that. It’s not money that’s the root of evil, rather it’s the “thinking” in the person working with the money – it’s always “thinking” which creates good or bad. Basically, by bringing awareness to your mind you will slowly start realizing the various ways in which you may be thinking lackfully about money, for example, you might have a belief that its very hard to make money, and this belief may be very justified by your upbringing or your present situation, but this belief by itself becomes a magnet that keeps attracting the situation it believes in – a situation where it is hard to make money. So, you need to stop fueling this belief by giving it your identification, stop defending this belief, and you will see that it loses force in you automatically, which will also release the resistance created by it.

  20. Ahlan

    Dear Sen,

    I was propelled into another dimension as I read this chapter. Its so fascinating and riveting. At the end, I sat in silence trying to ingest this deluge of thoughts that elbowed for space in my mind. You have taken us into new territories that go beyond the capacity of a human mind. Kudos! Its a lot for me to take in and I will go easy on this.

    You talked about “you are not your mind”. I can see easily that this pointer can be taken as a mind technique and can soon become an escape mechanism to avert negative thoughts. Mind is very essential for the being as it is a tool to help in communication as well as for experiencing physicality.

    I have a question about this phrase “Dealing with intensity of such “human” feelings can be a very new experience for some beings, and there can be a lot of confusion as a result. ”

    The entire play of a human journey is about reducing the mind momentum and bringing it to a state so that it can start tapping into the wisdom of the being/soul/heart. In that case, I understand that a ‘being’ is already rooted in wholeness. We are already whole but due to our mind we have to discover this wholeness.
    Since the being is rooted in wholeness why does it find itself confused with dealing with the intensity of the emotions, when it is the mind that is causing the being to feel so with its conditioning?

    I don’t know whether I am clear with my question or whether I am myself confused. Hoping for some pearly words of wisdom from you Sen.

    1. Sen Post author

      Ahlan, you as a “being”, or soul, are not already whole, you find wholeness through your journey, through your lessons, through your growth/evolution. The human body presents a unique challenge that helps you grow as a being towards understanding aspects like love, fear, boredom, hatred, joy and sexuality, in a very concrete way through physical experience – thus the physical realm acts as a school you to grow as a being along with being an playground/entertainment also. Just like a kid is not mature from the start, a kid grows into maturity growing into an adult, as a soul, you have a journey towards finding balance, and then living your balanced expression, which entails going through imbalance/immaturity initially (as a kid soul) until you grow into maturity. The teaching of “you are already whole” makes no sense, its very ambiguous and creates unnecessary confusion/delusion.

  21. Shiv


    What you are referring to as ‘wholeness’ is the innate perfection of all that exists. This is the perspective of the absolute, of God-consciousness if you will. From this perspective yes your being is already whole, but then so is your body, your mind and your heart. From this perspective everything is already whole, because Wholeness can only perceive Wholeness.

    However, when seen from any perspective that is relative, nothing is whole, everything is only moving towards wholeness. There are many planes of relative perspective – your body is one plane, your mind is another and your soul is yet another perspective. On each plane you are moving towards wholeness. Your body moves towards wholeness through cellular regeneration, your mind through thought-emotion and your soul through incarnation. The same principles of growth through learning applies on whichever plane of existence you are perceiving from.

    This is where the confusion that Sen is referring to comes from. This notion that there is a part of you that is whole (eg. soul) and another part of you that isn’t (eg. mind). Instead, look at it another way: anything that grows cannot already be whole, because growth implies a movement towards wholeness. You are growing as a human through this lifetime and also as a soul through many incarnations. In this sense, you are moving towards wholeness on many levels.

    Look around you, everything and everyone is doing the same. Its what we all have in common, like waves in an ocean moving towards the shore, this is a progression of all of Life towards wholeness. And yet from the perspective of Wholeness nothing ever really happens.

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