The Core Personality of Your Mind

Posted on by Sen.

When you deviate from the core personality of your mind/brain, you start living with an “alter ego” where you are unconsciously forcing yourself to be someone you are not. The reasons for not aligning with the core personality of your mind are many

– You felt judged during your childhood when you tried to be yourself, and hence decided to take over an “altered” personality that met the expectations of your surroundings

– You felt vulnerable showing yourself to be who you are, and hence decided to suppress certain part of your personality

– Going through a lot of hurt and pain caused you to suppress certain aspects of your personality, usually out of a bitterness towards it

– You felt the need to “show off” to others, in a bid to hide your insecurities, and hence took on an altered personality when you were in the outside world

The truth is that the core personality of your mind is not going to change – it’s hard wired, and is a part of your natural makeup. When you create an altered personality structure, your brain has to expend a lot of resources trying to maintain this structure and it also enters into a conflict with its “natural personality”. This is one reason for hearing the “two voices” in your head – one coming from your natural personality and the other coming from your altered personality. You can play this game unconsciously for a long time, until you become totally confused about what your mind’s natural personality is like – this is usually the point where you start feeling “clueless” about a lot of aspects of your life, undecided about what you want and where your priorities really lie.

Releasing the leash on your mind

It takes so much effort to “pretend” to be someone you are not. The only reason you ever decide to wear an altered personality is out of a deep insecurity within yourself, where you feel inferior about yourself. Your physical existence is all about your mind, and if you are disconnected with the natural personality of your mind, it’s the best way to attract a messed up reality. The irony is that most people take their altered personality to be their natural personality, and try to suppress their natural personality by labeling it as negative.

Due to a lot of fear-based conditioning, the very idea of freeing the mind can feel scary to a lot of people. The idea of struggle has been so strongly programmed, that freedom feels like a guilty place to exist. Some people who understand this pointer and start freeing their mind immediately get gripped by fear, stating – “my mind seems to go into all kinds of tangents, I don’t think this is a good thing”. The truth is that you have been suppressing your mind the way you push down a “spring”, so when you release it, initially, there is an immediate burst before it can settle down – it’s just that a lot of people are unwilling to experience this “burst” for while, and get scared of it, and try to put a leash back on the mind.

I understand that when you do start letting go of your “hold” on the mind, there can be a huge surge of suppressed emotions and thoughts that come up for a short while, and this surge feels unpleasant to handle. But just contemplate the fact that this surge is just an evidence of the amount of suppression you have been imposing on yourself – and the sooner you release this suppression the better it is for your overall well-being (physical and mental). It’s just a temporary phase anyway, and you are grown-up enough to handle it for a while. There can be some periods of such surges that you may go through for a few weeks or a few months, but they keep reducing in intensity and length, until you finally just reach a place of stability. The entire purpose of “letting go” is to allow this surge to expend itself, for harmony/balance to return – your suppression caused the imbalance, and this surge is just mitigating that imbalance, when it ends the balance returns. (I call this phase 3 of alignment in this post – Awakening, transcendence and return of focus)

A period of disorientation is possible when you re-align

Of course, it can be quite challenging, initially, to align with your natural personality and allow your natural expression, because you feel addicted to your suppressed living, and the thought of living a “free” life brings a lot of fears to the mind. It’s also true that as you start aligning with your mind’s natural expression, you will start seeing a lot of shifts in your external reality as all the “incongruent realities” start dissolving – everything that you were maintaining out of suppression, or force, starts coming down, this again can be a source of challenge. It’s of immense value to have an understanding that what’s happening is similar to a “detox” where the toxic elements in your life are being filtered out, so that a new reality can come in place, a reality that’s congruent with your natural makeup. The more suppressed your life was, the bigger the shifts that happen as you let go.

It’s not possible to bypass this phase of “detox” and just jump over to the phase of full alignment – because everything in life follows a “linear” progression, its pure physics the way energy takes shape. So going through the phase of detox is the domain you need to pass through before reaching the phase of full alignment – you can think of the detox phase as the phase of deconstruction of the incompatible in you. It’s very common to have a sense of disorientation, or confusion, about what’s going on, as you realign with the natural makeup of your mind – usually because the “familiar” incongruent realities seem to melt away, which can leave you feeling groundless for a while. Of course, it’s just a very temporary phase of disorientation and you will find your ground again (what I call the return of focus) as a new, aligned, reality starts taking shape.

A clear-minded existence

When you allow your core personality to have free expression you feel very clear headed, and there is a sense of decisiveness and stability about you. Also, in your personal reality, you don’t attract people who are not compatible with you, because you have a clear sense of what you want in a relationship. You will find yourself being shifted out of circumstances that don’t match you, and will find yourself attracting a circle that resonates with your core personality.

You will also see your life become effortless. By “effortless” I don’t mean “inactive” – I just mean you will feel like your actions are happening effortlessly, in a flow, in a joy. You could be busy for 12 hours a day and yet not feel any sense of strain, because you are simply lined up with your natural expression, you thus have the energy of your life-stream behind you. There is a huge leverage that you gain when you are moving in alignment with your natural expression, for one, you don’t waste time contemplating how to “project” yourself and secondly you are very clear about what you want to do on a moment to moment basis, because you are no longer conflicted about what your natural inclination is.

The core personality of every mind is already “balanced”, because it’s like a harmonious mix of all the dimensions of the mind. It’s only when we become unconsciously lopsided towards certain dimensions, thus taking on altered personalities, that we end up in an imbalanced state of being. The core personality of the mind is already “whole”, because by its very nature it’s permanent/stable and when you align with it, there is a sense of predictability (you stop feeling volatile) in your nature. The pointer to align with all the dimensions in your mind, is just a directive to guide you towards recognizing your core-personality – because if you are suppressing any dimension in your mind, you are basically hiding from your core personality.

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  1. Elham

    thank you for the wonderful article.
    i just have a question about Core Personality.
    i understood from the article that core personality is a state of mind which is not unbalanced and where there is no surpassing on dimensions. and in that state we are ourselves and so must feel better. but as far as i know myself, i used to be a quiet and shy person, during my childhood, i didn’t speak with the others a lot. it didn’t have any positive effect on my real life, i felt loneliness. as i got older, i tried to change my personality, and i feel better now. there are lots of same aspect of my personality that i tried to change them during my life. for changing these aspects some times i needed some patterns, or some models that show me how i can change. so i tried to make myself like that model. my question is: how could i feel balanced if i return to my core personality? did i understand the real meaning of core personality correctly?

    1. Sen Post author

      Elham, when you are aligned with your core personality you don’t feel “negative” about yourself, you feel balanced and stable in yourself. We feel shy out of “fear”, it’s not part of core-personality, it’s just fear manifesting as an external behavior. You can be a person who prefers being with himself, or you can be a person who prefers being gregarious, none of these natures are a problem – the only problem is when we live in “fear” or when we suppress our expression out of fear. Aligning with your core personality allows you to be yourself without trying to put on a “mask” to fit in, you will not be shy because shyness itself is an expression that you are not comfortable with who you are.

  2. robert


    what are your personal thoughts on religion? Do you believe in God? Do you pray to a higher power?

    1. Sen Post author

      Robert, organized religion can easily become a means of putting a “leash” on your mind, owing to many fear-based conditioning present in most religions out of mis-interpretation of the original message of aligning with ourselves. I don’t follow any religion, neither do I pray to any specific God figure, though I don’t see anything wrong with doing so if one finds some joy in it, as long as it does not become a means of living in fear of a higher power – the basic issue with most religion is the image they create of a “punishing” or “judging” God, who is keeping a tab of what you are doing so that it can punish you later – this type of belief causes us to live in fear, and not align with our natural expression through constant guilt and judgment.

  3. Elham

    thank you Sen! i got it.

  4. rossana

    I am having problems staying “watching” the mind without getting caught up emotionally in what it is doing. I try to stay as a neutral witness but it is almost impossible for me to stay disidentified without getting caught up in the emotions that come with the negative thinking.

    By staying in a state of complete allowing , will this dissolve the mental programming(much of it negative) that the mind has built up for years?

    This “awakening: is something i truly truly want to accomplish. I feel like i am so close after reading so many of your articles but i can’t seem to make the negative thinking completely go away once and for all.

    Please help me with this!

    1. Sen Post author

      Rossana, the practice of watching the mind (without involvement) is only a temporary “practice” which is required to improve your awareness capacity – to make you more aware. Once your awareness has grown in power, it’s important to let go of this practice of watching the mind and allow yourself to get involved in the mind, without fearing its negativity. Only your involvement will dissolve the negativity, if you keep running away from the negativity in the mind, you will never come around to dissolving it. Allow what arises, in the mind, to arise fully and let go of the need to “protect” yourself from it – it is this openness that allows a true dissolution of negativity. As long as you keep fearing the negativity, it will continue to stay on, the moment to allow the negativity fully in your awareness, it will start dissolving in force. That’s what “surrender” really means, to let go and open up, to allowing all the suppressed negativity to be released – without using any technique to try to escape it when its being released.

  5. rossana

    How do we know if our awareness has grown in power sufficiently and it is time to make the switch to getting involved?

    1. Sen Post author

      When you no longer feel the urge to run away from the mind, and are willing to surrender to what arises, it’s an indication that your awareness is strong enough.

  6. treeter

    great Q & A!!

  7. Franchesca

    Dear Sen,

    I have been studying the process of awkening to truth for many years now. I would say that I am probably at stage three, and about 2 years ago I expereinced a call to awaken. At the time I didn’t know what this meant but continued through the gathering of knowledge stage and the ‘ undoing of the mind’ until I understood what was happening. This has been an amazing experinece,that began at a time when I was close to giving up on life, so I am truly gratefull for this expereince and every step that I take to becomming fully awakened is very exciting for me. My life seems to reflect my priorities in every area except one. I have good health, a wonderful marriage to my soul mate, beautiful creative children, a job which I enjoy and am learning and growing in, and even the possibility of further education. The only area that does not seem to work for us at the moment and has not for nearly 10 years, is financial stability. We seem to attract lack. After some years of having great finacial stability and career sucess we have fallen into creating repeated expereinces of lack. My husband and I both come from childhoods of similar expereince; we both experienced child abuse in different forms. I feel that this is something that we both carry with us through life and continues to make us both feel unworthy, which is why we exereince lack. I understand that finacial stability does not bring peace and that what I/we are lacking is peace, but it is very difficult to feel peaceful when you cannot pay bills and are not able to plan/save for any future finacial stability. I feel that some security in this area of life would make life even more enjoyable for us and our children. Do you have any advice for us on how deal with this constant stumbling block in our lives.


    1. Sen Post author

      Franchesca, you can read my recent post – how to attract financial stability . The fact that you seen alignment in the other aspects of your life shows that you are quite aligned with your life-stream and you might just be having some resistance patterns with respect to money. The pointers in this post may help you identify these resistances and get you to a place of clear minded focus towards attracting financial abundance.

  8. Gool

    Helpful reading specially for those who have suppressed themselves for various reasons right from childhood. Gool

  9. Franchesca

    Thank you Sen. Can I ask where do you get your knowledge from? Did you study alignment before experiencing it? Did you go through the stage of gathering information? Are there any specifc authors/books that have contributed to your wealth of knowledge that you would recommend.

    Many thanks

    1. Sen Post author

      Franchesca, most of what I write comes from an inner insight through my own awareness of my myself and human consciousness, but I started becoming conscious after reading the book “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle, 4 years back when I was 25 when I was living a highly disconnected life. Afterwards I spent a lot of time listening to videos of a few awakened teachers on youtube, the likes of Adyashanti, Mooji, who talked about the “oneness” of consciousness – their teachings helped me deepen in awareness. During my mid teen years I was interested in books on metaphysics describing the law of attraction in this universe and the science of creation (classics like Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill and As A Man Thinketh by James Allen), but I found the teachings of Abraham Hicks (with respect to how law of attraction is instigated by our lifestream), which I came across around a couple of years back, to really give a wholistic picture about the principle of creation in this universe – I listened to several of their audio clips on youtube and also read their books Ask and its Given and the power of deliberate intent. I could get a wholistic picture when I combined the teachings of “oneness” with teachings of the science of creation, and from there on it’s was mostly about me investigating my own mind and understanding human consciousness from my place of awareness.

  10. Franchesca

    Thank you for these information sources Sen. Do you think that some of the teaching of human consciouness could be incorporated into our children’s education system? Why do you think that this information is still somewhat buried and frowned upon and given the label of ‘new age’ by the mainstream? Do you think that children need to go through the stage of unconsciousness in order to become conscious?. It appears that children have a level of awarness that becomes lost as they get older. Do you think that the loss of awarness/ connection to our life stream, that we have as children, is down to socialisation?

    Thanks again

    1. Sen Post author

      Most of the disconnection happens during our childhood because during this phase not only does our brain lack a strong awareness but we are also deeply dependent on the external for our survival and hence allow them to control our life. Unconscious parents, teachers and society at large has the influence of incorporating a lot of limiting beliefs in children and through the mindset of comparison, judgment and competition can easily cause a disconnection in a child with with his/her natural makeup.

      In most cases, a child’s brain has minimal capacity for self-awareness (of course there are some children who have very high awareness at early age) and the way I see it, it usually takes atleast 20-25 years to develop a strong awareness in the brain in our present era. With evolution, this time frame would keep reducing and the brain would have capacity of awareness at a much early age. The problem however is not that their brain has low capacity for awareness, during childhood, the problem is with the upbringing that disconnects them from their natural makeup and sometimes causes a imbalance in them towards fear or hatred. When they grow up and their brain develops an awareness, they feel this disconnection very strongly and a lot of suffering ensues as a result – some use this suffering as the catalyst to wake up and re-align with themselves, while some end up in dysfunctional behaviors accentuating the disconnection.

      I believe, awareness practices can be incorporated by the age of 10, so that the brain starts developing a strong awareness by their mid teen years. Also, it’s useful to teach some basics of understanding the principle of creation, giving them a sense of the well-being present in their life-stream, and their nature as creators. Wisdom can only arise with the growth of awareness and understanding about life, it’s possible for kids to be aligned with their natural makeup without having any wisdom which is just as imbalanced. A lot depends on conscious parenting where parents should become aware of a child’s natural makeup and guide the child towards finding expressions for it rather than forcing the child to follow a rigid mindset of focusing on grades alone. The schools should also develop a method for eradicating comparative grading and find means to help children have the freedom to indulge in learning as a means of finding answers to their natural curiosity rather than learning by rote. Of course, a basic education is required in all subjects but there should not be a force on a child to perform well in all the subjects, rather means of teaching should be developed that help a child develop curiosity for the subject, which happens naturally when there is no pressure/force to work mechanically.

  11. Ryan


    For a while I have felt like I have no personality and that everything I do takes some amount of effort or some sort of push. From talking to someone to going to the gym it all takes effort. I say this because that’s where the problem lies for me. Since I feel like I lost my personality, I can’t be sure that anything I do or say is something that I as a person would do or say. When I have this on my mind everything feels forced (talking to others, eating healthy, working hard etc.) Since everything feels forced when I do it, I tend not to do it or not feel any satisfaction from doing it. I think I’m afraid that at my core personality I am a dull and boring person when all my life my friends have known me to be the opposite. Any thoughts?

    1. Sen Post author

      Ryan, only when the momentum of negativity clears out from the space of your being can you get a sense of the core personality of your mind, until then you just feel fuzzy about what your natural expression is owing to negative momentum in the mind. Dull and boring is not the core personality of your mind, it’s basically just the result of this negative momentum. The reason why you are forcing yourself into effort is because you are “afraid” of letting go into a simple sense of surrender to life. For a while, if you can just allow yourself to be effortless, and not force yourself into effort, without giving in to the fear/guilt of the mind, you will be able to release the negative momentum in your being quite easily. Once this negative momentum gets released you will feel a sense of re-connection with life, with a sense of aliveness and inspiration in your being, you will feel aligned with your mind and it’s natural expression will come forth from this place. The reason why you feel dull, restless and blase in your being is because presently you are just going through a phase of “detox”, where your the momentum of unconsciously created resistance is ebbing away. This phase will be done with easily if you stop forcing yourself into effort, and just allow yourself to be in a relaxed surrender to life.

  12. doug

    I just stumbled opon your articles, and been reading quite a few of them and just want to thank you. I have many issues with my own mind, I’ve been diagnosed with many kinds of mental disorders like bipolar, manic depression but I have decided awhile ago to not take the medications due to that believ they are only hiding the issues I have to deal with in my own mind. Hopefully ill be able to use some of this information to find peace in myself and not constantly be tormented.

  13. Seva

    Sen what is your view point on medication given for such illnesses such as bipolar or manic depression? What would be your advice on the path to conscious awareness?

    1. Sen Post author

      Seva, when one has low awareness (what’s called unconscious living) the only way to get some relief from negativity is through some distraction or medication, simply because they have no space of awareness to consciously let go of the negativity. However, if one has some space of awareness, and they have capacity to see the negativity in the mind, the way they are able to see their hand, that means they now have the capacity to consciously let go of the negativity. The use of drugs and medications are temporary relief mechanisms, and they act like an unnatural force on the body by depressing its nervous system and hence lead to dissipation/imbalance of the body in some form. The only way to truly be free of negativity is to consciously let go of of it, and if you have an iota of awareness in you, it’s enough to start the process of letting go of the negativity – it’s like when you keep eating bad food and keep getting sick not having enough awareness to stop eating the bad food, but when you become aware you see that the bad food is causing the sickness and thus you stop feeding yourself with it, being unconscious is like being in a daze, just like a zombie following habits, being conscious is like an invitation to wake up from blind habits of reinforcing negativity.

  14. Orlando

    Hi sen, im glad to know that someone has the same idea
    as i do. I personally have suffered a personality probems. Its somthing
    i learned in time that i had this problem threw a mental breakdown and identity crisis.
    I started using my first alter in childhood and a few more latet in life.
    I grew up using this method for adapting, the first time i did it was for me to feel safe and be to be socially
    accepted even if it was a bad image or group. The rest of my alters, were made when i felt I couldn’t hold that mask or when i felt I failed to complete my egos expectations.
    If you would like to discouse more on this topic with me contact me.

  15. Tommy

    Hello Sen ,

    Your articles really wonderful . and this article describes what really happened to me 4 years ago .
    and now im suffering from this issue . its so hard to live this way .
    but my big problem that when i read your articles i felt very happy like ( yes !!! this is the solution it would really help me )
    but when i finished reading . i couldnt do anything that helps me. or its not that easy to do .
    ( releasing the leash on mind ) , (watching the mind ) ( Awareness )
    my english is not that good . and i feel confused about what is the particular article that helps me the most . because its hard to deal with all that articles . further more i have a low back pain . and its painful to stay infront of the laptop for a long time.
    my life is a bit hard …

    thanks sen ,
    ur reply will really help

  16. Anonymous

    My main problem with this is my core personality would get me sentences to imprisonment or death or alternatively end with the destruction or enslavement of the homosapien species. So is considered socially unacceptable. So me freeing my mind would cause perceived bad consequences for most everything I would interact with, which is intrinsically at odds with my survival if the world gangs up against me. It’s an enourmus risk and I don’t think I have the confidence to succeed in ruling/destroying the world of man.

    This article is well and good for an average human but unrealistic and infact potentially life threatening to a more complicated human. Please reconsider the tone and discussion topics of your article to include these more complicated issues.

    1. Anonymous

      You are wise man ! I appreciate & respect your inputs. Thanks.

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