Which Dimension Of Your Mind Is Attracting Your Reality?

Posted on by Sen.

I discussed the 6 dimensions of a human mind a few posts back. In summary, the six dimensions of a mind are – love, joy, fear, hatred, boredom and sexuality, all human minds have all these six dimensions present in them in varying intensities. The dimension(s) of mind that’s most dominant, in you, decides that type of reality you dominantly “attract” onto yourself.

Your mind’s natural makeup dictates the dimension(s) that are naturally dominant in you, however “all” the 6 dimensions are present, in varying degrees, in all human minds. In order to have a “wholistic” experience of your physical life, it’s important that you are aligned with all the dimensions in your mind, this is how you attract a harmonious/balanced reality. The only way you can be aligned with all the dimensions of your mind is through “awareness”, in a conscious way, because in an “unconscious” state of existence it’s very easy to suppress certain dimensions in your mind, and it’s also very easy to give undue power to a certain dimensions which results in an imbalance.

Each dimension in the human being (be it love, joy, fear, hatred, boredom or sexuality) has the possibility of becoming a source of suffering when one is unconsciously giving “obsessive” attention to it. For example, Love can become a source of suffering in the form of over-sensitivity, possessiveness, obsession, grief etc. Joy can become a source of suffering when one becomes lost in it causing over-indulgence, hyper-activity, over-excitement, restlessness, insensitivity etc. We all know how the dimensions of fear, hatred, boredom and sexuality can all become huge source of suffering when one is unconsciously lost in them.

So, it’s important to understand that in the absence of awareness any dimension can attract a negative reality for you, because you become unconsciously lost in it and also because you disallow your wholistic expression by suppressing the other dimensions in your mind.

What’s the most dominant dimension in your mind?

You just need the slightest of awareness to recognize the dimension(s) in your mind that’s most dominant right now. Though the natural makeup of your mind decides its dominant dimension(s), it’s very possible for you to unconsciously make some other dimension dominant, based on your external conditioning, for example, love may be a dominant dimension in you but you make fear your dominant dimension because of identifying with some fear-based external conditioning of guilt, lack and insecurity.

When you are not aligned with your “natural” dominant dimension(s), you always feel that you are not being yourself, there is always a sense of “disconnection” – plus you end up attracting realities that feel incongruent with who you are. However, along with aligning with your natural dominant dimension(s), it’s also important to align with the rest of the dimensions to have a harmonious experience of physical life – suppressing even one dimension can lead to an imbalance.

If you feel that you are constantly suffering, you will see that you are giving “obsessive” focus to one, or some, dimension(s) in your mind. Also when you try to suppress a certain dimension in the mind, suffering and disharmony creeps into your reality. So basically in order to have a harmonious experience of physical life, you need to ensure two things

– Be aligned with the dominant “naturally” dimension(s) in your mind

– Don’t suppress any dimension in your mind

When this happens, you automatically find yourself attracting a reality that suits you to the core. To manifest a desire is not just about manifesting the “external reality” but it’s also about ensuring that the reality allows you to stay aligned with your “naturally” dominant dimension(s) and accounts for the allowing of other dimensions of your mind also – if a physical manifestation does not take into account all the dimensions of your mind, you will always find a lack of wholeness in it.

How do mind’s dimensions manifest realities?

Basically each dimension of your mind is capable of creating thoughts, perceptions, desires and preferences. I will take up each dimension and specify how it generates your reality when you are aligned with it “consciously” (balanced way) and when you are lost it in “unconsciously” (imbalanced way), and also when you try to “suppress” it.

Love – When you are aligned with this dimension in your mind in a “balanced way” the realities that it manifests/attracts for you are – people who care for you and enjoy your company without imposing expectations on you, circumstances the give you a sense of security and stability, situations of appreciation, opportunities to indulge your romantic side, situations that allow you to express your passion, attraction of bodily wellness.

When you are lost in this dimension in an unconscious way, you become susceptible to neediness, possessiveness, over-sensitivity and grief, and the realities you create are – attracting people who are overly dependent on your care/support, becoming the punching bag for insensitive people, situations that make you feel victimized/exploited by others, situations that make you feel grief.

When you try to suppress the dimension of love your realities start lacking an avenue to express love or receive genuine love/care from others, this can lead to you becoming more imbalanced towards dimensions of hatred, boredom or even sexuality, creating more incongruent/negative realities for yourself.

Hatred – When you are aligned with this dimension in your mind in a “balanced way” the realities it manifests are – attracting people who don’t judge you for your natural expressions of anger, attracting situations that allow you to freely express/voice your dislikes/dissent, attracting people who enjoy your dominant nature, attracting situations that allow your competitive nature to express itself fruitfully.

When you are unconsciously lost in it, you become susceptible to victimization (where you exploit others), sadistic tendencies, masochistic tendencies, physical violence, rage and over-competitiveness. In this state, the realities you attract are – situations that cause you to become physically/verbally violent, circumstances that cause you to be irritated/frustrated consistently, dissent and criticism from outside, relationships that lack love but are rancid with friction etc

When you try to suppress the dimension of hatred in your mind, you end up becoming a person who starts hiding behind a “smiling mask”, you become afraid of expressing your preferences (likes and dislikes), you attract people who are also being inauthentic within themselves leading to superficial relationships with no real depth. You can become an inherently “uninteresting” person, within and outside, because of the lack of diversity in your expression and can have a hard time in intimate relationships (lot of break-ups and rejections) because your “plain” nature keeps creating a sense of repulsiveness in the other person. Suppression of this dimension can also have repercussions on your other dimensions like sexuality and fear, where you can become imbalanced into them.

Joy – When you are aligned with this dimension in your mind, in a balanced way, the realities it manifests are – circumstances that allow you to express your passions, outlets for your excitement, enthusiasm inspiring projects, attracting people who can participate in your celebration of life.

When you are lost in this dimension in an unconscious way, it creates imbalances like greed, over-indulgence, irresponsibility, lack of integrity, over-excitement, restlessness, depravity, addictions, and some of the realities you attract are – situations that create “overwhelming” excitement leading to fatigue, circumstance that reflect lack of organization (scattered or cluttered projects), attracting shallow relationships that are only fun-oriented without any depth.

When you try to suppress this dimension in your mind, you experience a lot of “dullness”, stagnation and insipidness in your life – it’s like living in a murky pool. Your life starts reflecting a lack of zeal and aliveness, and you just seem to be “drifting” in a blasé manner. You attract realities that accentuate a lack of joy or passion, there is monotony and a lack of creative outlet.

Fear – When you are aligned with this dimensions in your mind, in a balanced way, the realities you manifest are – attracting people who are sincere in their dealings (sincerity comes from the dimension of fear and love combined), attracting people who have a sense of honor and integrity, situations that allow you to express/experience responsibility and service (without aligning with your fear dimension you can’t align with many aspects of responsibility required during adulthood), situations that allow you to enjoy fear inducing activities like adventure sports.

When you are lost in this dimension you basically suppress the dimensions of love, joy and sexuality, and can fuel the dimension of hatred and boredom. Being obsessed with the dimension of fear causes you to attract realities such as – people who seem to accentuate your insecurities, circumstances that create worry and anxiety, physical/mental abuse, situations that fuel fear psychosis.

Suppressing this dimension in the mind leads to a lack of wisdom, and maturity, in your physical movement. You become prone to reckless or unwise, and irresponsible, behaviors. Also, the suppression of this dimension leads to a blunting of your “instincts” and intuition for danger, leading to some negative outcomes.

Sexuality – When you are aligned with this dimension in your mind in a balanced way, you allow for a wholistic expression of your sexual nature and the realities you attract are – people (or person) who are compatible with your sexuality with whom you can experience a fulfillment of your sex drive, circumstances that provide security, peace and stability (people who are aligned with their sexual nature always attract “leisure” based realities that allow them to enjoy this dimension), sources of sexual entertainment, good bodily health/fitness. People who find alignment with their sexual nature are always connected with their body and thus are more likely to take care of its fitness, and health, as a natural instinct.

When you are unconsciously lost in this dimension it can create situations of depravity, irresponsibility, lack of integrity, negative perversions, shallowness with chronic body identification, judging the opposite sex (or same sex in case you are gay) purely as a sex object, reckless forms of lewdness and wanton behaviors. When one does not have a stable awareness, it’s easy to become a prisoner to this dimension because of its intensity, leading to unwise actions that become sources of regret later.

Suppression of this dimension leads to lack of aliveness in your personality because your sexual nature creates a magnetism or charisma in your physical being. Also, because sexual energy is so intense, its suppression can lead to a lot of disharmony in the body leading to diseases and health/bodily disorders of various forms. It will be noticed that people who have healthy sex lives always enjoy better health. Suppressing your sexual dimension can also lead to an imbalance into dimensions of hatred, love and boredom – basically you can become very volatile, aggressive, moody and even sadistic.

Boredom – The dimension of boredom is a very powerful dimension in the mind and anyone who aligns with it in a balanced way always attracts more peace, ease, leisure, relaxation, harmony, maturity and comfort into their lives. When one is aligned with the dimension of boredom, in a balanced way, it allows for a calmness and stability in their being (it erases restlessness, volatile-ness and over-excitement), the realities that get attracted are – deep and long term relationships, work that allows for leisure time, circumstances that allow ease and relaxation, situations that accentuate a sense of security and stability, responsible and mature attitude and situations that amplify comfort. This is one dimension in the human mind that very few people have ever learnt to appreciate, and align with, because it’s mostly perceived in a negative light.

Some people become unconsciously lost in this dimension which creates a sense of dullness, depression, meaninglessness, languidness, lack of creativity, negative laziness (where one is lazy owing to depression), monotony and stagnation, causing the attraction of realities like – lifeless relationships, passionless work, monotonous life situations and unhealthy body acquiring disorder/diseases associated with sedentary lifestyle.

A lot of people tend to suppress this dimension in the mind which causes serious disharmony in the energy balance of the body leading to fatigue, disease, irritability and restlessness. The body requires a “low cycle” to compensate for the energy expenditure involved in a “high cycle” (just like autumn is required before spring). The dimension of boredom allows for the “low cycle” of your body, and if you suppress it, by trying to force yourself into activities/distractions/excitement all the time, you end up with a severely disturbed body which usually plummets into a fatigue oriented disease.

Attract a wholistic reality by aligning with all your mind’s dimensions

As you can see, each dimension of the mind can yield a positive physical experience when you bring a balanced alignment into it. The only way to attract harmonious physical realities is to harmonize with all the dimensions in your mind. The experience of life that you have, when you have harmonized with all the dimensions, is what I refer to as “wholeness” – it’s deeper than exhilaration or excitable joy. The natural vibration of life is “wholeness” and all the dimensions of the mind have originated from this wholeness – just like the spectrum “Vibgyor” of a Rainbow is actually coming from pure White light (spectralized by water droplets). So the white light contains all the colors, and all the colors when harmonized become the while light – the same way the vibration of life translates into all the dimensions of the mind, and when these dimensions are in harmony one become aligned with the natural vibration of life (wholeness) in their physical beingness.

If you’ve clearly understood the pointers in this post, you will have a sense of what’s causing the conflicts or disharmony in your present life experience. You will be able to identify why certain aspects in your life are off-tune. All that’s required is for you to tune, or line up, to all the dimensions in your mind and the harmonization of your external reality is automatically taken care of. This is what I mean by a state of balance or wholeness in a physical being.

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  1. nvibes

    Powerful article, thank you.

  2. Cihan

    Great Insights myfriend. What else out there better then this insights in this blog!

  3. andy

    sen how do you distinguish between a thought which are a part of your natural expression and a thought that is a product of societal conditioning?

    1. Sen Post author

      In one sense, the problem is not with the external (societal) conditioning, because this conditioning does serve purpose in that it gives some understanding of the environment you live in. The problem is when you take in (or believe) a conditioning that opposes your natural way of being. It’s very easy to identify a thought that’s coming from an external conditioning that does not align with your natural expression, such a thought will always create a sense of “resistance” (or a bad feeling) in your body – it’s that simple. That’s why the easiest pointer to follow is “align with your joy and ease”, any thought that pushes you against your joy and ease is basically coming from “fear” and if you look at that thought you will realize that it’s simply an external conditioning that you’ve been carrying around with you.

  4. robert

    Sen I am recent to this website and over the last couple of days have been reading through all of your articles. I find them all extremely enlightening and feel like i came across this website at the perfect time in my life.

    I was intrigued by what you described as the “fierce grace of life” would you please elaborate on that as i feel like it is precisely what I am going through at this stage of my life.

    1. Sen Post author

      A lot of times we are not willing to face up to certain aspects within ourselves, we are not willing to align with a certain natural makeup in our mind or we are clinging onto certain conditioning/circumstance/situation which does not align with who we are. In one sense, it’s because we are afraid to face reality and we are trying to live in denial (like an ostrich that puts its head into the sand when it sees danger hoping that if it does not see the danger the danger will pass, which is a good example of denial based thinking). What I call “fierce grace” is basically a term to define the movement in life that puts you in a place where you have no choice but to face up to your denials, in words it puts you in place where you can no longer stay in hiding – its called “fierce grace” because it’s life doing you a “grace” (a positive thing) by putting you in a situation which may feel desperate to the mind (a fierce situation). It’s not really as horrific as it sounds, because life takes care of your well-being all the time and the situation its puts you in is just to shake the mind out of its “unconscious state”, it’s just a temporary situation which acts like an “alarm clock” to wake you up.

  5. Chetana

    Powerful article. I am grateful for your sharing your wisdom and insights with the world.

    Right now, I am unemployed. I have a rich personal history of being sexually and emotionally abused as a child, problems with holding jobs—i get good jobs but either my employment gets terminated or i leave the job cause of discontent, attract conflicts and i seem to attract people who cause pain to me. Good friendships form and they disappear. I am married now for 2.5 years and it has been a story of physical and emotional abuse. There is no peace and harmony in the marriage. I have a lil baby who is my light and joy.

    I am struggling in what kind of job to find – i feel i have the education but not the skills and feel incompetent. I feel empty inside. Struggle and loss and loosing seem to be the dominant experience in my life so far. I am unable to identify what my dominant brain dimension is.

    Leaving my marriage is not an option i want to take right now. I want to make the decision to leave this marriage when i am at peace where i am. I am not in physical danger and have learnt to manage my emotions so i think i can stay in this marriage while i raise myself to a higher vibration and can make balanced decisions.

    How do you think i should address my situation? what steps should i consider to better align myself with the dimensions. Please help. Many many thanks.

    1. Sen Post author

      The way I sense it, it’s obvious that “love” is the dominant dimension in your mind, which basically makes you a light natured person and the problems you are facing are typical of light natured people who are imbalanced by their “love” dimension in the mind. The common aspects that are present in a person who is unconsciously lost in the “love” dimension of the mind are – over-sensitivity, victim-tendency (attracting victimization and abuse), seeking approval (creating servile or submissive tendencies, where you put other’s happiness before yours and in fact sacrifice your joy to meet someone else’s expectation), seeking security, feeling overly vulnerable, self-deprecation (where you see yourself as weak), grief-orientation (grief is a form of love). These are just common traits found in a person who is imbalanced due to being lost unconsciously in the dimension of love in the mind. You will see that also have a hard time aligning with the dimension of hatred, boredom or even sexuality in your mind, because of your inherent fear of these dark natured dimensions in your mind. But unless you bring a balance between your light natures and your dark natures, you will feel imbalanced in your being. Physical realm is all about balancing the light and the dark energy in you – if you become lost in either on nature it causes an imbalance. Love and joy are the light natures of the mind, while hatred,fear, boredom, sexuality are the dark natures – you need to align with all these dimension and not just be lost in one dimension even if its a dominant dimension in you. You are lost in your dominant dimension, which is “love” and this the cause of all the suffering you are going through right now. All that’s needed is that you bring a balance into the other dimensions of your mind, and soon a harmonious reality will start coming forth for you.

      For example once you bring some alignment into the hatred dimension in your mind, it will empower you to be “competent” because competitiveness arise from the hatred dimension. The hatred dimension, when aligned with in a conscious/balanced way, gives you a lot of courage, empowerment and strength, which is required to live a balanced physical life. I can also sense that “fear” is another dominant dimension in your mind.So you would need to align more with the joy dimension in your mind, so that you can balance the obsession you have with the fear dimension in the mind. Now that you are aware of what the issue is, you can start making the journey towards balance.

  6. nvibes

    Can you give a bit more detail into how you become aligned with a particular dimension once you are aware that you are out of alignment?

    1. Sen Post author

      Usually just identifying that you are out of tune with a dimension, or that you are unconsciously lost in a dimension, is the catalyst that automatically starts moving you towards working a balance. In your case, the way I sense it, boredom is a naturally dominant dimension (you prefer calm/ease to excitement), and so is hatred (you are highly competitive, self-critical, irritation and anger arises easily). You feel guilty about the dimension of hatred in your mind and you also feel guilty about being at ease – so you are resisting both your “naturally” dominant dimensions and hence are not allowing a harmonious channeling of these dimensions that can bring you empowerment and ease. Moreover, you need to work on aligning with the dimension of love (you find it difficult to trust people) and joy (you feel some guilt about enjoying yourself) in you. I get a sense that you might also have some suppressive approach towards your sexual nature (the dimension of sexuality). The more you understand how you are mis-aligned with these 6 dimensions, the easier it is to bring an alignment. It’s just an inner work, the mind only has 6 dimensions, and it’s easy to work with them when you are clear about it. I would be discussing each dimension in detail in the upcoming posts.

  7. Alliswell

    If anyone is having a hard time grasping any of this, I would recommend you schedule an online counseling session with Sen. It helped me greatly in an hour and a half.

    1. NORMAN


    2. Sen Post author

      The very concept of treating people the way you want to be treated reeks of “manipulation” in one sense, as it seems to be coming from a place of fear rather than from a place of authenticity. It’s like, you want people to be nice to you, and that’s why you are being nice to them – so basically you are afraid of people not being nice to you, you have a deep fear of being put down, and you are desperate for their approval. It’s evident that this is the case, because you’ve mentioned that you find it really difficult to cope with dis-approval from the outside – it breaks your heart if some disapproves, or does not acknowledge your niceness towards them (which you were doing just so that they are nice to you).

      This behavior just points to the fact that you don’t feel a security within yourself, and you are overly dependent on the outside to feel good about yourself. You are yet to really know yourself, authentically, as the person you really are. And you are just wearing a mask of being good to others, just because you want them to be good to you – you can be rest assured, the people can immediately sense this “neediness” in you. The positive way of being, is when you are truly being “authentic” about who you are, and are not putting up a front to appear “nice” to people. You would need to bring awareness into your mind, and really start identifying your natural make-up – and start aligning with it. Once you are aligned with your natural makeup, your behavior would be “natural” rather than a strategy to get people to be nice to you. And the truth is that when you are being authentic, you always get a positive response from the outside.

      Always remember that being authentic is what allows for growth, be brutally honest with yourself to really see your own inner incongruencies. Your negativity is not personal, it’s just a result of being unconscious of an incongruent pattern.



  9. Chetana

    Thanks very much Sen for your guidance. I will work on tuning my dimensions. But not really sure how one expresses hatred. I can identify people/situations that were not good to me and in fact harmed me and what i feel towards the person/s and situation/s is hate. But how does one align themselves to negative emotions. Is being aware off enough to bring you the alignment. what does one do?

    Warm regards

    1. Sen Post author

      The immediate perception that comes into the mind is that dimension of hatred is a negative, but actually it’s like saying male energy is negative compared to female energy. Hatred only becomes negative when one is lost in it or unconsciously pulled around by it – in truth all the dimensions of the mind can become negative when one is unconsciously lost in them.

      The dark and the light are both required for a balance in physicality – love is light, hatred is dark, and a balance of the two in the mind is required a for harmonious physical expression – or else it’s very easy to get imbalanced. For example, the positive attributes that arise in a person who is consciously aligned with the dimension of hatred in the mind are – feeling of competence, no-nonsense attitude, being able to say “no” when needed, positive selfishness (where you take care of your interests rather than being a doormat to others), power to express dissent/dislikes of things that are not congruent with you etc. It basically makes you a well-rounded adult.

      How to align with it? The dimension is already present in your mind, and all that’s required is that you slowly start allowing it consciously rather than suppressing. A part of you already understand this pointer, you don’t have to over-analyse it, just allow this pointer to guide you towards aligning with dimension.

  10. Chetana

    Thanks Sen. Where I am right now, I do not fully get it but I have faith as i work towards balanced alignment, things will become increasingly clear.

    Thanks very much for your guidance, time, and the effort you put into helping people understand themself.

    In gratitude.

  11. Brad

    Thanks Sen for the Blog. I have been stuck in fear and anxiety and the thoughts associated with it for many many years. I improved a few years back when I let goof the thoughts but for the past year I seem to spend all my time fighting with the negative fearful thoughts and feelings that fear tells me and hence seem to pay it all my attention, feeding it as you say. It has almost be come an obsession and is stopping me from enjoying almost all aspects of my life. I feel joy when doing things I love but fear comes back a short time later negating the joy. The same thing happens when I do something I fear. I get the joy that I did it but the next time I do the same activity the fear is there the same as it was the first time.

    Do you have any pointers to share of how i should embrace my fearful mind and stop being at odds with it.

  12. treeter

    dear sen it is apparent that fear is the dominate dimention in my mind as it seems to what motivates me most. my situations always baffel me. i seem to be “mature” at the moment of an uncomfortable situation but then later or usually the next day i become very grieved, sad and torment myself. one, because why do i attract such realities and two it further proof my world is not getting better. i have a lot of hatred too because i blame others for these experiences. i cant seem to get a strong hold on my “maturity”. im a runner/ostrach and awareness just doesnt come when i need it the most! i must have a lot of detoxing because im still not clear headed. how can i persavere when someone else is creating a bad experience for them and me and i honestly make a bad situation worse? it seems so simple to me to stay out of trouble and not create bad situations but for others in my world that is not the case. i really want to attract good people and experiences but 40 years of detoxing will take me to my grave miserabley at 80!

    1. Sen Post author

      treeter, for a while you just need to allow the phase of staying surrendered, allowing the momentum of negativity to slow down and allowing all the suppressed negative energy to be released. You can think of this as a detox process. While you are going through the detox its important to not cling to anything that arises, be it good feelings or bad feelings, there will be periods of bliss followed by periods when negative energy gets released which may feel unpleasant. Towards the end of this process, you reach a consistant place of wholeness, without any intense fluctuations. It does not take long for the detox, when you fully surrender to it, usually it should be over in a span of a few months (usually the intensity ebbs away in 6-8 months when you are totally surrendered)

  13. shawn rose

    I have a general question. What makes people deny a reality that benefites them and how can a person overcome living in denial of their true self, once they have done the work to dicovery that their are not what the have been conditoned to believe they once thought they were

    1. Sen Post author

      Shawn, negative patterns in the brain have a past momentum, so even when you see through them, they continue to run for a few weeks or a few months, depending on how much past momentum they have gathered. So even after the discovery of a negative conditioning, it still plays out in the mind for sometime till its past momentum is exhausted – till then you will have to stay in place of openness, allowing this momentum to ebb away. Once the momentum ebbs away the negativity conditioning will lose its grip on your being.

      People deny a reality that benefits them due to the negativity they carry within, which disallows them from aligning with the positive. The negativity could be in the form of self-hatred, meekness or suppression/guilt.

  14. ao ma


    thanks for your helping . i always have a bad feeling about my body images ” i mean negative self image”, i used to think that i am an ugly person for many years while most people %50 of my peers , class mates used to call me ugly and the others used to say me “handsome ” person.

    i always care what the other people think of me ? what they will say me when i change my lifestyle or something about my life. i always like to criticize or to blame people and my self. i felt unworthy long time, now i am 25 and i have been suffering last 15 years and start from age 10 till 20 one of my parent used to hit me (physically abuse) and beat me and hate me for 10 years by “thinking” that i did something i never did once my entire life, it forced me to believe that someone looked like did what my parented thought i did . i used to have bad night mares and hard feeling all the time. i even take personally the jokes and i hate someone when he said something while he is kidding. sometimes when someone say me something i don’t take personal but after hours or days or months i remember what that person said me and i feel personally i hate him i want revenge something like that.

    i got rejection from girls many times from girls i loved and they never loved me back, and i rejected a girls who loved me. sometimes when i see a beautiful girls i feel like a fall for her . if i see people indeed i feel like i am in their situation and i can’t keep my saving i always give my savings to the others.

    sometimes i need approval when i did a great or good thing i look the people to praise me. when i do something i always feel i did something incomplete . sometimes a laugh and i feel happy and sometimes i feel more happy when i have many problems in side me. the people say me “you look happy today while i feel sadness in my heart” my mind is full of noisy and i am out of control sometimes. i am too much careless and sometimes i care too much. i confused a lot. i also like boasting and but i never felt arrogance . please Can you give a bit more detail into how you become aligned with a particular dimension once you are aware that you are out of alignment ? sorry my english is too bad .

    please reply my post sen

    1. Sen Post author

      The balance starts happening on its own as you allow yourself to connect with the space of “being”, by spending time just being aware of the mind without buying into its noise or arguments – just stay as a space of observing the mind. Right now you are anchored in the mind and hence are totally identified with all its thoughts, you will have to start coming out of this pull – the practice of staying as a detached observer of the mind movements, and getting a sense of yourself as this space of silent awareness, is the beginning towards bring a stability in your being.

  15. Chris


    After reading this I seem to be imbalanced in every dimension except sexuality,what can I do?

    1. Sen Post author

      Chris, this realization by itself is the start of the movement towards balance. The awareness in you that allows you to see the imbalance is what needs to grow in power, you can start with the insights given in this post – practice of relaxed awareness. Once your awareness is stable, you will be able to identify patterns of thought that are creating the imbalance, and also be able to release the suppressed energy in accumulated through past imbalance. Other posts you can read are

      Allowing the release of suppressed energy
      Resolving your inner conflicts

  16. Ritu

    I have been feeling all these things that you mention :
    dullness, depression, meaninglessness, languidness, lack of creativity, negative laziness (where one is lazy owing to depression), monotony and stagnation, causing the attraction of realities like – lifeless relationships, passionless work, monotonous life situations and unhealthy body acquiring disorder/diseases associated with sedentary lifestyle.

    : And they seem to grow. I think I should accept it. But would be nice to get your view about it

    1. Sen Post author

      Ritu, it’s not just about bringing a conceptual “mental acceptance” to the situation, rather it’s about actually becoming consciously allowing of these feelings so that they are touched by your “inner being” (which is already balanced) so that a balance can come into your physical being. It’s about connecting with your space of being, and bringing this space to touch your body/mind, only in this touching can a healing start taking place seamlessly. The more consciously allowing you are the more you deepen in your being and more you allow the intelligence of your life-stream to re-program your mind/body towards balance, allowing a constant inner transformation. If you are avoiding facing the fears and past emotions, and are using a monotonous routine, or a relationship, as a means to distract yourself from facing them, then you may want to stop and find some time to just sit and allow these feelings fully and facing them totally within you.

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