How to Find Balance in Life?

Posted on by Sen.

In a state of “low awareness” the tendency of a being is to be unconsciously imbalanced (in varying degrees), however, as one’s awareness starts growing/evolving the natural pull, or pressure, is towards finding conscious balance – it becomes inevitable. The state of low-awareness is also what I call the state of “unconsciousness” – which is […]

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  1. george


    I seem to be caught on making sure i am allowing the right way. At times i feel joyf others despair
    Sometimes i try to watch thought and end up on loops about how to do it. Any advice?

    1. Michael

      George – From my experience thus far, I have felt almost 0 joy or good feeling, which doesn’t mean “Hurr durr I’m doing it better than you”, just get a feeling if your “trying” to allow doesn’t stem from the fear of getting it wrong.

      From a perspective like that, it would be kinda like conditional allowing. Don’t *try* to watch thoughts, that just ends up in a big mind argument of “Why aren’t you watching your thoughts?” “You’re stupid”, etc. which only fuels the momentum further.

      Just be like a garbage bag in the wind, allowing your mind to think and feel what it wants, while you stay aware of it.

      Shit gets hard to sit through sometimes, but don’t give in, Georgie boy.

  2. Priya


    is it possible that due to release of momentum, u discover hidden abilities or find out that you are more intelligent than u think? or is it that because u dis identify with the feeling that you had abt not being intelligent enough, situations are created which make you feel better? is it possible that other s life gets better because of ur release, for instance, u may be excessively worried about your partner s career / work but because you let it arise and were able to free urself from the pull, things got better?


  3. sr

    priya- yes this is corrrect the release unearths the suppressed energy that you have had due to your unconscious . the talents and intelligences have always been their, but they may have gotten suppressed due to some fear based hung up or lackful thinking that was in you . since you are releasing the inner negativity you are naturally being moved into into the well being that life has to offer, you no longer are concerned with the outside as much because you are moving toward inner wholeness. and this naturally has a positive effect on every one around you

  4. Pm


    I think the idea of spirituality you have about living several other previous lifetimes comes from you being brought up as a Hindu. It’s not going to resonate with someone who is brought up as a Christian and thought this is their first life. So is it possible to have one set ” truth” for everybody or people define their own truths?Somebody could have a totally different definition of ” low awareness” than you and think they are not imbalanced. That’s what makes life confusing. By the way I knew we you were a Hindu because we chatted on Skype. I just don’t want to give my true name.

    1. Sen Post author

      Pm, I always maintain that these are just understanding that resonate with me in my current level of awareness, it doesn’t have to resonate with you in which case you should have the freedom to ignore it, and if you can’t then it would suggest that you are possibly trying to hold on to some understanding from a place of fear (and hence feel disturbed/threatened by a different perspective). I don’t hold on to any of my understandings as a belief, neither is my sense of security rooted in defending my understanding – I could care less if none of them where true. It’s not “beliefs” that brings freedom, rather it’s your “openness” that does – my sense of freedom is not dependent on my understandings. I talk about this in the post – the attitude required for inner freedom.

  5. Michael

    Has anyone else on here had physical pain during the release? Lately my back is extremely painful and I can’t breathe at all, so I just gasp most of the day. Also, I can crack all of my joints every few minutes, some of them are swollen (possibly from the cracking). God damn, it’s excruciating!

    1. Markus

      Yes, for a while. It is not bad anymore, though.

    2. Suhasini

      I was listening to Adyashanthi on youtube the other day. One of his followers was mentioning about excruciating back pain and peace at the same time . In Sen’s terms, I understood that that person was going through the release. Adyashanthi’s advice (In my words) was to ‘allow’ everything. Be kind to yourself

    3. Mark

      Yes, when in the very beginning of the release. Lately, sometimes I only have a sensation in my chest, making me a little hard to breathe. That’s a sign of a huge load of mind momentum, dont worry it will be gone by itself as the mind momentum dissolve in intensity.

    4. Wynone

      I have had physical pain as well, but I can’t be sure whether it’s because of the release or my stress levels (as I started ‘releasing’ at the same time I started my toughest university year, so…)! I started getting some headaches on the back left of my head, and I went to a doctor who said it was because of my vertebral segments near the neck area. Which often stems from stiffness and stress, so I guess it’s kind of normal.

    5. Tyler


      The physical pain you describe can come up in a phase of release. It’s important that you don’t lose your ability to allow this physical pain that you feel so that it doesn’t create any additional suffering or mental resistance. However, if the pain becomes so intense it may be wise to take up some sort of treatment (or getting it checked out). There is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself and your body through the use of treatment, as long as it’s not being used as a crutch or dependency. Of course it’s your call to know what you want/need to do with regard to this pain, and if you want to get any sort of treatment (which may last for a while or may only be needed for a little bit) or not can both be wisdom based ways of dealing with the pain.

      This highly resembles a lot of my attitude during the release. Although, I didn’t feel very much physical pain, in the very beginning (before encountering this site) I had a very rapid heart rate from intense anxiety and had to go to the hospital because there was a chance of a stroke. The attitude of “I’m a big man and I can take it” was an attitude in me which wasn’t really a wise one to have all the time, and in some situations only made things worse.

      It’s true and that the physical pain may die down as the release continues like in Markus’ and others’ cases in which case you can just wait it out, but if it gets worse or begins causing trouble in your life (such as where you can’t due your job or other things due to the joint pain) or if it just becomes too excruciating for you and you decide to get treatment, it would just mean you are being responsible and taking care of yourself based on your own wisdom.

      Again it’s always up to you and your decision knowing how you want to handle things in your life, I am just giving my perspective which may or may not help you in your journey.

      Take care, best of luck

  6. Nicholas

    I have a question regarding the polarizing nature of emotions in relation to allowing the release of suppressed emotional energy.

    You’ve mentioned before that during this phase we may experience unbalanced light-natured energy such as over-excitement in order to then experience lower vibrational emotions/energy.I experience this as like a real ‘zeal’ for life, where I’m real jumpy, singing and dancing around my room. I understand this is an unbalance in my light-nature, but my question is, do I allow it in the sense that do I give in to this excitement and bounce around until it settles so it takes it’s opposite as more depressive dark-natured emotion and deal with allowing that OR do I use this as a lesson in my nature and sit with it quietly and wait for it to die down.

    What I’m saying is are we ‘releasing’ this energy by going with its movement whatever it may be (like If I get a wave of ‘lets bounce around and sing’) or are we becoming more aware of these energy/emotional polarizing patterns so we can dis-identify and consciously choose to sit quietly in a more peaceful manner?
    I hope I made myself clear (I’m in that over-excited state now hah).

  7. Michael

    Some dude I barely ever hung out with in high school (like 4/5 years ago) stopped to talk to me as I was driving today. I’ve seen him in public before and he didn’t even look at me, even when I was like right beside him. I am quite curious as to why he felt compelled to talk to me or how he even recognized me (I was wearing a hoodie), I barely even knew him. To think that it’s a sign of possible new friends incoming is quite exciting.

  8. Mark

    It has been 8 months, and the release process is still happening these last 5 days. After the peaceful moment for about 2 weeks, my mind is having an outbreak, outburst of emotions and thoughts. I did foresee this would happen, but I didn’t think that it would be this intense. My mind seems to have the tendency to look for certainty in some things, and then try to figure it out by imagining them, and then the ego lit the emotions by adding some personal comment, making the emotions a few times more intense. It’s like watching a battle and feeling fear at the same time, plus siting with a commentator beside me. I think I make some of Sen’s words into a technique, specifically the “conscious release” part, now my mind has the urge to think a thought so that it can be released, so I felt the urge, quite intense, but when I ignore it, the intensity is somehow less, but when I am thinking the thought and messing around with it, the urge is getting intense. I dont quite understand about this. Also, my mind always see anything from my false self in the past, see certain things from the past perspective, so everything is deluded.

    There was some thoughts about I might be getting crazy because of this or I am gonna be stuck like this forever. I still have some attachment to my partner, some things that she does can be a trigger for me. It’s kind of hard to live with, and I do think the last year me is better than the present me, because I couldn’t feel a lot of this negativity in me, in people, in outside reactions, all the imbalances. It’s somehow funny.

    Sen, could you tell me more about conscious release? I think I don’t have enough understanding about it. Thanks in advance Sen.

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