Balance Your Personal Perspectives with the Absolute Perspective

Posted on by Sen.

As a human being, our mind has the tendency to have many human, or humane, perspectives. However, when we are totally ignorant of a higher or absolute perspective, it’s possible for our “humane perspectives” to become a source of negative thinking. For example, a person who is against non-vegetarians, because he/she thinks that non-vegetarians bring suffering to innocent animals through killing them, is basically holding this as a “humane perspective”, but if he/she does not have the maturity to recognize that from an absolute perspective all expressions have a value, then it’s possible for this person to hold some highly toxic, or negative, thoughts about non-vegetarians and thus keep a strong vibration of hatred going within. If you really want to let go of some deep rooted negative thoughts, that find defense/support in your “humane perspectives”, it’s important to develop the maturity to be able to balance your personal perspectives with the absolute perspective.

(I used a very mild example of “non-vegetarians” in the above explanation, but I could well have used a more challenging example (like terrorism) and it would still hold true)

What is the absolute perspective?

It’s true that the energy that you are is “pure positive”, or divine as some people like to call it, but it’s just as true that this energy wants to experience physicality in different ways, in diverse expressions and myriad of experiences. If this energy only wanted to experience the expressions of love, it would never have created a lion that “needs” to kill a deer for its food, it would never have created carnivorous animals. When the lion’s brain was created, the intent was to experience the reality of hunting down a prey for food. Also, when this energy intended to come forth as a deer, the intent was to be a prey and be food for the lion. The lion has all the adaptations for a “hunter” and the deer has all the adaptations for a “prey”, this is how the intent of this energy took form as these two different species of animals. (This is again a very mild example that I am using to convey the absolute perspective)

From a “humane perspective” it looks as if the whole process of a lion chasing a deer and killing it is extremely “horrible” or violent, and some vegetarians would wish that lions would learn to eat sweet grass to bring an end to the “violence” in animal kingdom, but this is existence is a “play” of experiences and all expressions are for the experience of it. There is only this “one energy” and it’s playing off itself, there is no fairness or unfairness when there is only “one energy” or “one being” – who is being unfair to whom if there is only one energy taking different forms?

The hunter and the prey are the one being, allowing the experience of the hunt. When you see it from the perspective of this energy, you know that nothing is really harmed because all forms are temporary manifestations, and are recycled, and physicality just allows this energy to indulge in the ride of experiences – if your mind has some anger against such expressions, just ask your mind what type of reality would it have created if it was in the place of this energy? (while answering this, make sure you account for the fact that “sameness” in expression will lead to a dead end of experiences quite soon)

A reality without diversity cannot allow for a gamut of preferences, sensations, emotions or feelings. If all expressions were somehow rooted in expressions of love there would be no diversity and hence no experiences, you won’t even know what love is if love was the only possible expression in physicality. If this energy only wanted to experience its natural vibration it could as well have just been born as a “rock” and left it at that. A lot of humans think that this world would be a great place to live if all humans were born Mother Teresa, with no capacity for any hate based thoughts. From a “humane perspective” this could well be true, but from an absolute perspective, of this energy, there would be no expansion because this “sameness” would just end any diversity in experiences or expressions because everyone will have the same point-of-view and hence the same preference. Without a diversity in experiences, there is no point of physicality from the perspective of the absolute.

The question of suffering

I get a lot of questions from people about why, if this energy is pure positive, would it create a mind that has a tendency towards violence, or if everything is made of pure positive energy why are there rapists and abusers, or why are children born into realities where there is no food or water, why does this energy not create only realities of well-being and joy? or why did it allow a capacity for negative to be present? And I find that a lot of these people are too taken in by the fear-based vibrations of these thoughts to even contemplate a deeper perspective to all this.

It’s true that this energy is pure positive, but its intent is not simply to experience pure positive expressions alone, it also wants to experience expression that may seem “inhumane” from a human perspective (just like the lion and deer example I gave before). You can take the lion and deer example and pretty much cover all expressions of violence and exploitation out there in the human realm. I read once that some men have YY chromosomes, or double male chromosomes, that causes excessive aggressive patterns in their mind, and it seems that such men cannot help being violent and have a tendency towards abusing others or themselves through violent behavior. You can now ask – “why did this energy, this intelligence, allow the possibility of such a creation?” the answer is simple, for the experience of it. Like I mentioned in my post “The value of negativity”, the only way a pure positive energy can ever know itself is through the mirror of its opposite – if there was only light you wouldn’t know what light is, darkness is a required perception in order to know light. It takes some maturity to really align with this absolute perspective.

A lot of people would prefer to not see reality as it is and have some narrow ideas/perspectives about it. When you don’t have the absolute perspective it would be very difficult for you to ever find a balance/stability in your mind towards positive, because your mind would constantly align with chronic negative thinking where it argues about the “wrong” happenings everywhere. As a human being, you need to fulfill your expression, and if it means that you move towards dissolving some negative behaviors in others, so be it as long as you understand that “negative” is a perception of your human mind and from an absolute perspective all expressions have a value.

Were negative realities meant to be created?

It’s true that all negative realities (like abuse, terrorism, starvation and forms of physical/mental violence) that we observe in human consciousness, from a “humane perspective”, are created as a reflection of the negativity (fear/hatred) in the human mind (Just like a lot of negative/violent acts take place among animals in the jungles owning to the make-up of their animal mind), but the question is why does the mind have the “capacity” to think negative? Why does the mind have violent thoughts? This possibility in the mind, for violence, is itself a “creation” that came through the intent of the energy that created the human mind. So it was the intent of the energy to experience a mind that has the capacity for violence, for fear and for hatred. Why would it intend this? So that it can experience the “knowing” that such expression allow, like I said before, it’s not the intention of this energy to only experience the one-tracked expressions of love but to have a diversity in its frame of experiences through various expressions.

It’s important to first realize that the physical “brain” is the only organ that has the capacity to have “interpretations” about reality – be it an animal brain, insect brain or human brain. This brain will perceive certain acts as negative and certain acts as positive. This variety in perception is what allows a variety in expressions. So when ever you judge an event as “negative” always remember that it’s from your “human perspective” that you do so, from an absolute perspective all expressions allow for unique experiences and thus have a value. Humans were intended to be the way they are, just like a lion was intended to be the way it is.

So should I ignore the negativity I see around me?

The purpose of having an absolute perspective, or deepening your awareness, is not so you become a “recluse” who no longer wants to involve in the world of physicality, or who wants to do nothing about the negative situations that’s present in one’s reality, but so that you can really allow a wholistic perspective on everything and thus allow a more “wholesome”/wise action to come forth in response to the situation that you are observing. When you move from fear/hatred you are no different from the person/situation you are fighting against, who you perceive as being “negative” or wrong, no matter how righteous you feel about your stand. It’s possible to move from a deeper wisdom when you allow yourself to rest into your wholeness, instead of being pulled by the narrow interpretations of the human mind.

People who have the maturity to balance their personal/human perspective with the deeper/absolute perspective always move from a place of wisdom, in comparison to people who simply follow through on their belief in the “rightness” of their human perspective – the former allows for a conscious movement while the latter is an expression of unconscious identification. Before you condemn the “evil”, in the outside, take the time to realize that all creations, in essence, came from the same energy that you are. In a simple sense, evil was created so that this energy could have the experience of dissolving the evil, and know its nature as love. The original intent always came from the energy before anything became physical.

Being a conscious human being, and living in alignment with one’s natural vibration, is a better way to live from a “human perspective”. A conscious human being definitely has a totally different experience of reality compared to a human who is totally mind identified, but I also understand that from an absolute perspective all expressions are fine – nothing is more elevated or lesser than the other. Conscious living in a human being just allows a different flavor of experience in the wholeness, it may seem like an “elevated” place of being from a human perspective, but from an absolute perspective its just another experience, as good as any other experience. In fact, it was suffering that allowed an awakening of consciousness to take place in a human in the first place, so was suffering not needed for this energy to know itself? Before you condemn suffering, be sure to understand the value it has from an absolute perspective. Awakening allows a human to let go of negativity that causes his/her suffering, but it was their previous suffering that was the catalyst for them to have the experience of awakening.

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  1. Anonymus

    But among all experinces of energy, evil, good, negative, positive etc experincing love and compassion are the highest of all, all reliogions, mythology and even enlightened once tell that.

    When we realize that everything is one and there is no differentiation of anyways, we will really slow down and feel that we are at home and there is no need to hurry to reach any destination. We are already there. That might bring a change in all.

    I understood what you said and yes even humane perspective is very important to maintain balance between the two.

    thank you

    1. Sen Post author

      As a human being allows a deepening of “awareness” he/she becomes rooted in a wholistic wisdom causing an aligned movement in them. Even the most negatively oriented mind can transcend its negativity when the light of awareness touches it. It’s mostly the unconscious identification with the mind that leads to the many negative behaviors and attitudes. So becoming a more conscious human being is said to be the highest endeavor in all spiritual teachings, a conscious human being is always a compassionate being. So from a human perspective, conscious living is the highest ideal, as it allows for a more positive experience in the human – and it’s my perspective that the human consciousness as a whole is moving towards a more conscious living. But from an absolute perspective, what we perceive humanly as “negative” also has a value since it becomes a catalyst for awakening and allows for the experience of self-realization and self-growth in many humans.

      It’s important to understand the role of darkness in allowing light to know itself, this allows the mind to have a more rounded/wholistic perception of reality instead of being rooted in hatred towards the dark – a conscious human being can dissolve the dark patterns within (and thus outside) through the wisdom of awareness rather than through the toxicity of hatred or condemnation. Hatred of the dark only perpetuates more of it, but when you use the dark to recognize the light in you, it serves the purpose for which it was intended.

  2. byrdienw

    Wow, ironically at the very moment I was thinking about the subject of “GOD” and negativity I received a email notifying me of this post..With the help of your website and your wonderful detailed responces from my questions, the last few days my mind has been at ease do to getting a better understading of how the universe works. I was asking myself “if “GOD” if pure positive energy how is it possible for him to produce negativity being that he “purely” positive. But I keep having to remind myself that everythinng is an expression, its neither good or bad, its our minds that label the situation…With that said I am curious on how was it discovered that there’s only one energy and its purely positive? Through meditation? Through silence?

    Ps..another thing I discovered is the more I get in touch with my true nature and get a better understanding of life, I find my mind wanting to decipher what I learned. Or it wanting me to think of the past instead of being in the now. When that happens I did what you suggested in one of your other post and that’s to witness the thought watch it, its amazing how much the mind wants to bring you back to a place of suppression
    instead of enlightment. Smh lol

    1. Sen Post author

      You can easily verify, scientifically, the characteristics of this energy. Here’s one way to verify that there is just one energy and it’s natural vibration is pure positive.

      In your mind, think up a thought has elements of fear, hatred or lack present in it. You will notice that this thought is an energy form present in your mind space and you will sense that this thought creates a “bad feeling” or rather a feeling of being in resistance or opposition to something. The reason why this feeling happens is simple – the vibration of the thought is at a “lower frequency” that the vibration of the awareness space of energy in which this thought is created and hence it pulls away from its natural vibration. This thought is made of the same energy as the space in which its created, but it has a lower vibration since its fear/hate based. This low vibration thought stands in opposition to the high vibration of the space in which its created and that’s why it feels as if this thought is pulling away from its natural vibration (hence the bad feeling or feeling of resistance).

      There is only one energy because as you can see even negative thoughts are made from the same space of energy that’s you but a negative thought has a “lower vibration” than the natural vibration of this energy and that’s why it feels disconnected. Whereas if you think a positive thought, it creates a good feeling, because a positive thought’s vibration matches the vibration of the space of energy that’s you and thus removes any resistance between your mind space and the space of energy in which the mind operates. Since a positive thought’s vibration creates a match with the vibration of your wholeness, it’s evident that your wholeness is pure positive.

      So a negative thought is the same energy vibrating at lower frequency, while a positive thought is the same energy vibrating at its natural frequency. Everything in happening in the space of this energy, that’s why a lot of spiritual teachings label this space of energy as “one being” or “one consciousness”

      I’ve explained this in more detail in the recent post – know yourself in your wholeness

  3. Oana

    in order to grasp these concepts, the key is true, whole awareness; a me-centered mind will see the world through me-colored glasses

    1. anonymous

      Thanks. The way you break down everything so eloquently makes it easy to understand. Peace

  4. Markus

    One thing that comes to mind is that all beings – even those of low vibration and strongly negative tendencies – have a chance to increase their vibration through experience. Each of us along the spectrum of enlightenment can add a drop of experience to the ocean of universal growth. Whether that drop comes from a deva or a human or a demon, it is a contribution.

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