Allowing a Deep Inner Transformation

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Life is in constant movement, in a forward motion towards continuous expansion. There is no “static-ness” in life and so if you are not willing to allow for a constant transformation, you become a source of resistance. The feeling of suffering within, is simply your resistance to the movement of life. You have to be malleable, flexible, in a state of complete surrender to life in order to keep pace with its expansion. The more spacious you are, the more easily you flow with life – if you are “contracted” (holding on to old patterns), you become a source of resistance and hence end up suffering.

Allow for an inner transformation

Life is expanding every moment, are you keeping pace with it? Expansion requires that you are willing to “transform” your conditioning, let go of past fears, dissolve “limiting” beliefs and embrace a change in mindset.

If you just stay in a place of “allowing”, in a deep surrender to life, you will feel a constant inner transformation happening in you. The moment you try to hold on, or become attached, to some parts of your reality, you become “contracted” and hence you no longer allow the inner transformation to happen. Don’t “try” to change yourself, just surrender to the movement of life (which is always fresh and new). True transformation can only take place when you allow the unconditioned consciousness to touch your past conditioning.

Every moment a new version of you is being created and life is pulling you towards this “new” place of being. You can feel the pull within you if you become sensitive to it. Most us of try our best to resist this pull because the mind is afraid of the “new”, and it wants to cling to the familiar. You must realize that unless you allow this transformation to keep taking place, you will become a source of resistance and life movement would just beat up against you.

Becoming a co-operative component in life

Are you being co-operative towards life or are you being a “hold out”? If you are holding onto past patterns, beliefs and old egoic structures, it’s a given that you are resisting the inner transformation that is constantly on. You don’t have to make any effort to “improve”, all you need to do is stay in state of complete allowance (just stop holding on to thoughts and emotions), and your consciousness will go through a transformation automatically.

When you try to “improve” yourself, you always come from your old patterns. How can the mind that created the problem, create the solution? True solutions can only come from a place beyond the old mind patterns – from the unconditioned consciousness. This process is not about self improvement but about “expansion”, to be a state of constant transformation. It’s a very dynamic process and it never stops. Be willing to be consumed by life, it’s taking you towards your own expansion.

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  1. Anonymous


    I found great comfort in this article. Lately I’ve been dealing with a lot of guilt and regret over mistakes ‘ve made in the past. As much as I try to let go and move on, I know the importance of accpetance and forgivness but that’s not really cutting it. What’s been working for me is realizing the person I am today isn’t the smae person I was long ago. I’m learning that we undergo constant change and transformation so to harbor a thought of somthing that happend so long ago and feel guilt over it is such a waste of energy. I’m sure fear that was instilled in me since childhood, that whatever I do wrong is being written down somewhere and ill be punished for it someday…I realize were source energy and we create our own reality, so is there such thing as good and evil or is that just up to interpitaion. And will there be any sort of recongining for the wrong we may have done or the same with being rewarded for the good we do? I think I answered my own question being that we create our own reality, but your very eloquent so I wouldn’t mind getting a better understading from you. Thank you in advance. I think its wonderful that you reply to peoples questions!!

    1. Sen Post author

      You’ve rightly recognized the true identity of who you are – the source energy or the one energy that is manifested as everything. This energy is all there is, and you are this energy. So who is going to judge you or punish you? When you are all there is, you are the creator and the co-creator and there is no judgment involved here. The only judgment that ever arises will arise in a “mind”/brain because it’s a “machine” designed to have perspectives, preferences, outlooks and point-of-views. This judging aspect of the mind/brain will always remain as long as it’s alive, it can’t be helped and in fact is the juice of creation in the human consciousness. When one is unconscious of one’s true nature, it’s natural to come up with “negative” judgments about oneself , and others, constantly out the vibration of confusion, fear and hatred. As one becomes more and more aware of one’s true nature as this universal energy, the negative judgments start dropping away and the mind becomes more aligned with making judgments as a part of creation than as a part of negative thinking. For example, there is nothing wrong in judging that your present job is not giving you enough satisfaction, but it’s a completely different ball game when you start judging yourself to be unintelligent or unworthy in not being able to do the job – the former leads to positive creation, while the latter leads to resistance/negativity in your energy space.

      Feel free to play in this playground of physical existence that the energy that you are has created for the purpose of providing the “platform” for further creation. You are not here as a punishment neither are you being “accounted” for what you do here to be punished later. These are all old wives tales spun by people who are rooted in a fear based mindset, who look at life from the perspective of fear, and these are the people who end up attracting a negative reality because of their constant alignment with fear. When you look at life scientifically you realize that the energy that you are is pure positive in nature akin to what we humans call as “love”, there is no hate in it and it does not stand in judgment. Hate/fear are vibrations created by negative thoughts in the human mind, it’s not the natural vibration of the energy of life that you are.

  2. anonymous

    So as stated in one of your other articles “in truth there is nothing right or wrong. Everything is just the manifistation in this world of form” I’m learning to grasp an understanding of that. So my question is since GOD is all love and we are that love why do we have the capacity to hate? Why isn’t everything just peacful? And for the people that do “wrong” I.e rob kill and steal are they equal to a positive ritchous man that walks in peace? Is all forgivin after death because essientially everything we do is truly just a manifistaion of our thoughts? For example in the eyes of that killer he’s not doing “wrong” he’s creating his reality. My overall question is since there’s no judgements and just “labels”does hitler bask in the same energy as say Mother Teresa? Or can he create his own personal realm of hell and her heaven or what we perceive as such? But there is no heaven and hell correct? Thanks so much in advance for reading and answering my questions!

    1. Sen Post author

      From a human perspective we have individual (and some collective) definitions of right and wrong, and that’s the whole function of a human mind – to have preferences, judgments and perspectives, which allows for a unique expression and experience of life. From a ultimate perspective, everything is just an expression – short lived, temporary, fleeting expressions. All expressions and experiences are temporary, and they don’t harm or alter the source energy that is all there is. This energy just takes different forms from the experience that each form enables through its unique make-up. The make-up of a Hitler was totally different from the make-up of a Mother Teresa. If life only wanted to experience a Mother Teresa, it would make all humans with the same make-up as the mind of Mother Teresa. But that would defeat the very purpose of life, which is to experience a “diversity” of expressions. In fact, no two blades of grass have the same shape and hence each is a unique expression – there is no redundancy in life. From a human perspective, Hitler will be a villain and Mother Teresa will be a good Samaritan, and this perspective has a value because its human to feel the rightness and wrongness in actions, these perspectives create our unique human/individual movement. But if you look at it from an absolute perspective, these two people were two different physical expressions of the same life energy, which came forth from two different intents.

      If life energy, or God as you call it, is all Love why does it create a mind which has a capacity to think negative, why did it not create a mind which was simply rooted in love or the positive? That’s an excellent question – If you are ready to have a deeper perspective on life, you will realize that though life energy is pure positive it needs the experience the “negative” in order to know itself as positive. Positive cannot know itself without experiencing the negative, just like you cannot ever know what light is unless you know what darkness is. There has to be a villain like Hitler for a human to realize what badness is so that he/she can appreciate what goodness is from a “human” perspective. The drama always needs a villain, as it needs a hero – there can’t be a hero without a villain – but all these are human perspectives. Like you rightly said, each human is trying to do the best he/she can do from their present intelligence, consciousness and wisdom – from a deeper perspective a “villain” is not at fault because his/her mind intelligence “at that moment” saw that action as right or required. The very knowing of Good comes from a knowing of the bad, everything is known through its opposite. It’s possible to know life as love when you’ve experienced what hatred feels like. So from the absolute perspective, everything has a value, all experiences have a value, all expressions have a value. It takes a deep maturity to really understand this perspective of life. Since a human being is a creation of life, why would life punish this human energy after death? It’s such a naive thinking to believe in punishment after death. Such thoughts can only arise in a person who sees himself/herself as seperate from life and believes that there is some “authority” figure sitting up there judging you. Life is all there is, and you are life – you are not a step-child of life, neither are you a guinea pig of life being tested here. You are an expression of life and in your wholeness you are the totality of life – there is just one energy taking a myriand of forms. Right or wrong is just a human perspective.

      When you awaken to your true nature, and realize the truth of the energy that you are, there is an automatic movement towards aligning with love and joy, and a movement away from hatred and fear based thinking. This allows a new experience of life. Conscious living is a totally different experience than unconscious living, but to say one is better than the other is still a “perspective” because the only reason you are able to appreciate conscious living is because you’ve experienced unconscious living – it was a required phase in your life. Every human ultimately wants to grow, wants to experience newness, wants better realities – this is the nature of the mind, and this allows us to constantly move into new experiences. But life is not judging you for anything, your intelligence/consciousness/understanding at this moment will dictate how you express/experience yourself at this moment – there are no judgments from an ultimate perspective. Being an infant was one phase in your life, and you did a lot of things as an infant that you would not do as an adult – so was infancy wrong or a lesser state? does it make sense to feel guilty about what you did as an infant now that you are an adult? Do you really feel that life is going to punish you for the things you did as an infant? A criminal committing violence has a mind that is not able to see the “dysfunction” that its creating, its like an infant that does not know better – we as humans will of course do what needs to be done to restore order, but from an ultimate perspective no-one is at fault because at that moment they were just doing what they could do with their present intelligence or consciousness.

      Heaven and hell are just terms to define experiences – when you are having a bad time its hell, when you are having a good time its heaven – all these are just experience that you can have in the physical form through your “mind’s” thinking, physical sensations and perspectives, in your non-physical you are just a stream of pure positive energy, this is what you return to every time your physical form dies/dissolves.

  3. anonymous

    That all makes complete sense. So essentially the definition of what’s “right” and “wrong”, “good” and “bad” are labels our mind created through interpretation? Really everything is just expression, manifestation & experience? As humans individually we determine for ourselves what we consider moral? Like the term “it is what it is” things just are, so the purpose of life is to experience through creating different realities for ourselves and feel the emotion of it?

    1. Sen Post author

      We look at good and bad ( moral and immoral) from our human perspective through our mind’s interpretations, and our perceptions create our experiences and expression. We also manifest our expression based on the natural make-up of our mind, external conditioning and level of consciousness. Physicality allows the non-physical energy to “experience” and know itself, there is no other agenda in life’s movement. You can sense this truth by how it resonates within you.

  4. anonymous

    Thank you so much for the explination. The way you articulate things make it easy to understand. I’m extremely happy I discovered your website. Peace

  5. Nick Outlaw

    I really like the logic and how you explain things! You are easy to understand and follow, which is not always the case with deep thinkers! Keep up the great posts!

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