The Creation of Negative Ego Structure

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All minds create a negative ego structure which stems from the “fear” and “hate” aspect of the mind. The aspect of fear, in the mind, is born out of its natural design as a “survival machine” and the aspect of hate is born partly out of fear and partly out of “discrimination” that it feels when it observes its surroundings.

A negative ego structure starts getting created, as a thought structure, through the identification of your human awareness with the fear/hate aspects of your mind. So basically the negative ego structure gets created through two movements – 1. the fear/hate thoughts of the mind 2. The identification of awareness with these thoughts. The first movement cannot be helped because that’s the very nature of a “mind”, but the second movement stops gaining momentum once you become “awakened” out of unconscious identification. When the second movement stops, the negativity of the mind automatically loses influence on your vibration.

The negative ego structure in a light natured mind

In case you are not aware of my reference of “light natured mind” and “dark natured mind” you can read the post “Dark nature and light nature in humans”.

A light natured mind has as much capacity for fear as a dark natured mind, and hence is equally susceptible to creating a negative ego structure. The only difference lies in the make-up of the negativity. The negative ego structure of a light natured mind is mostly created out of thoughts of lack, over-sensitivity and “negative selflessness” (thoughts of sacrifice that lead to being victimized). One reason why a lot of light natured humans feel victimized is because of the attraction of negative realities owing to their identification with a negative ego structure that’s rooted in thoughts of selflessness or sacrifice without a space of wisdom. There is also a possibility of light natured humans becoming identified with the suffering they perceive on the outside, hence anchoring into thoughts of lack/sadness, and resisting the flow of abundance into their life.

A light natured human may not even realize that they are operating from a negative ego structure because they feel they are being “good” because they are sacrificing themselves for others, or because they are suppressing their desires or inclinations to please others, without realizing that their actions are coming from a place of identification with suffering and lack. A balance is established only when such a human allows himself/herself to become aligned with awareness and thus brings a space of wisdom into their life, rather than be totally identified with the movement of their suffering-inclined negative ego.

The negative ego structure in a dark natured mind

A dark natured mind usually has a strong content of “hate” in its negative ego structure. Usually the hate is directed towards itself which it projects onto the outside. A lot of hate stems out of the discrimination such humans sense from the outside, and their own internal judgment of themselves. The negative ego structure of a dark natured mind becomes drawn towards “negative selfishness” (where one ends up exploiting/victimizing others for their benefit), greed, possessiveness, chronic suspicion and aggression (passive or active). Owing to these attributes the negative ego structure of a dark natured mind seems more “prominent” than that of light natured mind, but eventually they are both just as negative from the point of well-being.

A lot of dark natured humans have a mind that’s naturally introverted, and this just adds to their judgment of themselves in a society which supports/forces extroverted-ness as the normal behavior. In the absence of the wisdom of awareness a dark natured mind can easily channel its hatred into violent acts towards itself or others. It’s also common for dark natured humans to shy away from love owing to their inherent “distrust” of people/life, and they usually end up hurting their close ones, or their surroundings, out of the aggression that stems from their insecurities combined with the fuel of self-hatred.

Identifying the negative ego structure is the first step to freedom

If you’ve are not even aware of the presence of the negative ego structure in you, it’s not possible for you to let go of “fueling” it through unconscious identification. That’s the reason why I always give the pointer of starting with the simple practice (or non-practice) of staying as a space of awareness witnessing the movement of your mind/ego-structure. With time you will be able to get to the core of the negative ego, and really see it for what it is. Moreover, this awareness keeps you from being totally identified with the thoughts of the negative ego and hence allows for a space of wisdom in your movements.

It’s important to realize that the negative ego structure is quite powerful in its momentum owing to years of identification with it. The more years you’ve lived in unconscious identification the stronger it becomes in force. It also has several layers/dimensions to it because of the various aspects of your humanness into which it has spread its hold. It takes time for your awareness to really touch all the aspects of the negative ego and get to its core, but the stronger your awareness becomes the less identified it is with the movement of the negative ego. With the dissolution of the negative ego comes an end to all the “incongruent” realities that were created in its wake, and there is an emergence of a reality that’s rooted in alignment with the natural vibration of your being (which is rooted in love/joy/peace) which allows for a “well-being” to operate seamlessly in your human expression.

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