Every Problem Manifests a Solution

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When you think of a problem, you can feel a tug within you (we usually label it as “stress”) as if you are pulling away from a strong pull on the other side. Scientifically what’s happening, at the level of life energy, is that when you think of a problem you automatically desire a solution, this desire for a solution manifests an energy movement towards the creation of solution-manifested reality (in the non-physical part of your consciousness) and thus creates a “pull” towards it – this happens almost instantly. Now that there is a pull towards the solution, the more you think about the problem the more you will feel “stressed” because in doing so you are pulling away (or standing in resistance) to the energy movement towards the solution. This is a very important realization to hold because it opens up the door to allow solutions easily into your reality.

Go with the pull of the solution instead of focusing on the problem

The “problem” is basically a life situation that presents a contrast that causes you to desire for betterment or relief. This desire causes the creation of a solution-manifested reality and thus you fulfill your inherent potential as a co-creator of new realities. Your human mind may not fully recognize the solution as yet but the non-physical consciousness part of you is already “energetically” moving towards a new reality where this solution is manifested. Now your job is to line up with this movement of your non-physical consciousness by letting go of the focus on the problem oriented thought – that’s all you need to do.

The current of your life stream is always moving towards the solution because its movement is always in the direction of the positive, in human terms we define it as “well-being”. This current gathers momentum owing to the attention/focus given by your non-physical consciousness (your “inner being”) to the energy of the solution and you can feel this pull physically in your human consciousness – you can scientifically verify this by “sensing” the tug/stress in you every time you think a negative thought in the direction of the problem and the relaxing of this tug every time you think a positive thought or stay in a place of relaxation or “no negative thought”. It’s quite a relief to know that there is nothing really expected of you than to stop focusing on the problem so that you can be pulled in easily by the current generated by your inner being’s focus on the solution.

An environmental movement towards the solution

A lot of misguided teachers talk about the “petty” nature of a human problem, and they tell you that your problems are insignificant to the larger consciousness and thus are not of any value to it. There is nothing that can be further from truth, because scientifically speaking the problem of each human generates the movement of a “solution” which is essentially taken up in the totality of the consciousness and thus creates an expansion in the whole of it – every individual human is part of the whole and each of your problem generates a movement towards the solution that is taken up in the whole. So don’t regard your problems as insignificant and stop thinking that you are living in an impersonal universe that does not care for your issues – your presence here makes you a co-creator with the whole of consciousness and thus every perspective of yours is of high value.

When you line up with the energy movement of your life stream, which is always moving in the direction of your solution, you will notice shifts happening in your reality – inspirations come in, ideas flow through, you meet the right people, surprising synchronicities take place, you feel guided towards the right timing etc, it feels as if there is an environmental movement towards taking you to the manifestation of a reality that reflects the solution that you seek for your problem. If you have not experienced this movement consciously as yet, then it’s time you got a taste of it first hand by practicing the simple art of letting go of focus from the problem so that your life force can start pulling you into the solution. This is a totally new way of living, way different from the old way of fighting/struggling through a problem with a fear-based mind.

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  1. noma

    Nice post sen

    Thank you

  2. Gee

    I’m reading your blog for the first time. I stumbled across it this evening. I have found this article very helpful. Thank You Sen.

  3. Chetana

    Hi Sen,

    When you say – “to stop focusing on the problem”. what do you mean? I have experienced the feeling of relief that comes with thinking/dreaming of a solution but I am wondering by focusing on the solution my mind offers, if i am standing in the way of natural solution that you refer to.

    How does one stay rooted, accept the problem, become aware of it in the way you refer to? I am sure you have given several pointers here and i have read them all, but i am still struggling with staying aware. I am either pulled in by the problem and i react or i dream of solutions. But what i am not doing is facing the problem face to face with a calm/surrendered attitude you speak off. How does one do it?


    1. Sen Post author

      Chetana, you can enjoy the feeling of relief that you get by envisioning the solution meted out in your mind, when you are in relief you have low resistance in your being and hence you will be able to allow the solution to come through faster. Your mind’s solution may or may not be what will actually manifest, but when you are thinking/focusing on this solution it makes you feel a sense of relief and this is allows you to stay resistance free, hence you are allowing of the natural solution to come through faster. Just don’t fixate on the mind’s solution as the “only way”, else you will start feeling negative when you see that your solution is not unfolding the way the mind had imagined. In this post – the tension of creation – I’ve mentioned how it’s important to just allow the tension of the problem fully, because when you do this this tension relaxes on its own and releases energy towards manifesting the solution, don’t try to suppress this natural tension when it arises.

  4. suman

    wonderful article 🙂

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