Allowing Your Natural Expression To Unfold

Posted on by Sen.

Lack is an interpretation in the mind, a perception, and fortunately it’s a “lie” or false interpretation. There is no lack in life because it is everything and has the capacity to manifest anything. The one being, or life, enjoys coming into form for the joy of it. Life does not take form because it’s “needy” of it, rather it takes form out of “love”. Life has a love for itself. In other words, it enjoys expressing itself, it’s not needy or desperate; rather it’s like a painter who paints purely for the joy of it. Can you sense that in your heart you already know this?

Your Body is An Expression of Life

Life, consciousness, spirit, God, Brahman, One being, Awareness, the Now, these are all different labels used to point to the one existence, the one reality. This reality is all that exists and its very nature is joy, peace and love. Everything it creates comes from a place of love and joy. This body, that you call your body, is also an expression of life, of love.

Your body was manifested so life can express itself in a “unique” way through it. Your body is unique in that there is none like it in the whole universe. Your body has unique inclinations, preferences, tastes, likes, dislikes, or in other words, your body has a unique natural conditioning. This natural conditioning inherent in the body, is an expression of the intention of life that created it. Nothing is created without an intention. There’s always an intention before the physical manifestation.

The intention of life is always to express itself in different ways. It expresses itself as a flower, as a dog, as a tree, as a bird, as water, as rocks and as humans, all different forms of expression of the one life or one being. Life has a boundless capacity to take form, and there’s no limitation in it. Life, or who you really are, is eternal.

The natural expression of your “body mind” is always one of love and joy. If you allow it, this “body mind” will express itself in a beautiful manner, but if you try to “control” it, or force it, you will inhibit its natural expression. Nothing in nature tries to inhibit life, only the mind with its “mistaken” conditioning resists the expression of life.

Natural Expression is Always Effortless

Whatever is natural to you will feel effortless to you. If something feels like an effort, it means you are trying to “force” yourself to do something which is not natural to your unique expression. You, as the body, is an unique expression of life, so stop trying to “copy” others, stop trying to “be” like someone else. When you try to be other than what you are, you will always feel disconnected within, and life will be a struggle for you.

Suffering arises from resisting your natural flow. But why would you resist your natural expression? Because of the “external” conditioning that you take in from your surroundings, from your parents, from friends, from media, from your culture and society at large. You start trying to conform to the “culture” rather than just express yourself as who you are. When you try to conform it always feels like an effort because it’s against your natural inclination.

When you truly “let go” of struggle, your natural expression will flower

The only reason you try to “control” yourself, is because you have some “beliefs” in you that inhibit your natural expression. The “personal will” is nothing but a control that the mind exerts over the body, preventing its natural flow. Have you noticed that “will power” is simply a force used to make the body do what it really does not want to?

If you are naturally inclined towards something, you don’t need will power to sustain it. The personal will is only needed to sustain something “unnatural” to you. Just observe your personal will at work and you will notice that it’s always operating from “fear”. Life never operates through fear; life is always an expression of love.

The mind is tremendously afraid of letting go of the personal will, because it has no idea what the natural expression will be, and it’s afraid that it may end up becoming homeless, jobless, status-less and a discard, if it lets go into the natural expression of the body. All these fears are completely baseless, because life always takes care of life, life loves itself.

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  1. Sora

    This one put a smile on my face. Thank you~

  2. GB

    Sen, may I know what your natural expression is? How long did it take for you to discover your natural expression?

    1. Sen Post author

      GB, it’s possible that you think of “natural expression” in the narrow terms of just what you “do for a living” or some definition of finding a fixed “purpose” on earth. However, the way I use the term natural expression is to point to your natural personality as a human and a soul (which can keep evolving), your preferences, your desires, your creative expression, your avenues of responsibility – and none of these are “static”, all these aspects will keep evolving/changing, it’s just that you have the inner freedom to be aligned with this constant process of growth/evolution, ensuring that you don’t stand in resistance to it through your fears or hangups. Like, writing this blog has been one of my natural expressions, since the last year, but I ve no idea how long that will continue to be so – it’s not something I use to define myself or my purpose or my expression, it’s just one of my expressions that I am living right now. Expressions will keep changing, evolving and growing, what I do will change, and my preferences can change – it’s just about growing in the direction of what’s aligned with you rather than living from a place of inner disconnection. The way I interact with life on a daily basis, is all part of my expression, and I have a sense of being internally aligned with myself, and a total openness to allow growth, and hence it feels like I am aligned with my natural expression. If you are asking how long did it take for me to gain a inner freedom enough to be willing to totally align with myself as a human and a being, I can’t be sure, it just seems to happen naturally as a part of letting go of inner resistances, and I would say it took close to 8 months before I could sense a freedom from the intense momentum of inner resistance once I really start letting go of identifying with that momentum consciously, while allowing it a release.

  3. Jyoti

    Dear Sen, I have been practicing letting go for 7 days now. Sometimes I feel heavy irritiations and my body has become lethargic. I am not willing to work in the office. But as I have taken some loans, I have to come to office. Is this natural? Will life take care of everything ? I am afraid. Please suggest what to do.

    1. Sen Post author

      Jyoti, your focus should be on finding your inner stability and balance, that’s the only way you will find self sustained and confident towards living, it will also root you in a wisdom based approach to life. The state of allowing (practicing of consciously letting go of suppressing or over-identifying with mental/emotional movement) is a means to release the past accumulation of inner resistances created by mental/emotional build up of momentum, and it’s also a means to find a connection with your “being” (which you lose when you are lost in the turmoil of emotions and thoughts), this connection with your being allows your connection with wisdom. Your question about “will life take care of everything” seems to have a tone requiring a fear-based assurance, which is not the point of this journey towards finding inner freedom/power/stability. It’s true that the less resistance you have in you the more receptive you are to the well-being that’s inherent to your life-stream, but to hold on to a thought about trust from a place of fear will only keep you in a place of meekness and insecurity. It’s normal for a heavy sense of emotional outburst within, as you become more open in your being which is what the process of “letting go” is about (because you are no longer suppressing and thus what’s within start arising to the surface to be released) – a heavy irritation points to a lot of suppressed frustration and anger, possibly because you’ve lived a life oriented towards compromise (where you compromised what’s aligned with you towards something that’s not aligned with you, out of fear or a sense of lack-driven pressure). You may have been suppressing your “irritations”, and frustration, as a means to get on with your mis-aligned way of living, which may also point to the fact that you may be in a job that doesn’t feel aligned with you. The lethargy is simply the natural response of the fatigue that’s accumulated because of the suppressed life that you’ve lived all along. The choice for you is to stop “suppressing” and allow the release of your past suppression, this release will allow for changes to happen in your external reality also towards a balance, you are be sure that things will fall towards a more aligned and balanced living, but you will need to be open towards change as it happens instead of clinging to some past realities out of fear or lack-based thinking – it’s true that life will take care in the sense that your life-stream has the intelligence to orchestrate a balanced life for you, but it needs you to be free of resisting the changes as they happen and it needs you to let go of being “meek” and connecting with your sense of inner power, to develop the mindset towards making conscious choices towards your sense of inner wisdom (this form of conscious living becomes available when you’ve released a good part of your past emotional/mental momentum) – for starters, just work on developing your space of openness to allow the release of your suppressed emotions, from my personal experience (and from understanding the physics of life) I can assure you that your well-being is inherently taken care of during this process of being allowing.

  4. Jyoti

    Thanks Sen, you are true that I have been excessively submissive to everyone. I become very angry of anything that I don’t like but don’t utter even a word against it. I surpress my anger in order to ‘not create any pain for me’. Now you are suggesting not to be ‘meek’. But in your article you suggest ‘to say yes to life’ ‘ to surrender’. Although I started reading your articles a month back, the submissive & humble nature was already there in me for 32 long years. Now how do I get rid of that? I have been a good obliged son for my parents and a good human being for my neighbours or relatives. If I start speaking against them, what they will think?

  5. sheetal mulik

    If natural to me is sleeping and due to personal will i wake up and study is it wrong?

    1. Sen Post author

      Sheetal, I find that some of my very old posts (the initial ones) are not well-rounded enough some of them being too light-natured, though I had my sense of inner freedom my understanding of life was not deep enough and I was only starting off into the process of deepening in my understanding. You can read the recent posts, especially the one’s written this year, I find are more well-rounded in the understanding of reality. I would be deleting some of these older posts.

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