The Joy of Life

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What does your life feel like right now – A movement of joy or a dreary lull or a tragic drama? If you answered “a movement of joy” then you are consciously/unconsciously aligned with the flow of life and are free of inner conflicts, if you answered “dreary lull” then you are not fully in alignment with the dynamic flow of life and are holding onto fears that are causing the “stuckness” in your reality, if you answered “tragic drama” it means you have some major inner conflicts going on within you and you are quite disconnected with your inner guidance/flow of life. Your inner state of being is always reflected in your external reality – it’s always a perfect reflection and there are no “ambiguities” about it. You cannot experience an external reality which is not congruent with your inner reality.

Who you really are is the “one being”

The physical existence is a “playground” for consciousness to enjoy itself. Consciousness takes a physical form to experience the joy of physicality, to appreciate itself in this reflection of “physical” reality and to express itself (the way an artist would). Consciousness is just a term I use to point to the “one being” that manifests as countless forms. Inherently it’s all one, it’s just this one “vibrational” being taking on so many different vibrations – because it has the capacity to do so.

If you don’t know this truth about yourself, you are living in an illusion. If you think you are just a “person” (which is nothing but an idea in the mind), you are limiting yourself by taking on the beliefs/conditioning of the person. Unless you align with the truth that you are in fact the one “consciousness” that is manifesting as all these forms, including this body of yours, you will always feel a sense of lack or a sense that something is missing. Contemplate this truth about yourself and you will see the obviousness of it. To know that you are “everything”, to know that you are the one consciousness (you can call it God) is the foundation of your truth. Only in this recognition can you ever align with the wholeness of who you are.

Enjoying the experience of life

Consciousness cannot “experience” without taking a physical form or without existing (standing out). Consciousness takes forms and it also stays as the witness of these forms. For example, you have a thought and you are also aware of it, so are you the thought or are you the awareness of the thought? You are both. You are the thought and you are also the awareness of it. Thought is a form and awareness is formless. So you are the form and also the formless awareness of the forms. Basically the form itself is just a manifestation of consciousness taking physical shape.

So why does consciousness play the game of existence? Simply to enjoy itself, to know itself and to appreciate itself in every way possible. Every form is unique, no two blades of grass are alike, and each form is an expression of consciousness in its desire to experience physicality in a unique way. This body that you think you are is an expression of consciousness, and it’s unique in its expression – there is no-one like you (as the body) anywhere in this universe. You took this form so you can enjoy the expression of this form. Stop resisting your expression, stop being rooted in fear, and allow the dance of your life to unfold – well-being and abundance is your birth right.

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  1. Nedu

    I love your articles. I come from a locale where problems are attributed to spiritual settings beyond reasonable doubt. You see graduates every where hustling for jobs, young ladies ripe for marriage but no suitors, some married ones no child, youths going about the street: no job, people putting in enough effort no output, businesses collapsing with no reason, men turning to drunk, broken marriages every where, stagnancy, boys 30 years and above still living with their parents. Its becoming alarming. People frequenting prayer houses for prayers. And these ‘prayer people’ will tell you that ‘somebody’ tied the destiny of your family that nobody will be useful in your family. You may want to doubt it, but when you look deeply and access the progress of your extended family, you will be forced to see reasons with them. You remember some cases where a contract due to you was whisked out of you on the last minute with no defined reason. And you will see how another family who had gone to these ‘prayer people’ has recorded some changes within a short period. Sir, do you believe such powers exist? Must one go to these prayer houses to get help? My learned mind calls it superstitious beliefs but reality is dancing another tune. What is your take on this.

  2. Shiv


    The path of superstition can be a slippery slope. Because it offers a rationale that runs parallel to reason yet separate from it. The same event that occurs to a person who operates from a place of reason will appear very different and even have different effects than one who operates from superstition. Also, the attitudes of reason and superstition are very different. Reason is defined by self-reliance and an ability to determine ‘truth’ for oneself. Whereas superstition is defined by the reliance on others to define what truth is. You have to decide for yourself which approach resonates most with you. This is first and foremost.

    As to what is actually happening behind the scenes one can never fully know. The events in our world happen as much on a psychic level as they do on a material one. Some of these misfortunes occurring around you may be the result of a tanking economy, a predominantly youthful population, a clash of changing culture. But they may also be effects of individuals using black/white magic and occult powers to psychically attack people. An interesting thing to notice is that this sort of phenomena happens more often in poorer parts of the world where the population tends to be less educated. This sort of thing is rampant in rural India for example.

    Part of the reason for this is that the people who are the most vulnerable to these sort of psychic attacks tend to be the intellectually ignorant. It is precisely because they are so impressionable and easily swayed, having limited access and reliance on their own reason, that these non-physical forces can affect them. People who have a tendency to blindly follow are easy prey for negative forces both physical and non-physical. Just like certain corrupt politicians can easily gain the support of an uneducated man who cannot think for himself but not an intellectual who has a strong sense of inner reason, so too can non-physical forces impede, sabotage and harm those who are easy prey.

    So you see superstition is a kind of dependency. The more you believe in it, the more of an effect it can have on you. Whether you want to open that Pandora’s box or not is entirely up to you of course.

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