Allowing the Release of Suppressed Energy

Posted on by Sen.

Life is energy in play and the more free flowing the energy is the more vibrant/whole you feel. Pockets of energy which are suppressed, or ‘held’ within you become sources of resistance to the free flow of your life’s expression. It’s not even essential to know when you created these blocks of suppressed energy, neither […]

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  1. Jane

    Dear Sen,

    When I read your post, some sentences may resonate within me and immediately my eyes filled with tears. ( I feel the compassion and love behind those words). I was shocked with my response. Is this still the symptom of high mind momentum? Could any suppressed negativity related?
    I also had this experience: when I saw amber alert information (children were abducted) while driving on freeway, almost within less than 30 seconds, the emotional turmoil could make me tearful. I am aware of this response now and could not figure out why. Looks like I still lack inner stability. These experience doesn’t bother me much, but it may reveal some inner conflict. ( I suffered obsessive thoughts, keep thinking of the person who hurted me long time ago like hooked on.) Could you guide me? Thanks!

  2. Chris

    Dear Sen,

    You work is awesome. I wanted to seek guidance from you. So basically I have been trying to release thoughts and feels, but its almost like i want to keep them, like i enjoy my misery or something. I know this sounds sick but its the truth. Also it is like I am in a constant state of supression, like i don’t have any thoughts all day… Any suggestions for moving forward with this? Thank you so much. Chris.

    1. Sen Post author

      Chris, you may want to bring awareness to what it is that you really want to experience in life – just connect with yourself and in a state of openness (without just clinging to the habitual thoughts) try to get a sense of what it is that you wish to experience/express in this lifetime as this body. There are no rules, if you find that you enjoy being in misery, you can allow yourself that experience – all experiences have a flavor to them, and if you feel that you want to experience a state of misery or depression, feel free to do so as a conscious choice. In that sense you can fully allow the experience of depression or misery as it is right now without forcing yourself to be positive. In this state of allowing its natural to come to a place when you feel that you’ve had enough of dwelling in the experience of depression or misery, and that you want a different experience like may be a more well-rounded experience (or balanced experience) which includes elements of adventure, creativity and other desired-experiences that feel aligned with you. You can read the recent post on conscious choice for more insight

  3. Amy

    Sen, I began reading your articles about 3 weeks ago, I have been trying to just be aware of my thoughts but as of late I feel absolutely miserable, I am having both mental and physical breakdowns and I the last few days the flood gates have opened and I can’t quite crying. Since this time I have been trying to push everyone away from me cause I feel so miserable. I’ve lashed out several times at my 19 year old son and even asked him to move out for awhile til I could get my emotions under control. He refused and said he is resilient and worries about my being alone. I just read this post tonight and now see that perhaps this intense emotional state is part of the release process. My question is how long can I expect this to last? I’m exhausted, I’ve had insomnia for over 2 weeks and its had for me to even focus at work. Not to mention I want to end friendships and barricade myself from most everyone as I feel extremely annoyed. I feel like I don’t have the strength to continue, yet I know it is necessary to find inner peace. Do you have any suggesting to help endure this painful process? I’m afraid that I will sabotage relationships in this state. Also, my so has been very supportive and will just hug my and tell me I’m ok, when I can’t stop crying. His support is comforting, but is it okay that I accept support from others or should this process be all on my own?

    1. Sen Post author

      Amy, the intensity of the emotional outpouring that you feel is just indicative of how much of it was suppressed/re-fueled in the past. It will take some time for the emotional clearing to happen fully, depending on the past load; it varies from person to person. You could work with an approximation of 6-8 months for intense releases to subside, the more allowing you are of the release the faster it happens, and faster does imply that there will also be discomfort (due to all the emotions that come up for release) while the release happens. However, if you use your awareness to simply stay connected with your deeper sense of calm (in your being), while the surface-level emotional turmoil finds release, you can function normally and intelligently in your life during this release phase – if you keep reacting to the emotional release by becoming overly concerned or worried about it, or by identifying with each burst of emotional release that happens, you would up over-exhausting yourself needlessly. It’s true that the release cycles are draining, and it’s best to find more rest and comfort during this phase for your body to recuperate, though it’s also normal to have some restless nights during the release. It’s fine to find comfort in some external support, initially, but with time you will sense an inner stability coming in as the momentum of your mind/emotions start ebbing away and thus you will feel more and more emotionally independent.

  4. Asli

    Hi Sen,

    I hope I could reach that stage of lightness of body. As I work on my openness, I feel an armor in my body as if I’m a kind of crab. I always thought this has something to do with my body-image issues (but I have never been fat or too thin, always normal-weight but always felt heaviness, tension in my muscles) now I see that It’s related to the suppressed energies, I can’t even imagine the release of free energy and surge of vitality after I release them, I hope that one day I could experience that. For now, I allow my thoughts and emotions when they arise, I feel releases (not too intense though, I feel mostly calm ), but I can still feel the heavy armor there. I don’t try to protect my being anymore, and I just feel and watch this armor, but nothing changes. When I allow my fear or pain, it usually goes away, but I can’t feel any change in “the armor” while emotionally and mentally I feel so relaxed. I hope it will dissappear eventually…Well, even the hope of losing it someday is great, I have always been an alert person, I never thought that it could even be possible for me to have a “light” body , although I don’t weigh more than 120 pounds, Ihave always felt physically heavy. I know that losing weight doesn’t work, now thanks to you I have a hope that I can have a light body some day, i never thought it was possible.

  5. Kelvin

    Hi Sen!

    I would like to thank you for posting a very insightful article about dealing with negative thoughts. However, I have some questions that I wish to clarify with you.

    From this article, I gathered 3 main points and the following contains my questions regarding these 3 main points.

    Step 1: The 1st recommended step to take is to develop a stable awareness by being an observer of your mind.

    -Q1: Do you have any concrete actions or steps that we can take to develop such awareness? Any particular things to do, be it mentally or physically? For example, what I think of is to set aside 20 minutes each day to sit at a quiet place, do nothing and just “observe” the thoughts that flow in my mind. One way that I can think to achieve this is through mediation. Is this alright?

    Step 2: Allow the thoughts to come in consciously and stay open. Don’t analyze, suppress or judge it. [“Detox”]

    -Q2 (Similar to Q1): Do you have any concrete actions or steps that we can take to release our thoughts? Any particular things to do, be it mentally or physically? For example, what I usually do is to say “Okay” to any intruding negative thoughts so that I won’t give attention to it. In addition, once I have practiced enough for step 1, I would set aside 20 mins each day to detox. Is this way alright? Are there any other ways I can do this?

    Step 3: I would eventually feel a sense of emptiness or my body gets lighter after the release of negative thoughts

    No question to inquire about this step so far.

    1. Sen Post author

      Kelvin, to grow in the “capacity” for awareness you can start off with what you mentioned (sitting without distraction and observing the mind), I call it the practice of relaxed awareness – in this state you are working on being aware of the mind. I think just a few weeks of this practice is enough to establish the habit of being aware, after which you will naturally have the space of awareness towards your mind and emotions. From this place on, you just need to start connecting with the state of allowing (you can read this post – FAQ on the state of allowing) – this instigates the phase of release, to start with, where all the layers of emotional accumulation start coming in the form of release cycles, and also all the “thoughts” in the mind start coming up – your openness would allow the mind momentum and emotional momentum to start running out of steam (because it’s no longer being reinforced by your suppression or identification). Remember that the state of allowing is a state of openness, and not a “protective technique” where you say “okay” to a thought and “try” to remove your awareness from it to make it go away, rather its about allowing the thoughts to arise knowing that you are aware and hence will not be lost to their influence. If fear arises, allow fear to be there, if sadness arises, allow sadness to be there – don’t use the “it’s okay” technique to try to feel good, if you are feeling down (and downright crappy) allow that feeling to have its movement in you without trying to look for an escape route – this what openness is, and this is what truly releases the momentum.

  6. Mika

    Is it okay to analyze if the mind is truly curious to why? As long as it doesn’t come out as forced?

  7. Willow

    Dear Sen,

    thank you again SO MUCH, no one has ever brought me to understand and internalize the meaning of “allowing” as well as you just did in your article and your comments. This is truly a life changing experience for me, I can’t even find words to explain it, because it is a feeling inside me and it feels so good.

    Thank you.

  8. Quan

    I ran into your blog and every posts contain so much wisdom that it’s not easy for a person like me to understand but I think with time, it will become clearer.
    I have this question for you (and maybe more later on): I have a crush on a girl and things are not going well between us. I know that it’s a lot of things that I need to work out to remove the insecurity in me that make me fall for her but I don’t know what I should do now in term of interacting with her. I used to talk to her and asked her questions and showed that I care but since she shows no interest in me as the way I want to, I’m back off but I don’t want to cut it totally since it will make her think that because of her action, I’m not being nice to her, but if I continue to talk to her, it comes from my neediness, not purely a friend to another friend concern or communication.
    I probably still have too much attachment to her that I do care about what she thinks of me, so I guess the best now is like you said in another post, be selfish first to take care of my own happiness and then after I get enough security and no more attachment or neediness to her then by that time, I know what to do.
    What do you think? And even though I try to bring the feeling for her, the insecurity, the jealousy feeling to my awareness, I still have a hard time let go off her and I feel the fear that I cannot get rid of those feelings, and probably a lot more other feelings that I need to let go. Do you think that with time and patience and consistency, things will take care of itself?

    1. Markus

      Quan: “…but since she shows no interest in me as the way I want to, I’m back off…”

      Most people find drama in relationships because what they find does not match what they want to find. That is, we create an idea of what a relationship is or should be – then get upset when the reality is different. You can save yourself much struggle by looking at what is really there. You see it, but are having trouble accepting it.

      Though you ask for advice, you seem to know the answer already. Ask yourself why the needy feelings, why jealousy, why insecurity? Answering yourself honestly will calm your anxiety and help you begin to let go of those imbalances.

  9. Tel

    Sen, I have had problems with obsessive thoughts for some time, the information in this blog has helped me put the thoughts into perspective thus decreasing their intensity , thank you!

    I’ve gone through a couple of cycles of emotional release which were intense and am finding that the accumulated emotional energy is now coming up for release automatically, however my mind is trying hard to surpress the energy making it very difficult to release. Should I simply watch the mind contractions until it allows for the energy to be released? Will the mind contractions eventually lessen in strength allowing the emotional energy to be released more freely?


  10. kenny

    Hey Sen, me again. Hope you are well. I write this as i don’t have a clue what to believe or even what a belief is. I’ve “followed ” teachings by several “guru’s” over the past year and I will say you make the most sense of all of them. I just wonder if I will ever see the truth or the light so to speak. Been looking into video’s of Sadhguru speak and he seems honest but then….bam send me money and all will be awesome and blissful. I gotta say all this stuff fills my self(?) with frustration as i don’t know what to feel or (gasp) think about anything anymore. Is all of this just bs and we all need to suck it up or what? All these guys are selling books, dvds, and seminars/retreats to infinity and i’m going nuts trying to decipher what is real or what is a scam. Your thoughts? I have been trying like hell to allow or come to a place of total allowing but haven’t , as far as i can tell , had any “releases” as of yet. Just alot of rage , stress, and confusion. Am I questing for that is unobtainable in this lifetime?
    ps sorry for long post, i’ll donate soon as you’ve done so much to aid all of us for so little.

    1. Markus

      Kenny, if someone is selling enlightenment, that person may be ripping you off. Of course, even teachers need income to support themselves. But a master who is in a position to teach (that is, has truth to share and is not working from a place of ego) is not going to take advantage of the gullible. No matter what they peddle, only you can do the work of finding balance.

    2. kenny

      Markus, just makes me ill that everyone is selling salvation and because people who are suffering are likely to do anything to get some relief it’s hard to know where the universe taking care of us part comes in. just wish my brain wasn’t sp damned cynical 24/7. thanks for your words. been seeking balance for awhile now and have made some progress i suppose but it seems sometimes to be a go forward/ take a step back deal .

  11. kenny

    So basically Sen, no matter what horrible thoughts the mind comes up with repetitively one should say “ok” to it? My issue is when I allow something horrible to be in the mind after awhile I start to think that I believe I am into such horrible things that “I” see in the mind. For example if i see thoughts of violence or criminal acts i allow them to be there but with time i seem to be tricked into “thinking” i believe i enjoy or that there is something wrong with me for “thinking” about such things. This is the definition of identification huh?

    1. Sen Post author

      Kenny, that’s right, however it’s not really about saying “okay” to the thoughts, it’s simply about letting them be – there is a difference between the two. To say “okay” to a thought is still a form of identification where you feel the need to respond/react to a thought in the mind, and once you do that you are bound to attach a personal significance to it. Just let the thoughts be, and let their emotions instigated by these thoughts arise freely also, without needing to do the salvaging job – just stay in a state of allowing until you no longer feel pulled around by your mind momentum per se.

  12. kenny

    thanks for the quick reply man. much appreciated.

  13. Fingaladinga

    Every time I feel like I am regressing, or enraged or horrified, that I will never be happy again (I’ve been feeling that way for nearly a decade), or can only think about how hard it is to get through this phase, this site continues to help me regain an understanding of what I am going through, and able to keep pushing forward.

    On an unrelated note, I just thought I should add that I’m writing a book (a medieval fantasy) where one of the characters goes through something like this (This was before I found your site). He spends his life pushing down all the things he does NOT want to be or think, which works for him for a while and actually results in him being a really likable respectful guy….. until one day something (I won’t spoil it) sets him off and all those suppressed thoughts and emotions come boiling up in the form of a series of calamitous events that end up severely affecting the other main characters for months. This site is not only helping me understand a disorder that most doctors are not even aware of, let alone how to fix it, but also to write this story and thus continue doing what I love in more creative ways. So for lack of a more grateful word, THANKS!

  14. Maddox

    Hello Sen,

    Thank you so much for your insights. They have really helped me further my spiritual understanding. One question. Is working out part of releasing the negative cellular memory or pain body as someone could call it?

    1. Sen Post author

      Maddox, eventually the deal of releasing “negativity” (imbalances) is an inner work, it’s about growing in awareness and finding conscious inner freedom. As you find more freedom from the pull of negativity, you will also feel inspired towards “external activities” (like working-out) that are congruent with your well-being – so the balance works from inside to the outside. For ex, someone who has an inner imbalance (let’s say an egoic imbalance of the chronic need for attention or too much identification with the body without much connection with the heart or inner-space of their being) may work-out from this place of imbalanced motivation, and whatever be the results the fact remains that they continue to keep fueling their imbalance through their activities. Finding balance is always an “inside-out” approach, not an outside-in deal.

  15. viv

    Dear Sen, really insightful articles, it reminds me of J. Krishnamurti’s writings, as the bible says there’s nothing new under the sun . We translate the same Reality in different languages.
    Query arising within me from you is:

    1) You talk about “disinterested awareness or watchfulness”. I have tried this process where mind is in a state of conflict trying to suppress unlikely thoughts or think about something else during the unlikely thoughts which is followed by a thought that says that people may come to know what I am thinking,so suppress this thought ,don’t face it, what to do in this situation?

    2) Question of ethics, we remain witness to our thoughts and it needs constant awareness,I think which needs to be developed with tedious practice.How are we going to set standards for good or bad behavior?

  16. Mark

    Hi Sen,

    I have 1 question, you mention that our body might be driven to do some movement or activity on the process of release, sometimes i have the urge to ask my partner about something(whom is my trigger), because almost every thoughts are triggered by our relationship, by her (photos, events, words,ect), but right after I ask the questions that I have while on the process of release, sometimes we get in a quarrel (though not as bad as before, because i think either she is used to it or her patience is growing), my question is, does the movement/activity that is driven on process of release can harm people? can it lead to some events? if the answer is yes, what if i choose to not to do it? Will the release process still continue or just stop when I choose not to do it? I need your insight Sen.

    1. Sen Post author

      Mark, awareness is an “intelligence”, when you are aware of a negativity you are far less likely to give in to it blindly, rather you will follow the wisdom apparent to you. If an action feels “unwise”, in your current awareness, it’s best to let go of it, and if you do still feel pulled into doing it then be open to the consequences (instead of wasting energy on self-criticism), you can grow from the consequences of imbalanced actions as much as you can grow from the power to follow wisdom – of course, the latter is what you are evolving towards and that’s the state you are privy to when you have an inner balance.

    2. Mark

      Thank you Sen

  17. Kate

    I was just wondering… if energy can not be destroyed or created but only transformed, then how can we release energy? Where is it going?

    1. Sen Post author

      Kate, it goes back to the wholeness (transforms/integrates into wholeness), the very nature of life-energy is to go back to wholeness when it’s not held onto – basically when you release your resistance your energy merges with wholeness quite naturally, it’s only when you are trying to hold on through suppression or over-identification that your energy disconnects with wholeness (which is what I would refer to as a imbalance).

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