Are You Identified With Your Negative Energy

Posted on by Sen.

It might sound insane but in many cases the “me” is extremely attached to negativity, to the extent of defending its right to be negative. It’s not uncommon to encounter a movement in you that is attracted to conflict or fear. This movement has its foundation in a fear based “root” thought. In many cases the root thought goes something like – “There is something inherently wrong with me” which can easily translate to “There is something inherently wrong with life”. If you are honest, you can sense that there is a movement in you which is trying to defend this negative thought.

Why are you defending a negative thought?

To pay attention to a negative thought is just a deep seated addiction. Anyone who understands the “creative” power of thoughts would know the insanity of giving value, or attention, to negative thoughts. When you become interested in a negative thought, you make it more powerful, so much so that it influences your entire energy field. Many people become so addicted to their negative thoughts that their energy field becomes highly negative, and hence in complete in conflict with the energy of life.

Understand that the energy of life is “pure positive”. In other words who you are in essence is pure positive energy. I use the terms “positive” and “negative” to create a picture in your mind of the nature of the energies; I am not judging anything as right or wrong. The negative energy in you is always in conflict with life and no matter how strongly you defend your right to think the thought that you are thinking, the truth remains that if you stay in conflict with life, you will experience the “resistance” in your body – this is what suffering is.

Usually people talk about how difficult it is for them to let go of negative thoughts and yet it’s their interest which keeps the negative thoughts in place. One needs to question deeply the reason for being interested in a negative thought. The main reason is that you look at life in a negative manner. You imagine that life is full of negativity, and that you need to protect yourself by constantly thinking about the negatives of life.

The truth is that life is not a stream of negativity, but a stream of positive energy. The negativity is simply created by “misplaced” or deluded thoughts about life. Every time you look at something and feel bad, it’s an indication that you are looking at it in a manner that conflicts with the “truth” of life.

Aligning with life is all about letting go of negativity

Life will never support you in a negative thought. When you are thinking negative, you are on your own. Life energy cannot move in support of a negative thought, and hence you feel tremendous amount of stress and struggle when you take any action based on “negative” thinking (out of fear). Stop identifying with the negative energy movement in you; let its momentum fizzle away by lack of interest.

If you want life to work for you, it’s time that you start aligning with the way life “thinks”. Life energy only moves from a place of love, never from a place of lack or fear. So if you look at a situation in a negative manner, you are already in conflict with life, and are cut off from the intelligence of life. The accumulation of negative energy within you is the result of constant preoccupation with a negative pattern of thinking. It’s simply an addiction, or an unconscious habit, because no one would consciously want to dwell on negative thoughts knowing that it’s going to create a negative reality.

When negative thoughts arise in the mind, just let them be. Don’t push them away; just don’t fuel them with interest. Let the negative thought swirl in your mind as long as its energy is able to sustain it, don’t feed it any additional energy by your “interest”. Slowly but surely these thoughts will start dying off from the lack of energy because life inherently does not support a negative thought.

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  1. Cihan

    Sen, it is a wonderful article. Sen when a person is very insecure about life, like me, start to judge everything, I sometimes meet people and judge them negative way. People that I work or my friends, my mind judging them negative way. Looking their personality, trying to find their worst part and identify them. From my heart I feel is wrong but my mind is insecure and it is looking for assurance. I try to not judge people because is not a good feeling. I like to talk with people, I like to listen to them, but I don’ t want to judge them. It would be great you can write about it.
    I am still practicing your advice about obsessive thoughts and I feel good. All these years I have been going to couple of psychologist and my obsessive thoughts became worst. I did not take any of those pills because I knew that that was not solution because it does not touch your root problem. Then I started to read your articles, it change me good way. I feel good about myself, not 100 percent but to start is a biggest VICTORY for me. All these years I desperately wanted to feel good about me, and about life. Thank you. By the way my english still bad!

    1. Sen Post author

      Cihan – There is already a huge shift in consciousness when it starts waking up from the influence of the mind, the progress gains huge momentum as you keep “watching” the mind impersonally. May be this article might give you some insights on how to be free of conflict created within about judging people – how to stop judging people.

  2. Cihan

    Thank you, Sen. You are absolutley right. Today I was at the swimming pool with my daughter, and suddenly my obsessive negative thoughts came out. I stayed very calm and I did not pay attention to the thoughts. Like you said in one of your articles “relax your focus”. I know that, if I feed them now, my mind will get the fuel and become even more powerful, and I will not enjoy this moment with my daughter. I had two choices, first, pay attention to the thoughts or second pay attention to my daughter? I chose second one, but I let my mind stay with me and I let it to enjoy the water. I did not push or suppress it just I allow to stay with me. Mean time I enjoyed with my daughter and my mind was calm and the thoughts I can say was less powerful. THANK YOU.

    1. Sen Post author

      That’s good to hear Cihan. When you stay in a place of “relaxed” focus, it acts as a virtual poison for the negative mind. The negative thoughts can no longer gain fuel from your attention when you stay as a field of “open” space. This is the start of a transformation that will eventually bring you to a place where you are free of all of your inner patterns of negative thinking. The thoughts “reduce” in momentum each time they fail to get new energy from your interest and attention, and they not only stop influencing your reality but they soon dissolve due to lack of momentum. As the negatives thoughts dissolve in this manner, you will notice certain negative trends in your reality also dissolving, being replaced by a more positive and abundant reality.

  3. Cihan

    Sen, I used to push (struggle) myself to get better, to control my mind, but now I understand that you can’t control your thoughts, but you can control your response to the thoughts. I am doing very well, I am keeping your advise as you said “do not believe your mind every time it comes out with obsessive thoughts”. Today my mind was very noisy because I don’t give it anymore attention. If it wants love no problem I am open for it but if it wants anxiety, fear and lack, it will stay alone until it will understand that I am the boss here, like a child, you have to educate, teach how life works, how wonderful life is if you are calm and joy, peace, even if in that moment your mind anxious and lack and fear, you have to be calm presence, after a while it loses its energy. My mind today it understand that it loosing its power, it gets angry, it is like child, cry and cry, then I ignored it. You have to, because it brings you all the fear and lack that moment but I stayed calm and keep focusing something else (staying on the ground). I don’t want anymore losing myself in to the thoughts, and now I feel better. It will take very long time to get rid of my negative thoughts, but patience is virtue. I want to taste that joy, peace and love without thinking all the time. I hope Sen, I am doing right approach to the my mind this way. Thank you. Cihan

    1. Sen Post author

      Cihan – You are on the right path and it won’t be long before you notice a positive shifts in your reality, as the pull of negativity in you starts losing momentum. Remember that the negative energy within has a huge momentum because it has been fed for several years, like a chronic addiction. So it does take sometime before the momentum can slow down, and finally dissolve. Each individual carries a different load of negativity within, so the time it takes for it to dissolve is an individual thing. But the very fact that you are already moving through a shift towards freedom from negative consciousness will ensure that your reality starts shifting in a positive direction every day.

      This is a journey, a process, and it’s the path towards total liberation from the hold of negativity. Each day your consciousness will be more stronger and be able to deal with the pull of negativity much more easily until a day comes when the negative thoughts no longer have a pulling power. Without the cloud of negative thinking, you will constantly be in touch with your true nature which is based in love, joy and peace. Allow this cloud to disperse, and the sun (pure consciousness) will shine through more and more brightly.

      I can see that you are having some deep insights into the nature of the mind, it’s a sign that consciousness, in you, is waking up from the trance of the mind. This process creates a lot of inner transformation, so much so that in time you would start feeling like a completely new person. Allow this transformation to take place. Always stay in a place of relaxed surrender, and allow life to move through you freely without resisting anything. You are right in not “pushing” at the negative thoughts, and simply allowing them to move through your space. This is the right approach, just stay with it and the unfolding will be smooth.

  4. Pat

    To me,relaxed awareness could be illustrated as follows,for examples u are the most tallest person in your family but ur mind keep shouting u re d shortest,which could you believe,reality or your distorted mindset and will you waste your time agueing with a distorted viewpoint.

  5. Wynone

    One of the reasons of being interested and defending negative thoughts, I’ve found to be the conditioned belief that if I don’t pay attention to those thoughts, I will miss a valuable lesson from them, or something like that. Or, for example, when you feel bad after saying something to someone or supposedly hurting him- it’s been used as a tool in childhood to ‘wake up’ children towards empathy and compassion. Which is absurd, actually, because you can’t really wake up someone with poison they keep in themselves. Yes, they will be aware that they’ve hurt someone, but why cling to that guilt? I now see how I’ve been perceiving my negative patterns- like alarm bells I need to analyze and focus on, in order to find the root of the ‘supposed problem’, other than just letting go of them.

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