Staying True To Your Comfort

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Your comfort is of essence, and when you truly love yourself you will never want to put yourself in a situation that is not comfortable to you. The mind can come up with several excuses to make you do things that are not aligned with your natural inclination, and thus against your comfort – this is what fear-based/lack-based thinking would usually do for you. For eons we have been conditioned in the adage “No pain, No gain”, and this makes the mind feel that it needs to struggle in order to achieve well-being/abundance. But when you really understand law of attraction you would know that it’s not possible to attract well-being through actions that are rooted in struggle. Struggle can only attract more struggle, and if you want to attract comfort/ease in your life, you need to get aligned with comfort/ease right now in your present reality – you need to go against the fear-based conditioning of the mind and consciously align with your comfort.

Comfort attracts comfort

A common misplaced advice/guidance that comes from people who are living in a lack-based mentality is that you need to “get out of your comfort zone” in order to achieve success. But “success” as a definition is to be in a place where you feel an influx of well-being in the form of ease, comfort, enthusiasm, excitement and joy – whereas getting out of your comfort-zone implies that you take on a vibration of struggle, effort, “force” and fear, these two vibrations cannot co-exist and the vibration that you align with will be the “point of attraction” for your reality. So when you follow the advice of staying outside your comfort-zone, you always end up attracting realities that cause you stay alienated from your comfort. When you stay within your comfort-zone all the time, you keep attracting realities that further amplify your comfort and thus allow you to feel successful and aligned with your natural movement.

When you try to push yourself outside your comfort-zone, you are basically forcing yourself to do what you inherently don’t feel like doing (going against your natural or inherent make-up/potential). When you are trying to achieve an “end result” and you are using a “means” that is not “aligned” with who you are, it causes you to feel like you are going outside your comfort zone. The truth is that the end-result is completely attracted by the “means” that you are using to get there. So it’s not possible to have an end-result of joy when the means is “joyless”, it’s not possible to attract a secure reality when the means is rooted in “insecurity”, it’s not possible to have an end-result of success when the means is full of struggle. Whenever you take an action, try to sense what’s the underlying vibration that is motivating the action – does it feel motivated by joy, excitement, enthusiasm and passion or is it motivated by fear, lack, anxiety, competition and servility, the vibration of the action will define the reality that it’s attracting.

You cannot attract success through struggle

Success is not just about piling the money or achieving some external possessions, success is about feeling a sense of joy, fulfillment and peace – it’s this feeling within that defines how successful you really are. All the material objects that you desire will manifest easily in your reality once you align with the feeling of “success” in your “Now” moment. If in your present reality you choose to align with struggle and joyless action, it’s not really possible for your energy vibration to attract a reality that reflects abundance and joy even if you end up making a lot of wealth through your struggles. Wealth does not define success, but a feeling of success within does attract all the wealth that you desire.

It’s not an easy task, initially, to stay true to your comfort because your mind is conditioned, since childhood, to align with struggle, effort and hard-work (joyless work). It’s common to feel guilty when you are aligned with your comfort. We tend to reserve a certain small period every year, which we call “vacation”, where we allow ourselves the freedom to align with our comfort (ironically some of us have so much struggle inherent in their vibration that we end up “stressing out” more during vacations). What if you lived every day of your life aligned with your comfort? You would become a magnet that attracts comfort constantly, and new vistas will open up for you that allow you to keep indulging in the vibration of comfort and ease. This is what success feels like.

A person who makes the conscious decision to line up with his/her comfort will automatically start attracting a reality that allows a reflection of effortless abundance and ease. Such people end up attracting jobs/vocations that feels aligned with passion, excitement and joy, thus celebrating every day of their life. Always remember that life is supposed to be a fun-ride and not a journey of struggle/lack, if your mind is not aligned with its joy it’s not possible to attract a fun-based reality. It’s a conscious choice that you need to make by understanding this simple physics of life.


  1. JENNY

    Hi There! Just found your blog randomly and love the content – especially this post. I could never understand why “getting outside my comfort zone” felt so BAD to me……the way you explain it makes perfect perfect sense and I think it’s funny that I couldn’t see it before. Again – it just goes to show that I need to trust what feels right to ME and not what other people are saying I should do. Kudos to you!!

  2. Jenny

    I wanted to leave another comment because I just recieved this in my inbox:

    “In their book, What Happy People Know, Dan Baker and Cameron Stauth say, “The human mind, body, and spirit thrive on struggle and challenge, just as a muscle thrives on exercise. Satisfaction without effort doesn’t create happiness. It creates only dissipation, alienation, boredom, weakness, and a sense of worthlessness.” (p. 164)

    This type of belief system is what leads us to believe that we need to struggle in order to have satisfaction. It is BS and I don’t buy it! I def. agree more with what you are saying above…just thought I would share because it’s an interesting parallel that I got this in my email 🙂 Have a great day!!

    1. Sen Post author

      Jenny – A lot of people confuse action with struggle. Action can come from a place of inspiration and alignment, or it can come from a place of struggle – both of these have totally different dynamics and experience. Struggle never feels good to the body, and it also indicates a lack of alignment with the life-stream. To force yourself out of your comfort zone feels like a struggle to the body because it does not feel aligned for it. If you simply keep following your ease and joy, you always get moved towards your desired realities – there is no need for struggle. Struggle is only needed for people who are disconnected with themselves and hence disconnected with their life-stream. The juice of physicality is not struggle, the juice of physicality is the wholeness of being aligned.

  3. Jenny

    Thank you so much Sen! I really appreciate and value the content of you blog!! It seems that I “found” you at the right time 🙂 I’ve been in the process of “letting go” for a few years now, but didn’t really “know” it. I let go of a troubling eating disorder, I let go of a stagnant marriage, and I just recently let go of a troubling job. The more I trust in myself and in life, the more and more (just like you say) I feel like I am supported BY life. And the more in tune and aligned, and therefore joyful, I feel. It really is amazing. Thank you for your guidance 🙂

  4. Jenny

    I would also like to add that the mind could very easily interpret the scenarios I mentioned above as “negative” – or like “dang – you’ve really had a rough year”. But I just feel more and more free. It’s beautiful 🙂

    1. Sen Post author

      That’s true, the brain can interpret the dissolution of some negative realities as a negative, but now you have the space of awareness in you to realize that it’s a good thing, that the deconstruction of some old, in-congruent, realities is needed so that new “aligned” realities can be brought into order.

  5. Amie

    The first thing I thought of was my purposeful effort to be a social butterfly in middle/high school and on occasions since then. If I truly enjoyed it and wanted to be that way, it might be a different thing, but in reality I’m mostly an introvert and an observer, with occasions where I feel & act more sociable (depending who I’m around). I mostly like watching other people, just being there, throwing in a comment here and there, but I had this ideal of being something that totally went against my grain. My attempts failed because they were inauthentic and made potentially fun times into a struggle, and now that I’ve accepted that, I feel like the people around me accept that as well. I think others can tell now that I’m more content with who I am as far as that’s concerned.

  6. Duong

    Thank you Sen, I used to live a life which requires effort and commitment since I was a child. It was very painful and joyless. Now I know that I have to change. Your direction is Great and I will definitely follow it to enjoy my life. I have read many posts of you and found many ones which are extremely useful like this post. Thank you a lots:))

  7. Ash

    Hi Sen,

    Great article! I love your blogs.

    I found this article interesting but I would like to clarify one of the concepts, as I’m put all the puzzle pieces together. Its hard to apply it consistently but I’m getting there slowly.

    My comfort level is playing soccer, hanging out with only a set of friends (Introvert), work, and family. I’m 30 years old and still single. I’m not comfortable talking to women and so I never tried and stayed within my comfort zone for the past years (high school – too immature, University – not alot of girls in Engineering so that helped me stay in my comfort zone, work life – no one special).

    As per this article, should I stay in my comfort zone and be single and let the “natural progression” take its course?

    Although, I have not reached full and consistent “SELF LOVE”, I’ve had glimpses and moments of “SELF LOVE” and love for external. I know in myself (space of being), I want a suitable mate, so I would think SELF LOVE should precede getting a suitable mate.

    So the question is what is the process to attain a suitable mate without getting out of my comfort zone? (in steps)

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. Your articles make me feel like Neo in Matrix when Morpheus asks him, “Do you think this is real?” Its like an awakening moment. Similarly, Revolver directed by Guy Ritchie has the same awakening feeling. I use this movie to reset my inner being.

    I wish you all the best in everything you attempt. God Speed!

    Best Regards,


    1. Sen Post author

      Ash, there is a difference between staying true to your comfort and staying “stuck”. Staying true to your comfort does not mean you will be stuck in life, it’s just a pointer that you need to allow yourself the freedom/time to allow the required inner growth before you jump into the action part of it or move into a new reality, there is no need to force yourself against your own readiness out of a fear that you are not “moving” or getting things done. You may not be ready for a certain desired reality at present, and that just means that you need some inner growth and understanding before you feel comfortable to be a part of that desired realty. The way you allow inner growth is by the process of “allowing” through connecting with your space of being, thus letting the intelligence of your life-space/life-stream dissolve the present resistances. As these resistances dissolve you will see yourself being inspired into the right actions that allow the maturing of your desired reality. You can read this post – Beyond Will Power for insight on this.

  8. Ash

    Mr. Sen, thank you for the quick and well-articulated response. Sorry for my slow response but I wanted to understand, experiment with, allow, and manifest these concepts (including emotional stability, allowing, driving force, overexcitement, etc.) and my multidimensional existence, so my reply is more substantial. I believe these misalignment and the solutions are already within me, I just needed someone (SEN) to open my eyes and guide me towards wholeness/consciousness living (insert MATRIX Analogy here lol).

    1. During the past couple of weeks, I have realized that I am at ease, and at comfort when I’m alone. I’m able to allow, slow down resistance and REACH INNER PEACE. However, the moment I start interacting (not necessarily talking, just being among them) with external world (family, friends, workers, people, strangers on the subway, computer), my mind goes haywire and I’m unable to control the mind momentum. I become conscious of what I do and say, how people perceive me, thoughts after thoughts of past incidents, present perception of others, and future scenarios. Sometimes I would snap into reality and am aware that my mind is entertaining itself with these thoughts, and I’m learning to live with/eliminate this bad habit.

     Any tips or even a link to your articles would be helpful?

    2. In addition, everytime I emerce myself into letting go of my personal will and let my natural life stream take over. I loose my drive (in my case is driven by hate, lack based and fear), my motivation and stop doing most things. I become stagnant, and lazy. I consciously understand that I must let go of my personal will, that my mind is dillusional at times and allow natural life stream to take its course. I don’t whole heartedly believe my natural life stream will take me to the goals that I’ve set out in my mind (mostly materialistic/status oriented). I feel that my natural life stream is laid back, relaxed, passive and won’t strive for the things that my mind wanted and was working towards. So what I’m try to say is, I want the same goal (materialistic/status oriented), but using the better guided approach (using natural life stream).

     Can I attain the same goal (materialistic/status oriented), but using the better guided approach via natural life stream? I guess if my natural life stream can handle the task, it will do so on its own.

     Does motivation come from the mind (through day dreaming of future wants) or natural life stream?

    For example, I have been meaning to fix my resume and apply for other jobs, but never did it until my relationship with my managers turned sour. The fact that my ego was bruised and I might be laid off drove me to work on my resume. While exercising to let go of my will power, I was hoping my life stream would guide/motivate me to work on my resume, but it didn’t.

     Is laziness a form of Ego?
     Is procrastination a form of ego?

    3. As you already know I play soccer and I have had one too many injuries, that I am not effective in the games anymore. So the mind (driven by lack based, hate based, fear based) convinces me to continue to play for the same club. I know it is very healthy and get a great workout to play soccer but just cannot do it competitive anymore. So I want to explore other forms of creativity like (photos and short films). Internally, it is partially creative, partially fame (ego driven) and partially to be accepted by peers/society.

     How am I able to understand/distinguish between natural life stream’s plans/goals and mind’s plans/goals (which I truly know are driven by ego, hate, fear, lack based)?

    I agree this is a very long and personal reply. I felt that I needed to use personal examples to reflect my true situation and state of mind. I live through and live out these turmoils every single day of my life, the main reason being is obvious that my mind is unable to find any solution for them, or I’m unable to accept the natural life stream’s solution. I greatly appreciate your selfless help in answering and guiding myself and many others alike. We are truly greatful to have a great mentor and a forum friend like you. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

    Wishing you very best in you journey.

    Yours Sincerely,

    1. Sen Post author

      Ash, you mentioned that you are able to sense an inner stability, when you are alone, through the state of allowing. Basically, this is progress, to be able to sense inner peace when you are alone. It also indicates that you have an understanding of the process of allowing. As you continue with this practice of allowing, you will see the mind momentum reducing to the point where stops going haywire even in public – but it will take time for you to reach this place, and you will need to give yourself the time, it could be a few months or a year or more, depending on where you are right now. The deal is that you have an understanding of the process of allowing, and your inner stability is growing gradually, and it will reach a permanent “unwavering peace” place soon enough. When the mind goes haywire in public, don’t look at it as a sign of failure on your part, and don’t feel worried about it either, just allow it to go haywire and see what’s the maximum haywireness it can reach, see its limits. The mind is really not a big deal, it’s just a neural network that has gone into an overdrive due to years of unconscious focus on it. When it goes haywire, just let it go haywire, and just be – don’t judge yourself for it, don’t try to find a quick solution and don’t think that you’ve failed at awareness. The truth is that it takes “time” for the momentum to come down, no matter how good your understanding is, no matter how good you are at allowing. You need to wait it out, there are no short cuts.

      Basically, it’s your mind that’s constantly coming up with all these questions – “am I procrastinating”, “am I being lazy”, “am I being driven by life-stream or am I being driven by ego” etc, and basically giving answers to mind is just a futile pursuits because it’s never going to stop with the questions. Instead of being worried about these questions, just allow them to be, don’t try to answer them – it’s all just the mind in its momentum. Just stay true to your present journey which is to reduce your mind momentum fully. When your mind momentum hits zero intensity you will automatically loses all your inner-resistance to your life-stream’s pull – till then, just go with the way life works for you, even a bashing from your boss could be a part of life’s grace (called “fierce grace”) to break down some ego-force in you that was trying to hold on. This process of being free of the pull of the mind’s negativity is not always a “pleasant one”, it can be a bit brutal sometimes, and it can feel like a real inner war for a while, and it can be exhausting – eventually, it’s a deconstruction process, and it’s bound to feel painful sometimes. Just ride it out, stay allowing of the unpleasantness, stop trying to look for answers and allow yourself to feel the fear of “not knowing”. It’s normal during this process to just feel “stuck” for a while, this again is part of the deconstruction, the mind/ego can go into a lot of fear due to the uncertainty, and if you simply allow this fear you will also a dissolution of its force in you – that’s how its momentum finally burns down. Stop looking for an assurance, and have the openness to allow the fear of uncertainty – that’s how you transcend the influence of fear.

    2. Jenny

      Hi Ash!
      Your questions could have been written by me….I am definitely in a similar spot. THANK YOU Sen for you wisdom!! Your reminders always come at the right time……..anyways….Ash – I don’t have any advice other than to listen to Sen and your own inner wisdom. But I wanted to let you know that you are not alone in this process :o)

  9. Ash

    Thank you Sen, for another quick response. I will continue on my journey of reducing mind momentum and discovering “unwavering peace”. As you stated, most knowledge and answers will come from within.

    I couldn’t agree with you more Jenny and thanks for your Support.

    I feel like /know that I am not respected/valued in my company mainly because of incompetence/careless mistakes committed in the past. This is not lack based thinking because I can see that other Employees (with the same level of seniority) get more amenities (better computer, new office chair, etc..) than I do. I tell myself these materialistic possession mean nothing, but it still hurts to know that I am not valued in the company.

    This leads me to take the action to look for work elsewhere. or should I stay in the company to experience “fierce grace”?

    1. Sen Post author

      Ash, can you let go of the need to make a certain decision right now and have the trust to know that if a situation is required it will be created by the intelligence of your life-force. So if it’s right for you to quit your job, you can be rest-assured that events will be orchestrated towards you knowing with certainty that you need to quit, without any shred of doubt or confusion about it, (or possibly by you getting fired). You don’t need to burden yourself with the responsibility of trying to figure out your next step, you need to allow your life-force to take care of your external situations – your job is to keep moving towards inner alignment, the external will keep falling in place.

  10. shiva

    Hi Sen..Its been a month allowing and i feel that i am in the deepest layers of my negativity…But there is immense relief..Thanks a great tonn Sen…I now recognize that i had been running on negative patterns (escapist tendencies like taking help(not just suggestions) from my mother in petty office issues..behaved like a kid(@23 years of age)…I had a very bad trip of marijuana 3 years back…that event shook me..made me very scared starting from the night i took it..from next morning i never felt as i would ever be the same..i thought there was something that changed in me..and i would never return to the same self..Then i even thought this was either dreaming or a side effect of the drug that i took which would never bring me back to my original self…I felt immense episodes of anxieties..Used to discuss with everyone even the doctors ,but everyone told that it was just a bad trip and it cant do anything which i supposed it had..I dint have any scientific reasons to support my fear(this fear was worse than the fear of dying)…I then started to pray for long hours..loads of mantras and believes…Regular visits to temples…I was so so frightened of marijuana or any drug that even hearing it would remind me of the same thought that i had the next day after the trip..Sen..I started of gyming and distracted my self from these thoughts..(it helped me a great deal to become positive but still i wud neglect any thought of that event arising)….I would tire my self up so badly that I wouldn’t be thinking of it. … 2 Years went by and I became stable..(only to realize it was temporary)..Got a job..Got hell scared on day thinking about my future..went into frightening anxiety for few days again..Then I started using technique of “Now”..And i wud constantly remind me of live in the present moment when ever I thought about that past event..But a few months back…I was really worried about a girl I was dating…she was into a casual relationship with some one else..and when she told him about me..The guy went mad and told her about taking serious action..(at least thats wat she told me-cant trust her completely)…I got really scared..then one day i smoked the same thing again and inspite of me not having any bad experiences with that trip I started feeling more scared(in addition to the fear of that guy harming me) 4-5 days after I was getting pulled into the same thoughts -whether I am able to sense and get the feel of the world in the same way or not…Is there something missing..??is everything alright??…I wud try to analyze these and get scared if I found no explanation..Sometimes I wud realize that this is just thought…but on the next moment i may again fall prey to the same feeling of anxiety..fear…that arise out of this thought…this feeling was more scary and complex than i cud explain……–Also am I wrong in experiencing fear of me getting hurt by that guy..I try to relax and allow that fear to come in me..If I dont act on fear I feel i am ignorant…If I act out of fear to do things to protect me am I fueling it?? Or is there nothing to fear much../Its just my gathered negative momentum thats acting on me to experience fear..?????

    –I read your article and to then came to realization of the negative belief..But was my mind absolutely wrong perceiving what it perceived??(cuz i dint find any scientific reason to support what i thought and it was just so scary)…
    –Also I am doing a job which I would be leaving as soon i get into some good masters college for which I am preparing these days..I want to do a business administration which i feel i want to do…But am I wrong in any way about this desired reality of becoming a business administrator..This choice i tried to analyze is not out of fear..Yes its definitely because I am interested in delaing and interacting with people and also because my present job doesn’t satisfy me financially nor emotionally…
    I request you to Please share your guidance on this …Thanks for everything Sen…

  11. Ashton

    Pure genius. Thanks for another quick response. That answer resonates with me very well. Keep Doing what you are doing mr. Sen. You are guiding a lot of people that want to change for the better. The more conscious we become, the closer we come to global consciousness and then can eradicate poverty, hunger, war and so on. Ultimately, Our energy/ life stream will have to take another physical form (rebirth) here on earth. I will continue to work on allowing, reducing mind momentum and seeking wholeness.

    God bless you!


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