An Understanding of Creation and Evolution

Posted on by Sen.

The “creative impulse” is an inherent part of our nature as beings of life-energy – the impulse/motivation to create. I don’t mean something mystical when I use the term “creative impulse”, it could be something totally mundane like creating a craft, cooking up a meal, cleaning a room, preparing a report, organizing a house party, having a debate/discussion (creating ideas) etc, or it could something on a larger scale like creating a business venture, working on an organizational re-structuring, inventing new energy tools, developing better surgical procedures, writing the next hit song etc – it’s all just coming from the same “creative impulse”. There are three basic motivations that are served by the creative impulse

1. Self-realization – Our creation helps us understand ourselves. For example, you can understand yourself through your music, or your manner of administration, or the way you set up your room.

2. Entertainment/enjoyment – We create to entertain ourselves, or to entertain others (and enjoy the process of entertaining others, enjoying the appreciation). We also create to show-off our potential, and thus feel good about ourselves – it’s normal, there is nothing wrong with having a desire to show-off your potential (Nature is showing off all the time if you look around you).

3. Survival – We create some things that we can “feed” on, so that we can survive. For example, we may create a vegetable garden to feed on the vegetables. We create farms, we breed cattle, we create solutions in bio-technology to enhance food production, we create solutions for a safer habitant etc. A lot of the reasons why we create is to ensure our survival

The “original creator” (or source) is also a being of life-energy, just a more evolved being, and is also motivated by the above three reasons towards creation. Some teachings seem to contend that the original source is creating purely for the joy/entertainment of it, but that’s just one motivation (the motivation of enjoyment), the other motivations are self-realization and survival – here’s how these two motivations are served for the original creator through the creations.

Self-realization – By creating various expressions of the aspects of life-energy/itself, the source can learn about (and observe) each aspect. A range of light natured expressions, and dark natured expressions, are created, with varying mixes of light/dark component, as a part of understanding the light and dark in itself. For example, creating a being which is strongly imbalanced towards dark nature of hatred allows for a clear understanding of how this aspect works and creating a being which is strongly imbalanced towards love allows for a clear understanding of this aspect, and then there are beings in between, of various mixes. A being imbalanced in dark-nature is not a “negative”, and a being imbalanced in light nature is not a “positive”, in the eyes of the original creator they are both serving the same value – the value of providing self-realization. That’s why there is no negative or positive from an absolute perspective – I don’t call “dark nature” as negative, and I don’t call “light nature” as positive.

Survival – This is something which very few spiritual teachings talk about, but creation serves the purpose of survival for the original creator. The only way a being of life-energy can survive is by “feeding” on some form of life-energy. It’s not logically possible to survive without “feeding” on something. So what’s the food for the original creator? – the energy produced by the emotions/thoughts of the beings created. Just like how we see a piece of bread as food, a non-physical creator would see a stream of emotions as food. You generate energy when you generate emotions, and this energy is food for the source creator(s).

Of course, the original creator is not the only creator, it’s logical to imagine the original creator creating other “creators” (some light-natured creators, some dark-natured creators, some creators with a balanced mix of the two, and creators with varying mixes) who work on ground-level creations – just like how you would give birth to kids who actually end up being the next-generation that creates the next-level of civilization. Let’s call these beings who have evolved creation potential, spawned by the original creator, as the “sub-creators”. A dark-natured sub-creator would feed on the dark-energy for its survival, and hence would want to create expressions that can generate more dark-energy, it’s the same for a light-natured sub-creator, in that sense they are both just being “natural” to themselves – one is not bad and the other is not good.

The original creator is sustained by the energy produced by all of its sub-creators and creations. If this makes you feel like you are being “used”, it’s not really true, you are also “beings” (created by the sub-creators) and you also have the option of free-will to choose what you incline towards – you can incline towards an imbalance of dark, an imbalance of light, or a balance. Of course, this option of “free-will” only gets activated as you evolve to a point where your awareness is high enough to make this choice. If you are imbalanced in dark-nature you will feed on dark-energy (for example you may create drama that invokes the emotions of fear or hatred which feeds your inner momentum) and you will express/generate dark-energy which becomes fodder for any being that can “consume” these emotions. If you are imbalanced in the light-nature you will constantly try to create love and try to invoke love in others. In this sense, you are no different from the sub-creators, you are a creator yourself and you also feed on “emotions” – it’s just that your physical body also needs physical food for survival (even your food preferences are dictated by your mix of light and dark nature, for example, a highly light-natured person would usually feel inclined towards vegetarianism).

You are also evolving as a being, and one of the aspects of evolution is to develop powers/skills of creation (some day you may be creating your own earth, of course we are talking about millions of years of soul-age to reach that level of evolution). It’s just like how an adult gives birth to a kid, and then the kid grows up to be an adult – the original creator gives birth to beings who one day reach the potential of the original creator, it’s just that by that time the original creator’s potential is much higher, and hence the father is always the father and the child is always the child.

All beings inevitably find balance

It’s also true that all aspects of life-energy always move towards “balance”. So a being that was created with an imbalance of dark-nature, cannot really sustain this personality forever – inevitably this being would be pushed towards balance as a part of its evolution. This is why, I can logically interpret that the original creator is a balanced being, because it’s a highly evolved being. It’s true for all of us, we may have our imbalances right now but eventually each being inevitably finds balance (50% light, 50% dark). However, each balanced being still retains unique “personality traits” – I like to use the term “personality tints” that remain irrespective of the balance. A “tint” is just a flavor, it’s not a dominating factor, neither is it an overpowering factor. So, there can be balanced light-tinted personalities, and balanced dark-tinted personalities – this “tint” is what allows for some uniqueness of personality. In Hindu mythology there are references to various Gods, each with a different personality trait, though they are all balanced as a being – though I am not into religions, I can resonate with some truths in some scriptures.

So, in this sense, you don’t have to feel like you are being “used”. You are a part of life-energy and you are serving yourself as much as you are serving aspects of life-energy. The fact that you are “created” means that you will never-end, and you will continue to evolve as a being endlessly. One of the phases of this journey of evolution is the phase of finding “conscious balance”. Once you find conscious balance, you continue to evolve, mostly in the aspects of developing “skills” in expressions. For example, in my case, I am no longer working on understanding balance; it just feels like second nature to me to have a perspective of balance, and to be aligned with inner balance. I seem to be more interested now in expression, or aspects, of productivity. There was a time when I would spend hours just working on aspects of “releasing” (working on the state of allowing), and gaining understanding about the aspects of balance in life. Now, my daily hours seem to be spent on aspects of entertainment and challenges of productivity, and the state of balance just feels like a “given”, it’s like a second nature that’s doesn’t need to be sustained, it’s just ingrained.

It’s important to understand that in the scheme of creation, though you are serving a purpose for the “higher creator” you are also an independent being (made in the image of the creator) and you are also serving yourself, being a creator yourself. In that sense, you are serving the collective (the external) and you are also serving yourself (the personal), and it will always be like that – you cannot ever just become totally personal/selfish and you cannot sustain yourself if you become totally selfless.

The evolution of Earth

Evolution is all about “relative betterment”. As you evolve, you experience a sense of relative betterment. So what does relative betterment mean? It means a betterment in relation to where you were in the past – it’s always in relation to something. There is no such thing called a “the best life”, there is only such a thing called “a relatively better life”, and unless you have some reference to see betterment you can’t have the experience of feeing better. For example, if you are 60-year old person, then you’ve seen some relative betterment in how technology has made things easier for you. For example, how you can send an email to someone in seconds contrasted with how it used to take 3 or 4 days for them to receive your post in the olden days – I am not saying that email is the best thing that happened, but just that someone who has seen “snail mail” can see a relative betterment in the pace of communication through email. However, a child born in this internet-era would not really appreciate/experience this “betterment”, rather he/she would take it for granted and would want something better than this to have the experience of betterment.

In this sense, we can never really reach some reality which is just accepted as the “best reality” by everyone. For example, you may have been very poor as a child, and you grew up to make a lot of money, and you can experience the “relative betterment” of being rich as compared to being poor, however, if you had a kid now, he/she is bound to take this lifestyle for granted and would not have the appreciation that you have for it (because the kid has no past reference to compare the betterment with). So when I talk about betterment I am not talking about some “ideal standard world” that we are all supposed to reach, I am not talking about any idea of “perfect world” where everyone just feels totally satisfied with no more desire for betterment/improvement – such a reality is not possible, because the desire for betterment can never stop, it’s just a nature in our being – it’s the “creative impulse” that can never be suppressed.

So, when I talk about the “evolution of Earth”, I am talking about the relative betterment that Earth is moving towards from my reference point, based on my experience of Earth. There have been inferences in ancient scriptures about the fact that Earth started with a “light age”, and then it moved into a “dark age”, and now it’s evolving towards the “balanced age” (also sometimes referred to very dramatically as the “golden age”). What this means is that there was a time when Earth was mostly a dwelling of beings with imbalanced/strong light-nature, until it was disrupted and over-powered by beings with imbalanced dark-nature (there are some “channelings” that talk about DNA disruption/imbalance created in the human genetics to block access to non-physical wisdom/information, thus creating an environment of “darkness” created by this disconnection), and now it’s moving towards a new form of evolution where there will be a predominance of balanced beings/expression – with the human energy (including the DNA) becoming balanced again. There are many beings (including evolved souls) assisting Earth in this evolution, and focusing their energy towards this shift.

The de-construction of imbalance

It’s logical that beings who are imbalanced in light-nature cannot sustain as rulers, and that it won’t be long before they get over-powered/over-thrown by beings who are imbalanced in dark-nature – if there was a “fight” between beings of love and beings of hatred, the beings of hatred would always win hands down; the dark is about power, the light is about love, and power always wins over love in a “fight”. Love is a force that can sustain peace but it’s not a force that can win a fight (fight is the domain of the dark). So the light-age had to move into dark-age quite inevitably, and Earth has been dominated by the forces of imbalanced dark-nature for a long period now (reading the history of the past thousand years is easily reflective of the imbalance of dark).

The only beings who can over-power the imbalance of dark-nature are the one’s who are “balanced”. The beings imbalanced in their light-nature are powerless towards de-constructing the structures created by the dark-nature imbalances. The beings who are imbalanced in their light-nature either detest dark-nature (in a rigid way of trying to detach themselves from dark-nature, and thus go into “hiding”), or they are afraid of dark-nature – both these attitudes don’t serve any purpose towards de-constructing the dark-nature imbalances that are predominant on Earth. In order to bring a real balance one has to first stop being afraid of dark-nature, and secondly start integrating aspects of dark-nature, in oneself, as a requirement of balance. A balanced being is more powerful than a being who is imbalanced in dark-nature simply because he/she is more aligned with the wisdom that comes with balance, an imbalance disconnects you from this aspect of “wisdom” – a being imbalanced in dark-nature is not connected with wisdom and hence it’s easy for a balanced being to over-throw the influence of an imbalanced being (this simple truth is well demonstrated in the story of David and Goliath).

Earth is moving towards an evolution where the influence of the imbalance of dark-nature will come to an end, and it won’t result in some re-emergence of the beings imbalanced in light-nature, rather the evolution is towards the emergence of balanced beings. Currently, on Earth, there are beings who were imbalanced in dark nature who are moving towards balance (integrating aspects of light nature) owing to the growth in their awareness, and there are beings who were imbalanced in light-nature who are also moving towards balance owing to the growth of awareness in them, by integrating aspects of dark nature. The fact that there are light-natured people who are open to the message of integrating aspects of dark-nature is just an indication of this growth in awareness. Though, in the past, spiritual teachings have been predominantly imbalanced towards light-nature, I can see more and more literature/writings/teachings that seem to talk about balance. If you constantly keep labeling dark-nature as negative/evil then you can never really integrate a balanced dark-nature in yourself, and hence stay in a place of powerlessness, becoming vulnerable to the dominance of the imbalanced forces of dark nature.

Starving the forces of imbalance

Imbalance feeds on imbalance. I talked about the fact that there are “evolved” sub-creators (with creation abilities close to the original creator) who are imbalanced in dark-nature. In fact, they were created by the original creator out of the “creative impulse” of self-realization, to know the dark-nature expression. These dark-natured sub-creators are known by many names in scriptures, sometimes called Lucifer, Devil, Satan etc, and sometimes it’s falsely contended that they are fighting the original creator – they are not fighting the original creator, they are simply trying to live their expression of imbalance, and are fighting the imbalance of light-nature, and also fighting the possibility of balance. These sub-creators also create “spawns” of themselves, so there are souls birthed from the stream of imbalanced dark nature, just as there are souls birthed from the stream of imbalance of light nature. These souls (which is who we are), initially have no choice but to blindly follow the imbalance, until there is enough growth in awareness, after which you can make an independent choice towards aligning with balance – this is how you start evolving towards being a “conscious creator”.

One may ask, how is an evolved sub-creator not balanced? The fact is that just because you are evolved in your “skills” doesn’t mean that you are balanced – there are some highly skilled yogis who can do a lot of things with their mind-power but many of them are not balanced. Also, in-spite of having an awareness about life, there can just be a fascination towards living an imbalance especially when there is no real motivation to find balance. Also, these beings were created as an expression of imbalance, by the original creator – they have the creator abilities but with an imbalanced mindset. These creators, who are imbalanced in dark-nature, would want to feed their dark-nature imbalances.

The humans on Earth have been a major fodder for these beings, and Earth has been a “farm” which provided sustenance to these beings for the past several hundred years. The emotion of hatred and fear, that has been so predominant on earth, all along, is the food that sustains the focus of these beings on Earth. As humans learn to consciously let go of their imbalances, by connecting with a state of balanced power and balanced love, there will no longer be the creation of imbalanced emotions, and eventually the one’s needing these imbalances to sustain themselves would have to let go of their focus on Earth – this is how Earth would evolve into the “balanced age”.

This is not something “dramatic”, neither is this some conspiracy theory, rather it’s just an aspect of evolution. It’s important to understand that all of this is “required” from an absolute perspective, stemming from the “creative impulse” of self-realization – without imbalance you can never “know” what balance is. Of course, you don’t even need to understand (or believe) all these “non-physical perspectives” to work towards balance, however, it helps to know that there are several external influences who have an investment in your imbalance and would like nothing better than to promote imbalance for their own survival. The more aware you, and the more inner freedom you have, the less likely you are to be “influenced”, rather you will use your awareness to make choices – thus, you become more of an independent being (having the freedom to chose your state of being) rather than serving some imbalanced intentions of others unconsciously.

The choice towards balanced creation

As a “conscious creator”, you can now choose to no longer feed the momentum of imbalance in you, and chose to no longer generate imbalanced energy. Whenever you participate in an imbalanced-reaction you are not only choosing to feed your own internal momentum of imbalance but you are also “generating” energy that feeds forces of imbalance. When you make the choice to let go of feeding your own momentum, the past accumulated energy would get released and then there is no more “fuel” for imbalance. All that’s needed is to use your awareness to let go of getting identified with the pull of your past-momentum, and to also work on releasing the past-momentum in the state of allowing (openness to allow the past-momentum to arise within, without identification, so that it gets released).

Everything in life has a “survival instinct”, including the forces of imbalance, including the momentum of imbalance within you, nothing wants to die and it would put up a real fight for survival – you would need to use your awareness to starve out the past-momentum within you by no longer giving it the fuel of identification/reaction. Of course, you need to be easy on yourself, and not go into a state of self-blame if you do end up getting identified with the momentum in you, or if you get identified by the “external provocations” – as long as you are committed towards finding balance, constant progress is inevitable, there are no regressions.

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  1. MJ

    Pretty interesting information, will have to read this article multiple times to understand clearly. In near future we may be in a situation where we exhaust all our survival resources on the Earth and existence of Earth may come to an end. What are your thoughts on this?

    1. Sen Post author

      MJ, I personally don’t see that happening, life on Earth currently seems poised for an evolution towards a balanced living.

    2. Scott

      MJ, I tend to agree with Sen. It only makes sense that the Creator began this journey with a goal in mind and that we (humanity) are the co-collaborators of that goal. IMHO we are all in the process of becoming creative beings and creativity finds it’s rest and it’s action in balance. For this process not to be completed would be like a master craftsmen not finishing his/her project.

  2. jack

    thanx for this marvelous revealtion.most of it is still beyond my comprehension i guese coz my level of connection with wisdom has not reached this level. i still have a few questions which may broaden my understanding. This channel of wisdom which becomes open when one is balanced,does it connect to the original creator or where does the wisdom come from? secondly,what do you have to say about religious figures like jesus ,budha etc, thirdly,in our soul nature is there space and time?

    1. Sen Post author

      Jack, no it’s just the natural intelligence of life that you connect with in the state of balance because balance is a place free of “resistance”, and it also attracts balanced solutions as a “match” to the vibe of balance. In that sense even the “original creator” taps into the intelligence of life. Jesus, Buddha, were all teachers in their own right, and possibly all evolved souls who incarnated to “teach” and create growth in awareness on Earth. Yeah, time is just a measurement of the “movement”, the way you experience time is the way you experience movement – in the non-physical the movement is much less “experienced”, compared to something like the Earth where we experience movement/change more strongly because of aspects like 12 hour day/night cycle, climate cycle etc (so we have a stronger experience of time because of a stronger experience of change). 10 years on Earth might feel like 1 day in the non-physical possibly.

  3. Michael

    Good article, I like how you talked about something a little bit different. Anyways, I had two questions.

    You say everything living has a survival mechanism. That of course makes sense, but what about people who are suicidal? I can relate to that personally, where it seemed like death was the survival mechanism. It especially seems like that during intense waves of dark nature coming up. Perhaps the suicide (thoughts and action) is a survival mechanism for the imbalanced mind when it senses it’s losing (during release)?

    Second question. I can agree that the world seems to be getting less evil, at least in the scheme of mass indecency. A second Hitler wouldn’t last very long in this present day, but there are many truly dark acts going on, some of them in broad daylight and the world is doing nothing about them. Corruption, mass murder, distrust, scheming, etc. are going on at a governmental level and the public is going “Hurr durr, tank yu mistr prezident”. Of course there are less serious things going on, but society as a whole seems much colder compared to like 50 years ago (according to your Grandma or whoever). Is this just like a boiling over of the pot before things get restored to something more balanced?

    1. Sen Post author

      Michael, yeah the suicidal thoughts are a mechanism towards “finding relief” and in that sense are survival based, you feel suicidal when you can’t cope with some things – of course, lot of people have what I would “casual suicidal thoughts” where they think of dying purely as a means to escape reality for a while, and find so relief through it, and they have no real intention to kill themselves. There is also such a thing as “conscious suicide” where a person consciously chooses to kill himself from an objective perspective (of moving on) and not because of any “negativity”, sometimes even for the sake of principles (like the act of Bushido in Samurai culture) – in this case the creative impulse of enjoyment (through moving on) or self-realization (of staying true to a principle/honor) precedes the motivation of survival.

      As for the second question, yeah, the fact that a “second Hitler” seems like an impossibility is an indication of a growth in mass awareness. Of course, this is still a transition phase and transitional phases are wrought with some elements of disorientation and resistance, and it will take a while for there to be less of a divide between awareness levels among people.

  4. Dave

    Aha, so that’s what the masters would say when they said that there are some forces inside who don’t want you to be free.

  5. Maurice

    Hi Sen,

    It’s so strong what you write. Also very vertical. You talk a lot about the dark and light nature of things, but I can never dive in it deeply, I miss the horizontal part of it. Can you give some examples of what this dark nature defines. Is it wat triggers the warrior in us? Because I feel that that’s what balance does.
    Also being totally vertical is an inbalance. How do you implement this all in your life? I would love to hear your experience, your stories too. I am intrigued by your wisdom and knowledge, but what’s your source?
    Warm regards

    1. Sen Post author

      Maurice, there are several past posts where I’ve explained about dark-nature expressions – for example, love is a light-nature expression and hatred is a dark nature expression, but it’s also not so “black and white”, because if love turns into obsession then it becomes dark-natured because of the low feelings that it creates (it’s well defined by the yin/yang chinese symbol of “circle”, with one half as white and one half as black, with a black dot in the white half, and a white dot in the black half, which means that light-nature has a component of dark nature, and dark nature has a component of light nature. Light and dark nature in balance creates a balanced existence. Power can be seen as the dark-nature that balances the light-nature of love, but power also has a light component and a dark component, the power to let-go is a light component and the power to possess/be-selfish is a dark component. It’s all about getting a personal sense of what feels light and what feels dark. For example, the masculine energy (cold, powerful, pillar, dominating) can be called dark nature and feminine energy (soft/sensitive, loving, needing-support, submissive) can be called light nature – a human being (man or woman) is a mix of masculine energy and feminine energy, there are women who have more masculine energy and there are men who have more feminine energy, so this energy is not specific to genders. So you can see how dark-nature and light-nature components are a part of all creations in life.

      My source of understanding/knowledge/wisdom comes from my awareness/observation of life, introspection, instinct and reading/learning random stuff that I feel guided/inspired towards that resonate with me.

  6. Iulia

    Thanks for this post and all the rest of them, Sen, they have given me precious guidance and help over the last year and a half since I woke up from the dream of form.

    Back to this post, could you please clarify how the survival instinct goes with being eternal? I relate survival with impermanence, once realising that we are eternal why worry about it? Also, does this imply that God needs all kind of energy forms to feed on them and thus survive? But God was before his creations so he does not need anything in order to be, He just is. And if that is true and we are all part of Him and thus eternal, why would we, and that is we beyond the physical bodies, worry about surviving? This stuff is doing my head in :o)

    1. Sen Post author

      Lulia, there is life-energy and then there are “beings of life-energy” and there are “forms of life-energy” – the energy by itself is not a being/form, but a being is born/made out of this energy, and sustains itself by feeding on this energy. Examples of “beings of life-energy” are the souls, including the original creator soul – soul are non-physical and they can sustain themselves on non-physical life-energy like thoughts/emotions, and this happens “eternally” because a soul once born cannot stop thinking/feeling (being self-aware), and hence keeps feeding itself with life-energy. Self-awareness also extends into creating as an extension, and using creation to sustain this self-awareness (using creation as the mirror to see oneself through).

      However, if a soul is in a state of imbalance (imbalanced towards dark or light), then it has to sustain itself “additionally” by feeding the imbalance. If it stop feeding the imbalance, the imbalance is bound to die away naturally, or in other words it becomes “balanced” quite naturally. An “imbalanced” soul can resist this natural process of becoming balanced by constantly feeding itself with the imbalance. So in this sense “imbalance” is not eternal, and is meant to die at some point, but it can be sustained “through effort” – and imbalanced souls can try to create imbalance in the “external” to ensure a constant supply of imbalanced energy. A balanced soul doesn’t need an imbalanced energy to “survive”, it just sustain itself with in its “self-awareness” thoughts (like the original creator) but it enters into a process of external creation as an extension of this self-awareness (creating as a means to become more aware of oneself) – even a balanced soul has a constant creative impulse and is sustained by it. So, though a soul is eternal, if it’s imbalanced it has to constantly feed its imbalance, and if it’s balanced it still has to feed its “self-awareness” through creation (this includes the original creator).

      The human body is an example of a “form of life-energy” (it’s not a “being of life-energy” but created by “beings of life-energy”). Once born it keeps feeding itself with “air” (a form of life-energy), water and food, and if you cut off the supply of energy this “form” cannot sustain itself and it dissolves. However, since it’s a “form of life-energy” it has a natural instinct for self-awareness and survival. Beings of life-energy can incarnate into these “forms” and use these forms to enhance their self-awareness, as well as use them to feed their imbalances, or use them as a means of expression, balanced or imbalanced expression (for enjoyment and self-realization).

      So, a “being of life-energy”, once created, is eternal because it can never stop being self-aware and its self-awareness (thoughts) keeps feeding its survival, and it can’t help but “create” as an extension to this self-awareness. If a “being of life-energy” is imbalanced it has the additional job of feeding its imbalance in some way, through its thoughts and creations, and through other’s thoughts and other’s creations – if it can create a system where a lot of “forms” (like human bodies) generate a constant supply of imbalanced energy, then it’s good to go. What’s happening on Earth currently is that there is a movement/evolution of finding conscious balance (instigated by aware souls and taken up by souls receptive to awareness) bringing the “human forms”, and the imbalanced souls incarnated in human forms, back to balance, so that they no longer serve as a feeding ground for imbalance.

  7. John Wright

    I am going to access my darker side and be a bit critical. It’s easy to make stuff up in your mind. But it doesn’t mean that what you concoct is true, wise, or helpful. I admire that you think deeply about the universe but I cannot believe most of what you say here. I like your more sane practical posts personally. I am just one voice, it seems that many others will like this post.

    1. Sen Post author

      John, I write from the place of what resonates with me in my current awareness of life, it’s not a “belief system” that I am trying to hold on to, neither do I want someone to make what I write into some “belief system” – I don’t claim that what I say is some “ultimate truth”, I maintain that my perspectives come purely from a place of “personal resonance”. If something resonates with you, you don’t have to make it into a belief, it just feels like a knowing. I am open to my understanding evolving in any way, and I am not holding onto an understanding as a means to find security in the form of beliefs, and that’s part of the attitude of openness. The understandings of life, per se, are just a part of the creative impulse towards learning, but the aspect of “inner freedom” also involves the freedom to not depend on any understanding for a sense of security. I share these understandings on this blog because it feels like an inspiration for me to do so, I don’t it with the intention of propagating any beliefs systems by saying “you must believe in this” – if something doesn’t resonate, just let go of it and just work with what resonates.

  8. j

    what do you mean by yogi and the mind powers?

    great article btw. very interesting.

    1. Sen Post author

      J, it was just an example for how a person with strong aspects of “focus” doesn’t necessarily have the element of balance in him/her – there are yogi in India who can do a lot of “extraordinary feats”, for example, lighting a cloth on fire purely by focusing on it, or being in a ground for weeks without needing to breath, etc, but just having these “powers” (created through understanding how to work with energy) does not make you a balanced entity per se.

  9. Little Woman

    Hi Sen. First of all, I am a big fan of your articles. I have read many books and blogs on spirituality and I find your writings resonate most strongly. Since this article makes reference to preferred expression or personality tint, I am realizing that the preferred expression of the teacher/writer greatly influences the student/reader. I have always found “ideas” such as “empathy” and “loving kindness” very difficult to exercise in daily life. For a long time, I felt like a “failure” because I could not relate to these terms. However, your ideas of balanced energy and preferred expression of a being make total sense to me. You have written much about light and dark nature. What do you think about the emotional versus the rational nature of a being?

  10. Caesar

    Sen will some sub creators always be imbalanced toward either light or dark nature? Is the only way to know balance is to see imbalance? Let’s say Earth becomes balance, in the future will our only lesson of what was imbalanced be in our history books or perhaps observing other planets with unconscious unevolved life?

    1. Sen Post author

      Caesar, balance can be “passed on” in terms of cellular memory to the next generation – for example, let’s say your parents carried a huge energy of depression, and they pass it on to your “human body” through cellular memory, now you have to release that imbalance consciously. However, when you’ve managed to release the imbalance in your body, you will not be passing it on to your offsprings and hence they get to start with a balanced body – of course, they may not be “appreciative” of the balance, because they’ve not known what it felt like to deal with imbalance, but they would operate in a state of balance purely because the body does not have strong imbalances.

      Eventually everything in life is pushed towards balance, so sub-creators who are imbalanced would also eventually move towards balance. Imbalance is not a sustainable force, eventually it has to die away – the time depends on how much will is applied towards resisting the movement towards balance.

  11. Em

    If dark/light natured people are feeding off their imbalance, what’s the motivation when you’re balanced? Is it completely self-choice?

    1. Sen Post author

      Em, to sustain imbalance one requires to feed on imbalance as one gets one balanced the sustenance happens through balanced creation (creating energy through balanced creation) – it’s similar to how a balanced human chooses a balanced diet, and an imbalanced human uses the extension of imbalanced eating as a way to “feed” the imbalance (for exampling, overeating to compensate for the depression). Sustenance is not really a choice, it’s just an impulse which you can’t escape as a part of a being of life-energy – what you can move towards is a “balanced sustenance” rather than an “imbalanced sustenance”.

  12. Nicole

    Sen, your perspective has made me accept the restless spirits that are not in the ‘light of God.’ I have always been sensitive to spirits but very scared of evil. I have been told that I have to ignore these entities. But your post made me realize that if I am trying to accept my dark and light aspects equally, why must I let spirits that dwell in the shadows be ignored. I feel like I should accept them as they are and not try to force them to the light of God. When I came to this conclusion last night, I woke up in the middle of the night and a spirit was there. It was a man. I felt no threat. I let the fear rise in me but it quickly went away when I realized it was not in the flesh. Your post just made me realize that spirits that are not part of gods light should not be considered as abnormal or bad. They must co exist with the ones that are in the light. It is so weird but I don not think I am afraid anymore of being in the dark, of the unknown. Something just clicked for me when I read this post. Thank you.

  13. Ahlan

    Dear Sen..Highly thought provoking article. I have a few questions.

    1. Why do you think there are sub creators? Why not all life energies spawn from the creator directly? Why make it more complicated with another level in between?

    2. Why do imbalanced beings need to feed on imbalanced energies? Isn’t it like saying a very ill person (like an imbalance in body) needs to feed on unhealthy food to survive? More importantly isn’t a soul self sustaining?

    3. Why are there no more highly evolved souls in the past few centuries? People like Jesus and Buddha are no more born to sway masses of humanity towards enlightenment and alleviate suffering. Instead we have more of terrorist who subjugate innocent people and make them do dastardly acts of violence using teachings of religion?

    1. Sen Post author

      Ahlan, below are the replies to the specific questions

      1. Why do you think there are sub creators? Why not all life energies spawn from the creator directly? Why make it more complicated with another level in between?

      It’s the nature of life to create (as I’ve mentioned in this post, creation is a form self-realization, enjoyment and survival requirement in a being). The original creator being a part of life-energy is aligned with the nature to create. The beings created from the source/original-creator end up evolving into creators themselves, and they create further souls/being and it continues that way. Just like how there is a natural inclination in everything in nature to “pro-create”, giving birth to new beings who become the next generation – to create is just a part of our nature as life-energy, it’s a creative impulse that can’t be suppressed.

      2. Why do imbalanced beings need to feed on imbalanced energies? Isn’t it like saying a very ill person (like an imbalance in body) needs to feed on unhealthy food to survive? More importantly isn’t a soul self sustaining?

      It’s the simple concept of “birds of a feather flock together”, imbalance is attracted to imbalance. Fearful people create fear in others (unconsciously) and they flock into groups, you can see this in the society how certain mindsets of people form groups – the hate-mongers, the fear-mongers, the overly-sensitive, the meek, each has a group of its own, and they get their energy from these groups. It’s the same thing in the non-physical realm also, an imbalanced soul needs to be around the imbalanced energy unless there is a conscious/aware choice towards letting go of the imbalance (by being deeply aware of its dysfunction and having the capacity to dis-identify from its pull) – it’s not an easy task to let go of the imbalance, because it’s like an “addiction” that one has to consciously dis-identify from. If it was so easy to let go of imbalance people wouldn’t be holding on to their imbalances for years inspite of knowing that it’s dysfunctional – it takes awareness and the willingess to go through the challenge of finding balance through the process of release.

      Taking your analogy of an “ill person”, let’s say there is this person who gets sick from eating bad food, and he realizes the pain/suffering of being ill and hence he decides to consciously let go of feeding himself with bad food – this is an example of how awareness of the pain of the illness causes one to make a conscious choice towards avoiding illness by focusing on healthy food. The pain in the physical body is a good motivation to quit on unhealthy living. The effects of having bad food are immediately visible in the body, and the immense discomfort of being sick causes us to avoid eating bad food – however, the effects of having an “imbalanced mindset” is not immediately visible, and even if its visible one does not quit on it because the tendency is to use blame, self-pity, fear of unknown and ignorance as means to keep defending the imbalance or keep identifying with it, hence they keep feeding their imbalances unconsciously until there is a real motivation to let go of it. In the same way, if the person becomes ill because of a lot of emotional imbalance, the physical pain can act as a wake-up call to work towards letting go of these imbalanced accumulations.

      This is the reason why physical realms like Earth are great learning schools for souls, because on a physical realm, with a physical body, you are more likely to see the repercussions of your imbalance than you would on the non-physical plane. “Physical suffering” is much stronger than any “non-physical suffering” – your body gets affected by your imbalances and it’s bound to enter into physiological suffering which is painful to experience, and hence it becomes a strong motivation to change. The physical suffering is one the strongest wake-up calls for an imbalanced/unconscious soul. However, if a soul has never incarnated into the physical, there is very little motivation to let go of the imbalances, because the soul feels “invincible” even in its imbalances – it’s only when such a soul incarnates into physical body that it realizes the pain of the imbalance when it’s reflected in the physical body/surroundings (as a disease, as a painful experience, as a messed up life situation). A physical realm like Earth is a school for souls to learn balance including aspects like humility, patience and co-operation.

      3. Why are there no more highly evolved souls in the past few centuries? People like Jesus and Buddha are no more born to sway masses of humanity towards enlightenment and alleviate suffering. Instead we have more of terrorist who subjugate innocent people and make them do dastardly acts of violence using teachings of religion?

      This is quite a flawed perspective. The way I see it, today there are far more sources of “enlightenment” than was ever present in the past. This age is rightly called the “information age”, and it’s information that gets rid of ignorance and allows for growth in awareness/understanding that eventually creates the possibility conscious living. There are far more teachers present on Earth today than in the past, and more importantly their messages can reach the masses through portals like the internet – there are number of books, website content, videos, available for free download that makes it easy for anyone to have access to information. The amount of information that you would have taken 20-30 years to garner in the past can be obtained within a span of 3-4 months in today’s age. You mention about “terrorists” but just 80-100 years back we were dealing with world wars, compared to that the environment today is much more stable, people are much more aware, and the consciousness is growing towards a more balanced living in the future.

  14. Markus

    The book “Return of the Bird Tribes” talks some about the energetic shifts on earth. The idea of collective consciousness, the move from light-nature to dark-nature, and now the possibility of balance. The book is a channeling of a few entities who tell stories about important incarnations, should that interest anyone.

    1. asli

      Hi Markus,

      Thank you for the recommendation of the book “Bird Tribes”, I will read it. It’s just a synchronicity for me. For a while I have been dreaming about birds, flying and just yesterday I saw a bird-man in my dream (My surname also means flying in my native language). I would love to hear your book recommendations on spirituality and energy workings (I have already read Tolle, Osho, James Redfield and some of the writings of both Krishnamurtis).

  15. Jumbo

    Sen what do you think about DMT ?
    I read all your articles and a lot of DMT trip reports and noticed
    there are intense correlations inbetween your writings
    and these (artificial) near death experiences.

    Is this how you come to all this conclusions?

    1. Sen Post author

      Jumbo, I’ve not tried DMT so I can’t talk from personal experience, but from what I’ve read about these “psychedelic drugs” (which are pretty popular in the spiritual circles and called spiritual drugs) it seems that they induce a brain state that’s around the “Delta frequency” which is the frequency at which one is more receptive to the non-physical realm – this is the reason why people have metaphysical experiences when they take DMT, and it allows their brain to tap into information that they are not privy to in their physical-awareness (which mostly resides in the Beta frequency). In fact, some “channelers” are just good at taping into the Delta state and thus become receptive to information from/about the non-physical realm. My understanding comes from introspection or through a “resonance” that happens towards some information that I come across.

  16. Anu

    hi Sen,

    These days I feel a constant vibration of silence whenever I close my eyes and sit in silence. It never used to be that way. Any suggestions what could this be?


    1. Sen Post author

      Anu, as the past-momentum starts ebbing away you naturally start feeling “spacious” in your being, and this space is felt like an unwavering peace/silence within. But, don’t make this into some experience that you try to hold on to, just let it be and eventually this inner silence/peace will merge with movement/activity – true peace is when you can be in the flow of activity while being free within towards imbalanced influence. The inner stability is just a foundation towards the phase of conscious/objective living.

  17. Raghunath

    I have been reading your articles for a long time now. and you are really awesome.
    I have a question regarding the soul’s imbalances.

    As per my understanding, when a soul reincarnates into a body, it undergoes the cellular programming, that is imbibed into the body at the genetic level.
    What I mean is : when a soul reincarnates into the body of a tiger, the soul will get the cruelty that that is imbibed into the tiger body by the genes. similarly for deers and other animals.
    For humans also, the genes carry the mental and physical charecteristics from their parents.
    We all start up as a single cell in the mother’s womb ,
    and that single cell regenerates billions of cells and our brain and other limbs get formed.
    So the mental charecteristics are determined by genes and these genes are randomly selected
    from our parents. So the behavioural traits are carried forward to us by our parents through genes.
    So our thinking style, our optimism, pessimism , our degree of unselfishness or selfishness,
    our degree of agressiveness and moral values are determined mostly by genes. and these qualities
    determine how we behave and what decisions we make , which shape up our life.
    What I mean is that the soul is just a pure energy just like electricity , without any imbalances and it undergoes the cellular programming (behavrioural traits) of the body that it reincarnates into. That is why children born to the same parents have different behavioural traits and altogether different destinies in life.

    How can a soul remember its emotional accumulation? Emotions are for the body.
    When a soul leaves the body , it abandons the awareness and emotional accumulation that it underwent and becomes a pure energy again.

    Sen, Please suggest whether my understanding is right or wrong.
    Please correct my understanding if i am wrong.

    1. Sen Post author

      Raghunath, a being/soul has the “capacity” for awareness, and this capacity evolves as a part of growth. When you say “soul is just like electricity”, it’s not true, because electricity is not a being, just like a table is not a being, it’s just a form/construct of energy. Soul is a being, with awareness, with the capacity for self-consciousness, a capacity for introspection and capacity for sensitivity. It’s true that soul has to work with the body’s personality/conditioning, however it doesn’t have to be lost to the conditioning – this is what awareness is all about, the capacity to be aware of a certain conditioning without being lost to its influence to a point where you have no space to choose from a place of wisdom. In a state of low awareness, the soul is bound to be totally lost to the conditioning, but with the growth of awareness one can be aware of the conditioning of the body and bring forth a certain wisdom towards how the conditioning is expressed, while also letting go of imbalanced patterns.

    2. Alias

      Do you believe in reincarnation because you read about it somewhere or have you experienced it first hand? Because you see you are alive now, so if you are reincarnated in the way you say, you should obviously remember your past lives. So do you remember? If you remember then there is no need to ask any of your questions because you know the answers to all of them. If you however don’t talk from experience, why bother asking questions? Why don’t ‘you’ find out yourself, without relying on books or anyone else to tell you if you are right or wrong?

      My friend don’t take me wrong, your questions show a deep understanding and awareness, but I think you’ve reached the threshold; you can’t go there with thought, and words are only sterile approximations of something much larger. Reincarnation implies the ‘after’… why don’t you begin a bit closer, begin with the “now”, with yourself now, as it is? Despite all the words and all the complicated thoughts that our minds produce, we still are who we are – so try to meet with the ‘self’ at that level. If you ask me how to do it, I will again tell you to do it as it comes naturally to you, not as a bullet point method will teach you so. It is like the flourishing of a flower or like the birth of a new born as you mentioned. It comes naturally when the time is right; you can’t push it, nor is there any benefit from the intellectual ‘libido’ that usually occurs prior to the ascend. There is a point in consciousnesses where the answer is reunited with the question, because you see – the thinker and the thought is one and the same – it is you. But again, don’t take my word for it. Instead experience it yourself, directly.

    3. Annie

      I totally agree with Alias’ reply. Understand oneself instead of blindly following any texts or what someone preaches.

  18. Ian balasabas


    is it possible that a soul could attain balance first before the body?

    1. Sen Post author

      Ian, that’s usually the sequence, the being part of you become aware and finds an alignment with the mindset of balance and then you express this balance in your brain/body.

  19. Raghunath

    Thank you Sen for the reply. what you said resonates with me well. Now I understand
    the soul better.

    If soul chooses experiences in life for its growth, there are certain events in the history
    which show that people are victimized by the event rather than it contributed to their growth.
    I want to cite an example here from the history

    Take the case of Aurangazeb, and Shambhaji (the elder son of Shivaji).
    Shambhaji is a gallant warrior, a sympathetic person (he even forgave his step-mother,
    his maternal uncle and others who tried to kill him several times,
    and spread several rumours about him, got him expeled from the kingdom ).
    He has all the qualities of a hero , the balanced soul.
    He has both dark nature and light nature.
    dark nature – he fought with the enemies gallantly and won hundreds of battles.
    light nature – He is generous, virtuous, and forving.

    But he was killed by Aurangazeb barbareously after a severe torture of 45 days.

    Did Shambhaji choose such a horrible death from his non-physical perspective?
    How can his horrible death contribute to his growth?

    Is it that, from non-physical perspective, Auranazeb choose to kill many people cruelly
    and fulfill his own intentions? if that is the case, those who were killed by him are
    just victim role players in Aurangazeb’s destiny without any desire for reality of their own.
    even if they have a strong desire for their own reality , their non-physical perspective
    was overtaken or obscured by Aurangazeb’s desire.

    How can such events contribute to the victim’s growth experience.
    From the kind of incidents that I cited above, I could not conclude that those incidents
    happend for the good of the victim. Such incidents indicate that some souls are just victimized by other souls.

    Sen, All of your articles resonate with me so well and I try to co-relate the knowledge that
    I got through your blog, to the life experiences. I have been thinking of such incidents and I can not make any sense for the victim’s life.

    Sen, How do you explain such events, perticualarly from the victim’s perspective.

  20. Michael

    Hi Sen,

    Thanks for this article. I have a few questions.

    1. If there is life-energy and there is the original creator, then what do we mean by saying “God”? Do we refer to life-energy or to the original creator?

    2. If all the beings of life-energy were created by the original creator or its sub-creators, then how was the original creator created? And if the creator was created somehow, then what was before the creator?

    3. What purpose does praying serve? For example, people may pray for forgiveness of sins. And as you wrote “there is no negative or positive from an absolute perspective”, then I understand that there is no such thing as a sin. Is that so? Also, people may pray to ask for something. In this case, are they getting closer to what they desire? Or the only thing that your desired reality depends on is how it matches your vibration?

    Thank you.

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