Aligning With a Dark Natured Mind

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I received quite a few mails in response to the post – Dark nature and light nature in humans, wanting an in-depth insight into the dark natured mind, so in this post I will go into a more detailed description of the various behavior patterns present in dark natured humans. Before I get into the details, it’s important that I clarify that a dark natured mind is never 100% dark natured – it has a good percentage of light nature in it too, and the percentage varies from person to person (like 70% dark with 30% light, or 60% dark with 40% light or sometimes 90% dark with 10% light etc). I would categorize a mind as dark natured if it has a higher percentage of dark nature in it compared to light nature.

Some mails I received, were from people who were confused because they could see strong dark natured behavior in them but also the presence of several light natured behaviors, so they were wondering if they were dark natured or light natured – one needs to bring a deep awareness to the natural make-up of their mind to really gauge the percentage of dark nature and light nature present in it, and thus know the nature that’s dominant in them. None of this is to “label” the mind but so that you can start “accepting” the natural make-up of your mind and stop fighting with it.

You can’t change the natural make-up of your brain

It’s important to understand that no matter how rooted you are in awareness, it’s not possible to change the intrinsic design of your mind/brain, the natural make-up (or wiring) of the brain remains the same through out your lifetime. Awareness allows you to let go of “fighting” your brain, and brings a field of wisdom that operates in conjunction with your brain’s natural movement.

In a conscious being, there is no “suppression”, rather the mind has the freedom to be itself, under the conscious field of awareness, which prevents any “untoward”, or unwise, actions to come forth. Dark natured mind, when aligned with, does not attract a negative reality – it’s the guilt, misunderstanding, non-acceptance and hang-ups created through unconscious suppression of such a mind (by the individual and the people around him/her) that leads to inner conflicts, and resistance, which manifests as negative realities for such a human. When a human is aligned, consciously, with his/her dark natured mind, it operates in harmony and does not create negative realities for the person involved.

A lot of dark natured people are stuck trying to “change” their mind because they feel there is something “wrong” about it. Most of these people, when they enter into spirituality, work on using techniques like meditation to “suppress” their mind which ultimately makes them a “hung up” person more than a liberated person. In one sense they are trying run away from themselves because they feel there is something wrong about them. This is mostly because as a child they are made to feel “bad” about themselves for exhibiting their natural behavior and they also saw the behavior of some “light natured” kids being applauded, which caused them to feel that there was something “wrong” with them. This how they start suppressing or disconnecting from their natural make-up and start living a life of inner conflict, trying to “fit in” for a lifetime.

Ultimately, it’s not possible to escape the natural make-up of your mind. You can spend a life-time of trying to avoid yourself or you can bring a harmony into your reality by aligning with your mind in all its naturalness. The awakening of “awareness” creates a space of wisdom, and you can fearlessly allow full freedom to your mind’s movements from this place of consciousness. Rest assured that you will not end up taking any “unwise” actions that can cause suffering to you or others when you are moving from this place of awareness.

A detailed explanation of some common behaviors in dark natured minds are listed below

Anger in the dark natured mind

Dark natured humans are prone to anger way more than light natured humans. Most of this anger does not stem from “fear” but from their proclivity to irritation. Dark natured humans have strong patterns of impatience present in their mind, and they are less likely to have an “adjusting” nature – this causes them to get irritated quite soon. This irritation is what gets manifested as anger. It’s not about suppressing this energy of “anger” that wells up within, but to actually allow it the space to course through your being without resistance – anger does not necessarily have to be “expressed” outside for an outlet, most of the times its can easily be allowed an “inner movement” when one is conscious enough.

As a dark natured human, it’s important that you not judge yourself, or feel guilty, for the anger that you constantly feel. Just allow the energy of anger to move freely through you without any resistance created through judgments. Don’t suppress the anger but also stay in conscious awareness of it as it emerges, this will ensure that you don’t do something “unwise” under the pull of this energy while also not suppressing its movement. As I mentioned earlier, it’s not necessary to project anger on someone outside you to release it – as a conscious being you can simply allow the inner movement of the energy, and if you find it too strong you can release it through some physical activity.

The intensity of your anger will reduce as you stay as a space of awareness, allowing the movement of your mind. As the momentum of negativity within you starts ebbing away, through conscious dis-identification, you will notice that your anger fizzes away more quickly and it does not have a high intensity to it, and it does not go too deeply into your being. Your mind, by its nature, will produce anger now and then, but as the energy of negativity within you ebbs away, as you become more rooted in your awareness, it won’t have the “anchor” to really intensify itself.

Hatred in the dark natured mind

Any dark natured human would attest that it’s not easy for him/her to be really “loving” all the time. Patterns of possessiveness, coldness, jealousy, competitiveness, spite and skeptism are very dominant in a dark natured mind – one can call these patterns of “hate”. That’s why it’s even more important for a dark natured human to be more conscious, because these patterns can easily become “points of attraction” of negative reality when allowed an unconscious expression.

A conscious human being, who is dark natured, is able to see through these patterns in their mind and thus stay dis-identified from them even if it keeps arising in their thought space. This dis-identification causes the ebbing away of the intensity of these patterns and it stops influencing their vibration. However, the dark natured mind will always be prone to “hate” based thoughts, and you can see this as an “innocence” in the mind if you stay as a witness of it in your position as relaxed awareness. (conscious dis-identification is not the same as suppression, because when you are consciously dis-identified you allow the mind it’s movement while staying as a space of awareness which keeps you rooted in wisdom – you don’t suppress the mind’s movements or shut it up).

Dark natured minds are more protective of themselves, and usually are not easy to make friends with. They are prone to be suspicious and non-trusting, until they really get to know someone closely enough. In fact, it’s very common for a dark natured mind to be untrusting of life, and feel as if they need to fend themselves against the universe. However, in the wisdom of awareness, a dark natured mind learns to trust life and becomes more prone to believing in the well-being that abounds in the movement of their life-stream. But, it’s not possible to completely erase the “un-friendly” nature of a dark natured mind, it will always prefer to keep “distance” to getting chummy easily. There is nothing wrong with this behavior, it’s just a trait, and when you become aligned with yourself you no longer feel bad about not being too friendly in your nature.

Desires of a dark natured mind

Most dark natured minds have highly “personal” desires, focused on their own “inner circle”. Very rarely is a dark natured person focused on desiring at a society or global level. The only time they would focus on a societal, or global, issue is when they are affected by it in their personal reality. From a narrow perspective, you can say that dark natured people are very “selfish” in their behavior, and very self-centered in their thoughts – and a lot of light natured people may even feel that this is a “negative” trait but that’s just their “perspective”, from an absolute perspective there is nothing negative about a selfish attitude – in fact, their selfish attitude allows for the manifestation of some rich realities that bring abundance to the society in an indirect way.

It’s common for dark natured people to feel guilty about their self-centered desires wondering if they should be more “altruistic” in their mindset. This pattern of “guilt” based thinking creates a lot of conflict in their being. As a dark natured human you need to accept your selfish nature and align with it completely in a conscious way. The presence of awareness ensures that you don’t exploit anyone to meet your desires, rather you stay in a space of “allowing” and let life orchestrate events in a manner that creates a harmonious manifestation of your desires. There nothing wrong with highly self-centered desires, just align with them in a conscious manner and understand that you don’t have to “fight” with the outside to manifest what you want – allow life to orchestrate events for you in a smooth manner which will ensure that you experience your desired realities without creating suffering for others, or yourself.

Sexuality in a dark natured mind

It’s my understanding that dark natured minds have a higher sex drive compared to light natured minds. It’s important for a dark natured human to accept, and align, with this wiring in their physicality and not enter into any mode of suppression. Dark natured humans who grow up in highly orthodox religious backgrounds develop severe patterns of guilt with respect to their sexuality which causes them to suppress this expression in their mind – this suppression leads to an “inner violence”, and conflict, which can manifest externally in some very dysfunctional manner.

It’s quite common for dark natured minds to be more “perverted” in their sexual fantasies – you need to accept this wiring in your mind and stop feeling “dirty” about yourself for having such inclinations in your thoughts – it’s just your mind fantasizing. However, an “extremely” unconscious dark natured human can get pulled around by the excessive drives of the mind, resulting in some unwise/negative sexual expression that can cause suffering to others and themselves. That’s why it’s essential to bring a space of awareness to your mind to ensure that there is a wisdom in its movements.

Also as awareness deepens in a dark natured human, it’s easier for him/her to channel their sexual energy in a manner that benefits their wholistic well-being (you can read the post – “channel your sexual energy” to understand how “awareness” allows the containment of this energy so that you don’t feel like a prisoner to your sexual drives). It’s common for dark natured humans to feel guilty of their sexuality which usually manifests in them attracting partners who end up being “critical” of their sexual drives. When you are aligned/accepting of yourself, you will naturally attract a partner who accepts/appreciates you as you are, and finds a compatibility with your drives.

Introverted behavior in dark natured humans

A good majority of dark natured humans are quite introverted in their movement. They prefer their “private” space more than being in around the public. Dark natured humans are rarely the “life of the party” and prefer keeping to their space even in the midst of a social gathering. It feels very uncomfortable to a dark natured mind to be the center of attention, and that’s one reason why a lot of dark natured artists have a challenging time fighting with their internal drive to “perform” and their discomfort with being the center of attention. It takes a lot of “consciousness” to dig through the resistances of the mind and allow the expression of their art.

As a dark natured human it’s important that you align with the introverted nature of your mind without fighting it. Being introverted does not prevent you from being a good leader, a good speaker, a good communicator or being a good team player – even if none of this feels at “home” to your mind. This is why it’s important to be rooted in the wisdom of your wholeness, so that you are not totally dominated by the mind’s resistances.

Sometimes it’s important to move despite the fears of the mind so that you can manifest certain desired realities that are essential to your being – the space of wisdom present in awareness allows you to create a gap of dis-identification with the mind’s fears so that you are not hindered in your movement towards manifesting your desired reality. (For example, you may desire to be musician and would love to be appreciated for your music, but the dark natured behavior of your mind creates fear against performing to a crowd – in such cases it becomes pertinent that you let go of being identified with your mind’s fears to allow your expression to unfold).


  1. Jenny

    This is perfect – explains a lot! Thank you Sen! 🙂

  2. Sara

    Thank you Sen. This article is very helpful. I don’t want to feel guilty for being me anymore. This puts me on the right path to acceptance.

  3. Abdi

    hi sen

    i want to tell you how i was in the past and how i am now and i also want to ask you a question after that. how i felt and how i feel now. during my childhood and my teenager hood i was too much talkative, impatience , fighter , angry so easily , out going, like talking to the strangers and group people, over sensitive,friendly and playful person and i used to care too much what other people think of me . i used to judge or talk behind their back all the time. i used to talk and talk bla bla bla until the people stop listening em and start ignoring me. some people used to say me you are crazy somehow. i hated my self for all these things happened to me. i was mentally and physically abused my childhood and my teen hood. when i was 25 i start searching websites that can help me and i found your website.
    after 9 months of reading of your website i felt good about my self.

    now my personality changed a lot. now i feel like a new person. i like quite places. i love reading and music now. i love stay home and using internet and readings human personalities and human life style. i don’t like talking to the strangers , and it’s hard for me to go parties and social places. i can talk to my close friends or some one i get to know . i think before i say something now and i don’t talk that much now . i even don’t like to approach new friends and i like to stick with my old friends. i hate noise places and watch my mind %90 everyday. now i can make decisions and i have some patience of waiting something. i don’t feel too much angry anymore i just let my anger stay in my mind and after a while is just go away and i feel relaxed. the problem is all my friends, peers and everyone thinks that something happened to me. they want me to talk and be outgoing and do the same things i used to do when i was young.

    my question is am i extrovert person changed to introvert ? or am i introvert naturally? i think i got my ideal life and my balance %70 percent or % 80 percent of my life and i don’t feel needy to be rich or famous or be the center of the attention. i don’t feel guilty my sexual desire any more although i have high drive sexuality.

    please sen you are the expert so tell me if i am on the right truck ?

    1. Sen Post author

      Abdi, there is no need to work with labels like “extrovert” or “introvert”, as a black and white definition of who you are. Rather, just allow yourself to observe the natural transformation that’s happening as you are becoming more connected with your space of being, a natural depth that’s coming up. You are on the right track with this journey, and I can sense a lot of stability compared to the vibe that was present in your past comments a few months back. You can read this post – deepening in inner freedom – for more insight on your present state.

  4. Richard

    Thank you. After reading this I understand a lot about my extreme mind.

  5. Michael

    I would think I’m introverted (if you’d like to simplify things with a label) and feel guilty about it. Then again, I think people that are making plans and out the door within 20 minutes of getting up is lame/boring/gross. Maybe I’m more introverted because where I live, there is nothing to do or I was too identified with inner negativity to want to express myself to other people, who knows?

    I think I feel more guilty about possibly being introverted more so because of associating it with being a “loner” or being alone amplifying boredom. In a more conscious state, what would an introvert’s view on friendships/relationships/interactions be?

    I’ve displayed characteristics of introversion and extroversion before, so which I am remains to be seen. At least in this stage of the game, I am aware of the light and dark natures of each possible reality and my attachment to the outcome is nowhere near as heavy.

    Thanks a lot for writing all of these articles, I spend more time on here than any other site.

  6. Ankush

    I have a question. I have good amount of awareness when my eyes are closed or when I am in the state of relaxed awareness, so I am able to disidentify these dark natured thoughts in this state. But during waking hours I am totaly lost in my mind. Can anybody share his/her experience of enhancing awareness during waking hours or how to not lost in the mind when we are working or doing any physical activity? thanks in advance..

    1. Mark

      Hi Ankush,

      I want to point a few things based on your experience. The fact that you are aware that you got lost in thought (in the middle or after) means your awareness is growing, for starter, our awareness is more sensitive to the negative/dark patterns in our mind, but as the time goes on, our awareness can spot the light imbalance like over excited in our mind. When we are engaged in some activities, and our mind is noisy, it’s normal, this is how life helps us, life helps us unearthing our dark patterns, negative ego, through this activity. Just keep observing, I know it will be feel you have to divide your focus into 2 different things when you are observing or allowing, so my suggestion is when the negative patterns come, put aside any activities that you are doing, allow the negative patterns, until the intensity decrease then you can start working again.

      Dont worry, in time these patterns will dissolved on it’s own. Our awareness is growing slowly but sure, moment by moment. But most of the time we dont know about it, and the mind misperceived it by saying we are having regression or back to square one, while actually our awareness is getting stronger that it aware of deeper imbalances in us. So, the highs and lows, the temporary peace & calm when you feel on your journey is normal, is the path to the permanent peace, calm and joy.

      hope this is useful.

  7. Lander

    Hi Ankush,

    Thing is that you don’t have to worry or ~try~ to be aware all of the time. ~getting lost in the mind~ is there for reason, too, so its best if you can openly allow this happenings too, without guilt or feeling bad about it. Actually it is enough to become aware that you were ~lost~ in the mind. It is gradual process, and as you stay open and relaxed, you will experience growing awareness , and less strong pull into the mind thoughts.

  8. Ankush

    thanx a lot Mark and Lander. That is really insightfull

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