A Life Free of Compromises

Posted on by Sen.

The difference between someone who leads a “reactive” life and someone who is conscious of his/her ability to attract reality (their potential for creation) is that the former lives in compromises while the latter always stands true to his/her heart’s choice. I am using “heart” as a metaphor here, by heart’s choice I mean the choice/desire that truly resonates with your inner being. To stand true to your heart’s choice is not an “idealistic” way of living, it’s a very scientific, and reality based, way of living. Whether you know it or not, the universe is purely responding to your inner choices, it scientifically can’t do otherwise because your choices define what you believe, and you can only see what you believe – so when you make a choice to live a life of compromises, that’s exactly the life you will see in your reality and when you make a choice to live a life free of compromises that’s exactly the way your reality will shape out, it’s very precise and there is no getting around your responsibility of making this choice.

Standing true to your heart’s choice is an attitude, it can either be developed through an understanding of the science of life (as it happened in my case) or it can happen unconsciously due to an upbringing that encouraged healthy self-love. The bottom-line is that when you make a commitment to stand true to your heart’s desire/choice, the universe unequivocally responds to this signal from you and yields, in essence, whatever your heart’s desired reality is. Very few people actually make this commitment because it’s far easier to just give in to the outside pressure, to just mold yourself to fit in with your family’s/society’s expectation of you, to numb your inner voice in the name of “practicality”. The truth is that you only need to make/show this commitment initially (just enough to make your stand clear to the universe), after that your life will start shaping around this choice and then you don’t have to keep making this choice, it just becomes your natural state – living in alignment or living out of alignment are both are a matter of choice.

Seeing through the belief system of compromised living

The initial commitment is usually the toughest. You may be in a reality that’s highly incongruent with your heart’s desire, and the pressure of survival causes you to hold on to this reality and keep making compromises. Your mind will tell you that your compromises are essential for your survival and convince you that compromises is what life is about – simply because that’s the model of life you see the majority of people around you living. The cost of living in compromises is that at best you end up with a mediocre life which lacks any form of real love or passion. We also buy into the mindset of compromises from early childhood under the influence of several adages handed over to us, such as

– A bird in hand is better than two in the bushes

– It’s not about getting what you love, it’s about loving what you get

– The grass always seems greener on the other side (so basically compromise with what you have going)

There are many other adages along these lines, that seem innocuous on the face value but have the capacity to create severely limiting belief systems in the mind – a belief in a compromised life. We are also often told – “Nothing in life is perfect, so learn to compromise”. The truth is that what your heart desires is “perfect” for you, and if your choice is to always stand true to your heart’s desire/choice/instinct you will always move towards a life that’s perfect/congruent for you – so there is such a thing called perfection in life, it’s just that very few have the courage to follow their heart and would rather take refuge in an attitude of compromise. There is no such thing as a standard of “perfection” in this universe, but there is such a thing as what is perfect for “you” and you can always live the life that’s perfect for you, if you make a choice to do so. Bring some awareness to your mind and you can see how you may be unconsciously buying its arguments/beliefs/ideologies towards living a compromised life and believing it to be true – you never question these beliefs because you “think” that’s the normal way to live, simply because most people around you are doing that.

An inner commitment towards a compromise free life

The first step towards making a choice towards a compromise free life is to see through you mind’s arguments towards compromise. You have to be clear within yourself that you don’t want a life of compromises, that you want to stand true to your heart from here on – this choice is not a “feeble” one, it’s a highly significant and life changing one, and it will create ripples in your present reality, it will create cracks and changes in its fiber towards the creation of a new reality. It’s true that your physical reality cannot change immediately and for a while you may have to live in your old reality (created through a compromising mindset), what important is to stay true to inner choice of desiring a compromise free life – this inner choice is what makes the difference towards shifting your reality.

When you make this inner choice clear, with time (may be in a few days or a week or so), you will see some evidence/opportunity/event that happens that calls forth for you to take a physical action towards this choice – a lot of people back off when this “challenge” arise because now you have to make your choice evident to the outside. For example, you may have a project at your job that your heart is not into, it comes to your desk and the management is asking you to do it, this is the “challenge” which can open the door for you towards a new reality depending on how you react to it – if you stand by your choice of staying true to your heart’s desire, you will say no to the project (you will not compromise) and the consequences will be in the direction of this choice, possibly you may get fired, and you retain your inner choice (you don’t panic by believing your mind’s projections of doom). Getting fired may seem like a negative to the mind, but this was the “crack” needed to move you into your desired reality, and your staying true to your commitment of following your heart’s desire/instinct allowed you to move through this crack and hence you step into the welcome mat of your desired reality (you may not see it yet, but you’ve taken a significant step towards it and set the energy into motion towards the unfolding of your desired reality).

As you can see, it’s not easy to make the initial commitment when it’s required in “action”, mostly because the action is like a solid step, it’s basically like burning the bridges behind you – it either requires a blind trust in life or an understanding-based trust in life, it doesn’t matter as long as you have this trust. A lot of people fail to make their commitment clear, when the universe presently them with an opportunity to do so, through their action. Opportunities will keep coming but you may back off every time because you don’t yet have the courage to trust life, to trust that your heart’s desire is important to your life-stream and it has the intelligence to make it manifest. Your mind cannot trust your life-stream’s intelligence because it does not get an immediate “assurance” about the future, but if you can understand that your life-stream’s intelligence is far superior to your mind’s limited/conditioned intelligence you will learn to respect it more than trusting your mind’s fear-based arguments.

Some people live through “blind faith”, some people need to acquire a faith in life – I don’t have a “blind” faith in life, I developed this faith/trust through a scientific understanding of how creation works in life; in fact I would not even say that I sit in “trust”, or faith, towards life, I actually stay in a “knowing” of my life-stream’s intelligence, a knowing developed through a scientific observation of life, it started with a quest to understand reality of life “as it is” without wanting to believe anything on blind faith, but that’s just me.

A compromise free life is not difficult

On the contrary, once you settle into a reality of a compromise free life you realize the sense of “effortless” existence, where things seem to keep falling in place without requiring any struggle from you. It’s only the initial choice/commitment which feels difficult and challenging because it requires you to make your stand clear to the outside (and thus to the universe), and that requires some courage. A lot of people want to live a compromise free life, but when life provides them with an opportunity to make their choice evident to the outside, they always back off because they don’t trust life enough to make the choice – they fear that they would get abandoned and be alone if they did not continue with their compromising attitude.

None of this is a “pep talk”, this is actually the life I live, or rather the life that I choose to live. It’s definitely not the way I lived in the past, back when I was just moving in an unconscious daze of reactive living. It was not easy to make this choice initially, there were a lot of fears in the mind, and the first step for me was to reduce the mind momentum and release the past accumulation of negativity in the body, but even this was a choice – it required me to make a choice towards letting go of holding on to the mind’s fears internally. There were several times when I had to stand true to my inner choice, to follow my heart, against what seemed like an intense outside pressure to comply – I kept making this choice by not giving in to the fears of the mind, I would be kidding myself if I say it was “easy”, it wasn’t, sometimes it was starkly scary to do so, it’s something you are “alone” with. What helped was that I had acquired a scientific knowing of how creation works in life, and this understanding allowed me to stand true to my choice of following my heart’s desire/instinct. With time, reality started shaping into complying with my choice and now it’s just a forward momentum towards a compromise free life. Now, this choice feels natural to me and there is hardly any outside pressure that I feel, it’s like I’ve settled into a different reality, a reality free of compromises, and this reality is gaining momentum, feels like a new life.

I would possibly be writing about my personal experiences, with this journey towards a compromise free life, in a greater detail, in some future posts, with examples from my life, if anything so that it can serve as an evidence of the practicality, and reality, of this way of living. Frankly, I’ve barely been on this journey for a year and I’ve seen huge positive changes in my reality, they feel highly significant to me, most of them are very personal – in fact, I can hardly identify with the person I was when I was living life in an unconscious manner, neither can I identify with the reality I was living back then. The reality I live now is starkly opposite to the reality I was living when I had the mindset of living with compromises, and the momentum of this new reality has just begun for me, it will grow to significant proportions in the coming years.

I can assure you, once you go beyond the initial stage of making the choice, towards a compromise free life, and staying committed to this choice, in your actions, whenever called for, you will soon settle into the momentum of the new reality, after that your reality starts building on itself – making the choice internally, and staying true to it initially, is the significant step. I made this choice after gaining a scientific understanding of life and a lot of introspection, it was not a choice made in blind faith, though there are many who do make this choice on blind faith and their lives are always a living testimony of how effortless, abundant and creative a human life can be. Whether you make this choice on blind faith, or after gaining a scientific understanding of life, or a mixture of both, it doesn’t matter as long as you make the choice.


  1. Ross

    Amazing, just amazing ! I am coming to grips with putting trust in life, but i to feel i need to gain a more scientfic understanding before i can do so fully. Sen, do you have any tips to gain more of this scientific understanding?

    Thank you so much ! 😀

    1. Sen Post author

      Ross, several posts on this blog are related to providing a scientific, as well as perceptive, understanding of the movement of life-energy, especially under sections like the mystery of life and effortless creation

  2. Joy

    Thank you Sen for sharing this at this moment. I was in similar thoughts today. It took me a while to get close to desires, I needed to come very close to my natural settings and value them deeply in order to be clear and true. Just today I felt as I finally have taste of destination to go, and that makes travel much easier. It means as I have one road to go, not standing on crossroads all the time in questioning.
    I am one that never dreamed about my own future, my present was filled with imagination as it was part of my work, and I was also poisoned with past. It does feel as relief, and it is clear how compromises would just be work against and not with and aligned. This also makes desire deeply rooted and not as some flying possibility or thought. Great post as usual 🙂

  3. Stella

    Not all about me this time ( a first)
    Sen, I am sure you must have been asked this before- apologies if you have.

    If the truth of the universe ( the law) is as described in today`s article- why is it a law which seemingly does not always hold true?

    We have 925 million people on this planet who are starving ( I looked up world poverty and hunger statistics) – 1 in every 7 people!

    It would take far longer than this space allows to debate the reasons why this is so – but I suppose my question is- it seems impossible for millions of people to ever be able to get themselves out of the situation into which they have been born-( ie without even the basic necessities of life) no matter how much they dream and hope and believe – they never get a chance to enjoy the physical life- so is the law inconsistent- in your opinion ?
    Thanks Sen- I am genuinely interested in what you have to say- and am not trying to be confrontational .

    1. Sen Post author

      Stella, a good majority of the human population is living in poverty at “present” and that’s the reality that has been created by humans for themselves on Earth – we as humans are life-energy and hence “creators”, and we have a “free will” to create our reality, and basically this is the reality we have managed create at present, collectively speaking. It did not start this way, it’s mostly the imbalanced state instigated from a place of fear-based/hate-based living, through not being conscious of “oneness” of life, a lack of inner connection, a lack of the understanding of how creation works, and thus living in a mindset of separation/discrimination/lack/fear, leading to exploitation and suppression in the name of power and survival – humans have created this reality for themselves, through their own unconscious choices and that has been the history of humanity till now, actually it’s all part of “evolution” of human consciousness. In the post – A Non-physical Perspective – I’ve mentioned why consciousness intends to go into an imbalance to have a conscious realization of what balance/wholeness (its natural state) is by consciously returning back to balance. So this imbalance was quite natural as part of evolution of human consciousness, and the way I see it, it’s moving towards a balance now with more and more humans becoming “conscious” – I call this the age of awakening, and you can see that there is a huge difference in the consciousness levels of humans, the very fact that a blog like this even has an audience is an evidence of that.

      The “law” of creation is simple – you create what you focus on, you attract your dominant vibration, like attracts like, a focus on negativity attracts negativity, a focus on fear attracts fear, a focus on lack attracts lack, a focus on abundance attracts abundance – this is true for an individual’s reality and this is true for a collective reality. And you can look at any human life and see this law working precisely. If you see lack in a human life, you will see that a person/community is focused on lack and are thus creating lack for themselves – of course, you can say that they were born into lack and had no choice, but the “law” is working precisely, it’s not a “sympathetic” law it’s just a law of creation, like law of gravity, it’s neutral. It’s not a “law of generosity” it’s a law of attraction. When the collective humanity becomes conscious enough to bring a balance to itself, you will see it reflecting in the external reality where poverty starts declining, the external imbalance in the collective reality is just a manifestation of the inner imbalance in collective humans. I can suggest that humans are totally responsible for the reality they have created for themselves, but when one is “unconscious” there is hardly a choice – it’s all a part of evolution of human consciousness from unconscious imbalance towards a conscious balance.

      If 70% of human population is in poverty, it’s created through a collective mindset of lack/fear/separation/negativity and basically the only way you can even make a difference is if you as an individual can step out of this mindset – for me the strongest pointer is – “be the change you want to see around you”. Crying about suffering is not going to end suffering, the pioneers who bring a change in human consciousness are not the ones who sat complaining about the suffering but the one’s who find their own inner balance and thus create expressions that came from this place of balance thus bringing balance to the outside. You may want to ask yourself, if the motivation of you searching for poverty statistics is to find evidence to feel “miserable”, and support your feeling of misery or if it’s an conscious movement towards wanting to see the reality of human consciousness at present and see how the mindset of negativity has created this world for us, thus make a commitment within to be free of negativity to bring about a positive change in your own life and thus into the collective. The law is precise “imbalance attracts imbalance”, “balance attracts balance”.

    2. Jim

      Stella, I too share your curiosity re: the law of creation. I’m sure these starving people are focusing on food.

      I also have my own question re: the law – what about hypochondriacs Sen? I know several who have focused obsessively on having cancer their whole lives and are still living as healthy as ever well into their 80’s cancer free. Can you clear up this confusion – thanks.

    3. Sen Post author

      Jim, basically there are just two types of “focuses” possible 1. Negative 2. Positive. Negative focus is along the lines of lack, fear, hatred, imbalance. Positive focus is along the lines of abundance, joy, love, wholeness. What you focus on creates your experience of life. Is it not obvious that when you focus on fear your experience of life is “fearful” – your personal experience is what your “reality” is. You will also notice that people who focus on fear seem to constantly attract situations/people/data around them that keeps amplifying their fears thus keeps increasing their fearful experience of reality, this is part of “attraction”, fear attracts fear. It takes awareness to break out of a loop of negativity else we unconsciously keep fueling it in a cyclic manner.

      Your question is – starving/poverty-stricken people are focused on “food” or “money” so why don’t they attract an abundance of food and money? The simple reason is that they are focused on the “lack of food” or “lack of money” – the focus is negative and hence the reality it attracts is negative. The bottom line is the focus on “lack” attracts lack as a personal experience – even a millionaire can have a “personal experience” of lack of money, when his outlook is based on lack, I am sure you realize that there are many millionaires who are depressed about not having enough money just as much as financially poor people are. As I mentioned above, there are just two focuses on each subject – negative or positive. Food is a subject, you can focus on it negatively or positively. Money is a subject, you can focus on it negatively or positively. Your focus attracts your experience of that particular “subject”. I am not suggesting that the people who are focusing negatively on a subject are doing so because of a “fault” of theirs, the only reason we end up focusing negatively on a subject is because we get “conditioned” to do so, or we are unconscious of the impact of our thinking on our reality – someone who is unconsciously focused on negative cannot be blamed for their focus. But just because they are unconscious of their focus doesn’t mean that their focus will not attract a reality, it’s not a law of sympathy but a law of attraction that creation is based on in this universe – it’s just pure physics of energy.

      There are many examples of people who are severely depressed, or highly fearful, but who don’t attract “physical disorders” – they attract negativity in other forms in their life, but their health remains unaffected. The reason for this is that their “cellular intelligence” (or the intelligence of the living cells in their body) is of higher which overrides the negative influence of the brain’s thoughts, what’s also called a body with higher immunity or higher tolerance. Different bodies react differently to resistance/stress created by negativity – your bodies genetic makeup determines the diseases that it can contract or the disease that it has a higher tolerance to. So a body that has a genetic makeup that has a high tolerance to cancer will not contract cancer until the resistance is so severe that it breaks through this tolerance. In a body with better immunity (due to genetics) the intelligence of the cells overrides the negativity of the brain’s thought, however there is a “tolerance” limit after which the cells can start breaking down in immunity. The hypochondriacs you mentioned may have a good immunity in their body, but their obsession with cancer would have attracted scenarios of cancer all around them in some way or the other, they would keep seeing cancer situations in their surroundings, in their circle of interaction – this is how an obsession attracts the subject of obsession into their reality, it’s just that their body had an immunity (cellular intelligence) high enough to have a higher tolerance to cancer, when the immunity breakdowns their mind’s fear can take hold on the cellular memory. The impact of negativity in the mind is that it attracts a negative experience of life, the forms in which it attracts negativity will vary depending of various factors like physical makeup.

  4. abet

    so amazing,

    I was just wondering over this in my mind , it feels like you are speaking to me personally..

  5. rossana

    sen but i have a question about this, what if the “compromise” is helping you beat urges like quitting cigarette, etc.. won’t the addiction last forever if we don’t excursive some will power/

    1. Sen Post author

      Rossana, the reason one is naturally motivated to quit a habit/urges that feels “harmful” within is owing to drive that follows when one is no longer willing to compromise on one’s health/well-being. A lot of people fail to quit their addiction when they try to use force, or they have a highly uncomfortable experience – whereas when one spends time coming to a space of inner wholeness there is a natural movement away from any habit that’s not conducive to well-being, or any habit rooted in imbalance, the quitting happens without any real force/struggle.

  6. Stella

    Thank-you for such a detailed response.
    You are kind – and very patient .

  7. Stella

    P.S – it is a lot to grasp- I suppose these questions on” the meaning of life ” have perplexed many people down the ages.
    Oh no ! I was not intentionally being negative- I just thought if this is possible – for me to live in alignment- (and I am most encouraged you said I was at stage 3)- then what about the rest of the world ?
    Its a kind of childish hope for , if not utopia- then at least a world where people have food and drink- when there is plenty to go around- that`s what I was trying to fathom out- with reference to the article.
    I think you speak the truth when you say my concern should be to live an aligned life myself.
    I can`t pretend I totally understand all this article, but I absolutely appreciate your sincerity in explaining to me. One day- when I am a little better than I am at the moment, I`m sure I will understand , and not feel so despondent.
    Thanks so much Sen- I do appreciate.

  8. Samir

    Great post Sen.

    I think it may be useful to add that once the momentum of “awakening” from the hazy, fear-based state has been set forth, it’s basically not really a choice anymore to live without compromises.

    Returning to your example, if you know that you are not interested in a task given to you by your boss, and you take it on, you may end up doing a terrible job at it because your heart is not in it. Eventually, you’ll end up doing it often enough that you’ll either get fired or leave yourself out of boredom.

    So basically, one only has to choose to be free of compromises, the rest kind of falls into place even despite the mind trying to hang on. The power of life is such that as soon as it has any advantage vis-a-vis the grip of fear, it is unstoppable.

    1. Sen Post author

      Samir, That’s true, once we become aligned with the pull of our life-stream living without compromises becomes the natural state of being.

  9. Ehsan M.

    Dear Sen,

    It feels very pleasant to read your posts again. I haven’t visited this space for several days.

    My question is; how does the Heart communicate? How can you tell the difference between your minds and hearts communication?


    1. Ehsan M.

      Thank you

  10. Martin

    thank you for sharing this. thank you.

  11. Wilfred

    Sen please i need your help…
    Like i wrote in my former comment that what acted as a wake up call for me was social phobia, and like i also said i’v been in the state of allowing for like 4 months now..

    Recently sen, i had an invitation to go into “4” different colleges. Owing to my present state of confusion i descided to relax and alow everything to play out and alow my life stream to orchestrate the right school for me… Eventhough entering colege is the right thing for me now, i just dont feel like entering college now till next year. I don’t feel joyfoul/happy entering college now unlike the normal joy am surpose to be feeling like my mates.. I dont feel the enthusaism whenever the issue of going to college is raised. I had this deep feeling/desire that i need more time to be with myself and know myself better.

    Recently i had another request by my parents to enter into a POLICE COLLEGE.. Deep down my heart i know its not my talent to be whatever course am ment to read there. Not only that i dont feel joyful entering colege now but because its not my talent. Everybody is now blaming/forcing me to register for it. Infact am very cofused. I feel like i dont even know what i need.

    So sen, i wana ask, if i go against my joy by listening to my parents/people to enter colege now, aren’t i compromising on my Joy? And if i refuse to enter college now because i dont feell happy doing so, aren’t i preventing my life-stream(which has the bigger view) from orchestrating the right event/school for me.

    Am very very confused right now sir, what should i do? I realy need your reply..

    1. Sen Post author

      Wilfred, when you let go of moving from a place of “struggle”, you are always following your life-stream. The reason you feel pressurized by the outside is because you hold “doubts” within yourself, your outside is simply reflecting your own doubts/fears/confusion. When you are clear within yourself you will that there is no external pressure either – this is part of aligning with your dark nature of finding your sense of inner power and standing up for what you feel is right for you, rather than being a meek person who gives in to external pressure.

      If you have a sense that this is not the right time for you to go to college, then give yourself the liberty to follow this instinct – don’t force yourself into anything and don’t let someone else force you into anything either. If you stand true to yourself, you can be rest assured that you will feel a strong support coming from your life-stream also, in taking care of ensuring your well-being. Also, let go of this sense that things need to be done in a certain way, each person is unique, each of us has a unique journey, and we have to stand true to our own journey.

  12. asli

    Hi Sen,

    For a while, I have been waiting for my natural inspiration that will lead me to some inspired action (This inaction of letting go process is killing me). To be honest, I no longer feel any desire for anything and I still don’t know what my heart desires. I know very well from my past (not blind faith) that what I truly wanted with my heart came true. The problem is I no longer feel any desire in my heart as if it has become numb and passionless. Good part is I no longer feel any intensity, bad part is without the intensity of a passion I cannot hold a single desire, desires simply vanish and I feel stuck, nothing changes…I don’t want to compromise (I know what I don’t want) but since I don’t know what I want at the moment, I compromise to do some freelance jobs that I don’t really like (otherwise I am extremely bored and I also have to do something to pay my rent…). I can let go of these small compromises that keep me occupied but without knowing what my heart truly wants, I feel very empty and disoriented…I know from my past that when I really want something I used to have a clarity and single-mindedness which I no longer have as my sense of self is dissolved, I find it hard to establish a goal and follow it through…I have been practising allowing for the last three months and I never felt that hopeless and meaningless….I always find solace in your articles (I worry that I could have made them my new crutches), but I’m not used to be that inactivity which is killing me (I was like a crazy bee, now I feel so lazy, I know that it is normal, but this boredom is sometimes too much to handle for me). Any advice?

  13. Michael

    “I would possibly be writing about my personal experiences, with this journey towards a compromise free life, in a greater detail, in some future posts, with examples from my life, if anything so that it can serve as an evidence of the practicality, and reality, of this way of living.”

    – That would be cool to read, whenever you post again. I don’t have “googly eyes” towards this whole thing anymore, but I’d still like to hear about it.

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