The Pull Of Your Life’s Movement

Posted on by Sen.

Who you are (the energy/consciousness that makes up your human form) is constantly in movement, every single moment. Your energy is never static even for a moment. Life as a whole is in constant movement, in a swirling motion, which causes all the transitions in reality. The swirl of energy that keeps realities in place, and causes the formation of new realities, is what I call the “movement of life”.

You are part of this movement, because your energy is life’s energy, and this movement causes the creation of new realities for you. Physicists and scientists have confirmed that “matter” is nothing but energy in motion, and a sense of solidity is created by the dense vibration of energy. Your body has sensors (eyes, ears, tongue and sense of touch) that can interpret these vibrations and thus create the image of reality. However, your reality is not static but is in constant movement and is always moving towards newer realities – that’s why the adage “Change is permanent” is the essential truth of life. You can physically sense this pull of life’s movement, whenever you try to resist it with a contradictory thought/negative thought. Suffering is nothing but a negative thought, in your, clashing with life’s movement, causing a friction in your energy movement.

Life’s movement is created by the desire for creation

Every desire that you set forth for the creation of a new reality, creates a new movement in your life stream. Each of us has a personal life stream which becomes inherently connected with the totality of life’s movement. The fact that others can see your physical reality is evidence of the fact that we are all connected to the same mind, the mind that holds the thought of this cosmos is also the one the holds that thought of your reality – this mind is also called as the “universal consciousness” which is who you are in essence.

In simple words, your desires create the movement of your life and desires are nothing but thoughts of “creation”. A thought of creation is inherently a pure positive thought, and is thus taken up by the energy of life. This thought now pulls onto itself to condense into a reality, and this pull is what creates the movement of your life. This thought has the capacity to pull in all the resources needed for its manifestation. One of the resources needed for the manifestation of this thought is “you” and hence it’s important that you don’t resist this pull.

A negative thought creates resistance to life’s movement

Negative thoughts are mostly the thoughts that contradict the thoughts of your desire. For example, you may desire a reality where you have ample finances to set forth a business you intend to work on – this is a thought of “creation” and is taken up by your life’s movement and it now starts pulling you towards the manifestation. Now if you think a thought like – “it’s not possible for the finance to come through”, you contradict your desire and thus you contradict the pull of your life’s movement. This thought feels bad in the body (because of it clashes with the energy movement of your body) and it creates a sense of suffering. All thoughts of fear, inferiority, doubt and skeptism, are in opposition to the movement of your life and hence create suffering. It’s not possible to suffer in the absence of negative thoughts.

It can be very tempting to hold on to negative thoughts because people do derive some sense of egoic satisfaction through self-pity, blame, anger, complaint and cynicism. It’s fine to seek some temporary relief through your tantrums, blame games and anger, but ultimately you want to be free of all this. As long as you hold on to negative thoughts, you will stay in resistance to your life’s movement, in some way, and thus will delay the manifestation of your desires. It’s even possible to stay in resistance all of your life, when you are unconsciously defending/corroborating the negative thoughts in your mind. All you need to do is stop defending/believing the negativity of the mind and you will be pulled in swiftly towards the manifestation of your desired realities.


  1. Samir


    Interesting articles. Would you say 100% of desires consist of the pull of life? There are many things we desire, that, were we to yield, would makes us feel “negative” thereafter. Or should we be differentiating desires rooted in “lack” (fear, loneliness, hatred) and desires emanating from somewhere deeper within us?

    1. Sen Post author


      The only reason you ever desire something is because you think you will feel good in the having of it. Desire emanates from a place of wanting to experience betterment and expansion, wanting to experience joy of some form or wanting to express more fully of yourself. Joy is never negative, it’s the natural vibration of who you are. Some of us are fearful of our desires, because we imagine that we are being greedy or materialistic, and we also have some fears that we don’t know what is right for us, that our desire may not be “right”. But these are all thoughts of negativity arising from the fear-based thinking of the mind. Every desire (100%) that emanates from you is taken up by life’s vibration because it’s pure positive, and thus each desire adds to the pull of your life’s movement. Sometimes we are specific in our desires, and sometimes we are general in our desires (when we are not sure of the specific details) – either way, the essence of the desire is what gets taken up and when you allow yourself to follow your joy/inspiration life brings forth its manifestation in a way that feels joyful to you.

      Every desire that comes up in you, emanates for only one reason – you believe that you will feel good in the having of it, that’s all. Desires are not rooted in lack, but they arise from a place of “physical” lack. When you lack money, you desire more money, when you lack a certain material, you desire that material, when you lack health, you desire better health, when you lack a relationship, you desire a relationship. So when you see a contrast/lack in your reality, it causes you to desire a better reality. The desire by itself is simply a thought of “creation”, there is no lack in it. The secret to being resistance free is to align with your desire (by believing in its manifestation) after you create it, and no longer focus on the lack that caused the desire to be born in the first place.

      Don’t judge/condemn your desires, that’s usually the reason why most people end up feeling conflicted within themselves. Metaphorically speaking, you can say that it’s always your heart that desires, and it’s your fear-based/conditioned mind that doubts and opposes it. It’s so common for us to think against our desires and even feel guilty for desiring material things (especially spiritual people). But every desire is pure positive energy, and it’s the clay of creation that takes shape into a physical reality if you allow it to pull you towards its manifestation. All the desires that you have set forth make up the pull of your life’s movement, and all you need to do is let go and allow this pull to orchestrate the manifestation. By let go I simply mean, allow yourself to follow your joy/excitement/passion and avoid struggling/efforting. Inspired action never feels like an effort, it always feel like effortless movement and when you are in place of allowing the right actions will be automatically inspired in you by the intelligence of this movement.

      Once a desire has been birthed, you cannot regress on it. You can add on to the desire or better it, but it’s not possible to erase it because it has become a part of life’s vibration. Once a desire has been created, if you try to oppose it or suppress it, it will just make you feel bad because you are now opposing the movement of your life. Once the desire has been created, you need to align with it, if you want to feel good – it’s very scientific. I like to call it the physics of life because it’s all about energy movement.

    2. Sen Post author

      I would like to be clear that there are a lot of thoughts that come up in the mind that are not really “desires” but just “fantasies”. A fantasy is not a desire. For example, you may have a fantasy of being a movie star just for the fun of the imagination, but you may not really desire it in any way to be the reality of your life. A desire is a concrete thought that stays as the “desired reality” you want to see manifested – I sometimes call it your “heart’s will” or heart’s calling (just a metaphor). A desire is a thought of creation that you really want to see manifested in your reality. In other words, a desire is a thought about a reality that your heart desires to experience.

  2. Samir

    Thank you Sen.

    I think “judging” our desires is an issue for many of us. It is true that judgment of desire can only originate in the mind. The heart never doubts.

    1. Sen Post author

      When your mind doubts/criticizes your desires, or creates opposing thoughts to it, you experience conflict within yourself. This conflict is physically felt like a “bad feeling” which is what suffering basically is. If we stopped opposing our heart’s desire, and allowed ourselves to stay aligned with it, we would not feel this tug of resistance within us and thus experience the joy of life’s flow.

  3. Fingaladinga

    I used to listen to all kinds of music, until a couple of years ago. I had a very high momentum going (in the form of misophonia), and it was exacerbated by this very irksome friend of my brother’s who lived with us for six months and used to drum on everything. At some point my brain took that sound and applied it to every song I heard (at least the ones that had percussions in it), so that “I love music” became smothered by “But if you listen to it you may hear percussions, which irritate you now!” Since then, every time I hear music, my brain starts telling me who it thinks I am, what I like or dislike, I either got scared that I would hear percussions and get angry, or I would actually hear them and get angry. On top of that, there are probably about dozen other sounds that trigger these same feelings of anxiety, fear, anger, hatred, helplessness and frustration. I took a year and a half off of college to deal with this. I just started going back, but the feelings STILL pop up.

    As of recently, I have discovered the capacity to allow somewhat deeper, and I feel less stressed and more relaxed throughout any given day, with less of a need to “make” things happen or not happen (I can feel by brain trying to make this happen), but when I do stand in resistance to life’s movement, as it were, I am usually aware of when its happening, even if I am not always aware of what I am resisting, or what thought or emotion is resisting it (at least not for some several minutes before I find it again). I am thinking less and less about my negativity and what to do with it, and letting my desires come into my life more, cringing less and less as certain triggers pop up (most of the time, though occasionally I do get pulled in and end up throwing some kind of tantrum, even though I am aware of what is happening while it is happening). I have become accustomed to using allowing as a technique, but again recently I have been able to catch myself using it as such and just let the process do its thing while I go about whatever it is I’m doing.

    I just feel better overall, but a fraction of the negativity is still there. Triggers pop up and my brain goes “Jeez! Its STILL there!!! I can’t believe it!!! WHy won’t it just stop already? When does this ACTUALLY come to an end? Is it ever???” Its still hard to just let the brain run these thoughts and emotions when it hits this kind of intensity. There is a part of me that does just want to feel good and ignore the negativity, a part of me that just wants to get on with my life without anymore problems as soon as possible (its been about a decade since I could really do this), but I do my best to stay true to allowing, despite my brain trying to turn it into an effort, to “make” it happen. Sometimes this just end up putting me in a daze, but most of the time I can get myself out of this mode.

    It feels like I’m making progress, and yet it doesn’t (part of the process). It feels like I may be coming to the end of the release soon, and yet it doesn’t. At the very least I am grateful for this chance, this ray of hope I have not been able to find for the last ten years of my life.

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