The Phase of Release

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Everything is essentially “energy” and hence follows all the laws pertaining to energy. One of the truths about energy is that – “energy can neither be created or destroyed, it can only change forms”. We create an imbalance of emotional energy by inhabiting the state of imbalanced thinking and its accumulation, in turn, leads to […]

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  1. Babsi


    I have been TRYING to allow for the past 4 months and using Brainev the past 5 weeks. naturally a lot of fears/doubts have came up. I have realized that I am addicted to my own anxiety, because the moment I feel at peace, my mind is confused and it starts projecting fears of losing control and doubts that something is going wrong.
    So what ends up happening: I always tends to check my heartbeat to see if I am anxious, and of course that causes me to feel anxious, which makes me angry because I see that I am causing my own anxiety… So my question is: Should I allow these thoughts (such as: checking if i have anxiety/ checking my heartbeat) or avoid them? Because I can see them coming up in my mind and I feel like I have to power to suppress them (because I am the one creating them) but at the same time I feel like they are stronger then me.

    anyways, any advice/similar experience would be great to hear. Thank you.

    Also, something interesting has happened only once or twice. .. it’s hard to explain. I feel a background of peace and an emotion (anxiety/anger) at the same time. So i can observe the emotion from a distance. like, i am at the peaceful side and just experiencing the emotion. its kinda of cool, because I am not scared of any emotion. I am just wondering if that is another way for my mind to think it has control and doesn’t want to allow the emotion fully, but looks at it at a distance…
    Has anyone felt that too?

    Thank you,

    1. Markus

      Babsi, I have not experienced the anxiety you describe, but can relate in another way. If the problem is your mind wanting to worry about something, it may help to let the anxiety arise, but not check your pulse. That is, feel the worry, but don’t give your mind the satisfaction of checking. After you let the worry go, pay attention to being ok after not checking. Maybe your mind will be more at ease with “proof” that it is ok to relax. Little by little, the mind may lessen its need to check or control or know. This could then make allowing other imbalances to arise go more easily.

    2. Babsi

      Hey Markus,

      Thank you for the reply. I think I know exactly what you mean. It is my mind wanting to worry about something all the time, and by checking I want to avoid feeling the worry. I will def try what you suggested.

      Thank you!

  2. Nicholas

    As of late, I have being going deeper and deeper into myself during the practise of relaxed awareness, in a inquisitive aspect and in a visual aspect. When I drop into a sitting, my hands tend to work around my eyes and forehead, repeatedly rubbing these areas that brings about all sorts of colours and lights, often forming shapes similar to ‘chakra’ symbols, difficult to fully explain.
    The reason I write this is that it’s being getting pretty intense, and I can’t seem to find anything on your site Sen that explains this. I understand the use of not going into great length about the small details of this process but I’ve been really quite apprehensive towards meditation lately, to put it boldly, I just have no idea what the hell is happening and what’s the ‘point’ of it. Not in an ‘end point’ sense but just why this is happening. It really feels light my vision in general and my perception of light is changing.
    There is so much misleading information on the internet regarding the third eye/pineal gland that seems to revolve mostly around using it for ‘mystical experiences’ and ‘drug-like altered states,’ in which I have no interest, like many others on this your site Sen my main focus is the Truth.
    Any insight you could provide Sen would be greatly appreciated, I’ve felt crazy at times lately and really feel I have no one is share these things with.
    In saying that, I’m not writing this to attract attention regarding the fascination of the ‘third eye’ but it would be great if certain readers feel an inclination to share what they’ve experienced/experiencing that is similar to this (what’s happening, how it can help me, ect.)
    Thank you,

    1. Markus

      Nicholas, it is a bit contradictory to say it is meditation and that you actively rub your face to stimulate the visions. It may be a glimpse of energy outside the usual realm of our physical senses; it may also be your own mind playing with images. Only you can know for sure. If you are not sure about what you are doing, be careful. When the body/mind is ready for such things, it may unfold if that is part of your personal growth. If your body/mind are not ready, don’t force it with will and techniques (like rubbing).

      “…it’s being getting pretty intense,… I just have no idea what the hell is happening… I’ve felt crazy at times…”

      This is why you should be careful. No need to overwhelm yourself! If this is happening on its own, find a way to go about your daily life the best you can. If meditating less is what will keep you sane and balanced, follow that hunch.

    2. Mike A

      Hey Nicholas,

      I most definitely understand that comment about colors and shapes you see when your eyes are closed. At first, it felt weird and I became a little scared, and actually a bit panicky because thoughts like “something is wrong with your vision/brain” came up. It happened a few more times, and that’s when I got into a state of allowing, and just let whatever was happening to happen. I actually rub my eyes too, but when I get anxious. I told myself in a calm that those colors and stuff were probably just neurological transmitters in the brain realigning. And if they’re not, it doesn’t matter…you don’t have to know. That’s you just wanting control of that situation, and once you let go of wanting control, you can release that emotion that’s tied to that situation (fear, uncertainty, etc.) I don’t think you need to be careful or meditate less, because that sounds like a reaction based on fear of the unknown. Let it all be…I definitely understand you though.

  3. Dashawn

    Hi Sen I have a question concerning overanalyzing.
    In one of my last post I was talking about this good feeling I get
    when I’m consciously aware of certain emotional reactions
    that I have. But sometimes I feel unsure as if second
    guessing myself. For example, my friend and were
    watching the Superbowl. I rooted for the 49ers and
    he went for the Ravens. The Ravens won and he just
    went on and on about how the Ravens were the best
    team. I felt myself getting angry. The funny thing about
    it is I hardly ever watched football. I realized the reason
    I was upset, was because I wanted to be right. It really
    hurt my ego to be wrong. So I didn’t care about the game
    I was embarrassed for being wrong I felt stupid and then I got angry.
    Once I realized it was all my ego force, I felt better. But
    my mind started second guessing. It begin saying what
    if thats not true, what if you really are stupid. It begins
    arguing with me. It’s.always second guessing, afraid to be
    sure of anything, even when my realizations make sense.

    1. Lander

      Hi Dashawn.

      It is only intensity of past fuel that gives power to this thoughts and argues, so that they feel overwhelming. When load of energy that was attached to those thoughts release, they will not bother your inner field at all. Just allow them, without judging, labeling or identification with them. Allow to be unsure, as well. It is temporary unpleasantness.

  4. Nicholas

    Thanks for the comment Markus.
    I’d just to clear up though that it is not my ego’s personal will that’s moving my hands around these particular areas (eyes, forehead) that seemingly induces these visions. Ever since my ‘shift’ or ‘awakening’ or whatever, the energy around my body has automatically guided my limbs around to work on releases ect, that is my understanding anyways. Even though it may not look like meditation per se, I feel it’s the only thing I can call it as these things occur when I drop into my most natural, total allowing state.
    It feels this is just the next step in the path now, and if I ignore it that’s when I do feel an unnatural build-up of energy/tension in certain areas.
    But yes, I could take it slower. To be honest the reason I’m so apprehensive towards this current movement is it’s strongly brought up my fear of the unknown (spirits, ghosts ect).
    Thanks Markus

  5. Alliswell

    I found this blog in Oct of 2011. I have since evolved quite a bit. Thanks to Sens personal counseling, too. Part of the reason I was here was because I had lost a dear, dear friend tragically and going through a lot emotionally.

    I am now on the 4th level of Brainev. I, too, have definitely opened my third eye. I think learning to meditate and relax through total allowing is part of it. The first time I saw all of these swirling patterns, colors, people, designs, I did not know what it was, but I knew I wasn’t dreaming it up because I was “awake”/conscious and watching it. Did it feel almost like a movie to you? I could see everything swirling and moving and changing very fast. Too fast for my imagination to make things up like that. The images were very detailed also. At this time, I also tried to contact my friend who had passed away. I was able to do that also. The spiritual world is very inspiring to me. It helps me see what a tiny spec I am in comparison to something much bigger out there. I am not afraid to reach a spirit at all. It is not scarey. I actually am very grateful that I am now able to do this.

    I am curious if anyone else has had these third eye experiences. I have always been someone who was very sensitive with a strong sense of intuition but Sen has helped me with total allowing and it has brought me to this new level of spirituality that I had never known was possible. I was a bit of a cynic, too. Thinking that anything like psychics and third eye was all make believe. I now know it is not.

    1. Nicholas

      Alliswell, your comment really resonates with me at this time, so firstly, thank you for being open and sharing your own experiences, it’s incredibly reassuring and refreshing to hear. Coincidently, I too am beginning the forth level of Brain Ev in a few days! I guess we all started listening around the time Sen posted the article..
      The patterns/colours/designs you describe sound all very similar to what I am just beginning to see. At first, I was really gripping on to what I was seeing, trying to sustain it to ‘figure’ out what it was, I’m now learning if I just Allow fully they just come and go and they don’t need to be ‘sorted’ in any way. I am glad you mentioned you see people, as I feel I’ve been getting very quick glimpse’s of faces but it’s hard to tell. It’s all still very abstract. And yes, it’s much like just sitting and watching an art house animation or something, haha.
      The reason I’ve been getting concerned about all this is that I too have been a cynic in the past towards this sort of thing. When I was a kid I was terrified of the dark, ghosts (not that I’d ever actually seen anything) ect, but convinced myself (with the help of others) that spirits don’t exist. So now, after what’s been happening, that whole belief that was controlling that fear has been shattered, which has brought back a lot of childhood fears, mostly influenced by horror movies I’m sure. This fear is mostly felt at night alone, not when I’m actually meditating. I fear all of sudden I’ll open my eyes and see something. Did you ever have this fear when your third eye began to open? Sorry if that comes across as intrusive, you’re just the first person I really feel I can relate to on this.
      Thanks again for commenting, it brings a calm excitement to continue to unfold this mystery.

    2. Ahlan

      Hi Alliswell, I didnt know whether I should discuss this. But during the 2nd level I was very deep in a meditative state. All of a sudden I heard a voice saying “Ahlan is it you?” The voice was mine but I knew it is my brother who is asking this(who died in a drowning accident while trying to save me).
      I was very afraid and wanted to ask for a sign that he is present. But I was scared that he would give me a sign and I retracted and said “Go away”. I could feel the energy about me. I resisted and turned my thoughts away. Coud it be him trying to contact me. i just wonder.

    3. Anonymous

      Ahlan, yes that could be your brother. It’s scary at first to feel contact with the dead, it’s just so different from what our minds are used to. If you could feel him there, that is a strong clue. If you learn to feel ok with it, such contact can be a good way to let go of things left unfinished with that person. A bit like a chance at one last talk.

      I’ve been told to pay close heed to the feeling or knowing, as there are some beings who might toy with us for whatever reason (pretend to be someone we knew) – though I have not experienced this firsthand, so don’t know how true this is.

  6. Vanessa

    Hi Sen,

    I am going through a very challenging stage in my ‘phase of release’. I must have had a lot of suppressed anger/hatred (which is coming as somewhat of a surprise, I must admit) because a lot is surfacing now. I am experiencing a sickening emotional pain, severe emotional irritability, rage towards others and loathing towards myself. I am finding it extremely challenging to interact with others (good friends and family members) as they are irritating and annoying me so intensely. This is not a feeling I am used to – which I guess indicates the level of suppression until now. This coincides with the fact that I have recently stopped drinking alcohol (a result of something that happened on an earlier layer of release – of joy, I think). The feelings are scaring me a little and thoughts like “what if this isn’t actually a phase of release, what if I am just permanently screwed up and it’s never going to end” are entering my mind.

  7. Michael

    Nicholas – Do you mean that the ability to do that has come through listening to BrainEv or have you gone on some extra schtick to open your third eye?

    Vanessa – People are pissing me off too at the moment, I’m coming off of a crutch too (antidepressant), so I’d assume that more can come up faster now that there is nothing suppressing it.

    1. Nicholas

      Michael – Nah, no extra ‘third eye opening exercises’ if that’s what you’re thinking. Brainev just helps with the release of suppressed energy, so I guess it could help with the process, but all these changes that are happening to me I would say are from practising the Allowing Sen describes.
      Sen puts this well in his most recent post “The Experience of Finding Balance” when he talks about how eventually we have to get in touch with the reality that we are spirit, not our physical body, so any non-physical experiences I assume are to help realise this reality (he describes it a lot clearer).

  8. Alliswell

    It is not intrusive at all. I don’t mind sharing. Actually I enjoy it because there are so many cynics out there. When I mention any of this, they look at me like I’m going off the deep end. 🙂

    No, it does not scare me at all when my third eye opens. Besides this blog I have been following a lot of psychic sites to help explain what was happening to me. Every site confirmed this was the third eye opening, so now I know and believe because it has happened to me. Part of the reason I was trying to get to this level was to reach this person who had passed away. I feel we were soulmates. I was welcoming to any contact or feeling if I could tell it was him. I was excited to go to bed at night to allow the third eye to open and see what I could see. The faces I see are not anyone that I know, but they are very vivid. You are right that the more you try to concentrate on what you see, it goes away. The more I relax, the more I see.

    A really wonderful thing did happen to me. I was directly talking to my friend (in my mind) and asking him to show himself or show me a sign he was still with me. All of a sudden I saw two silhouettes (a man and a woman) come out of nowhere, face each other, kiss, then dissolve into thin air. I feel that was definitely a sign from him. I have also had words come to me… one at a time… that just pop up…when I ask a question and try to relax and “see” the answer. I can’t remember one exactly, but it very clearly made a sentence… one word at a time. Now, I am to the point that I can relax and call that state up in a short time. It feels almost like when you look at an optical illusions… you know that feeling when your vision changes and you see something that was not there before. That is how it feels.

    I’ve also read that if you are scared or unhappy with the experience you are having, about reaching someone mean spirited or evil, you just shut yourself down. You are in control. Sen, is free to give you my email if you want to communicate that way. I am just a regular person like yourself. If you read through some of my older questions to Sen you will see how I have evolved.

    1. Michael

      Alliswell, may I email you as well? I’ve seen your posts through 2011 and 2012 and can see how you’ve “evolved”. Due to me being more of a beginner in this process, there’s a lot that I don’t know. If you could answer some questions for me, I’d be very appreciative.

    2. Mark

      Hi Alliswell,

      Are you able to see ghosts or something like that? I know about people aura and sort of things. But i do believe in ghosts, eventhough i dont what exactly are they. I had seen them a few times in the past. Does this mean that I also has third eye?

    3. Nicholas

      Thanks Alliswell, I’m starting to understand the importance of these experiences in realising our true nature. They’re really nothing to be afraid of, it’s just rather confronting…at first. I did have a look at your older comments, and it’s amazing the journeys people (like yourself) are going through on this site, well, how we all are.
      Thanks for all your help, and I’ll grab your email off Sen if I feel any questions I’d like to ask come up.

  9. F.J.

    Can it be that release happens in the sleep, through dreams about the feared thought-patterns? But then there are no conscious participation (allowing) in it, so is there a point of such “release”? Basically my question is – is any activity of mind/emotional momentum a release (after one have got understanding), or release happens only when I’m truly aware&allowing? And then what role is played by “bad dreams” in this process, if I can’t be so aware&allowing when I’m sleeping? Just a call to be open to the bad feelings after wake-up?

  10. Bill

    I would like to ask you Sen, how does one know if he/she has accomplished the release entirely or released the appropriate amount of imbalanced energy? In all honesty i have built a ton of dark energy up over the years, and feel i am doing a great job of understanding how to release it. At the same time i do not want to obtain too much of the light energy while doing so. What are/if any indicators that the past momentum has been released and its time to progress with more consistent balance?

  11. Alliswell

    I don’t mind if Sen give out my email as long as it is to members here who are on the same journey.

    I can’t say what I am seeing, whether they are glimpses of spirits or not because I do not know these faces. I can say, though, that I definitely am connecting with the afterlife. The biggest tip I can say is to be open minded and believe that this can happen. If you are close minded and do not believe, you will not evolve enough to connect with the spiritual side of things. It is very reassuring to know that even when you lose family members, friends etc. we can know that their essence is around us daily and we have never lost them for good when they die. There is a book out by a neurologist who died and came back to life during a coma. That gives good insight, as well, to what I am experiencing. Most of the stories are very much the same. The book is Proof of Heaven.
    Everything Sen is trying to convey here makes so much sense when you understand your wholeness.

  12. Waliezi promise

    Hi Sen,i ve been reading ur blogs from last year and i must say that am seeing a great change ,i nw feel this joy and happiness in me,people around testify the change in me postively, i nw feel high and positive vibration in me etc.though i ve nt reach balance yet due to the high brain and emotional momentum in thoughts are always random thoughts so what i do is to look for the fear behind the thoughts and embrace it or allow its fears to express itself in my consciousness then i wil be at peace bt later on that same thought stil arise again ,i wil stil embrace until it vanish away.pls sen i nd more insight.thks

  13. j

    nowadays whenever I allow my ocd like thoughts, the thoughts kinda naturally come to stop, but my fearful or angry emotions startup and causes a sensation that’s like an adrenaline rush. and I keep allowing this sensation (heart pumping feeling). so basically this adrenaline rush-like feeling is my momentum freeing up. am I ryt?

    1. Sen Post author

      J, that’s right, it’s a release of emotional momentum

  14. Rubin

    Hi Sen,
    I came across your blog a week ago and I must say it’s been very helpful and has answered a lot of questions for me. Been practicing releasing the negative energy for a couple of weeks or so and I did really feel horrible for a few days and I must say that I’ve never experienced my chest being so heavy with negative energy, as if some monster wanted to come out of it!!! No exaggerations! I lost a sense of who I was and it seemed I was taking the control away from my mind and I felt like I was a ship without the helm. But now I feel I have some control back but it comes thru some other source rather than the mind?!! Hope I make sense! Sen, is this the phase of release? Or have I lost te plot!!!
    I still feel negative energy inside me although not as tense as before and have started to feel a bit in peace with myself. I try to be honest with myself that at this moment my feelings and thoughts are most of the time really negative, but deep down inside me something tells me that all is ok and just go about your daily life like you’ve always done and accept those feelings as they are.
    Question… when I catch my negative feeling when it arises, as soon as I pay attention to it, it seems to dissolve and I don’t know whether I am suppressing it or releasing it? Also when I am in releasing mode and a good thought crosses my mind (and there aren’t many!!!), should I hold on to that good feeling or should just pay attention to it let go like I do with the negative ones?
    Would you suggest that I should deliberately bring negative thoughts into my awareness so I can release the bad feelings?
    I’ve also experienced glimpses of what being totally present and let everything else just be, means!
    Thank you and I appreciate your feedback.

    1. Sen Post author

      Rubin, there will possibly be some more cycles of release, and “feeling horrible” is something that one can’t escape when there is a strong cycle of release happening (it’s like any detox, it doesn’t have to feel pleasant). Don’t worry too much about analysing the “shift of control” etc, eventually you will come to a place of balanced control, where you have to ability to have a conscious/objective functioning along with the ability to have an openness towards life (allowing for balanced perspectives and wisdom to be a constant presence).

      When a negative feeling arises, you don’t have to pay attention to it as a “technique” – this process is not about “fighting” or “getting rid” of the negativity through the means of some mental technique (like paying strict attention). The reason it “seems” to dissolve is because you are holding a strict position, from a place of being “protective” towards shielding yourself from fully experiencing the feelings – awareness is one thing, and allowing is another, they are both needed for the process of release to happen. It’s not about struggling with “trying” to pay attention to the feelings – rather it’s about developing the openness in you to allow these feelings to have a free movement in you, even if its unpleasant. I would say that you can now let go of “trying” to be aware, you’ve reached a place where your awareness will function on its own, you don’t have to “try” to be aware – from here on just work on getting acquainted with the attitude of openness, to get grounded in the state of allowing.

      You can bring negative thoughts “deliberately”, to unearth/trigger some emotional momentum and then stay in a state of allowing, so that there is a release. Remember that the state of allowing is not a means to “feel good”, it’s a means be open to what arises without suppression, be it an imbalanced dark energy (like anger or grief or depression) or imbalanced light energy (like over-excitement or feelings of ecstasy).

  15. Rubin

    Thank you for clarification, Sen.

    I understand this is a transition period and seems I am trying too “hard” and need to let go of “trying” and just be open… Based on what you told me, seems am still identifying with mind as am trying to analyze too much. and probably this is what is preventing me from being more open to what arises and develop a state of allowing. thanks

  16. Nick

    I’m in the middle of the release phase and I find that while my mind still gets stuck on mental refereeing, none of that matters during an intense swell of emotional release. The feeling isn’t good per se, but some how it naturally puts things in perspective.

    The swells of feeling can be quite intense, consuming my upper and lower back and increasingly my head.

  17. Dave

    Dear Sen,

    Is it ok if I am allowing the whole day, and not in 30 minute blocks? I am not waiting for a release OR trying to make it go faster, rather I feel like just to surrender and let ‘life’ takeover. My understanding is that I remove my focus from the mind and allow it to spew out as many thoughts as it likes without giving it a timeframe to stop. In your understanding, is this what you went through?

    1. Sen Post author

      Dave, yeah, the 30 minute deal is mostly just the initial reference for someone who is getting started with the state of allowing, but with time it just starts becoming your second nature and it’s no longer a “practice”.

  18. ajay

    Hi Sen,
    Two weeks back I had started reading your posts. From the beginning itself I knew i have reached the right place. Almost everything that was written in the blog stands true for me. I had lived a lifetime (50 years) controlling my negative emotions. Your advice of ‘let go’ was like a breath of fresh air. I have taken to it like fish would take to water. Each word you write is like a religious text for me. I will keep in touch with you through this blog and keep you informed about this journey to true happiness.

    My heartfelt thanks to u. You have done a great service to people like me. This is almost God like.


  19. Pavlo

    Hi Ajay,

    In March of 2012, I can across this blog also. I have been
    on anti-anxiety/anti depressant medication for 25 years.
    After learning about the dynamics of the mind, of thinking,
    of emotions, of all the mental and emotional accumulation,
    and about how we unconsciously generate it, I have learned
    something that years of therapy could never teach me, that
    the phase of release is really the start of the cure. Once you
    understand deeply, at a visceral level, what your true nature is,
    as well as what “thoughts/emotions/beliefs are, as well as how
    they interplay with your childhood environment and/or genetics,
    then you will be well on your way. Whatever you do, never give up,
    allow this process to touch every fibre of your mind and Being, and you will
    be just fine. KEEP GOING…:)

    1. ajay

      Hi Pavlo,
      Thanks for your comments. I am 50 years old and have the maturity to understand each word that Mr. Sen has written. I understand that each one like me who comes across this blog is blessed by God to a new life. I thank God and thank Mr.Sen a million times. This I am saying when I am just starting on this journey! This tells about my confidence in the concept which Mr.Sen is postulating.

      I hope Mr.Sen will reply with his Good Wishes.

      Best of life


  20. dipti

    Hey sen,

    Firstly, Thank you so much for this wonderful site.

    I was very demanding & have been complaining about not having certain things, thinking why it only happens with me, others have good life & why am i suffering. But after practising relaxed awareness i m at more peace in life, i appreciate things that happened to me this is why i am like what i am today. I m feeling much better though i know its a long way. I am somewhat finding courage to fight my own fears & obsessions. This was like a blessing for me & have realised how mind plays powerful games with us.

  21. Andrea

    Hi Sen,

    First of all, thank you very much for sharing your wisdom. It resonates with me and so many others and is a wonderful resource to have access to.

    Recently, I’ve been consciously moving through the phase of release and allowing thought and emotion to move through me as much as possible without constantly turning towards suppression techniques. However, I’m deeply identified with fear-based thoughts and emotions (resulting from clinging to my child identity), and whenever I enter this space of allowing, I’m bombarded by waves and waves of anxiety. When this happens, I try to accept the anxiety and just let it be, however, it is certainly overwhelming at times. As I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, I find that the more I allow myself to experience this phase of release, the more the constant energy-draining/anxiety-ridden aspects of it begin to trigger my arthritis. In a way, I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place because I know that there is no turning back… I feel a pull towards this release more and more each day (upon recognizing the futility of other approaches), and yet it has the potential of adversely affecting my health (specifically by creating insomnia and causing me to be in this adrenaline-fueled state at all times, which triggers the arthritis).

    Firstly, I’m just wondering if you have any advice as to how to ride out the release in a slightly less dramatic way, and maintain some sort of a more balanced mind/body state! And secondly, as I try to allow all dark-natured thoughts and emotions to pass through my being throughout the day, I find that my mind is very preoccupied with the process itself, constantly in doubt and, in a way, trying to sabotage my efforts. This self-sabotage that tends to occur I imagine relates to the unwillingness to relinquish what is, despite being very self-destructive, that old, familiar sense of self. Do you have any specific thoughts on how to overcome/embrace these nagging feelings of doubt and uncertainty, including this tendency towards a lack of self-belief/the need to sabotage the process in some way?

    Thank you once again,


  22. Pavlo

    Greetings Dearest Sen,

    Well, it’s been roughly 17 months since I came across your
    blog, so I thought I’d give you a quick update of my progress
    thus far. Initially I had been watching my thoughts and emotions
    for about 9 months prior to coming across your blog.
    Yes , the process of watching my thoughts had reduced the
    Brain momentum quite substantially but just watching thoughts
    didn’t address any release of my accumulated emotional energy
    at all. Your blog gave me the key to this release as well as
    an education in how the mind works. Furthermore, I can
    with high degree of certainty say that the actual “release”
    of all this energy didn’t actually start until about end of September
    2012. Since then I have been experiencing daily releases ( felt
    as cranial pressure and pressure felt mid-brain as well as sensing
    energy centers around my stomach, heart and throat areas).

    Prior to ANY knowledge i had gained on the mind, (prior to
    May, June 2011)
    I was medicated daily on four psychoactive drugs as well as
    weekly trips to the psychologist. Now I haven’t see a psychologist for over a year
    I have cut TWO of the four drugs, and am slowly reducing
    dosage on the third before tackling the fourth. This is a very
    real, living biological process and I am cognizant of the fact I
    have to be very careful in my approach to all this but one thing
    I have understood is that the more negative accumulation I
    release, the more Understanding comes, the more truth comes
    to me and the more I’m simply able to just reside in pure Consciousness.

    I automatically know how long to stay at a certain dosage before
    I am able to reduce it again ( when emotional stability stays constant
    for about 10 days with typical dosage taper at around 5 weeks before
    next dosage reduction).

    This is indeed an incredibly amazing process Sen I estimate
    the process of dosage reduction will continue for about another
    year give or take a few months. It’s important not to rush anything
    and I’ve gained deep insight into when I feel I’m ready to reduce

    If any readers are medicated, based on my experience I would NOT
    suggest any medication reduction until you are sure you are actually
    reducing brain momentum and most importantly, you need to
    feel that you are releasing your accumulated negative energy.
    This feeling is very real and you will know if this is happening to you
    or not. It’s not something vague, it’s very unmistakable, in fact
    , after an intense release you feel a tremendous relief, and you
    almost feel like you’ve had an internal “software upgrade”.
    This is the best way I can explain this.

    I fully realize that this process takes time but considering I’ve
    been medicated for 20 years, the reduction in momentum is
    moving very quickly indeed.

    Best Regards.

  23. Marcello

    Hi Pavlo,
    How can you feel an intense release of accumulated energy if he medication suppresses it all?
    That is what is happening with me. Too much suppressed energy trying to come up and be released but medication stays there as a barrier.

  24. Fingaladinga

    Since I’ve started the release process, I have noticed a dip in my desire for social interaction, but at the same time a rise in my ability to converse without feeling awkward. I notice the things that bother me slowly but surely fading away (though they remain frustratingly still there), but also less of a desire to be around anything that could trigger me. I feel a sense that I may be suppressing my natural expression, because while I do feel calmer and less volatile on a daily basis than I used to, I feel a lack of real vibrant happiness that I can feel is somewhere in me (as opposed to being so clouded by negativity that I cannot even see it). I find myself being pulled into the mind’s tantrums less and less, but at the same time I find myself just ending up lost in it and taken out of the present moment. When I try to identify my thoughts and beliefs, my mind suddenly goes blank. I can’t identify them in that moment, or recall any that I know are repeating in my head. Sometimes it feels like the release is in full swing, and sometimes it feels like I am stuck.

    Is this just part of being dysfunctional during the phase of release, or is there something I’m not doing?

    I try (for want of a more fitting word) to be as allowing as I can, and it is deepening all the time. When I started trying to allow, I tried to “make” the allowing happen, but now I just relax and let it do its thing to the best of my current abilities (though I can still feel something in me that is trying to make some kind of effort or other).

  25. varun

    Please do reply, I am pretty depressed.
    What if the thought that is arising in the mind is due to the surrounding i am living in and I cannot change it. I have to face it every day. And that keeps me depressed. What should I do.

    1. Sen Post author

      Varun, you don’t have to deny your thoughts about your current reality, it’s fine to dislike things about your current surroundings/reality – this dislike can take the shape of irritation, frustration, impatience, sadness, stuck-ness or a sense of depression. Don’t try to camouflage what you truly feel about your reality, just allow these feelings to arise fully in you even if it feels uncomfortable – this is what I mean by allowing the dark-nature aspect. Don’t try to use this “state of allowing” as some means to feel good, rather just allow the dark-nature feelings and experience it for what it is. This allowing eventually opens you up to any required solutions that may be needed to navigate your current reality and move into something more balanced over time.

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