The End of Duality

Posted on by Sen.

Life is just “one” thing, but thoughts have the ability to create the illusion of “separation”. If you don’t have access to the dimension in you that’s before thought, you will find yourself living through a very wrong vision of what life is. When you are lost in the illusion of separation, there is an unconscious belief that there is a “Me” and this “Me” is in relationship with everything else.

Me and my thoughts, Me and my life, Me and my problems, Me and my past, Me and my future – the “Me” is constantly defining itself with respect to its relationship with life. However, when you look closely to see what this “Me” is, everything suddenly becomes very vague, it’s as if the mind becomes completely baffled that such an inquiry should be made in the first place. The secret is to persist with this inquiry even if the mind tells you that it’s pointless. The end of duality arises when the “Me” is seen through to be “empty”, when you see that the “Me” really does not exist anywhere as anything – that it was just an illusion all along.

Do you believe in the “Me” created by the mind?

In simple words, the “Me” created by the mind is fictional, it’s unreal, and it has no existence apart from imagination. This “Me” believes in the existence of the “Me”, so everything becomes a loop. Even when the “Me” sees through the emptiness of the “Me” it’s still around to claim that it has become awakened. Only pure awareness can see through this loop created by the “Me” thought. As long as there is a belief in the “Me”, one cannot but suffer this existence, because the “Me” is a lie and hence always in conflict with reality.

If you see closely you will notice that the “Me” is always attaching itself to something or the other to ensure that it stays around in the center. But what exactly is this “Me”? There is no answer to this, because there is no “Me”, it has always just been a “nothing”. The “Me” seems to be present, but when you look for it, it’s not there. When you really start seeing through the nothingness of this “Me”, its whole fake structure starts dissolving and what comes through is end of suffering.

The “Me” can never become detached

It’s really tragic to see the “Me” try to detach itself from reality in a bid to become free of suffering. The “Me” is made up of attachments, so how can the “Me” become detached? Anyone who tries to become free by detaching oneself from this world, is bound to suffer deeply because this form of detachment is just another illusion of the “Me”, it can be seen clearly that now the “Me” has become attached to the idea of detachment.

It’s not the “Me” that becomes free, it’s when the “Me” is seen through completely, and it dissolves, that it’s realized that life is already free. The “Me” simply creates the illusion of suffering and bondage; however there is no suffering inherent to life itself. Life has always been free. Life by its very nature is pure positive energy, felt as joy, love and peace.

The “Me” cannot understand real love, it can only understand “bondage” love or attached love (which is always conditional and fear based). Similarly the “Me” can never understand true joy (causeless happiness), it can only understand conditional happiness. The “Me” cannot understand true peace, it can only dwell in “artificial” or controlled peace. The “Me” cannot understand oneness, because its very structure is based in separation.

The end of duality, the beginning of alignment with life, the end of suffering, the beginning of freedom, the end of illusion, the flowering of truth, it’s all possible only when the structure of “Me” is seen through fully and allowed to dissolve.

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  1. adrean

    Wow. Thanks, well said. 🙂

  2. rafael

    Thank you for clearing that up sen.

    What advice do you have for people whose natural makeup is one of an extremist personality . Someone who tends to get completely obsessed with things whether this obsession be positive or negative?

    I am this type of person and in the past it has helped me succeed in various things but when for some reason my mind focuses on something negative I can’t stop thinking about it and i become obsessed with this as well.

  3. Mark

    Sen, the duality that you speak of, is it something like, I know what I want, I want to break free, but then suddenly there is the thought saying, but I can’t be happy without (insert something here), while I am looking for this ‘me’, I can’t find anywhere, is it like this? But the ‘me’ felt so real, how could I see the nothingness of this ‘me’ if it’s felt so real eventhough I know that it is not real? While on releasing, it feels like a battle inside my head, like there are 2 parts of me and when I am conscious or aware enough, I know clearly what I want but there is this voice/thought telling the opposite (in a negative way, lacked based way). After reading your post this time, I just feel light headed and clear. Maybe this is a start. Thanks Sen.

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