Stop Arguing For Your Limitations

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A negative thought gains more momentum when you defend it, argue for it or believe in it. You don’t gain anything from defending a negative thought in you, rather you just end up creating resistance to your own well-being. It’s not uncommon to see people defending their negative thoughts and even looking for empathy from others to help reinforce their negative patterns. Anyone who wants to align with their joy, and well-being, would first need to let go of defending the negativity present in their life. Observe your mind and see if it’s arguing for its limitations, if so stop reinforcing this pattern in you.

Negativity does not deserve your attention

A lot of people defend their right to think negatively by stating that doing otherwise is living in “denial”. But if you focus on negative thinking all you serve to do is perpetuate the very condition you are focused on, no real solution can come forth when you move from a place of fear. If you see this world as broken, and defend your beliefs about it, all you are doing is perpetuating this negative reality in your life.

This world is not broken in anyway, it is the perfect environment for a creator to look for diversity and choose his/her preferences. Without diversity there would be no contrast, and without contrast there would be no avenue to launch new desires, and without desires there would be no forward movement of life. Your desires create the expansion of physical reality that you call this world, but it’s not in the bid to “fix” anything but just for the joy of the journey. Stop looking at this world as something to be “fixed” and start looking at it as an avenue which allows you to come up with preferences and desires.

A contrasting situation in your life may feel “negative” to the mind, and this causes the mind to desire a better reality. Once the desire is launched, the movement towards this new reality starts automatically, because each desire has the power to pull a physical reality onto itself. This movement is the pull of life which everyone feels within, but few let go into it. A lot people are stuck in the contrasting situation that caused the desire, because they fail to let go of focusing on it. They keep giving attention to the negativity in their situation, without letting go into the pull of life that is calling them to a newer reality which does not have this negativity. Sure, the new reality will have a new contrast but that’s juice of living this physical life – you now get to launch new desires and align with them.

Every reality will have contrast which will cause new preferences

No matter what life situation you are in, it is bound to have some contrast. There is no such thing as a perfect life situation because life is constantly on the move and everything is prone to change, nothing is “static”. Imagine what it would feel like if somehow you ended up in a static life situation which never changed? No matter how good it is, you will soon get bored of it and would want it to change in some way. Change is the juice of physical life, it’s the joy and entertainment of having this physical experience. When you let go of holding onto a negative situation, it can change much easily because life is constantly moving towards the new expansion.

Once the contrast helps you come up with new preferences, or desires, your job is to let go of focusing on the contrast. By arguing for it, defending it, complaining about it, you are just keeping your focus constantly on the contrast that created the new desire. As long you are so strongly focused on the contrast it’s not possible for you to align with the pull of life that’s calling you towards the new desire, or new reality. So stop arguing for your limitations and start aligning with your desires. you don’t have to make any effort other than to stop focusing on the negatives in your present reality.

One thought on “Stop Arguing For Your Limitations

  1. Carol Anne

    This was an amazing gift to find this today!! So many things in my life are changing. By these words of truth I can be excited to let go of the things I do not want in my life and “align with the pull of life that’s calling you towards the new desire.” Two very big things have come into my life toay that I would have focused on as negative. I see them now as the gifts to bring something else into my life that is wonderful.

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