Are You Resisting Your Own Expansion?

Posted on by Sen.

Life is “kinetic”, it’s always in movement. The movement of life is initiated by a thought of creation, also called “desire”. Consciousness sets forth a desire; this thought creates an “attraction” based movement which condenses, or solidifies, into a reality. Every reality that you see around you is simply a thought of consciousness, including your body. A human body is consciousness in a condensed form, and this consciousness now “desires” to create realities from this unique perspective. So basically you are a creator, and your unique preferences and desires set forth the thoughts which start “attracting” a new reality. The main component for the manifestation of any reality, that you desire, is “you”, without your presence your desires cannot take form. So if “you” are not a co-operative component, you are resisting your own expansion.

Desire and let go

Your desire arises from your unique perspective as this human body. Each human body is a unique expression of life and thus has a unique make up which creates unique desires, and thus the potential for new unique realities. Diversity is the nature of physical world, because it’s only through diversity that unique perspectives can be born. Your perspective, unclouded by “fear” and limited thinking, is like a fresh breath of air to life because it gives rise to a thought which ultimately attracts an expanded reality. You have huge value, and your very existence is grace.

Desire by its very nature is free of fear and is rooted in well-being, however “neediness” arises when the “fear based”, conditioned, mind adulterates a pure desire with its “lackful” thinking. The fear based mind tries to fulfill a desire through hard work, effort, struggle, fight, violence and competition – so ultimately all that it ends up doing is that it manifests the very opposite of what the desire intended, it manifest a reality of fear instead of a reality of joy.

When you let go of pursuing a desire with your mind, you allow life to move you towards the fulfillment of your desire automatically. All you need to do is simply let go of “trying”, let go of your efforts, and allow life to inspire the right action in you. Right action always feels effortless, joyful, exciting, passionate, loving and fearless. Any action that is motivated from lack or fear is coming from the mind, it’s not the call of life. When you follow the call of life, your desires start manifesting with ease and you create realities that reflect joy and love.

It’s not your job to figure out how

The mind does not have the capacity to figure out how to manifest a new desire. The mind by its very nature is programmed on “old”, or past, inputs and thus does not have the perspective to create a plan for the manifestation of a fresh new desire that is evoked from the present circumstances. The mind is a useful tool, and it has several practical purposes, but figuring out how to manifest a desire is not in the capacity of the programmed mind.

Allow life to fulfill the job of manifesting your desires. Life has the big picture, it’s totality itself and is already moving in the direction of your desires. I am just using these words to help create an idea in your mind about the movement of life and how it’s always in service to your well-being.

Trust life, just let go and see the ease and intelligence with which it moves in order to bring forth the manifestation of the realities that you desire. When you let go, relax and become effortless, you become a co-operative component to the movement of life and thus stop resisting the expansion that you created through your desires. Don’t worry about action, because life will inspire the right action, and ideas, in you with perfect timing – can you not sense that your conditioned mind has no clue what the right action could be, it’s only guessing, it’s only pretending to know.


  1. Nedu

    Its great going through your write ups. I vowed to read every ink you post. My question is where does one stay in this period of allowing. Assuming you are doing a job you ‘hate’ but it keeps food on your table, do you keep going to work as you are ‘allowing’ or do you quit and stay at home? Honestly the act of ‘allowing’ is not easy; imagine dropping all the beliefs one has grown with for 25yrs! Opposing age long beliefs like ‘the idle mind is the devil’s workshop’ How do one fight the thought that one is wasting his time the more?

    1. Michael

      Nedu – You won’t have to force anything, although it’s quite different than a standard job, I got money by making a ton of YouTube videos (that I despised making, because they were only for money) and along the way, the desire to make them just dropped. I’m currently in “waiting mode” so to say for the resistances regarding a real job to dissolve, but I have a decent amount of savings, so it’s tiding me over through this.

    2. Markus

      Nedu, there is no need to become a hermit! You may dislike your job, but as you point out, it is today your means of putting food on the table. Your work may change as you change, let it come to you. As you find balance, this will be reflected in your life. I have a family and jobs – and even a small amount of time for hobby – while in this process. It can all fit.

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