A Query on Fate and Greed

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I received a query from one of the readers regarding fate/destiny and the nature of greed. I wanted to share this reader’s query, as well as my reply to it, because I felt the other readers might have questions in their mind along the same lines. The reader’s message is as below.

do you believe in fate?

I always thought life is already written, though we want to believe evey thing is in our control, many a times many things happen which are beyond our control without reason. So i believe in fate and written destiny and taking life positvely becuase my thinking is that no bodys life doesn’t plan bad things for them on its own etc.

But if our desire and thoughts create reality even it is the life which brings the opportunity and inspiration, then it is more like no fate, everything is in my controle.

I read on your blog that any desire we have can be turned into reality but you didn’t mention about greediness. Aren’t there any border between desire and greediness. Many of our deisres are out of greediness. I want more money, i want more.

My Reply is as below

Everything that ever takes form comes forth from an “intention”. It’s scientifically not possible for a form to be created without a “thought of creation” preceding it. It’s a “thought” that actually solidifies into what we call “physical reality”. In simple words, physical reality is nothing more than “thought” vibrating at a condensed frequency or what I called “condensed thought”. So nothing is born without an “intention”. The intent or “cumulative thought” that was the cause of a “birth” sets the “make up” of the living being. That’s why I say that every human being is a unique expression, because every birth comes from a unique intention. The “make up” of every human ensures that there is something unique in that expression. Even if there are many similarities between humans, each human has some unique expression within him/her.

Every human being has a unique natural expression

The “intent” behind a creation creates the “destiny” or the “movement” of life for that creation. So, in one level, you are right in saying that every living form has a destiny or what I would like call “unique expression” because every living form comes from an “intent” or “cumulative thought”. But by “destiny” I don’t mean that there is a “written script” for your whole life where there is no control at all in the human being. By destiny I am just referring to the unique “make up” of an individual human being – like aptitude, mechanical intelligence (IQ), physical prowess/limitation, talent, natural proclivity etc These things (the “make up”) are like “boundaries” that guide your movement and hence create a direction in your life. For example, some people are born with an aptitude for technical subjects and naturally move towards technical fields, some people are born with an aptitude for arts and naturally move towards arts – this way their “make up”/destiny guides them towards a certain expression of their life (That was a very limiting example, but you get the point of it). When you move in alignment with your “make up” you always fulfill your natural expression and thus feel “aligned” with life. This is what “success” really is – an alignment with your natural expression or you can call it alignment with your “destiny”.

But just because you have a “make up” or “natural expression” doesn’t mean that you will live in accordance with it. A lot of people are totally disconnected with their inherent “natural expression” or what I call “disconnected with themselves”. When you are disconnected with yourself, it’s not possible for your natural expression to come through. Moreover, when a human is disconnected with himself/herself they are highly likely to live out a life experience completely contradictory to what their true nature is – creating suffering for themselves and manifesting “negative realities” around them. Humans can create through thoughts that they give chronic attention to, and hence things that are born from the “negative thoughts” of disconnected humans are born with a “negative intent” and hence are manifested as negative realities. All the negative realities that you see around you are the creation of chronic negative thoughts of disconnected humans. Are they living out their destiny or a written script? No, it’s never your destiny to live out a negative reality because who you are is pure positive energy and your true nature dictates that you live out a positive reality. But it’s possible to be disconnected with our true nature and hence manifest negativity (and not live out our natural expression or destiny or your birth right as the pure positive being that we are).

A conscious mind has the choice to align or mis-align

The simple truth that you natural vibration is “pure positive” (akin to joy, love/peace) ensures that you have a “natural destiny” to express joy, love and peace, but how many humans really live out that expression? When the mind gets into the wrong vision, it can easily disconnect from its natural vibration and align with vibrations of fear, hatred, lack and illness. There is no “written script” that dictates that a human will somehow always live out his/her true nature or natural expression. No-body is “directing” you from above and asserting a certain script into your life. You are so free that you can choose to align with negativity. You are so free that you can choose bondage – nothing is asserting anything on you. Your “natural make-up” acts as a “guidance” for your life but your mind/thinking will decide if you align with it or disconnect with it. And your thinking is completely depend on your perspectives/beliefs on a moment to moment basis.

The whole question of “choice” can only come into picture when your mind becomes “conscious” of this choice. An unconscious mind can align or mis-align unconsciously and is at the mercy of the outside circumstances whereas a conscious mind can make the conscious choice to align with its natural expression or destiny. Your mind can completely disconnect from your natural expression when it’s “unconsicously” identified with negative thinking or it can re-align back with your true nature, as a matter of choice, once it becomes “conscious” of its truth. “Choice” can only come into place when the mind become “conscious”.

What is greed?

When a human is disconnected with his/her natural expression, he/she is fully susceptible to create negative realities. Greed is simply an external expression of an inner disconnection with your true nature. The way I define “desire” is a pure positive thought of creation which comes from a place of connection with your natural expression. “Greed” on the other hand comes from a place of lack, fear, jealousy and hatred, and by definition is a “negative thought” because it’s rooted in a negative vibration. Desire and Greed are totally different vibrations though they are both “thoughts of creation”. A person who is rooted in greed while always manifest realities that reflects fear or hatred back at him/her by the natural force of attraction created by their inner vibration.

The good news is that life energy being “pure positive” aligns with the vibration of your desires (or pure positive thought of creation), and is disconnected from the vibration of negative thoughts like greed. It’s take a chronically negative mind to manifest negative realities (because mind can create realities through its chronic attention), while a mind that lets go of its identification with negativity can easily be pulled in to the natural vibration of life and the natural movement of your life force towards the manifestation of your desired realities. Life is focused on your pure positive thoughts of creation, or desire, and is always moving towards its manifestation.

A lot of people confuse desire with greed, that’s why I always ask you to “connect with yourself” first and find your natural expression, and from this place all the “thoughts of creation” that arise are coming from place of alignment with the totality. Greed always stems from disconnection and is rooted in negative vibration, and is responsible for manifesting negative realities. The way I define “Desire” is a thought of creation that comes from your heart, or natural proclivity, and is rooted in love or joy. If you are authentic within yourself, you will always know if a thought is rooted in fear/hatred or if it’s rooted in love. It’s not for someone else to judge you, it’s for you to be authentic with yourself and know who you are and what’s your natural expression, and then stand true to your natural expression.


  1. noma

    Every birth comes from a unique intention… but whoose intention is this?

    Do you mean to say consciouness has thoughts of its own, i thought, it is thoughtless or beyond thoughts. I think this is quite a basic question, but can you give more details on consciousness.

    Thank You,

    1. Sen Post author

      All the forms that you see around you – the sun, the planets, the stars, the nature on earth, all these are “creations”. The living beings are also “creations”. Who created all this? All these physical forms are manifestation in the “space of energy” that I refer to as “pure consciousness” or “pure energy”. The reason I call this energy as “consciousness” is because this energy is an “aware energy” – it’s very nature is to be “conscious”. But it can’t be conscious of anything unless there is “something” to be conscious of. In other words, this “space of energy” cannot know itself on its own unless it has “thoughts” to be conscious of. A “thought” is a form which this energy can take, and this energy can be conscious of this form that it takes. Another nature of this energy is that it is “vibrational” and can “condense” into any form that it thinks of. In other words, when it thinks a “thought”, it can condense into a solid form representing that thought by “attracting” onto itself and becoming solidified energy.

      There was no earth initially, no planets, no solar system. This space of energy gave thought to the creation of this “Cosmos” that we call our galaxy. This “thought” was held in this space of energy and by its nature it attracted onto itself and thus “solidified” into physical forms that we call our physical universe. The “intention” to manifest this galaxy was the seed that lead to the manifestation of this physical galaxy. It’s important to understand, however, that “everything” is this same energy – the thoughts are this energy, the solidified thought is also this energy and the unmanifested space is also this energy. Everything is this energy, there is nothing else here. There is just “one energy” taking all forms.

      This is not a “dumb”, lifeless, thoughtless energy – it’s a highly intelligent energy and is the “creator” of everything that you see around you as the “physical” existence. Everything that you see as physical was once a thought in this energy, of this energy, made out of this energy.

      An important truth to realize is that the vibration of this “space of energy” is pure positive akin to what you feel as “joy” – this is the natural vibration of this energy. This is the reason why we constantly feel a pull back towards joy, we want to feel good, we want to be joyful – because this is the natural vibration of who we are.

      This “one energy” is who you essentially are, this is your truth, your real identity. The condensed human body that you see is a “creation” in the space of this conscious energy that you are. A part of awakening, or enlightenment, is to realize this truth about yourself – to know that you are the one energy (the real you) that is manifesting as everything, that you are not just a human body. The human body, that is manifested as “you”, is also a creation in the real “you”. This human body (the brain specifically) has the ability to come up with thoughts of creation too because it’s made of the same “energy”. These positive thoughts of creation are what I call desire, and these thoughts of creation are taken up in the wholeness of who you are, because their vibration matches the vibration of pure consciousness part of you, and this causes “a force attraction” to be activated towards the solidifying of the desire into a physical reality – this force of attraction is what creates your life’s pull or movement. When you let go into this pull, you are automatically taken towards the manifestation of your desired realities.

  2. Christie

    I would also like to add that creating wealth is not synomous with greed. Many people simply attach the label of greed to any one who has remembered/learned how to create wealth and abundance through their core beliefs/thoughts.

    Those who are ‘angry’ at others simply because others are creating wealth are not addressing Self, honestly. Most often, those who attack others who have created wealth, are in reality, envious. One’s own envy will continue to assure that one stay in a state of lack. It would serve them well to focus on Self and address their thoughts and core beliefs that are responsible for their own lack and anger(envy), instead of focusing on other’s creation of wealth………………………unless of course you wish to respect and rejoice in another’s creation of wealth.

    1. Sen Post author

      Exactly. I couldn’t have put it better. Manifesting wealth or abundance in various forms, that aligns with our joy and natural expression, is a positive thought of creation and is what “desire” is all about. It’s only when a person is focused on hatred or fear-based thoughts of jealousy/envy or lack-based feelings of insecurity, that one gets rooted in negative thought patterns from where aspects like greed (which is rooted in negative vibration) emerges. To associate “greed” with “manifesting abundance” is a highly misplaced/negative thought pattern that a lot of people are hooked on to. If you can be authentic within yourself you will always know if a thought is emerging from a place of joy or from a place of fear/hatred/lack. A thought of creation emerging from the place of love/joy is what I call a “desire” – it’s always rooted in pure positive vibration, it could be a desire to experience the reality of enjoying a beautiful house, a nice car, luxuries of different kinds, excellent income, good health, enjoyable relationships, enjoyable spiritual experiences (like peaceful meditation), sensual pleasures (like food, drink, travel etc). As long as a thought is not stemming from a place of hatred or fear, it’s always aligned with your true nature. This physicality is here for you to enjoy experiences, that you desire, and thus be an expression of your true nature of love and joy.

  3. Williams

    Sen, i want to ask a question on “SOUL”. This may sound silly, but i have to let it out. I’v read all your articles and comments, i saw how you emphasize so much on the topic of “SOUL” – How a soul may decide to take up incarnation just for the purpose of experience and exploration, how we are all part of the SOURCE, how we are all one, how we are here on an individual journey, how the earth is the only place/platform that a soul can gain maturity and possibly bring maturity/balance to whatever body/mind it inhabits- e.T.C.

    Truely, all these facts/teachings resonates deep within me (though am not such an ardent spiritual student). To be sinceer, all i read in your blogs are qualities, xteristics, source, journey e.T.C of a soul. You seem to lay little or no emphasis on the mechanism that takes place for a “SOUL” to incarnate into HUMAN FORM/BODY. For instance, in biology/science, we were ment to understand that: a fertile man has to cohabit(have sexual intercourse) with a woman, where by millions of SPERMATOZOA (which are living cells) is deposited into her body. Only one manages to reach the Egg/ovum. From there, fertilization starts. Few months later, a baby is delivered.

    My question is: “at what stage of maturity do you think that a soul inhibits a “BODY”? During intercourse or birth?.. Because SPERMATOZOON/ZOA and the egg are cells in the body of a male and female. These two has to come together inorder for a human to come into existence.

    Am not disputing the authenticity of “SOUL”. Alot of spiritual teachers talk about SOUL/SPIRIT, But fail to tell us the mechanism involved in either the incarnation or a SOULs inhabition of a physical body. When i compare the two views (biological and spiritual) one cant help but get disorientated. I believe that the topic of “SOUL/SPIRIT is a very huge and important topic and one shouldn’t dabble into it without knowing it from genesis. Anybody that knws/has any explanation to my question should please clear me out.

    Secondly,what is the important of a soul to human? Doese Soul give life to a human mind/body or is it just staying at the background without any value to human?Whats the relationship between Soul and a human mind? Is the mind actualy a physical lens used in accessing spiritual/soul form? Can you Briefly enlighten me about what the concept of Soul is all about, from your own point of view? THANKS…..

    1. Sen Post author

      William, before I answer your questions I would like to be clear that these are “perspectives”, and like any perspective it’s about whether it resonates with you, it’s not about trying to hold on to it as a belief, neither is it about touting it as the ultimate certainty – fact is that the reason I don’t explain mechanics of the incarnation is because it’s not something that would come from “personal experience” (for example, I don’t know for certain what will happen after death, because it’s not yet my personal experience, so if I write something about the non-physical aspects it’s just going to be a “perspective” which resonates with me, it’s not something I would tout as the certain deal). I am sure there are many portals and websites which talk about the mechanics of incarnation, or spirit realms, and you can read them and see if some of their explanations resonate with you. The focus of this blog is primarily towards understanding the dynamics of the state of allowing (which includes the openness towards uncertainty, towards not knowing), towards finding inner freedom and thus use it as a foundation towards finding balance.

      To address your question about “at what point of development does the soul inhabit the body?”, the perspective that resonates with me is that the soul part of you inhabits the body gradually, over a period of time – for example, during the fetus state the body is as good as inert (with very little possibilities for experience or expression, it’s just like a zombie state) and hence the soul is not that interested in dwelling in the body, and just pays a visit now and then for a short period. Even during the first 2 or 3 years, there may not be much presence of the soul in the body because there is again very little that the body is capable of during these stages (so the baby mostly just sleeps a lot), this is also the reason why we don’t have many memories (or any) of when we were 1 or 2 years old. There are some who don’t have much memory of their lives even till they are 10-14 years old, which might indicate a low soul presence in these bodies during that period (or possibly the dwelling of a low-awareness soul), whereas some have a very clear memory/awareness of these years which can indicate a strong soul presence (of a highly aware soul). It’s also true that some bodies lack souls (may be for a whole lifetime or may be during some periods of a life-time), they are simply bodies working purely on the intelligence of the brain/body without any real soul intelligence. It’s also a perspective that souls gradually get adapted towards physical living in a fully functional body, and they start off this adaptation process by initially getting an experience of short-term life like a baby who dies a few days/months, or moments, after birth or a low-awareness body like those with a dysfunctional brain or a vegetative brain.

      As for how the brain and the soul work together, it’s like how two intelligence work together – the brain is like a mechanical intelligence working on conditioning (natural and acquired) and the soul has the possibility for awareness-based intelligence. The soul inhabiting the body is influenced by the brain/heart aspects, and hence the soul needs to find inner freedom in order to function from a stand-point of wisdom without being pulled around purely by the momentum created by the brain/body – a balanced soul can bring balance to the brain/body, however an imbalanced soul and accentuate the imbalances of the brain/body and it’s also true that an immature soul can get imbalanced through the influences of the brain/body as it starts its physical journey.

      If you are asking, “where did I get all this info”, it’s mostly through the random sources of information (mostly websites) that I read (or used to read) out of my interest in these things, and through my introspection/contemplation of various perspectives, and from a sense of wisdom that I feel within through my lack of resistance towards life (I am not trying to hold on to any fixed views out of the need for certainty). You can pursue the understanding of life from a place of interest and curiosity, but don’t base you sense of freedom on needing a certainty in it – the openness to uncertainty is always at the core of finding inner freedom.

    2. asli

      Hi William,

      I don’t know about the tecnicalites, but I just wanted to share my experience with regard to soul/mind. The first time I truly felt was my soul was also the first time I tried Sen’s “allowing” advice, and truly let go. Since then, whenever my mind stops its meaningless chatter; I can feel a joyful, graceful and silent being inside of me. For now I almost feel like I have a dual personality. I’m not sure how this happens. For some time, this spiritual being, the real me, takes over and I feel very secure and balanced; then something happens and I fell back into the insecure world of my mind…I guess this is also part of the release, but Sen could correct me if I got all this wrong…I just wanted to share my experience, which feels curious to me since I don’t understand why and how this beautiful presence inside of me dissapear whenever the inner turmoil sets in…

    3. Sen Post author

      Asli, you connected with the state of allowing and you found this space within you (which you call joyful, graceful and silent being) – and that’s basically an initial step, it’s not the “end of the journey of balance” by any means. There is still a huge momentum of past imbalances that have to be released, that are still present in your being/body, and they will keep coming up for release as long as their momentum doesn’t ebb away fully and they get dissolved. Don’t worry about “losing the space”, just like it’s normal to lose sight of the sun when clouds come up on the surface, it’s normal to lose sight of the space of inner stillness when the past-momentum comes up on the surface. What you are doing now is that you are now frantically searching for that “space of peace” and hence you’ve stop connecting with the attitude of openness, and hence you end up fighting or resisting the momentum as it arises, instead of simply staying in a state of allowing what arises including the insecurities, the turmoil, the confusion. It’s only when all the past momentum gets released can you feel totally settled in the space of unwavering peace which I call the “natural state”, and you don’t have to maintain this peace, it just stays because there is no longer any momentum that comes up to cloud it. However, you will have to go through this phase of release without trying to search for this space of peace, it will be there where the momentum is fully released, and in between you will keep getting tastes of it every time there is some stoppage of release.

    4. asli

      Thank you very much Sen! You’re right, I’m loosing my openness whenever I try to cling to this peaceful space. I allow the darker emotions as much as I can, but I still dislike them, sometimes I feel like I’m tolerating them not truly allowing, sometimes I embrace them by embellishing them, when I truly allow they somehow dissappear. Simply allowing doesn’t come easy all the time, my first and natural tendency is to close myself against them. I’m a bit tired of this roller-coaster, but it’s getting better. Longer peaceful times, less and less intense turmoil…Thanks again for your help, much appreciated.

  4. Sm

    Hi Sen!
    I feel very good when i think of working for achieving something,and I am a hard worker too,but sooner or later I feel a guilt when I see less fortunate people struggling for basic amenities in life.Though I am not from a very affluent background,I keep feeling that it is because of our unending desires that such poverty and misery exists!Infact whenever I see a beggar or a poor child on streets,I look at myself and think if it is right on my part to keep accomplishing my degrees and desires.After all,not much is needed for survival!At the same time,I know that the outside world is very competitive and I must prove myself ,given the fact that I am in my peak period of studies,and its my passion too!I do help people ,but somehow I feel guilty when i spend on myself…say for eg I spend some money on buying good qualityclothes ,just because I need them for a party or so.I never thought about all these things ,until I entered medical profession and saw poor ,ailing people around in enormity.Need your views!

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