Going With the Pull of Life

Posted on by Sen.

When you realize that you have available to you the wisdom/guidance of a higher intelligence on a moment to moment basis, you feel deeply secure in your physical being. However, the only way to tap into this guidance is to “constantly” go with the pull of your life stream. How do you know if you are going with the pull of life? Quite simply, when you are going in the direction of life’s pull you don’t feel any resistance within you. It’s a moment to moment guidance, so there needs to be sensitivity to whether you are resisting your life’s pull on “moment to moment” basis – at some point this sensitivity to life’s pull becomes your second nature and your naturally make a choice towards aligning with it.

Trusting life’s intelligence over mind’s fears

The human mind, the conditioned brain, has a narrow vision or a ground view. The intelligence of your wholeness/life has the top view or the bigger picture. Who would you like to trust? The mind or the intelligence of life? The problem is that the mind is “noisy”, it can make a thousand arguments in defense of its fear-based, and external conditioning based, movement. The intelligence of your wholeness is not noisy but it’s felt as a “pull” because it generates a force of attraction towards the manifestation of your solutions and desired realities. When you go with this pull you will be privy to ideas, insights, inspirations and energy for the right actions with the right timing. This “pull” is real, you can sense it every moment, indirectly, because every time you oppose this pull you feel a tug of resistance within you (what we call emotional suffering).

Life is pure positive energy and its pull is aligned with manifesting well-being. Any thought which is based in fear, hatred and lack (no matter how justified it feels) is immediately in resistance with the flow of your life stream – there are no exceptions here, even the most subtle thoughts of low vibration create resistance to the strong pull of your life stream. This is one reason why physical life can be challenging when one is unconscious of this truth – the mind, and your being, in its unconsciousness is automatically aligned with fear which causes resistance to life’s natural pull towards well-being, and this resistance causes suffering; focus on this suffering creates more resistance and the vicious cycle continues. The only way to break out of this cycle of suffering is to become sensitive to the pull of life and let go of thoughts/actions that create resistance to this pull.

The challenge of going with life’s pull

Initially, your physically focused being will find it very challenging to blindly go with life’s pull. This is because your being is habituated to listening to the fear based, noisy, arguments of the mind and believing in a “struggle” based living. Your being feels quite terrified, initially, when it’s asked to follow the silent guidance provided by the pull of life, on a moment to moment basis. Firstly, this pull of life does not tell you before-hand where it’s taking you, it just moves silently. Secondly, the pull of life can, and usually will, go totally against the conventional, external, conditioning of your mind (which has been programmed by fear-based conditioning of the society). You will soon come to crossroads where you will need to make a conscious choice towards following life’s pull over following your mind’s externally conditioned intelligence – this phase is the most challenging phase in your transition (part of phase 3 of awakening, as mentioned in the post – Awakening, transcendence and return of focus).

When you make the choice of going with life’s pull, on a consistent basis, it soon becomes your second nature (usually within a few months). This is truly the beginning of enjoying your existence here, secure in the guidance of your life stream. There is no more a fear in your being about the future because you feel totally secure in the knowing that your life stream has your back, and it will always take you towards a reality of well-being (though the mind will still have some subtle fears as its a survival machine). I call this place – “effortless existence”, because every moment you are in the flow, the pull of your life stream provides the momentum and energy for actions and it orchestrates events for the most comfortable manifestation of your desired realities. It’s totally worth going through the initial challenge of transition (of phase 3), to come to this place – this where you really start enjoying the fruits of your alignment with your life stream.


  1. AA

    How do you know when you are moving via the natural pull of life as opposed to the minds thoughts. Will the wisdom of the pull of life come to me through thoughts that feel good rather than thoughts that generate resistance?

    thanks sen

    1. Sen Post author

      The first movement of the pull of life is to let go of the negative momentum in the mind (and the energy space of your body). This movement allows the ebbing away of the negative momentum to the point where it no longer influences you anymore. When you reach a point when you are no longer pulled by the negative momentum in your being, you will be able to sense the pull of life very easily and will be able to “perceive” its guidance in terms of thoughts of solutions, inspirations or energy for actions coming up. In many human beings the pull of their negative momentum is so strong (owing to years of unconscious attention to negativity) that it’s difficult to sense the guidance of life’s pull. This is the reason why, as you stay as a space of awareness, the first thing that happens is that the momentum of negativity starts ebbing away in force – this also causes the gradual dissolution of negative realities in your external life situation. Realities that are not in alignment with your integrity, and natural expression, will slowly move out of your presence and you will start attracting realities that feel congruent with your natural expression. You need to be patient while the momentum of negativity is ebbing away, it feels like a deconstruction within you – this deconstruction is required for a new foundation to be built which is alignment with your wholeness.

  2. Jay

    Dear Sen

    As I tried to let go and allow the pull of life to guide me, the thought of systematically plan to attain certain goal keep popping up in my mind. After reading many of your articles, I have come to the conclusion that I shouldn’t try to plan anything. In other words, I should just be aware of my desire and allow life to pull me to the right direction to allow my desire to get manifested. So, I need to stop “thinking” about planning? Also, I have read other people’s post about desiring a mate. Manifestation is not specific? Meaning the mate doesn’t have to be any particular person as long as he or she fits the desired attribute of the desired mate? Thanks.

    1. Sen Post author

      Letting go is not really a technique, though it might seem like it when you read about it. The pointer to “let go” is simply a direction to your being to stop making so much effort and simply “allow” the momentum of your life force to drive your actions. The mind can think and plan, the mind will also be given insights and solutions from the wholeness of life, it will get inspirations, answers and guidance in an effortless manner – let the mind do what the mind wants to do, don’t resist it or try to control it. Just let the mind be, just like you let your breathing be (imagine how your life would be if you had to control your breathing all the time). When you let the mind be, it automatically gets connected to the intelligence of your life stream (the larger intelligence) and it works in collaboration with this intelligence of life – this is a place of “wisdom” because the mechanical intelligence of the brain now gets to interact with the wholistic intelligence of your life stream. True solutions and inspirations come from this place of being. Your job is to stay as a “open” awareness instead of trying to control the mind or trying to figure things out through your limited vision. If the mind wants to plan, let it plan – don’t try to stop it from planning, that’s not what letting go means. Letting go is simply pointer for you to stop controlling the mind and allow it to be connected to the intelligence of your life stream, and let it move from this place. The fears and problems of the mind will be brought to a healing by the intelligence of this wholeness of life, if you just move out the way.

      Your life stream has the bigger picture and it will unfold your manifestation in a way that’s most congruent with your joy and well-being. Be it with a relationship, career or finance, it knows what you truly desire and it will orchestrate events in that direction.

      The images of your ex are created by your mind that’s holding on to past memories and translating some vibrations into these images. You don’t need to attach any significance to these movements of the mind, mostly its you that fuels and give strength to these thoughts through your identification with it. If you just let the mind be, it will soon let go of past memories that don’t serve it anymore.

  3. Jay

    Also, I keep having these vision of the past whatever goal I attempt to manifest. For example, I desire a new relationship and mentally, I would keep seeing the image of my ex. Does this have anything to do with the resistance of manifestation?

  4. Tyler

    I have a problem with breathing actually. In that every time I sit and meditate and watch my mind (usually for around 15 minutes twice a day, when I wake up, and before bad) I always become so focused that I begin to conciously breathe. I become fully aware of my breath. Is there anything to do in this situation? Should I continue to control it? (Since I can’t just not breath for a while, because that will become yet another problem that will become another focus) or somehow not? It’s not a breath technique either. It’s just typical *inhale, exhale* is all.

    1. Sen Post author

      Tyler, it’s simply an extension of your “need for control” (or rather your brain’s need for control). You will notice that it’s just a “thought” tha grips your attention and forces you to comply – nothing more. For a while, just be aware of this thought instead of trying to comply with this thought, just become aware of the force that it has, the feelings that it creates and your own power to just observe it without having to comply. The more you sense your inner power to not respond to a thought’s pull the more you understand your inner freedom. Soon enough you would be able to let go of this pull without being influenced by it in any way.

  5. Tyler

    I see. It seems so difficult to not comply, I guess I’m so used to when I think about my breathing (which has periodically happened here and there througout my life, though never to a problematic extent) I didn’t think I could just be aware without complying. It seems like I have to breathe manually, or I just wont at all, until I have to when I run out of breath.

  6. Tyler

    I keep reading and re-reading your advice, and I can’t help but feel like maybe I explained my issue wrong. Because my question isn’t really “What do I do about this thought about my breath”, because I understand that. It’s just that every time I meditate, it feels instantly connected to consciously breathing. I can’t just not breath, or try not to. Should I just continue manipulating it? When the thought comes up, I will observe it to the best of my ability, but what i’m asking is, if it’s already gotten to the point where I’m consicous of it, what’s is the best reaction? Because when it happens, it can take awhile to stop.

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