Freedom with Wisdom

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In our planet, with a human populations of close to 7 billion, it’s quite a marvel to observe the order and structure that we as humans have established in a manner that allows for people (in most parts) to experience security, stability and freedom of expression without chaos. Of course, there are regions in this planet where there is a presence of chaos among the masses due to a lack of proper structure, or system, which disallows a smoother functioning of the society, but such regions are relatively few and are moving towards betterment. In most parts of this planet, at present, people feel a sense of stability/security in their freedom because of the presence of law, order and structured governance – the presence of such a system allows for a “wisdom” in the expression of freedom. Freedom in the absence of wisdom always leads to chaos and suffering – whether it be in your personal life or in the collective civilization.

Align with wisdom before seeking freedom

It’s common for a lot of people to express their need to become “free” of the shackles of their daily living, of their relationships, of their responsibilities, of their job, of their governance, of the various systems/institutions etc They feel that once they get the freedom that they want they will be happy and, in the interim, feel frustrated/hateful of their present life situation. They also direct all their blame to the “outside reality” for their lack of freedom.

It’s true that freedom is the desire present in the very nature of our mind but freedom alone cannot bring you happiness if there is no wisdom underlying it. You will just become a “vagabond” or a drifter in life if you keep seeking freedom without wanting to connect with your inner wisdom first (the wisdom/intelligence of the wholeness that you are). On the other hand, you experience a harmonious freedom coming into your life when you align with the wisdom of your wholeness – you will observe that you no longer need to fight against anyone for your freedom because your life stream arranges your circumstances in such a way that you are able to experience the manifestation of your desired reality in a harmonious manner.

The wisdom of your inner being, or wholeness, works in sync with the “totality” of the structure present on this planet. It has the big picture and it understands the movements required to manifest the desired reality for you while abiding with the current structure of order and system. You can rest assured that your desired reality will unfold in the most harmonious way whenever you trust, and allow, the wisdom of your wholeness to guide you. There is no need for you to fight against anyone, there is no need to exploit anyone, there is no need to struggle or strain yourself – all these actions are rooted in fear/hatred and thus are not aligned with the actual movement of your life stream which is always expressing in positive alignment (akin to love/joy/peace).

When you try to acquire freedom through force, by trying to fight the circumstances, you are always working through the limited intelligence of your conditioned human mind and are basically sucked into its patterns of fear (mostly the survival fears) causing you to be imbued with a vibration of hatred/fear, and any reality that you create from such a movement can only reflect this same “disconnected” vibration back at you. History is an evidence of how a human/community that fights against others, through violence/hatred/force, to acquire freedom, is always privy to a disastrous reality (usually ending in a suffering based annihilation).

Allowing the wisdom of your wholeness

In your personal reality, at present, you might be in situations that make you feel “cramped” and bondaged – may be in your relationship, in your job or through certain illness driven handicaps etc The impulse of the unconscious human mind is to give in to the anger, fear and hatred that comes up towards the situation and take action under the influence of this “drive”. And when the level of your consciousness, or awareness, is not deep enough, this pull of the fear-based mind can take you over and cause you to commit actions which usually end up accentuating your problems rather than dissolving them. This is what happens when there is a drive towards freedom without first allowing the wisdom of your wholeness to operate.

So how does one allow the wisdom of inner being, or wholeness, to operate in their life? It always starts with creating a gap in total “mind identification” through bringing in the space of “awareness”. Like a bon fire, it takes time for the fire of awareness to full ignite in your being, for it to cut through the fog of mind identification. Once you really start allowing this light of awareness within you, it’s only a matter of time (usually a few months) before you find a stability/wisdom in your being owing to the strong presence of this awareness. It’s not possible to gain a stability, in this “awareness power”, overnight, or in a few days, because there is a lot of momentum in the old habit of mind identification and it takes time for this momentum to ebb away in force.

You will notice, with time, that the presence of the force of awareness, in you, causes you to stay dis-identified from the mind’s fear-based pull and thus allows for a strong movement of wisdom to operate in your life. There will be a wisdom in your actions, you will not be a “reactive” person anymore and your actions will be imbued with a conscious intelligence, inspiration, ease and effortlessness, that allows for a harmonious unfolding of your desired realities. Freedom is an essential desire of the mind, and it’s your birth-right to experience a freedom within you and outside you, but such a freedom is only truly possible when it operates in the presence of a wholistic wisdom that’s inherent to the being that you are.

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  1. Ehsan M.


    A wonderful experience occurred to me today. I was meditating and the energy of earth started moving within me shifting me in a circular motion, rocking me back and forth, and side to side. It was a sense of freedom I haven’t felt before. Thank you so much.

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