Freedom from the Influence of Negativity

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Once you awaken to the truth that “who you really are” is a pure positive being, the journey from there on is all about a gradual dissolution of negativity from the space of your human consciousness. There comes a point where negativity does not have a hold on your being anymore, and the mind also becomes attuned to positive thinking (95-98% of your waking hours on most days) without any real effort or force. The mind being a survival machine will have its moments of fear or negativity, but it won’t have any real intensity and it won’t be capable of overwhelming, or holding, your being anymore. This is what the experience is like on the other side of being rooted in your wholeness – it’s a total freedom from the influence of negativity. From here on, there is a “positive momentum” that gets started in your mind (just as it had a negative momentum in the unconscious state) and this momentum roots you in the attraction of a consistently positive reality, where solutions, and desired realities, start manifesting with ease, at a steady pace, as you keep moving through the journey of your life.

The end of negativity is a very real state of being

As a human being who has been imbued in negative thinking for a long time, it may seem as if a state free of negativity is a “fantasy” state but it’s not, it’s a very real state of being where you are no longer pulled in by negativity and not influenced by it in anyway, you become “unshakeable” in your natural vibration of joy/love/peace. This is a state of pure alignment with your life-stream, and hence you are constantly enveloped in the “alive joy” of life, there is no dullness or blandness to any moment in this place of alignment, even if you are just sitting by yourself in a room. There is an eagerness to enjoy physical life and manifest new things, but there is also no real desperation, delusion or craving, it feels like a paradox but that’s exactly how the feeling is like form this place of wholeness.

In your heart, you already know that life is not meant to be a struggle, you know that you are here to have fun, that’s why every being is attracted to joy and is repelled by suffering. It’s your very nature to be aligned with joy because that’s your natural vibration, and so it’s your birth-right to experience life joyfully. The cloud of negativity is what keeps you from realizing the beatific alive joy of your being, and negativity by itself is purely created in a state of unconsciousness and hence is not really “personal” to who you are. You are not a negative being, you are pure love, and if your mind wants to make you believe that you are a negative being, that just means it’s totally ignorant of your truth.

Emptying out your being of negativity

You can’t dissolve negativity if you keep running away from it. When you fear negativity, you are shackled to it fully and there is no real hope of ever coming to the other end of freedom from it. The mind thinks that it can get rid of negativity by pushing it away, but this is a “fear based” strategy and it never works. Anything you fear, keeps you shackled to it. So if you fear negativity, you are basically chaining yourself to it and hence will never be able to let go of it fully. To let go of negativity you need to do the exact opposite of what the mind’s conditioned reaction is, you need to “allow” the energy of negativity in your being to play out fully in the space of your awareness – this is not a strategy, rather it’s an total surrender to what arises in you without any techniques. Only in this total allowing can the wholeness of who you are touch the negativity in you, and in this real embrace, the energy of negativity is transmuted/dissolved and is returned to its natural vibration of love/joy.

All along people have been using all kinds of techniques and strategies to suppress the negativity in their being – from drugs to spiritual meditation, it’s all just a means of “escaping” the negativity that arises in their being (which is nothing but the suppressed negativity of the past and unconscious negative patterns in the mind). Most people don’t get it, sometimes for a lifetime, that these techniques of suppressing negativity are not ever going to free them of negativity – and they spend years and years in this dysfunctional way of living. But anyone, who can understand that “suppression” is a fear-based action, and fear-based actions cannot give one freedom from fear/negativity, would immediately see the dysfunction in their practices. True freedom can only come to you when you are willing to surrender all your techniques, and just allow yourself to be “open”, without any armor guarding your being – let the mind have its movement, let the suppressed energies in your body come to surface, let what arises arise, and just stay as an allowing space without using any “escape” mechanisms, this simple way of being takes you back to your natural vibration automatically, nothing else is needed.

The logic is simple, the natural vibration of life is joy, and fear/negativity are lower vibrations of life and hence are not “stable” – the pull is always back to the natural vibration automatically, it’s like a stretched rubber band always naturally returns to its stable state of being un-stretched, when you let go of it. So if you just let go and stay as an allowing space, all the negative vibrations within you will gradually return to the natural vibration of joy/love, without requiring any effort or strategy on your part. If you can get this simple pointer, you would no longer be confused about how to be free of negativity.


  1. Alliswell

    When I feel a negative thought, I remind myself “relaxed awareness” and just let it go. Is this the correct way to deal with negativity? To me being aware and letting go, means acknowledging the negativity, but not dwelling on it. Just letting it go. Is this relaxed awareness? How is suppressing different? Ignoring it, but not accepting it?

    1. Sen Post author

      As long as you are not pushing away thoughts out of fear of facing them, you are truly allowing your wholeness to touch the negativity in the mind. You have to be honest with yourself, if you are trying to suppress, or run away, from some thoughts and if you are doing so, just stop doing that and let yourself be open to allowing these thoughts their movement in your space. Their negativity can only be dissolved when its touched by your open awareness of them – even if it takes a few days for the dissolution to be complete.

  2. Mike

    Sen, Thank You for your insight.

    It seems like the mind is singular in nature when it comes to its ability to focus on any one idea. I’m either negative, happy, sad, fearful, hot, hungry, etc… but not all at the exact same time.
    I find it difficult to witness life’s events without resistance due to the singularity of the mind. It seems difficult to allow something to pass through the mind’s eye without attachment while trying to be uninvolved. It seems that I can either witness or be uninvolved but not both at the same time.
    How can you be witness to your negativities (not running from fear) without focusing on the issues you’re trying to transcend?

    1. Sen Post author

      Mike, the mind/brain can only be focused on one thing at a time while others things are in passive awareness. So you can have a passive awareness of things happening in the background but your mind can only actively focus on one thing at a moment. Even thoughts, you mind one processes one thought at a moment, it does not process a bunch of thoughts together. Multi-tasking simply means that you are time sharing between tasks, it does not mean that you can focus on all tasks at the same moment. This is what “focus” means, it’s always singular. However, to say that this capacity for singular focus is the cause of resistance is a false conclusion. Resistance purely arises out of disconnection with your life-stream, or disconnection with yourself (with the natural makeup of your mind and your heart’s inclination). If you are doing things that are in alignment with your natural expression and are not moving from a place of negativity, you will not feel resistance coming through.

      You can spend time with yourself and bring awareness to the inner conflicts/negativity running your mind or energy space. This awareness helps you become conscious of these negative patterns and hence you can start dis-identifying from them and also bring solution to them by staying allowing of your life-stream to bring forth the required understanding/insights (either from within or from outside).

  3. Michael A

    Hi Sen,

    I find myself on your website when I am going through low/dark times. It has been months and months since I started the phase of release, and I TRULY feel changes happening within me. Sometimes I literally feel changes happening in real time in my brain. It’s weird, but I can tell when the next phase happens, which just started a few days ago.

    I’m feeling a depression coming up, although I thought I was done with depression for some reason (or at least that’s what I told myself.) I also feel immense fear coming up for things that I also thought I was done fearing. It just feels like I keep fearing/having anxiety towards the same things over and over. To be honest, this time around it’s not quite the same things I’m afraid about at all, but it’s still a familiar fear, it’s just externalized now. I thought that with every new phase I’d be releasing more fear, when it just feels like I’m building up more. I face my fears/anxieties plenty, but it’s like they momentum behind the fear goes away for some weeks, but then comes right back. Something like that…it’s hard to explain sometimes. This is all coming from a place of frustration, and I needed to vent. This article did put some things back in perspective though. Thanks for your writings. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.

    1. Sen Post author

      Michael, the release happens in layers, a release can create a certain growth in awareness which directly leads to the next layer of release. When you are in the middle of a release it can feel very dysfunctional mostly because of the intensity and imbalance of it, along with your own interpretations of “what’s going on” – the pointer would be to simply allow what arises to arise (in emotions and thoughts) without trying to over-analyse it, the deal is to connect more and more with your attitude of openness.

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