When You Feel Good, You Are In Alignment with Life

Posted on by Sen.

The best indication of your alignment is your “feeling”. When you feel good it just means your “physical vibration” is in alignment with the vibration of life (your true nature) and when you feel bad it just means, in this moment, your vibration is in resistance with the vibration of life. Negative thoughts cause you to feel bad, also residual negative energy within the body can cause you to feel bad. When you feel good it’s either because you are observing something, in your physical reality, that you are enjoying or because you are thinking some thoughts that make you feel joy or because you are just at peace with this moment. Whatever be the reason, if you are feeling good it means in this moment you are aligned with the movement of life.

Physical manifestations validate your alignment with life

If you find yourself in a messy life situation, which feels off to you, it just means that you’ve focused on negativity for a long time causing the “resistance” to manifest as a negative life situation. All you need to do to manifest a joyful/positive life situation would be to let go of negativity. How do you let go of negativity? Just like you let go of a hot piece of coal placed in your hand, you just drop it, stop holding on to it.

The physical manifestations that you see in your reality are just a “validation” of your vibrational alignment. If you are not aligned with joy (the vibration of life) you observe your physical manifestations validating this misalignment by reflecting negative life situations back at you, and when you are aligned with joy your physical reality validates it by bringing forth manifestation that enhance your sense of joy.

Make a commitment to feel good

It’s a choice that you need to make. At every moment you have the choice to lean in the direction of joy or to lean in the direction of negativity. Being calm, being in appreciation, being at peace, relaxing, resting, being effortless, following your excitement, feeling gratitude, staying positive, are all means of leaning towards the vibration of life. While being identified with negative thoughts of the mind, struggling, making effort, complaining, being restless, feeling lack are means of leaning away from the vibration of life. When you lean towards the vibration of life you move towards feeling good, and as you lean away from this natural vibration you keep feeling bad.

Initially, it can be quite tough to make this choice of leaning towards joy or towards positive vibration, especially if you are addicted to negative thinking. But you have to make this choice if you want to see positive changes in your reality. It’s your nature to be joyful, and it’s only the negative thoughts in the mind that cause you to deviate from this natural state of being. Let go of negativity, stop defending it, stop reinforcing it, stop giving it power in you, and you will slowly but surely start, consciously, moving towards a reality based in abundance and harmony.