Experience Your Own Aliveness

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The force that has created this cosmos is highly vibrant and alive. When one is lost in the mind noise, and emotional baggage, there are very few moments when this aliveness is experienced – these are usually the moments when the mind stops being negative or when it’s too exhausted, or excited, to think. However, who you are is vibrant with aliveness every moment and the only reason you don’t experience it that way is because of the cloud of negativity that is present on the surface of your energy field – usually created by “over identification” with the mind which is always busy labeling, interpreting, judging and analyzing, instead of just “being” the moment.

You don’t need drugs to feel alive

When one is living in the deadening daze of mind identification, the only way one gets any relief is when one is sleeping, or drugged, or doing something exciting. That’s the reason why people go in for dangerous activities like speed racing, mountain climbing, bungee jumping et al because the mind gets “shut down” while one is doing them and the aliveness of life comes flooding through. It’s very common for people describe the exhilaration of these activities as “feeling alive”. But this feeling is always here, you don’t need any “activity” to feel it – you are already always it. It’s only the cloud of mind noise (and the resulting negative emotions) that is preventing you from feeling this aliveness every moment.

Even taking certain drugs can “slow down” the mind, or amplify your senses so much that the mind just gets shut down. Sometimes taking drugs like “acid” gives people a first time experience of what it feels like to be out of the mind – everything feels alive around them (of course it’s pretty unnatural to be on such a high all the time because the body can’t take so much stimulation). However you don’t need to amplify your senses to experience life, you just need to come out of the mind noise. Certain drugs depress the mind and thus the user finds relief from the noise in his head. That’s the reason why people get addicted to drugs or alcohol, because it gives them temporary relief from the mind noise and allows them to sense the aliveness that they are.

Every moment is a party

When you are out of the mind noise, you can experience a “party like” feeling every moment – your body feels deeply alive, free and light. You no longer depend on any chemical or activity or person to give you a sense of aliveness. But it’s very natural to get drawn to enjoyable activities when one lives in this vibration. You enjoy all the activities that you undertake, and every interaction is filled with a sense of playfulness – because a vibration of aliveness attracts a reality of joy and love.

If you don’t experience life as “joy” every moment, it just means that there is a deadening cloud of negativity that you are living in. This cloud will disperse of it own once you stop identifying with it, when you stop giving it interest or when you stop energizing it with your attention. Stop holding on to your negativity, relax your attention and move out of the mind noise. If you just allow yourself the freedom to relax and only do activities that feel aligned within, the cloud of negativity will start dissolving. Your attention is what fuels the negative mind activity.

One thought on “Experience Your Own Aliveness

  1. peter juis

    God. This is great! Never thought of encountering this very moment. As soon as I finish reading this article I realize that all this time I was at nowhere. I meant. . . .not being prepared of what’s to come. No target in life but just follow the old’s man story and his route.
    Not much surprise and exitement though but not to say boring.

    I really appreciate this effort to give people out there to know who they are and what they are up to.

    Thank you very much.

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