Allow Yourself to Be Emptied of Negativity

Posted on by Sen.

You may be carrying a cloud of negativity in your energy field which shield you from experiencing your natural joy of being. People try to subdue or suppress this negativity by indulging in temporary relief practices, which are primarily “distractions”, that do nothing to release this energy, all it does is it temporarily removes it from your attention. When you let go of “distracting” yourself when negativity arises in you, and allow yourself to just stay as relaxed consciousness, it becomes an opening through which this energy gets released.

Stop running away from your negativity

The mind is hooked to run away from bad feelings. So as soon as some negativity arises in you, the usual tendency is to try and get “rid” of it by distracting yourself in some way. For example, a lot of people switch on their TV as soon as a certain feeling of “unease” arises in them. This is their mind’s way of distracting itself from facing this feeling of “unease”. When you distract yourself this way, you end up suppressing this energy and hence it stays in your energy field and keeps recycling itself in different forms.

It can feel terribly unpleasant to face a negative energy (like a negative thought or feeling) in you, this is because when you shine the light of your consciousness on this energy you “feel” the body of this energy. The mind will want to distract itself immediately, it will try and run away from this feeling as quickly as possible. But this movement of the mind comes from fear and thus it keeps you rooted in fear. This way you will constantly live in fear of the negative energy.

You cannot release a negative energy unless you face it fully or in other words unless you bring it to the full light of your consciousness. Yes it does feel unpleasant to be conscious of a negative energy in you, but stay with it and avoid the “impulse” to distract yourself. You will notice the negativity moving through your energy field and dissolving in the light of your consciousness.

All you need to do is stay with a relaxed attention on the negative energy which arises in you, and not distract yourself until it disperses from your consciousness. Any negative energy will get dissolved fully when it’s brought into the full light of consciousness.

Emptying out of negativity makes you spacious

The more negativity that is contained in your energy field the more “contracted” you feel. As the negativity starts dissolving, under the light of your conscious presence, you will start feeling more and more light or spacious. When you become spacious you become a channel through which life can express freely, and thus you become a source of positive reality.

You cannot release negativity by fighting it or suppressing it. Distraction methods don’t work neither do “improvement” techniques. One has to be willing to bring the light of pure consciousness, or pure attention, to the negative energy which arises, and allow the silent intelligence of this unconditioned consciousness to dissolve the negativity. Pure consciousness is a highly intelligent and creative force; all real solutions arise from this place.


  1. cihan

    Thank you, Sen
    I have been living with negative thoughts since i was child, grew up with very negative family, environment, then you grow with this negative attachment that your family injected, what a luck! in anyway i did well by myself until now, getaway from my family was the fist thinks i did, then there is always consequences you have to pay for it! Sen i am practicing “open consciousness” everyday of my life, i find myself better but my mind still make noise,make some projects,creates delusions.let say my ego mind has been feeding tremandous with my attentions in a longtime. Somedays i find myself talking or my ego or my mind trying find reassurance. My mind always try to find “reassurance” that makes it feel good, but seems it wants more, i have to feed it and give some reassurance everyday of my life,like talking with myself(mind)or call my sister talking about my obsesive thoughts get some answer for relive, again again and again same thinks i repeat.I really wanna stop feeding my mind with this “seeking reassurance”. to be honestly i feel better but first i need to stop thinking too much, second i need to stop looking for reasurance to reliev my negative thoughts(obsessive thoughts), third, i have to relive tense from my body,i find myself somedays pulled from reality how to say? feeling uncertanity? you are like ghost, you don t feel you are on the ground. It is hard sometimes stay open consciousness,allow everything pass through your mind. It is realy hard when you don t have anybody to help you, i know i have to to walk this path alone.

  2. Sen Post author

    Cihan – The mind is not your enemy, it’s just confused, and in the wrong vision, and hence is fearful about “relaxing” and letting go. What the mind really wants is an assurance that life will work out well for it and that its desires will be met, in other words the mind wants to know the truth of life, it wants to know what life is all about and how it can have a good life. Since your childhood you have been given the “negative” picture of life and have been made to believe that you are not “worthy” to have an abundant life where all your desires are fulfilled. The truth however is that who you are is a “limitless” being who is fearless and based in love, and you need to realize this truth deeply. Unless the mind fully realizes the truth of who you are, it will continue to be fearful. Once the mind realizes that who you are is “universal consciousness” , which is the creator of everything, it relaxes completely and lets go of its fears.

    I would suggest that you keep reading (and learning) more about the truth of life. Staying as relaxed consciousness becomes much easier when the mind is relaxed, and the mind becomes relaxed when all its doubts and fears are answered. The mind has to realize its power as a “Creator”, because your mind is a creator of new realities. It creates through its desires and imagination. The mind needs understand about its power of creation. I would suggest that you read “Ask and it’s given” by Abraham Hicks, which discusses at depth your power as a creator. The more you understand the truth of how life operates, the easier it is for the mind to relax and align with a positive reality.

  3. cihan

    Thank you Sen,
    I am reading The Power of Now, almost done next book will be “ask and it’s given”soon
    i really want to thank you again for your help also for your great patient for us.

  4. Ritu

    Dear Sen, would you suggest to suspend activities to make space for awareness. I sometime have lots of engagements, activities with friends and family, and feel it results in getting pulled in by the mind. Takes away from staying in awareness.

    1. Sen Post author

      Ritu, you will sense a natural pull towards just being with yourself, to develop a stronger connection with your space of being, just follow this inspiration when it arises, which would entail saying no to a lot of extraneous activities

  5. Wynone

    Sen, I have only one last question.
    I’m really filled with inspiration to see the truth and I know it’s not driven from the Ego. At the same time, when I share something about my experiences with someone, I do see that I used some pointers like ‘we are not our minds’ and so on. Does that mean I’m already holding on to concepts? I don’t feel in any way bad by doing so, I just feel like this is the truth for me for the time being, but I can’t help but wonder whether that means I’m still acting from an egocentric perspective. I’ve always liked sharing and delving on concepts, in order to express my truth, when it feels like it.
    It’s just that, when I am aware of this, it feels like the truth (that we are not our minds) and I like sharing it. If someone said to me: No, we are our minds, this is bullshit you believe in- I wouldn’t feel bad.
    My question is, as long as I stay fearless and open to these realizations, there’s no real possibility of holding on too strong to them, right? Feels like I already know the answer, but I like checking in here, from time to time 😀
    And another thing- when I stay aware of the mind, sometimes I lose the border between ‘being aware of your thoughts’ and focusing on them. If I don’t focus on something, it feels like I don’t know what I’m aware of- it’s a vague spaciousness. I don’t need to try and focus on a specific thought that’s giving me a certain sensation, right? Sometimes it feels like, if I don’t focus, that I’m not conscious of my mind.

    1. Wynone

      … and some hours later, I now don’t need an answer to this question at all 😀 Feels like the being embraced an answer in itself and my mind doesn’t care. 😀

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