The Art of Letting Go – Part 4

Posted on by Sen.

It’s not just about letting go of the Ego or the sense of self, but about letting go of all “effort”. Letting go involves moving into a state of a total ease and flow, where you are moved by the force life itself, which does not feel like effort but a joyous action. When you let go enough, you will notice that there is no energy in you to do anything that requires “hard work” or struggle. You will be moved by the flow of life, synchronicities will happens in your life, you will meet just the right people at the right time, things will always seem to work for you without any effort on your part – this is what it feels like to be in the flow, in a total surrender to life.

Letting go does not make you “inactive”

To the mind it may seem as if letting go is a “lazy” man’s idea of living. Actually the opposite is the truth. When you let go into the flow of life, you will notice yourself being inspired to take action that comes from a place of joy and enthusiasm. Anyone who has let go to the flow of life would attest that their life is full of activity but they don’t feel tired or strained by it, it’s like everything is happening is an easy flow.

Ramana Maharishi, Nisargatta Maharaj, Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti are some known people who “let go” to life, all of them very highly active in their life. Beyond them there countless other unknown people who let go to life to experience the freedom and abundance that unfolded as a result.

You need not necessarily become a famous personality when you let go, or may be you will, but that’s not the point of it. What really happens is that your natural expression starts unfolding. It may be your natural expression to be an entrepreneur, a writer, an artist or anything else. You can never know what expression will unfold when you let go completely, but you can be rest assured that it will be full of joy, peace and love.

My personal experience of letting go

As I started letting go of my personal will, it was tremendously challenging initially because the mind was in a state of fear. I persisted with staying in a place of ease, without giving in to the fears of the mind. Several changes took place in my life to the extent that my entire reality took a new form.

It took around a year for the old realities to crumble completely and a new structure to start developing in its place. All along during this transition life always took care of ensuring that everything happened in a manner that was tolerable to the body. The transition was highly challenging but I felt supported and guided at every point along the way.

I am presently at a place of total surrender where there’s no personal will active in me. There is an undercurrent of peace and joy in every waking moment as the play of form continues. Everything seems to happen with ease and in the right timing. Life feels like an adventure everyday and everything feels fresh in its expression. Any action that happens comes from a place of inspiration and joy, and it all feels guided and effortless.

It took close to an year for the force of personal will to ebb away completely. This is quite quick really, and it happened at this fast pace mostly because I stayed in a place of “let go” through the guidance of some teachers that had gone through this transition themselves. Some people may take years before they let go completely because they are uncertain about what is being asked of them.

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  2. cristina

    I know you are not a promotoer of practices, but are there any pointers/reminders that can help one stay in the place of ” let go”. I have expereinced let go but only momentarily and I don’t know how to hang on to it when I am there. I have come to the pont now that I know being there will be short lived. It is very frustrating. Do you remember any specific teachings that resonated with you while you were going through this stage?

    1. Sen Post author

      The more stability you gain in your space of awareness the easier it is for you to no get pulled in by the fears of the mind. You can read this post – the practice of allowing for insights on how you can start letting go the pull of the negative momentum in the mind.

  3. Radiance

    Hi Sen,

    You said “I felt supported and guided at every point along the way..”
    This is something I feel lacking. Maybe is my ego, maybe is my lack of trust in life.
    I have made strides, but I find it hard to feel suported despite of evidence on the contrary.
    I am often with back pain and I read it might be a sign of feeling unsopported or unloved.
    Maybe is me wanting external support.

    What do you think?

    1. Sen Post author

      This feeling comes in later as you start seeing evidence of well-being in your life as you start trusting the intelligence of your life-stream and start letting go of the mindset of struggle. As long as you are holding on to patterns of struggle you can’t really sense the unequivocal support and guidance that’s always present in your life-stream.

  4. Marcello

    Hi Sean

    I don’t know if I rached a state of total allowing or not buy I am sure I am aware enough.
    Every day the symptoms of what you call transaction stage happen to me, from intense fear, sadness, anxiety, anger etc etc. I am starting to let go.
    The thing is my job is very stressfull in a restaurant and I would really need some free time to allow everything to arise, but if I leave my job I don’t have the money to pay the rent and debts have accumulated to gain a degree in finance while was completely unconscious in the past.
    I can’t just leave the job despite am ready to feel and face whatever it comes up?
    It would be courageous but not wise.
    On the other side, by not leaving it I easily get pulled by the negativity of the unconscious environment which I live in.
    I have tried( mentally) to look for a part time job, but as soon as I start thinking I make a big effort and over analyse without taking any decisions. Can I let go while not leaving this most stressfull job?
    I can’t just leave it and wait for life to give a part to e job to me, it wouldn’t give it to me now with all these fears and high momentum that I am through right now.
    The pain is so unbearable and feel very unstable and slave of this pattern,
    Despite I am quite aware and don’t get lost in it as in the past.

    1. Sen Post author

      Marcello, it’s possible that your job environment is helping unearth the insecurities in you and so instead of leaving it you can simply use it as a means to release the energy of fear that it instigates. If something is emotionally painful, it can also be a platform for growth – so instead of trying to escape it one can use it as a mirror to help see the imbalances within which are being reflected. One can grow, towards conscious wholeness/balance, by being in the “society” rather than quitting and moving into a monastery, I would say that a monastery is not really an ideal ground for faster growth, it’s usually just an escape mechanism. Of course you can quit the job from a place of balance, when your choice comes purely from your wisdom rather than from a place of powerlessness – this can happen when you release the momentum of emotional negativity that arises in you in the presence of this job. You can work with the attitude of using this current situation as a means to unearth (and become aware of) the inner insecurities and powerlessness (which caused you to attract this situation in the first place) and be in a state of allowing to release it.

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