Alignment and Transformation

Posted on by Sen.

On the surface there may seem to be a contradiction between these two processes – “Self alignment” and “Inner transformation”. Self alignment points towards aligning with the natural make-up of your mind or human expression in your present, while “Inner transformation” points towards allowing a real transformation to take place in your mind/physicality/expression towards allowing a future reality. So the question arises, how can I align with myself, as who I am at present, and also allow an inner transformation to take place at the same time? The paradox of life’s movement, however, is that true transformation can only take place when you first align with yourself as you are right now. As long as you are in resistance towards who you are, it’s not possible for a positive/growth-oriented transformation to take place in your state of being as this human form. Self-alignment is the precursor to self-growth or self-transformation.

Allow yourself the freedom to be who you are

When you gain enough stability in your awareness, you are in a position to really allow your mind to fully express itself as it is, without putting a restriction, or judgments, on its thinking or its expression. A lot of people try to suppress their mind’s movement, out of fear, because they are not ready to accept their mind as it is and want it to “behave” in a certain way. You can see many spiritual people trying to suppress their mind’s drives, impulses, behaviors and desires, in an attempt to “beat down” the mind into silence, they keep trying to make their mind “holy” and when it creates thoughts against their idea of holiness they try to suppress it – such an approach is rooted in hatred/fear and so it creates further conflicts in their reality and no real positive transformation ever takes place in them or in their reality.

No real change can ever take place when you fight against the present reality. Anything that you fight against, or that you resist, will keep perpetuating in some way even if it takes new forms. So you may find yourself in a new reality but this reality would just be a “new avatar” of the old reality – old wine in a new bottle. So nothing really changes at the root and you see yourself going in circles repeating the past again and again in the new faces of the future. No real transformation takes place when you take an approach of fear/hatred towards your mind (or any aspect of your present external reality).

Only when you bring the courage, and authenticity, to really line up with your mind as it is, and allow it dance freely, while staying “aware” of it (because this awareness allows a wisdom to operate even when the mind enters into negative behaviors, which keeps you from doing anything untoward), that you truly allow a transformation to start taking place. Awareness is the catalyst for transformation, but “alignment” with the full expression of the mind, as it is at present, is the process that allows the intelligence of awareness to create a transformation. The parts of you that you “hide” from, or deny, are usually the parts that resist a transformation from happening. Unless you come out of hiding, and allow yourself to really see your mind as it is, it’s not possible for any positive transformation to take place in your mind or state of being.

Inner transformation is part of the process of manifestation

For many of your desired realities to manifest, it’s required that there is a change/growth/maturity in your present state of mind. So an inner transformation of the mind is a necessary pre-requisite for the physical manifestation of many of your desired realities. A lot of people keep complaining about why their desired reality has not manifested yet but they fail to recognize that their mind is not mature enough to handle the new reality and hence is not a match for it. The inner transformation that is triggered by bringing in awareness, and allowance, to the present state of the mind automatically makes the required changes in the mind-state to make it ready for the new reality that’s to unfold.

It’s quite an adventure to see the inner transformation taking place in you on a day to day basis. Sometimes you feel that you are not the same person you were the day before, a lot of transformation can take place in 24 hours. Deep held patterns of resistance in the mind are dissolved automatically, several deep held fears are erased, strong phobias seem to disappear, several old habits seem to disintegrate, old memories/hurt fade out, outlook and perspectives seem to transform – this process can be quite astounding when you really see it happening.

The manifestation of your physical reality is definitely a marvelous output to behold, but what’s really adventurous is the inner journey of transformation that unfolds as a part of the pre-requisite for the manifestation. This journey is what life is about; the destinations will keep changing all the time only to enable this journey of growth to take place.