Align With All the Natures of Your Mind

Posted on by Sen.

Aligned living is when you are no longer “pretending” to be someone you are not – you come to this non-pretentious living when you first understand your “being” nature (as the pure positive energy) and then understand your “mind” by bringing an unconditional love and awareness to it. Only when you truly understand the wholeness of your “being” nature (as the pure positive, aware, source energy that you are) will you be able to bring an unconditional acceptance to the true nature of your mind/brain, thus aligning with its dark and light natures. I don’t use the term “dark” as a negative rather as just a pointer to certain “ingrained” natures in the human mind. It’s easy to accept your light nature, but to align with your dark nature requires an unconditional love that can only come when you realize your wholeness as the pure positive “energy” that you are/were before this body and will be after this body.

In simplistic terms, the way I define it, the light natures of a mind are – compassion, care, humor, enthusiasm, cheerfulness, curiosity, sensitivity, shyness, love/passion and tenderness. The dark natures of a mind are jealousy, hatred, anger, fear, lust/wanton-ness and cynicism. Every mind has a wiring for both these natures in varying levels – some have a strongly light natured mind while some have a strongly dark natured mind. When you are consciously aligned with the mind you don’t “act out” the natures reactively, rather there is a space of awareness that allows for a wisdom to be present all the time while allowing the mind its free movement of thoughts, allowing an balanced expression – this way you are not in “denial” of the mind, but are allowing a wise/balanced channeling of its natures.

When we don’t align with the natures of our mind, we tend to become hypocrites wearing a mask of pretence not only to the outside world but also within ourselves. Imagine living a whole life disconnected with a part of who you are as this mind, carrying on a pretence and constantly suppressing certain natures in your mind. Every mind has its mix of light nature and dark nature, this is what allows for a well-rounded experience of physicality from the perspective of the non-physical, pure positive, energy that we are in essence. The dark nature is not “bad” or “evil”, it only turns dysfunctional when one is unconsciously lost in it or when one tries to suppress it. When you are aligned with your inner wholeness, as the being that you are, you can align with the dark nature of your mind and allow its balanced expression from a place of awareness/wisdom/love.

A free mind is a channel of positive creativity

As children, growing up, we are constantly programmed to “pretend” in front of others – where we put on an act of being a “good boy/girl”. Very rarely is a child allowed to express his/her true personality without being reprimanded constantly for anything that does not fit into the narrow box of “being good”. As a child you were naturally aligned with your mind, in an unconscious way, because you were yet to learn the inauthentic art of pretending or hypocrisy. As you grew up, you took in a lot of external conditioning from your parents, teachers and society at large, and started judging your mind, criticizing your mind, suppressing your mind, forcing your mind, disciplining your mind and basically started disconnecting from its true nature. What you created was a “disciplined and suppressed” mind, at the cost of disconnecting with your natural expression, this is how the society creates “mechanical humans” no different from well-oiled machines who can be trained to take orders blindly (without any self introspection), and be run through inducing fear.

The assumption is that if the mind is allowed to be free it will become “dysfunctional”, irresponsible, disorganized and wasteful. It’s true that in the absence of the space of awareness/consciousness, the mind can become imbalanced in its expression, but the solution is not to suppress the mind. What’s important is to become more conscious of your “being nature” and allow the mind it’s freedom movement from this place of awareness – so that there is wisdom/balance in your expression without any suppression. You will see that people who have free minds are the ones who are most creative, who bring originality into this world, who pioneer new out-of-box thinking/inventions, who create master-pieces of art, who are aligned with their passion, who live an adventure and create new paradigms of living. On the other hand, people with “suppressed” minds are the ones who are living in conflict, copying others, regurgitating the old patterns of thought, living in comparisons, living monotonous lives, living in fear of judgment and rooted in mediocrity in all aspect of their life. When you are oriented with joy, by allowing expression to all aspects of your mind, you don’t become dysfunctional, rather you become a harbinger of well-being. Bondage and suppression of any form leads to dysfunction, and thus there is no justification for trying to suppress any nature in your mind.

Your mind was created in an intention, from the perspective of totality of life, and every aspect in it has a reason for its presence. By denying certain natures in your mind, you are denying the very intent of life in the creation of this mind, and thus stay in opposition to your life-stream on a constant basis. You will always feel the “pressure”, and pull, from your life-stream to align with all aspects your mind, and this pressure never ceases until you do line up – you inherently have two choices, either align with your mind in all its aspects or stand in opposition to your life-stream. The one reason we fail to align with all the natures of our mind is because of the anathema of “judgment” created through narrow external conditioning of the social circle in which we are brought up.

Stop being inauthentic

It takes some courage, and unconditional awareness, to be willing to accept your mind as it is, in all aspects, rather than trying to fit it into a certain model of external conditioning. You cannot change the natural make-up of your mind, so why do you want to keep fighting it? Is it not obvious that your mind has several dimensions to it, which include some dark natures – why would you keep judging its dark nature when it was part of your intention to experience this aspect of it in physicality? You choose, as non-physical energy, to manifest this mind (in all its aspects/dimensions) through an intention to experience/express into this physical realm, from your perspective of totality – by denying certain natures in your mind, you are inherently denying your original intention.

You will how freeing it is to talk to someone who is aligned with his/her mind, because their energy is free of hang-ups, because they are not being a hypocrite, with a fake/inauthentic persona, trying to project an image of someone they are not. It’s repulsive to talk to someone who has a very suppressed mind, because of the strong vibration of fear that emanates from their being – all judgments/hang-ups/suppression comes purely from a place of fear. Being a hypocrite outside is not as much a problem as being a hypocrite within yourself – you can be excused if you are putting on a pretence in front of others, but there is no excuse to be pretending with yourself. Of course, the free state of being is when you are not wearing any masks within or outside, you are just being who you are in all your aspects in a totally transparent way because you don’t fear judgment from others, because you are totally secure/aligned with yourself as you are, and are not judging yourself.

I am talking about a “conscious” alignment with the mind, as an awakened being, not as an unconscious person who is lost in the pull of the mind and is a prisoner to it. When you are lost in total identification with your mind, without any space of awareness, its dark nature can become as dysfunctional as its light nature. When you are align with your mind from a space of awareness, your dark nature and your light nature are both channeled in a harmonious way – without hang-ups or addictions.