A State of Balance

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The imbalanced state of being is always moving into extremes – you are either totally lost in physicality or you are trying to totally detach from physicality. It’s like swinging from one extreme to another. The state of wholeness is a very simple place of “balance” where you are resting in the fullness of your being and you are also focused on the realm of physicality, through the desires in your being, focused in this physical body, thus manifesting new realities and availing new experiences. This is brilliantly encapsulated in the saying – “To be in the world, but not of it”, it points to a state of balance where you are not avoiding physicality and you are not totally lost it in either. You can come to this balance if you can simply understand life in its wholeness instead of holding on to narrow perceptions rooted in narrow thinking.

A balance is established when you line-up your nature of desiring with the wisdom/wholeness of your “being nature”. In the absence of this rooting in your wholeness, your desiring nature can lead to negative patterns like craving, greed, exploitation, victimization, addiction, over-indulgence and other unwise actions.

Desiring is the nature of your being

It’s a sorry state of being when a person gets into the misguided mindset of trying to reach a place where he/she can be free of desires – it’s an exercise in futility and total ignorance of reality of life energy. This physical mind is an extension of the nature of your being and hence “desiring” is inherent to its make-up. A mind/brain will always desires (preferences, likes, dislikes, inclinations), because that’s its nature – and to want to suppress this movement of the mind is the most “unnatural” thing to do, and it’s actually nothing short of inner violence. One can sense the nauseating vibe in the energy of people who are stuck in the place of suppressing their mind’s natural movement towards desires. Such a suppression not only creates physical disease in the person but also leads him/her to attract realities of stagnation and discomfort.

If the being that we are did not have a desire to express/experience, it would not have manifested this world – this physical realm of existence. Desiring new realities is the core nature of your being, a nature which you cannot suppress without suffering the suppression. This “being” manifested as living beings (like humans), who are virtually individual points of unique desires, thus leading to multitude of personal realities and unique personal desires that move towards manifesting new realities in the totality. The physical existence is a platform of creation and it’s designed to have variety and diversity of desires. Each physical being has some unique make-up that creates a unique pattern of desires which works in conjunction with the wholeness of life to manifest new realities.

Accept this nature of your being, accept this nature of “desiring” in your mind/brain (which is just a creation of this being) and line-up with the force of attraction created in your life-stream as it moves towards the manifestation of your desired realities, as new desires keep taking shape in your physical being. To resist any of this natural movement is just an exercise in “opposing” your life-stream, and it only serves to create suffering in your being.

Resting in the wholeness of your being

Desire while resting in wholeness – seems like a paradox to the mind, but this is exactly the nature of your life energy. The being that you are, as source energy, creates without craving because it knows that it’s already whole, it’s already love, it’s already pure positive, it’s already complete and one. As a human being, you tend to forget this inherent (inner) wholeness of your being and thus become lopsided by craving outside manifestations/people to make you whole. Creation is just a movement of expression (of love and joy), and a movement of experience, it’s not a movement of finding wholeness. If you are trying to use manifestations to find your wholeness you are looking in the wrong place for it. Wholeness is already who you are, in your being – don’t search for it through physical manifestations. Just enjoy the manifestations, the experiences that it affords, the sensory pleasure it affords, as an expression of your creative potential as the being that you are.

It’s easy to find this balanced state of being when you become “aware” of its dynamics. When you are ignorant of such a possibility, you are constantly vacillating between extremes. Your power of creation is at the strongest when you are resting in your wholeness. In this balanced state of being – there is no craving, there is no delusion that a manifestation is going to make you whole, there are no “extra ordinary” expectations, there is no sense of “bigness” associated with any desires – there is just an enjoyment of your nature as a creator who can create realties through lining up with the movement of life-stream created by your desires.


  1. Samir

    Thank you Sen, one of my earliest struggles was this paradox. On the one hand, I felt all suffering was due to desire, and on the other hand, I felt that without desire, there would be no impetus for life to experience and we would all just be vegetables!

    I mean, we can all agree that our basic desires – to eat, to have shelter, and to have some companionship – these are all necessary for life to unfold. It is in seeking the fulfillment of these desires that we follow life’s pull!

    I think in my own mind, I came to this conclusion that fear-based desire, or craving, as you call it (consider someone who desires “approval of others” and fears rejection), is what we need to “tame” and the best way to do it is not to suppress it but to understand the underlying fear and stop “indulging” in it. And in recent weeks, thanks in part to your blog, I’ve noticed that this fear pattern is almost impersonal in nature, a kind of survival program that you can pleasantly observe without becoming identified to.

  2. Leela

    Sen ~ I am putting together my website on wellness and doing a lot of internet research to see what is already out there. Your writing is awesome. I will definitely be reading up on your stuff. Hope to connect for a chat sometime. I am living in the rural south, USA, and could benefit from the support.

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